Long March To Kathmandu: Nepali Capital Turns Red. Maoists Everywhere

In what is widely considered as the show of their force, Maoists are organizing rallies and mass meeting in Kathmandu that many believe will be the biggest the city has ever seen. Maoist sympathizers and ‘forcefully invited’ people from all over the country have assembled in the capital city. Rallies have started from different parts of the city. People are shouting anti-monarchy, pro-republican slogans. One rally that started a few minutes ago from Tinkune is moving fast toward the city center where it will merge with other rallies and gather in the open air theater. Very few city people are in the rallies. Most of them seem to be coming from villages. (details will be posted later in the day)

Maoist volunteers in the rally
Who might have called him? A Maoist volunteer talks on his cell phone holding party flag with his left hand. Several volunteers like him were leading a rally. All pics by Wagle

Maoist volunteers in the rally
The volunteers: There are about five thousands volunteers mobilized by the Special Command of the Maoist party, the organizer of today’s rally, say media reports. They are wearing a t-shirt with an imprint of Prachanda’s photo and hammer and sickle on the front and the word Swoyamsebak (volunteer) written on the back. They are supposed to manage the rallies and the mass meeting. They are also given the charge of maintaining peace in the mass meeting venue and preventing anyone heading northward (toward the royal palace) from Open Air Theater after the mass meeting is finished. There is a huge presence of Armed Police Force in key areas like on the Mahendra Salik (on King’s Way) and in front of the main gate of Singha Durbar.

Maoist volunteers in the rally

An intruder in the volunteers’ camp? But he is a Maoist too. Volunteers were shouting slogans and leading the rallies.

Maoist volunteers in the rally

So these are the Maoists? I though they would carry guns and stay in jungle? Here I am seeing them marching on the streets of Kathmandu. What the hell are they doing over here? Has the war been won? Have they been inspired by the recent April Revolution that forced king Gyanendra to give up power? If so, have they changed their stand?

-A city boy after watching a Maoist rally in New Baneshwor. He didn’t want to be named or photographed.

Maoist sympathizer in the rally
This man was apparently enjoying the walk over the hot road.

city gils walking aside the maoist rally

Revolutionary Girls? Might be but definitely not the Maoists. They are not participating in the rally but going somewhere. Probably in a friend’s house. As Maoists were walking on the main road in Tinkune, they are walking aside occasionally glancing at the rally.

Maoist cadres in the bike

Privileged comrades? While thousands were walking on the street, these Maoists were riding bike.

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78 thoughts on “Long March To Kathmandu: Nepali Capital Turns Red. Maoists Everywhere

  1. I knew,
    CK2 ,s, anarchy06….would flee away getting tired to hurt others without logics….they fled away….I am in ktm and didn’t attend the meet..I won’t want to excite war crazy group.
    but, I am not maoist(who are acting like the supporters of Nepali congress…)…
    even Maoists,turned out to be bad communists,
    I am stuck on one thing,
    If maoist come to mainstream,they fear all the literate maoists cadres will join CPN-UML, coz. everybody knows carrying weapon in 21st century for a intra-nation cause is no good choice.so, they are showing the characters of Nepali congress-argue and bargain.if not,threaten or break-up..
    I watch this site…the majority of weapon carrying cadres are either illeterate or unskilled…
    so, if logical team goes out, who will remain in Maoists,…looters,rapers,unskilled chaps..then hooliganism,terrorism….

  2. “United we sing a maobadi song”
    to hell with wagle and maoism.

    rebel101 if you are realy want to kill someone kill prachanda, baburam, ram bahadur or krishna mahara. country would be grateful to you if you kill anyone of them.

  3. i aggree with kirat on “malaise” point of view. yes lots of nepali look other communities’ girls with a “different” prospective one like ‘a rai looking girl’, and at the same time try to act like we are all nepali.

  4. when will people realize that, for whatever benefits communism for the masses has to offer it just gets down to the fact that it, maoism/communism is just plain boring-
    i wish the people of nepal peace and prosperity- and hope that they can come to a organized government without all the uglness of a bloody uprising

  5. I saw a Maoist volunteer eve-teasing a passerby girl at the Ratna Park MicrobusPark. A tall guy on red tee-shirt imprinted with Comrade Prachanda and sickle and hammer on the front side, poked at the bosom of a young girl who was with a man, probably her boyfriend.

