King Gyanendra Should Disclose Details Of His Properties

King Gyanendra should dutifully disclose the details of his personal and royal palace properties and proudly pay the tax.

Now that the House of Representatives has declared itself a sovereign and supreme body and people have joyfully welcomed the Proclamation, its time to implement those decisions without any delay. We have seen people at government office renaming HMG to Nepal Government. But there are some more important issues to be dealt with. The Parliament Proclamation says that the king will have to pay tax just like other 23 million citizens of Nepal. Now king Gyanendra should dutifully disclose the details of his properties.

Government of Nepal should bring out a white paper detailing the properties of the royal palace and that of the king. We, the sovereign Nepali people, need to know how much property the king owns and how much belongs to the palace (which is a public institution, not a private property of a king). Properties of the king and the palace are different thing and that should be made clear to Nepali people. We all know he was (and probably is) involved in different business activities. Accounts of those businesses should also be publicized. We need to know what happened with the property of king Birendra and his family. That should be nationalized. It would be even better if the Narayanhitti royal palace is turned into a national museum. Nirmal Niwas could be used as the resident for Gyanendra. We don’t need a big palace in a small country like Nepal. There will be no administrative work for palace anymore. So, occupying a big building is not a good idea. This process shouldn’t be delayed.

The Parliamentary Proclamation didn’t speak about the title of Shree Panch but the cabinet should decide on that this week. No one more other than the king (and may be the crown prince) would be allowed to hold the title until the election of constituent assembly. People will decide the fate of monarchy on that election. If they choose to turn the king into a citizen, that should be accepted.

The proclamation also says that the parliament will decide on the benefits and budgets of the king. That should be decided as per the average household expenditure of Nepali people. The king shouldn’t get more than that.

The five-hundred member Royal Palace Service must be reduced drastically.-Wagle

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62 thoughts on “King Gyanendra Should Disclose Details Of His Properties

  1. I am eagerly waiting for this to happen. It is now mandatory for the king. He should do that immediately if he wants sympathy from people so that his title could be saved in the upcoming constituent assembly elections. I am I am paying tax even though I earn hardly Rs. 15 thousands a month. It was really humiliating to know that king, being so rich and taking so much money from state coffer, didn’t pay tax earlier.

    I strongly demand that all properties of royal palace should be nationalized and king should be provided a quarter or office. He can do the work, if there is any, from going to office and staying in his own home. Actually, he was living in his own home before being king in 2001. So do that again.

  2. Even a minister (or Prime Minister) discloses his/her property detail immediately after assuming the post, so why not for the king. Very good idea indeed. He should also clarify how much he owned before being the king and how much he has now. This will help us compare his earnings as well.

    Plus, we should also know what his son does to earn his living.

  3. I want to know how much the King Gyanendra worth now. At the same time I also want to know how much all the politicians worth including PURKHAULI SAMPATI, DAIJO.
    As long as we have the King we need to give enough repect to that institution with title like Shree 5. But Shree 5 should not be used to any other member of the King’s family including his wife and sons and daughters.
    As the Head of the state he should reside in the Palace.

  4. Here is the tips to know the royal property. To know the Royal Properties, the easiest would be to approach Mr. Sharada Prasad Pradhan who is the Secretary of Dhikuti Bibhag since Birendra’s time. The old man has a residence on Satghumti, Pakanajol. This person’s family has been managing royal properties since many generations.

  5. Wagleji
    I have no other choice but to say you are somewhat of an idiot and your writing is very shallow and naive. You have very good English but you have no substance, no analysis etc.

    The King should declare his assets but so should all the ministers or anyone in power.
    The Major problem Wagle overlooks is that the King doesn’t have all his assets under his name. Just the the Swiss bank accounts are not under the name of the Royal family members – its under someone’s else name who we don’t know.
    Even with the politicans, when Girija Babu was asked to declare his assests he claimed a ridiculous amount like 10 million. When we all know thats BS – he has a penthouse in Manhattan worth more then a couple of million dollars… where do you think all the Lauda money went?

  6. Sorry I didn’t finish…
    So people put their assets under someone’s name. With Girija the assets are all under his daughter’s name – that evil witch Sujata.

  7. The King isn’t the only main issue in our country. There are other isssues which are as important as or even more important than the king. Why doesn’t anyone talk about corruption control measures? Why doesn’tt anyone talk about development roadmaps? Neither Ganatantra nor Constitutional Assembly is the goal of our country. They are just means to achieve the goals. Why is everyone them as goals? Is anyone even worried about what are the goals?

