King Gyanendra Should Disclose Details Of His Properties

King Gyanendra should dutifully disclose the details of his personal and royal palace properties and proudly pay the tax.

Now that the House of Representatives has declared itself a sovereign and supreme body and people have joyfully welcomed the Proclamation, its time to implement those decisions without any delay. We have seen people at government office renaming HMG to Nepal Government. But there are some more important issues to be dealt with. The Parliament Proclamation says that the king will have to pay tax just like other 23 million citizens of Nepal. Now king Gyanendra should dutifully disclose the details of his properties.

Government of Nepal should bring out a white paper detailing the properties of the royal palace and that of the king. We, the sovereign Nepali people, need to know how much property the king owns and how much belongs to the palace (which is a public institution, not a private property of a king). Properties of the king and the palace are different thing and that should be made clear to Nepali people. We all know he was (and probably is) involved in different business activities. Accounts of those businesses should also be publicized. We need to know what happened with the property of king Birendra and his family. That should be nationalized. It would be even better if the Narayanhitti royal palace is turned into a national museum. Nirmal Niwas could be used as the resident for Gyanendra. We don’t need a big palace in a small country like Nepal. There will be no administrative work for palace anymore. So, occupying a big building is not a good idea. This process shouldn’t be delayed.

The Parliamentary Proclamation didn’t speak about the title of Shree Panch but the cabinet should decide on that this week. No one more other than the king (and may be the crown prince) would be allowed to hold the title until the election of constituent assembly. People will decide the fate of monarchy on that election. If they choose to turn the king into a citizen, that should be accepted.

The proclamation also says that the parliament will decide on the benefits and budgets of the king. That should be decided as per the average household expenditure of Nepali people. The king shouldn’t get more than that.

The five-hundred member Royal Palace Service must be reduced drastically.-Wagle






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  1. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    I agree with Shanti, Maoists murderers are getting scott free for 14000 murders they are responsible for (they started it first).

    Why double standard .. setting free Maoists murderers and locking up others?

  2. alfa Avatar

    Wake up guys…… as we squabble here, the maoists are taking over the country. Their startegy has worked to precision. Firsst, they aligned with the SPA and got rid of the king. Now, in the pretext of bringing the security forces to justice, they are slowly but progressively going to weaken the army, which is our last stand against these hooligans. Beware !!! The SPA…I have no faith or confidenc in them. They ahve already started the in-fighting. Who si to be the next minister and make money. That’s all they can think of. The way things are going, it is inevitable that the maoists will take over Kathmandu and Nepal. Then they will go after the middle class burgoise and the well-to do, take their property and in the pretext of sharing it with the people…channel it to their accounts. So, BEWARE. The maoists are coming and these SPA ass holes will have no clue what hit them when they will be all taken and made to “disappear”. SO, let’s leave the king alone. He has had enough humiliation to last a life time, and focus ourenergy on the SPA to shape up. But, we are also afterall, nepali. We talk too much and don’t do anything about it…..cheers to that….and let’s resign to our fate of being a moaist state soon.

  3. alfa Avatar

    Let’s all say ” Ke Garne?? Karmai Yesto !!”

  4. Bill Avatar

    All the NHRC present members appointed by the former government must resign immidiately! New fresh impartial members ought to be appointed
    without any further delay!

  5. Bengali_Friend Avatar

    Instead of having to worry about one person–the King, you now have to face massive corruption by every politician and their relatives.

    Five years from now, you’ll be calling your King an angel.

    That’s what many in Bangladesh call our last military dictator because our “democratic” politicians are more corrupt and brutal.

  6. Likpa Sow Avatar
    Likpa Sow

    Nepal is a sandwich between India and China. We all know the Indian policies… We don’t even have FIBER OPTIC connection in our country. India does all it can to not let our country be better. Hydroprojects of our country are still. We have the ability to do things, but we cannot implement. Madhesi Janjati “Indian Politics??” US’s eye on Nepal? Nepal’s Natural Resources……?? Politics is a dirty game, but still “ONLY” after we have people of newer generation in Politics. The country will be able to progress. And the education system of Nepal, in that much of “TIME” people in developed country learns to become a “HUMANIST” yes a Humanist.

