The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come IV

Monitoring Maoist Activities in Nepal

Maoist Talk Team: CPN-Maoist on Wednesday said it has formed a three-member talks team with the government, reports Chitranga Thapa in eKantipur. The team, headed by Maoist Spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, includes other leaders Dinanath Sharma and Dev Gurung, according to the Maoist sources. The Maoists formed the team on the final day of the three-day central committee meeting held at an undisclosed part of Far Western Nepal along the Nepal-India border. The sources also said that the meeting was attended by several Maoist leaders including Chairman Prachanda.Earlier, the Maoists and the government in separate talks in 2001 and 2003 had failed to draw any conclusion.

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Maoist activities around Nepal
Red Terror: Gopal Bhujel of Ramechhap, Phulasi-3 shows his scars caused by Maoists in Manthali. Pic by Tika Bhatta

Maoist activities around Nepal

Rubbing the Shoulders: In Gulmi, District security chiefs and prominent bureaucrats share stage with Maoists. In Nepal-India Friendship Unions, Gulmi’s first convention, army’s district chief (front row, second from the left) and Maoist’s district level leader Bhupal (wearing black jacket). Pic by Ghanashyam Gautam

Maoist activities around Nepal
Waiting for Godot? Female detainees affiliated to Maoist wait for their release in Bharatpur Jail. Among 56 political prisoners, 20 are female. Three of them were released Sunday. Pic by Binod Tripathi

Maoist activities around Nepal
From Belgium, With Love: Chitwan’s Redcross chairman Hari Neupane hands over 25 thousand rupees from expatriate Nepali of Belgium to Sabitri Dhakal, victim of last year’s infamous Madi Massacre. Pic by Binod

Maoist activities around Nepal
Some Out, Some In: Three Maoist prisoners who were released Sunday. Rest are staging hunger strike for their release. Pic by Binod

Maoist activities around Nepal

Maoist activities around Nepal
Immobile: The authorities have cited Maoists as reason not to start operaing this tower in Phikkal, Ilam, due to which the consumers are suffering. Pic by Benup Bhattarai

Maoist activities around Nepal
Royal Relics Removed: Participants (not Maoists though) of a discussion program on Constituent Assembly in Pokhara removed the royal pictures and symbols. Pic by Ishwari Neupane

Maoist activities around Nepal

Maoist activities around Nepal
Freedom at Last: Twenty Maoists freed from Mahendranagar jail on Monday. Pic by Chitranga Thapa

Maoist activities around Nepal
Here We Are: Maoist’s district level leaders come overground for the first time after the dissolution of last dialogue. Om Kumari Poudel, ANNFSU (R) district president (right), ANWA’s district president Pratima Gahatraj (centre) and Maoist district committe member Suresh. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka

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59 thoughts on “The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come IV

  1. 19 days of movement, almost two dozens died, hundreds injured, Gyanendra stepped back, people enjoyed victory, HOR re-established, Girija is now Prime Minister and everyone thought this is people’s victory. Ha ha!
    The real victory is yet to come. I don’t know whose victory it is but one thing all you bloggers at UWB should understand: CPN (Maoist) is the one who is benefitting the most. Their inmates are being released one by one. What the SPA government will do or don’t do will all depend on Maoists demands. So who is the getting closer to victory. If you think “we the people of Nepal” ammm ammmmm! Our comrades from the jungle!

  2. K Thapa, RN Pandey and S Rana are to be tried for repression in the name of people’s victory. Will Prachanda, Baburam and their goons ever be tried for crime against humanity? Someone was giving lots of crap about forgetting prejudices, showing sympathy, creating environment (to create equality),etc in this blog. Where has that forgetting of prejudice gone in this case? Or should we assume that it does not apply in case of SPA or the Maoists and whatever actions they take is divine intervention?

  3. Perhaps Justice K. J. Raimajhi is limited to investigate the actions of Royal Government only. Hopefully he will do the job professionally. We do not know how long we have to wait a formation of another committee to investigate Crime against Nepali people by MBs? No wonder if they are going to be spared by the SPA and Comrade Prachanda. Because we are witnessing realease of those MBs who were involved in the Killings of innocent people.

  4. Taaya,
    Like I mentioned the creative and rationalist solutions can only be realistic if the maoists lay down their arms. Otherwise discussing solutions with the threat of violence is ridiculous. Let the maoists tell us first what their solutions are for economic development, job creation,social inclusion, equality of genders, gdp growth etc. etc. It is easy to chant supressed this and supressed that and bring down the govt. but a whole different ball game to come up with ideas to run a nation. And guns are the wrong idea for sure.
    And Taaya you question peaceful politics in the part of the govt. But our govt. were peaceful if nothing else until the maoists took up arms. Were you somewhere else or too young to remember?
    And even after the maoists started their violent campaign, the govts. attempted several peace talks, and the ones to break the talks was the maoists not the government.

  5. Maoists are not bothered about the greater good. They only intend to achieve their power goals. I have not heard any maoists mentioning that the royalists who supressed the andolan should be punished. Why? Because it will beg the question – the maoists who have killed and extorted should also be punished.

  6. Pl says: “I have not heard any Maoists mentioning that the royalists who suppressed the andolan should be punished…”

    Well, maybe that’s because the communists are not a “revenge” movement, but about changing who has power so that such thing do not deep happening.

    Prachanda also spoke clearly about the king. He must leave or face judgement.

    But the Maoists DO NOT seek a bloodletting, or confuse revenge with justice.

    They want a constituent assembly without condition. All these stories (being sent by the King’s RNA) are a way of obstructing the 12-point agreement and obstructing the coming of a democratic republic — OR WHATEVER THE PEOPLE CHOOSE THROUGH THEIR OWN ASSEMBLY.

    A constituent assembly is not the same as the bickering political class and the young know this.

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