    I think we are making very shallow thinkers again. Let’s consider every other aspects and correct or eliminate them like we have done to Gynendra. A new Nepal doesn’t mean Republic of Nepal. We can still fail as a republic.

  8. y r they hiding property? well, it’s tooo big!

    This article is nothing but an honest reaction. He is correct but wagle, do you really think we can get those numbers…correctly?
    -I doubt. Yes, it makes sense cuz we pay for it . Also, i see this reasonable only if it applies to everybody. everybody who is responsible for someone else.

    Wagle, i sincerely hope this(disclosure) happens and i would like to see all our representatives do the same before they decide to proceed with gyanendra.


  10. I am eagerly waiting for this to happen. It is now mandatory for the king. He should do that immediately if he wants sympathy from people so that his title could be saved in the upcoming constituent assembly elections. I am I am paying tax even though I earn hardly Rs. 15 thousands a month. It was really humiliating to know that king, being so rich and taking so much money from state coffer, didn’t pay tax earlier.

    I strongly demand that all properties of royal palace should be nationalized and king should be provided a quarter or office. He can do the work, if there is any, from going to office and staying in his own home. Actually, he was living in his own home before being king in 2001. So do that again.

  11. you in nepal might really enjoy this video. it is an intimate look at Al Gore, our 2000 presidential candidate (and the one who really “won” the election!). The reason I am sharing this is it is a look at democracy IN ACTION. you actually see Gore as a HUMAN, at his home, with his family. This was when he was still vice president, by the way…if only we could get King Gyanendra to allow us into his world!!

    This is part two of the Al Gore video. This is well worth seeing, and if you can find someone with high speed internet (if you are in nepal) watch this…truly democracy in action…

    here is part two of the video

    there’s tons of video on nepal, too. just do a search for “nepal” and you will find them. music, travelers videos, politics, even animation. not the best, but interesting. you guys can add your own videos, too…

    oops, that’s think my previous posts are still “Under moderation” whatever that means. [UWB: all comments have been merged into one] but they are links to DEMOCRACY IN ACTION. Al Gore, our former Vice President, being filmed with his family, at his farm, sharing his life with the american people. totally uncensored, candid shots. If only king gyanendra would do this and then let it be show on!!

    Al Gore, by the way, is in a great new movie about the horrifying effects of global warming. you can find the trailer to this movie on youtube as well. (but you really need DSL)

    sorry again, guys! i left out part one!!

    Part one is: Here

    let’s hope that gore stops being “mr. pokerface iceman” in his campaigning for the 2008 elections. He has to beat Hilary (who has a vendetta out against him). But I do think this is an intimate look at some of the GOOD things about a democracy, and the day you can see Deuba and Koirala sharing realistic home videos in public, then maybe you will have gotten there! but let’s see what’s in the ROYAL PALACE first!! someohow I doubt it will be King G cuddling his evil son Paras’s babies (evil Paras’s #s 2 and 3?!)

    it is the trailer (also on for the new documentary by al gore about global warming. let’s hope that the politicians in nepal hear this and stop putting ridiculous import duties on your cars so that these electric vehicles can get in and be used IMMEDIATELY. This is a very serious problem, and there are solutions there right now. but for most of the world (including nepal) governments make it almost impossible to utillize these new techonologies (I myself own a hybrid vehivle, run on both electricity and gas and virtually no emissions. Amazing. A pollution free car)

    one final comment, even though I know many of you hate when we americans talk about our government (please, please, don’t get off on a diatribe about Iraq again!! fight your own wars!)…

    but our US President and all of our congressmen and senators have to disclose all their income and assets and it is PUBLIC RECORD. ANYONE CAN SEE IT. IT IS THE LAW. They can’t hide from us.

  12. One gold standard for all. Remember that. Yes let the assets of the king be declared and verified. But also let the assets of all the MPs and bureaucrats be declared. Perhaps the worst problem Nepal has is corruption. Strong measures must be implemented to root out corruption in this country. This must be a continous process so that we can reach the level of Scandinavian countries in eliminating corrpution. Perhaps one of the greates challenges for Nepal is checking corruption.