    The horror on the face of both of them was noticeable! Had I taken my camera with me, for sure, I would have shot the incident.

    Dinesh, did you notice any such incidents of indiscipline among the Maoist cadres today?

  6. shadow, its true that the war is not over. believe me no maoists rebellion has resovled on the table. all of them resulted in bloody end. there is no peaceful resolution to it. you see the the recent armed looting spree. it is reported that some maoists envolvement. this is what one expect when cunningly shrewd top brass decided to quit the war, quietly sneaks into power, leaving low ranking PLA on their own–result looting spree.

    some people think these maoists army should join the National Army. well national army has already ninty thousand personnel, a big burden to the economy, adding fourty thousand more to it is just plain insanity.

    also govt can not gaurentee the job to low ranking unskilled moists–only skill they know is to extort money, chant communists slogan, and carry guns.

    Makune’s idea to provide salary to maoists carde is another plain insanity.

    so war is not over and it should continue and yes at the same time there should be a political battle to trick them out.

  7. pawan and kirat,

    i am even more confused now on two things…

    1. definition of marginalized: acc. to merriam-webster dictionary,

    martinalize = to relegate to a marginal position within a society or group

    Now, since we know that certains ethnic groups/caste/culture/language were marginalized over hunderds of years – shouldn’t i form a definition of marginalization based on ethnic groups/caste/culture/language?

    2. I am impressed with Kirat and pawan to point out my ineptness of “rai looking woman”, i wonder why the same ineptness was not pointed out for “bahun” looking “nanglo pasale”.. Maybe I should have stopped the “rai looking lady” and asked are you a rai or a limbu or gurung… if she had some traditional dresses I could figure that out.. but man, she was wearing a tight T-shirt. What am i suppose to conclude? Please advise me on the politically correct word here!!

    Regarding my mind set, remember I was out to kill the first (Khas) I see!!

  8. pawan, “so war is not over and it should continue ”

    so what is the aim that we have here? I am about to go out again… is it like a street war or a jungle war.. i have to take the proper gear, but why don’t you first tell me the aim of this war?

  9. by the way rebel101 how did you find out the “nanglo pasale” was a ‘bahun’ not a chettri. is she wearing tradition bahun outfit? just wondering or did you ask for her caste?

    the aim of war! to finish the maoists, if possible all of them.

  10. pawan – if you look at my comment # 57 – that what I was pointing out… you were quick to point out my “malaise” point of view on “rai looking girl” and little too late on bahun looking “nanglo pasale”.. no i do not know if she is bahun or chettri or teli from terai..

    when i was young, my teacher told me , there are 3 kinds of nepalis, bote like you, meaning me – teacher was telling me.. bahun like almost the rest of the class and “jyapu’s” of kathmandu.. madhesey’s are not even nepali.. you have surely enlightened me!!

  11. about “finishing” of maoist – is it maoism or maoists that you are trying to finish off?

    Can you please lay our plans in details? Gyane did not succeed mind you.. doesn’t mean you can’t- just be careful..so be careful- try to smart on this..

    The master plan of the Maoists is progressing like clockwork. First, get the SPA on their side adn take the king our….done ! Now, under the pretense of dialogue, move into Kathmandu….done ! The final blow is yet to come. Once enough power has moved into Kathmandu, STRIKE and get rid of these “napunsak” SPA who have no idea that they are playing into the Maoists hand. Then, take over the capital and the country. Then comes the “equal” sharing of everything in the country….all homes to be shared, all money to be shared, etc. etc. Beware people, the reds will be coming into your homes soon. They have alredy started with the hotels and restaurants.

    This day is the day that replicates how “Mao” came into Peking (beijing now), Stalin to Moscow…..etc. This is Prachanda taking over Nepal…..to bring equality…”of course some are more equal than others”

    If you like democracy and capitalism (meaning earning through work and competency), then there is no place for you in Nepal anymore. Start applying for asylum to other countries. I will be sad to leave Nepal, but will not be able to bear to live in a communist state, where there is no freedom.