  7. asheem Avatar

    too all you morons who are shallower than our SOB politicians
    before commenting on anything try to understand it.
    you guys are supposed to be educated, not foolish.
    we are talking about the whole institution, not just one or two persons.
    before you comment on the king, think about the monarchy and before you comment on the SPA-M leaders think about democracy.
    everyone wants democracy, you want it as much as i want it, but do you think, everyone is ready for it. half of you are in US for sure, but the change you seek is in nepal, not there. how deep do you know nepal? the literacy, living standard. etc… think about it first, and ask if you really think nepal and nepali people are ready for democracy?
    i saw half of you comment on the army. if you had a bit of brain and time to read the constitution, army has always been under the government. the word royal, in RNA was just a title. check it in any kingdom. the armed forces are and always have the word royal in their title. army was never in nepal’s history mobilized without direct order from the government, nor has nepal seen mutiny.
    you think LOKTANTRA has answered all the questions dont you? well as far as i know, there are more strike, robbery, arson and what not after the movement.
    didnt you see how the leaders bargained for portfolio and stopped the procession of the house? that is undemocratic in every sense.
    that dosent mean that democracy is wrong. it is just that leaders arent leaders really.
    if you took time to read it and if you really have any gray material inside your cranium, if you learned rather than a degree holder i hope you got something in your head.
    those who werent bias while commenting i am happy to see that at least there are some people who love nepal as much as or more than i do.

  8. hello nepal Avatar
    hello nepal

    I have read all this!!! Nice you must keep up your good work so that nepal is once again a better and peaceful place to live in!!!!

  9. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    yes, We all know by now that this country is being led by a stereotype leaders. this should be changed now. we want new nepal.

  10. Deva Avatar

    New Nepal – that is what we are now all waiting to see happen. A new Nepal without the Monarchy is what is about to happen, a peaceful Nepal is what we all hope will become a reality.

    But are we only seeing a mirage in the desert? If it is not a mirage, then where are the leaders of the New Nepal? Don’t tell us that it is the same old personalities. Will it be murderers, corrupt, baffons, and third grade dropouts from school that will usher us to a new Nepal?

    Are we as a people, capable of governing ourselves? Why is it that we are great Bahadurs in India, excellent Johnny Gurkhas in the British Army, brave Goorkhas in India, and simple honest labourers in the Middle East or the other regions of the world? Do we need some other race to show us the whip and get us to behave?

    If such is the case, then it might be better to request the Indians to take us over – that is if they will oblige. Let them investigate the properties of the King, the politicians and “all the King’s men”. Let them bring some semblence of rule of law in this “Bharatbarshe Uttarakhande Nepala Deshe”.


  11. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    as you have mentioned yourself, we are waiting for new nepal to be happen. this is beginning lets not be pessimistic, be optimistic about change we just have to wait a bit longer. I know happiness doesn’t come easily, we have seen the worst of 10 years of democracy. I believe people of nepal, new generation, are educated, civilized and hard working. they are aware what a citizen or / a human wants from life. we are aware what goes other side of the world by media so its not like old days. we can exchange our views and share feelings via internet so lets be hopeful.

    I know Gurkhas are known as brave according to British. I also know that they are coward too. I can die for other country but not for own country. so how can you say they are brave? just because British says so. I think they say so in order to encourage Gurkas to do well for their country.

    Nevertheless, for me i approve a brave only if some one invent something that will help economy of nepal….just like Jews..they invented Automic Power (Autom Bomb) for America. that is brave! not some one who fights to die for other country. If you think Gurkhas are brave why they run away from Burma? why didn’t they stick and fight back?

    brain/intelligence is matter not physical.

  12. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    sorry, should be they not ‘i’

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