  13. ‘but our US President and all of our congressmen and senators have to disclose all their income and assets and it is PUBLIC RECORD. ANYONE CAN SEE IT. IT IS THE LAW. They can’t hide from us.’

    shadow this system should be adopted here too. Only the immeidate family members of the MPs and bureaucrats must also be included. Excellent.

  14. The king without army is dead lug. Even Marich Man is not for the king. So, we have less fear of him but the army has not opened its cards yet. We have to be very careful till then. Girija and Madhav are nothing without us. They can be dealt if they behave against democracy. But we must take in mind that they are the torch bearers for the time being and we should not open a front against them as the king had opened front at all sides and came to defeat. The attacks upon Sher Bahadur Deuba and later at Pashupati Shamsher, the two stunch supporters of monarchy and king among party leaders and inclusion of Giri, Bishta and likes, were blunders from the king’s side and he who did advised the king to do that unknowingly became an ally to democratic movement.

  15. When we talk of property, it is not only King. We have to look into the properties of PJ Thapa as well as all Generals and Bharat Keshar Singh, Satchit Shamsher etc first. And we should not forget about corrupt SPA leaders like Gachhedar, Gupta, Govind Raj, Bal Bahadur, Chiranjivi etc. Everybody should submit the details of their property.

    I think till there are Sun and Moon on Earth and in the Flags of Nepal, corruption will not stop in Nepal. Recent transfers of Police Inspectors were supervised by Sujata on the basis of DAMADI. So what you have to say ?

  16. Somebody in the thread said that the “King is long gone”. You moron. What would you know about politics. A law passed by the House of Representative is clashing with the constitution. Remember, these so call ministers are all about following protocals and they want to do every thing in the orderly fashion so that they can lengthen their time as ministers. King will surely file a case against this law in the court. Wait and watch. And yes I would say King is the only problem. Kings have screwed up the country. Still conspiring against the country and yes has wealth that can feed Nepali people for 10 years. All this murder and bloodshed is to remove him. How can a person be bigger than a country itself? We have to remove him completely but not because of the Maoist’s threat but it is what Nepali people want.

  17. Everyone on this blog is agreed to a certain extent that corruption is problem number one. Not only the King, but all who robbed the nation in high positions of government, military, NGOs. They must be kept from any responsible positions in the new Nepal, and must be pursued to return the stolen treasure. Start with placing seizure on their property. Cancel their passports. They may have hidden crores in foreign banks but don’t let them flee the country!

  18. I think we should also do away with “Shree Paanch” also. We can say only SHREE MAHARAJDHIRAJ gyanendra, SHREE MAHARANI and SHREE YUVARAAJ paras. I think Shree Paanch means five persons in one. So to give the impression of being a God.Now we know that gayanendra is a single man like you and me. So, Shree Paanch should be eliminated.

  19. hi kirat

    i have one big object. reducing the staff in the royal palace is most and necessary. but now the leaders have diverted their attention once they have recalled 12 ambassadors of privious royal government. still there are much to work on. i am being very surprised that the maha mandales are still serving as the ambassadors in various countries on behalf of the new nepal government. one of them are ram bhakta thakur currently enjoying in nepalese embassy in cairo. he must be recalled with other notorious mandale since he was a memeber of rastrabadi bidhyarthi mandal during panchyati era and his wife very recently served as a vice chair lady of shree panch bada maharani sarkarko suva janmotsab samaharoha mul samiti. this man was awarded with this position by the formal roayl government due to such contribution. do we still need these disguised people??

    what is ur view????

  20. Very Welcomable and Timely Post, Mr.Wagle.Keep up the GoodWorks.

    We are here for Thumps Up !

  21. Ok people we started first checking with the KING now must follow the others to be cornered and dealt with proper justice and punishment.


    Now since we are moving towards true 21st century People´s Democracy, we also MUST WITHOUT ANY DELAY BEGIN PROBING ON ALL CORRUPTION AND MISMANAGMENTS COMMITTED BY PEOPLE IN ALL SECTORS NOT ONLY THE KING. That means all

    – Leaders of Political Parties, their cadres, their family membersfrom the ERA of Pre & Post Panchayat, Post 1990 till Second Janandolon II.

    – People and thier family members who were holding all important and high level posts in Bureaucracy, Administration , Judiciary, Dimplomacy Security Apparatus and any other Public/Semi-public institutions/organizations throughout Nepal.

    – All corrupt top notch Rana/Thakuri/Shah/ Pandeys/Bistas/Basnyats and many others who has been part of Feudel/socalled Aristocracy in Nepali Nations History.