  13. Woo, lots of comments from lots of royalists here, friday june second! Felt safer to stay indoors by the PC I suppose…

    But, boys, historically, YOUR side has always been the violent one, so there. WE don´t want to hurt you. It´s just that, sometimes you people just force us to defend ourselves. Be good, and no harm will come to you 🙂

  14. hey this guy with the mobile phone looks like P. Diddy.

    ( Just to release the tension guys !!!! )

  15. Maoists also thinking that they want to have a safelanding. Because they can not finish the NA. So if they come to mainstream politics they can have some poer but when they will go to ballot, who will vote for them ? I doubt. Very few paople can embrace their politics. The danger of their policy is: they kill people, abduct them and extort money.

    The master plan of the Maoists is progressing like clockwork. First, get the SPA on their side adn take the king our….done ! Now, under the pretense of dialogue, move into Kathmandu….done ! The final blow is yet to come. Once enough power has moved into Kathmandu, STRIKE and get rid of these “napunsak” SPA who have no idea that they are playing into the Maoists hand. Then, take over the capital and the country. Then comes the “equal” sharing of everything in the country….all homes to be shared, all money to be shared, etc. etc. Beware people, the reds will be coming into your homes soon. They have alredy started with the hotels and restaurants.

    It doesn’t stop there, Alfa……… The American, the British and probably Indians will be more than happy to act after that. Invade in, like the Iraq and Afganisthan and rule it. I wish this doesn’t happen.

    This movement has produce more criminals then the any ages in the history of our country. Looting banks, Rapes, Murder,Forceful collection of donation…….etc are some burning examples we have.

    Comment no 55, describing the nature of a few,(may be) the moaist Volunteer’s surely should raise an eyebrow to all bloggers. I hope this is not the true picture of the moaist, and I think they are not diciplined this way.

    If moaist thinks that they are well organized, having visionary leaders and powerful force then why is such kind of activities still prevailing? It is not like the gurella war they fought from the jungle, the whole country is at stake . This period is the testing period for their said visionary leaders…. they have this oppurtunity to win people heart, can they do so?

    I don’t feel comfortable having them forcefully collect donation, intruding people homes and affecting the business. If such kind of activites does continue then it indicates that they are just another bunch of thugs, Hippocrits and tyrrants.

  17. Diarrhea kills 15,000 Nepalis a year, more than all the people that have been lost in this war. Diarrhea! Come on, its a nuisiance, but a killer?

    So we can see just where the country is. ‘Peace’ is well and good for the guy in his Kathmandu office tired of all the bandhs, but for the guy out there in Western Nepal, it makes not one iota of difference whether the country is at peace or at war.

    I can’t understand why people don’t get it. Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries. A war is just another tragedy, not the central one. I don’t want to sound like a Maoist, but all you guys who keep on going ‘peace, peace’ are idiots. See the larger picture. When a country is as desperately poor as Nepal is, armed violence by the poorer against the percieved richer is one option. Now unless the parties have a plan to do something about it, there will be other insurrections.

    Understand that ‘peace’ is only the first step. Our idiot Shah and Rana rulers got that peace, yes, but also turned Nepal into one of the world’s worst places to live.

  18. The “Anschluss” of Nepal is inevitable.

    Nepal will become part of “Akhand Bharat”
    soon and PERMANENTLY.

    You will find the Indian Army marching through Nepal within two years.

    Death to Maoism !!

    Jai Hind !

  19. SPA is only happy with grabbing power from the king and don’t know they are loosing more than that.

  20. The Maoists have always had a three phased strategy; phase I destroy the Monarchy, this they have done; phase II destroy the Nepalese Army, this is now ongoing; phase III capture power in Kathmandu and use state resources to further upgrade the PLA’s warfighting capability to hit the Indian Army. They are succeeding!

  21. I have to admit that I enjoy reading the lamentations of the privileged in the face of this show of strength from the lower classes.

    The gross hatred for the people that is repeated over and over again… that the people are ignorant, uneducated, illiterate, easily manipulated… sure, keep telling yourselves that without admitting that it is the backward system of caste, national oppression, imperialism and patriarchy that are responsible for this situation.