    – International Enquiry into information regarding Offshore Investments, Swiss and other International Bank Accounts, Properties of King, Durbarias, Aristocrats, top notch Army-Police and corrupt Mandales, Maffias and Unethical High Profile Business men from throughout Nepal based on prevailing International Rules and Laws.

    – Enquiry into all Big Houses and Fat Bank Balances, Investments and Properties in KTM and other big cities of Nepal and Business by all past PrimeMinisters-Ministers, MPS and their family members.

    – Inacting Mallik Commission Reports together with current Enquiry commission under Justice Rayamajhi.

    – Enquiry into and proper justice and punishments of all atrocities, mismanagements, misuse of power & position, lootings, rapings occured, killing of innocent publics and vandalisms of public and private properties by MAOISTS LEADERSHIPS AND TOP NOTCH COMMANDERS whom they used through innocent disillusioned Rural Youths throught NEPAL. We can ask help to UN or any other such compatible International Neutral Body starting first with COMPLETE DISARMAMENTS WITHOUT ANY HIDDEN AGENDA.

    People can add on which I missed out…….

    Hope we all can enjoy FINALLY collectively peacefully as united NEPALIS under DEMOCRATIC NEPAL/GANATANTRIC NEPAL in Harmony contributing redevelopments of shattered NEPAL.

  22. Mr Waagle,
    What you say above is a true voice of Nepalese people. It must be implemented.

  23. Mr. Abatar,
    I think you raised the pertinent question regarding the Ambassadors particularly at Cairo. I met him in Birgunj Thakur Ram campus in 2028 and he was the prominent member of Rastriya Swatantra Bidyarthi Mandal.From that day till now he is like Kamal Thapa and Niranjan Thapa. Govt caught Kamal but they could not arrest Niranjan. So he is like Niranjan Thapa. So why are you talking about only Ram Bhakta only, there are others also they should be recalled immediately.

  24. I think to control corruption, it is very easy if you adopt Islamic ways because we are already a secular state. Like in ancient time bring him to the court of KAALA BHAIRAB temple in Hanuaman Dhoka give him a Gokhe Lauri and put one kg of Chili powder inside his bottom and leave him for one hour like that and he will confess everything. Then you can take him to jail.

  25. Corruption by political leaders did not justified the holding of power by King Gyanendra. Why not same applies on the corruption of Prince Gyanendra & Prince Dhirendra in the Panchyat era?

    We are talking about limiting the number of employee in Royal Palace but why we are forgetting the limiting of Army battalions in Royal Palace?

    We are also forgetting the deployment of Army personnel for the protection of relatives of King Gyanendra. I am wondering will relatives of King Gyanendra pay the cost of their security? I still see army personnels deployed in the homes of sisters of Gyanendra and his inlaws.

    Can Nepal Government reclaim the land and properties of Nepal given as Bakshis to those Chakaribaj employee of Royal palace like Hansman, Pashupatibhkta, Chiran Shamser, Ranjan Raj, etc.? If we can reclaim those properties then Nepal Government will get billions in the current value. Or at least we can use those properties for Hospitals, colleges, etc.

  26. It is totally bias in “Lokatantra”

    Lokatantra means everyone has right and should be punished equally…why only king and his followers…why not sujata also…why not other corrupted politicians…why not open the file of Girija…why not other sectors also …why not Bamdhev..

    these corrupted leaders are trying to escape in the name of the king…king and they also should be punished for the killings of 12,000 people…those who are leading the nation since 2054 of maoist uprising should be bring in trial…the file of 24 people killed in Kathmandu valley in the tenure of Girija/Deuba should be opened..the victim of that incidents should be offer 10 lacs…the file of Sierra to kill should be opened and victim should be punished..the killings of the maoist also should have free and fair jugdgement…the indisciminate killings of the Nepal Army should also be judged and punished…..then only it is called establishment of pure lokatantra, otherwise it is only called the revenge in the loktantra…even paras should be brought in trial of his accident..even the file of massacare of the royal palace should be opened to find out the fact…Why so-called neutral presses, civil societies, legal wings, human rights organizations aare silents in all these matters?

    Mr Wagle are you getting something wil some sectors? why you are silent about above matters? Are you afraid or benefited?

  27. That is why king and his followers, SPA and maoist worry to bring UN in front for free and fair trial. Even India knows that if UN come in front all there game will be finished. So, UN should be brought in front to punish and give fair judgement of the killings of 12000 people. All the major player of today are the culprits. So, next generation should be brought to bring real LOKTANTRA/GANATANTRA in Nepal. People should have choice to put or throw whoever it maybe???/Otherwise it will bring only mess and our generation to generation will be spoiled fighting for real LOKTANTRA…BHIARI RAJNITI KO KAM CHHAINA AHILE…

  28. Fanta,

    Who is going to punish Girija or others who are in power now? Judiciary, police, anti-corruption wing, and every government wing belongs to them. Is not that we put them in the pedestal for bringing back the democracy from the King? You cannot point a finger at them because there would be hunderds of others cursing you for neglecting their ‘sacrifices’. It would be against ‘aspirations of the people’. All they have had done in the past is already absolved at least for now. They have wiped their slates clean. This is the beauty of the democracy. Don’t you remember old Nepalese adage – Jusko haath ma laathi, uskai ko bhaisi?

    Welcome to democracy – Nepalese Sytle!!!

  29. “Why so-called neutral presses, civil societies, legal wings, human rights organizations aare silents in all these matters?”

    C’mon Fanta, they also have made so many ‘sacrificies’. And they will not let their ‘sacrifices’ go in vain. Perhaps, they are negotiating their share. If they become unsatisfied with what they can lay their hands on, they will start screaming and shouting. We may have to wait at least three months before we will hear from them. Have patience!

  30. If we really care to prove what Democracy means then we should keep Gyanendra as Ceremonial King. He is no longer Supreme Commander, The Sri Pech is removed from The H.O.R. Remove his names from the billboards in Durbar Marg and all over the street, slowly discard the notes that have his photo, cut down his allowance heavily, turn the royal palace into a public entertainment park and museum. Remove his pictures from offices, banks and businesses. So what is left…
    just King Gyanendra as a mere spectator. And let him see how Nepal didn’t need such a king like him. And prove that Democracy can function well under Ceremonial king. Afterall Parliament decides on who gets to be the next king so why worry.

  31. i am agreed with jhyalincha. i am from birgunj. In his place, he is called ram bhagat thakur by locals. Now he is ram bhakta thakur. And u know that thakur is too borrowed by this man from his wife. and this position too was the biggest award specially his wife’s devotion to the queen of nepal.

  32. UWB Note: Below is the BBC Website news posted here by UWB, not by its readers, because we received complains from a reader in Kathmandu that the original link wasn’t accessible. We tried to access but failed to reach the BBC page. The reader same provided the text (provided to him from his friend in UK) to us:

    Erasing the ‘royal’ in Nepal
    By Charles Haviland
    BBC News, Kathmandu

    The declaration issued by Nepal’s reinstated House of Representatives this week on the future of the country is much more than a piece of paper.

    “I physically feel something has been lifted from my shoulders,” said one leading commentator here.

    He meant the removal of all political powers from King Gyanendra, whose Shah dynasty has ruled Nepal for the past 238 years.

    Nor is this change in mood confined to Kathmandu. In the most far-flung districts, people were glued to their radios on Thursday, witnessing the dismantling of ancient, feudalistic ties.

    Parliament’s foremost target has been the monarchy. The institution has received a battering; the king reduced to a figurehead and placed, in many ways, on the level of ordinary Nepalis.

    Most strikingly, parliament has taken on the right to make and change laws regarding the royal succession – if, indeed, there is still a monarchy under the new constitution to be drawn up in due course by an elected assembly.

    Spending controlled

    This is a clear sign of the unpopularity of the heir apparent, Crown Prince Paras, a playboy infamous for his reckless driving.

    The king – an extraordinarily rich monarch in an exceptionally poor country – is to be taxed and his spending controlled, while his acts will be open to scrutiny in court or in parliament.

    Then there is the symbolism. Already, the expressions “His Majesty’s Government of Nepal” and “Royal Nepalese Army” have been consigned to history.

    The national anthem, whose first line reads “May glory crown you, courageous Sovereign”, is to be changed.
    Moves like this may slowly chip away at the deference usually accorded to the king, who hitherto has tended to commandeer Nepal’s entire civil aviation fleet when travelling abroad and whose local visits in luxury limousines bring road traffic to a standstill for hours.