    The Maoists love the people and seek to give them power while the relatively rich and upper classes dispair.


    The dispair of the rich is the carnival of the oppressed.

    But you need not dispair. You can, in fact, join with the vast majority of the population to end oppression and build socialism. Maybe if you realized that the people are not your servants and house-keepers, your prostitutes and chattle, you might stop crying.

  22. Burningman,

    Very emotionally put. I think socialism vis a vis the U.K. is a very good idea. But the main requirement of the day is education. Rich people can become poor and the poor rich, disparities are there all over the world. The attitude of ill treating people who are less fortunate than oneself comes from a lack of education and not a excess of money and power.

  23. Education is important, but without political and social power it is just government-sponsored condistioning of the people.

    In the USA, we have compulsory education for all children up to the age of 16. But what do our students know of history, literature, mathematics and geography? Very little among the working and even middle classes, I promise you.

    Schools here serve to teach students how to do what they are told in anticipation of a “working” life, while the children of the rich and privileged are taught technical skills and social arrogance. True!

    The people must have political power to be able to teach each other. Universal education is important, but not in the old ways. Not when teachers become transmitters of reactionary, feudal creeds or when school must be paid for by families, or when the upper castes/classes send their children to special boarding schools that the masses have no access to.

    Education, like everything, is not neutral. It serves the ruling class. If the ruling class is the rich and the oppressors it only serves some. But if the oppressed direct education, then it serves everyone from the botton up.

    PS — nothing “socialist” about the UK. Take away their neo-empire and see what they have… See what they extract from Africa and Asia… and they do not come in solidarity, but theft.

  24. Burningman,

    Yes, but education is the key whichever way you look at it, not by looting from the rich and giving to the poor.

    You say there is nothing socialist about the U.K., then I am afraid you have not understood what free health care and free education to their citizens mean. Yes their apprach to business is different, but pray tell me of any fucntioning and prosperous “socialist” country you know of according to your ideas of socialism. I doubt you can come up with any. This is because socialism itself is an idea that can be institutionalised to the nations needs. If you are thinking of marxist type of socialism, then I am afraid there are no working examples to glorify or even mention with a little pride and hope.

    Ideals and theories are fine, but without real life practice and examples, they mean nothing and is as good as a young kid thinking he or she is superman.

  25. Too many idealists in this world. The punishment that god gave us humans for some reason or the other is the capacity for thinking. Sometimes many of us think beyond reality. You look around in the animal kingdom which we are a part of, and we see the only ones who has created a unnnatural world for the entire kingdom is us human beings. We don’t see animals worrying about much more than their next meal, we don’t see them thinking of making space history. Maybe we humans were not meant to create our unnatural world.

    Thomas Malthus probably had it correct and said, as the population of humans grow our resources will not be able to keep up, the natural solution is famine, war, and death. Maybe it is time to think that we are over developed and not under developed. It is just that we are now too used to our man made environments. Trying to prolong the life of people who are old or chronically ill (prolong mind you and not cure) with great expense to the existing population in terms of resources and pressure on the limited availability of it seems like we must be sacrificing someone else somewhere else for this purpose.

    I think the world has been too fixated on these ideas of development and good health and long lives. Hell, in the 1800’s people probably thought 50 years is a long time to live. In our context it was probably 30 years. I think the world has to rethink the way we function. With ever increasing demands for resources and ever dwinddeling supplies, we humans may have to resign to the fact that maybe living very long is not the answer and is infact a burden to the future generations. That is if we care about them and the environment. I for one am not too keen on living in the moon or mars, I am an earthling and I belong here.

  26. For #13 – yes, I have heard similar accounts and it is frightening. It’s very, very difficult for an outsider to determine how much support is voluntary and how much is coerced.

    For #21- Quite a blanket statement, particularly coming from someone who sounds (from your name) like a foreigner. It’s a known fact that the Maoists coerce all kinds of things frm people, or do you think the trekkers’ “donations” were voluntary?

    Sure, some of the people are true believers and were enjoying participating. That doesn’t invalidate all the stories of displaced persons and enforced donations.

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