    There is another kind of deference, too. Since before the Shah dynasty took power, kings here have been regarded as incarnations of the Hindu god, Vishnu. Many still believe this.
    But factors such as the 2001 royal massacre have undermined the belief, and now parliament has abolished Nepal’s status as a Hindu kingdom, making it secular.

    Links severed

    This move has long been wanted by many Nepalis in a country with a tradition of religious tolerance, where Hinduism and Buddhism coexist and freely mix.

    The other institution being reined in is the army – now simply the Nepalese Army. Analysts point out that 15 months ago, the army went against the constitution by doing the bidding of the king, arresting the then prime minister and other leaders.

    The military – the most powerful of the security force branches here – is now being placed more firmly under the cabinet and a newly constituted top body, and the monarch’s link with it completely severed.
    Until Thursday, King Gyanendra – rather like the US president – was supreme commander of the army. That post no longer exists.

    The signs are that, despite some consternation, the generals are going along with the change. Indeed, it was reportedly the army that told the king to make major concessions late last month.
    But there’s also a growing chorus demanding the dismissal of the current army chief, General Pyar Jung Thapa, given the military’s role in suppressing last month’s demonstrations and the fact that other security force chiefs have been sacked.

    Another powerful organ of state, too, has been dissolved – the privy council, a powerful advisory body thought to have urged the king to take direct power last year.

    ‘Inclusive’ army

    There are some small moves to address the concerns of Nepal’s indigenous ethnic groups, who constitute some 40% of the population but have always been excluded from political power.

    One is secularisation – a cause important to many indigenous people. It is also stated that the army – hitherto ruled by top Hindu castes – will now be “inclusive and national” in character.

    Also marginalised in Nepal are two million stateless people living in areas bordering India: the new declaration says they will get citizenship.

    The text mentions the “sacrifices” some people made during April’s mass demonstrations against palace rule.
    Indeed, underlying this whole proclamation is the sense that these are the changes the ordinary people want, and that the elected body – parliament – is sovereign.

    It is being predicted that this sense – of the popular will – will prevent the king trying to challenge the new order. He has made no public pronouncement since retreating from direct rule on 24 April.

    The politicians’ next urgent move will be to address the question of peace. The Maoist rebels have already complained that the new declaration makes no mention of peace talks.

    But, having moved quickly on the issue of royal powers, parliament is likely to return to the peace agenda soon.
    Pressing problem

    The monarchy’s long-term future is unclear. There is a widespread sense here that – despite the growing republican sentiment in the streets – parliament has, for now, saved the institution from the man who seemed most likely to undermine it, namely King Gyanendra.

    But all these new measures, radical as they are, may be superseded once a promised constituent assembly is elected.

    And the fine words must be made into deeds. Apart from violence, Nepal has one most pressing problem: poverty.
    As the Himalayan Times newspaper puts it: “Unless the [new] political power is exercised exclusively in the interest of the deprived and marginalised, the sacrifices of the martyrs will be in vain”.

    As Nepal’s mainly peaceful revolution continues, plenty of Nepalis will keep reminding the politicians of that.

    Here is the source of the original story. Published: 2006/05/19 16:23:27 GMT

    © BBC MMVI


    I am very eager to see gyandera shahi’s property nationalized. It should be able to add to our national income. Stripped of his illegally stolen property (in Swiss bank?), we should find him a deraa somewhere in Kathmandu or kirtipur until he gets his citizenship and the court decides his case. Yes, he needs body- guards so that he would not escape.
    Now, let me come back to my original TOPIC; the ONLY CONCERN I HAVE

    “????? ????? ???? ”
    ?? “???? ???????????? ????? ???? ????? ??, ??????? ???
    ??? ??? ????? ???, ? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ??????? ???

    I have always hated the criminals of the palace-the shah families. NEPAL SHOULD BE A FULL REPUBLIC; THE KING SHOULD BE MADE A NORMAL NEPALI CITIZEN AND THEN [icd]. There is one thing which strikes me the most;

    “what made the parliament declare Nepal as a secular country???????”

    People are celebrating the VICTORY and I am most happy too but I am shocked to see how little Nepali people know about today’s global geo-political structure.

    “Nepal has been freed from one demon but it is caught in the hands of a greater danger.”

    I do not like BJP and I have nothing to do with Indian politics. But declaring Nepal as a secular country is a CULTURAL SUICIDE. Nepal has invited its trouble, the same problem that India and Pakistan are going through.

    At this time Nepal is totally surrounded by Muslim fundamentalists. They will make Nepal a graveyard in 10-15 years if Nepali people do not submit to them and convert into Muslim religion. they have spread all over the world with the same slogan. This declaration of secularism is going to benefit ONLY TO THEM and is going to destory our heritage. The most harm will be done to the indiginous ethnic cultures. Muslims and christians only GOAL IS TO CONVERT AND SPREAD and nepal’s people’s ignorance is a great benefit to them.

    “Our leaders have deceived us.”

    Now, MMuslims will destroy Nepal’s culture as they have done to all over the wolrd to indiginous cultures over the centuries.


    They have already planted their roots at the heart of Kathmandu and now are expanding their oil money to convert people.


  34. Show a little bit of respect to the King. He has done some mistakes, we all know. But we shouldn’t forget the history.
    We call ourselves proud Nepali today, thats because of Shah Dynasty. We shouldn’t forget what they had done to make Nepal immune to foreign invasion. Long time ago, during Girband
    Yudda Bikram Shah, England had nearly swallowed Nepal but they couldn’t coz’ our men fought bravely under the King.
    Should we forget that?
    Mistake is a part of our life. Men do mistakes, aren’t they? Does it mean that its the end of the world?

  35. First of all all this mumbo jumbo in parliament is not even constitutional or legal. Parliament is supreme my [icd], I thought the people were supreme. Why can’t we question their declaration in a court of law? Because the maoists or the Indians want it their way?

    These politicans make me sick. They have got away with blue murder. All their bloody corruption is under the table and the maoists are now bloody heroes for killing thousands of innocents.

    I think the army should just take over and put an end to this joke that the SPA and maoists have made out of us. There is no security and we are heading for a state of anarchy, and all no thanks to this Gyane[ndra], who has made heroes out of corrupt and murderous leeches like Girija and Prachanda. I curse Gyane[ndra] for smearing the name and memory of Prithvi Narayan Shah, and call upon the army in the spirit of the great Shah to put an end to this fiasco.

  36. Rumor has it that King has 9 bn USD that puts him among 10 richest person in the world

  37. That rumor could be true only if he was able to get the account info of Birendra’s hidden wealth. That info may have died with Birendra. Gyanendra hasn’t had much time to loot the national treasure on his own.

  38. 9 billion USD!!!!@@!@!@@@ Wow, why does’nt he use that for pro King andolans, he can have andolans every day for a decade.

  39. These politicans make me sick. They have got away with blue murder. All their bloody corruption is under the table and the maoists are now bloody heroes for killing thousands of innocents.

    >>what about army and the king
    all we need is peace
    if both parties committed for peace then whats problem with u KP

  40. Sudeeep,
    The problem for starters is people like you who think everything is hunky dory and the maoists are interested in peace and democracy.

  41. then what
    do u think they would be fighting for whole of their life without gaining anithing
    its their right time(safe landing)
    they know that their complete communism cant be established in Nepal so they agreed for democracy

  42. The answer is in the saying we have heard a million times “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

    Question: Do you think the likes of Prachanda will have accepted democracy where his past methods and record will forever be engrained in the minds of our people? Do you think he will happily stay in the sidelines or as a oppositon minority MP or coalition Minister or something to that line in support of democracy?
    What was the reason for Gyanendra to take charge? You think he wanted to fight the parties all his life? He could have just stayed happily in the background as a constitutional King?
    Answer: My saying in the beginning.

  43. If Gyanendra had even a 100th part of that fantastic sum rumored why would he still be here awaiting an uncertain fate? He would be living on Deposed Dictator’s Avenue somewhere in Hawaii or Switzerland. 9 billion USD is a totally ridiculous ammount of money. Even Bill Gates is not nearly that wealthy.

  44. You expect this feudal-age army to do anything? 4 or 5 years after they were employed and they still haven’t been able to make a dent.

    And don’t start with the Shah family. It symbolizes everything that’s wrong with Nepal. Why does a desperately poor country like Nepal need to subsidize royal lifestyles?

    And no, I don’t think G had $9 billion ( which would make him as rich as Saddam Hussein was– a man who was dictator of an oil rich country for 23 years) but he still may have made quite a bit…

  45. KING has been just a scapegoat..All corrupt politicians must be brought to book..


  46. shanti, you raving lunatic- Out of that 13,000 figure around 9,000 died at the hands of the security forces i.e the RNA, APF and police. Why don’t you ask for an answer from your army or police buddies.

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