The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come IV

Monitoring Maoist Activities in Nepal

Maoist Talk Team: CPN-Maoist on Wednesday said it has formed a three-member talks team with the government, reports Chitranga Thapa in eKantipur. The team, headed by Maoist Spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, includes other leaders Dinanath Sharma and Dev Gurung, according to the Maoist sources. The Maoists formed the team on the final day of the three-day central committee meeting held at an undisclosed part of Far Western Nepal along the Nepal-India border. The sources also said that the meeting was attended by several Maoist leaders including Chairman Prachanda.Earlier, the Maoists and the government in separate talks in 2001 and 2003 had failed to draw any conclusion.

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Maoist activities around Nepal
Red Terror: Gopal Bhujel of Ramechhap, Phulasi-3 shows his scars caused by Maoists in Manthali. Pic by Tika Bhatta

Maoist activities around Nepal

Rubbing the Shoulders: In Gulmi, District security chiefs and prominent bureaucrats share stage with Maoists. In Nepal-India Friendship Unions, Gulmi’s first convention, army’s district chief (front row, second from the left) and Maoist’s district level leader Bhupal (wearing black jacket). Pic by Ghanashyam Gautam

Maoist activities around Nepal
Waiting for Godot? Female detainees affiliated to Maoist wait for their release in Bharatpur Jail. Among 56 political prisoners, 20 are female. Three of them were released Sunday. Pic by Binod Tripathi

Maoist activities around Nepal
From Belgium, With Love: Chitwan’s Redcross chairman Hari Neupane hands over 25 thousand rupees from expatriate Nepali of Belgium to Sabitri Dhakal, victim of last year’s infamous Madi Massacre. Pic by Binod

Maoist activities around Nepal
Some Out, Some In: Three Maoist prisoners who were released Sunday. Rest are staging hunger strike for their release. Pic by Binod

Maoist activities around Nepal

Maoist activities around Nepal
Immobile: The authorities have cited Maoists as reason not to start operaing this tower in Phikkal, Ilam, due to which the consumers are suffering. Pic by Benup Bhattarai

Maoist activities around Nepal
Royal Relics Removed: Participants (not Maoists though) of a discussion program on Constituent Assembly in Pokhara removed the royal pictures and symbols. Pic by Ishwari Neupane

Maoist activities around Nepal

Maoist activities around Nepal
Freedom at Last: Twenty Maoists freed from Mahendranagar jail on Monday. Pic by Chitranga Thapa

Maoist activities around Nepal
Here We Are: Maoist’s district level leaders come overground for the first time after the dissolution of last dialogue. Om Kumari Poudel, ANNFSU (R) district president (right), ANWA’s district president Pratima Gahatraj (centre) and Maoist district committe member Suresh. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka

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59 thoughts on “The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come IV

  1. Until peace talks starts and goes to the Positive direction. Maoists who are in prison should not be released. Its like their strategy to come in peace talks after some years evertime release their comrades and again go back to Killing people.
    Already maoists have done this two time.

  2. UWB agents involve themselves in personal attacks.

    We are all aware that some of us who were pissed off at UWB moderation, recently started a blog to facilitate unmoderated comments. However, UWB agents, fearing a possible deviation of readers and hence the credibility of UWB, have been acting wicked and have succumbed to low standards of professionalism.

    UWB: Hari Sharma, Please, please, please do not visit this web site. We never requested you to visit. Yes, we didn’t accept your article that you submitted to us but please don’t take revenge of that here. Also, if you don’t like this site, don’t post comments too. We defend your right not to visit UWB.

  3. Hey Sharma ji, Are you on crack? you dont make sense. Why would UMB act wicked if they worry about their cerdibility? As per your calling folks to take a detour towards your site, it’s pretty ironic not to mention pathetic you have to come here. Are you sure you are more professional than them??

  4. Yesterday Mr. Lekhnath Neupane said: The Maoist army will not stay in the barracks or camps, Our army is people’s army. It will keep doing its duties as usual. The Maoists do not use force to collect donations. There are two governments and they have their own policies.”

    There is no ground to trust MBs. Their tools are extortion, intimidation, liquidation of their opponents, and kill more Nepali to show their organized crime against Nepal. It is not they are asking unconditional CA but unconditional People’s Republic of Nepal. Whether we like it or not our hopes for better Nepal are with SPA leadership, Nepal Army, and the cooperation from India & western countries.

  5. Kick this Sharma out from this blog. He is advertising his site here in an insensible way. Mr.Sharma what do you think of yourself? Your responses and behavior shows how wicked and publicity hunger you are? I do not know how sensible you are but looking at the previous blogs I feel that you are trying to prove something you are not. So, it is in your own interest in we blogger’s interest that you either argue sensible here or pour in your insensible arguments in your own blog. At best, I can visualize you as trigger-happy and trying to show know-all attitude. So, from now on you are:Mr.Know-all cum trigger-happy!

  6. Agaraawalla:
    What the hell is your problem? You just wasted my time reading your useless melicious attack against Hari Sharma. Hari Sharma has taken some initiative and started a parallel blog – so what? Why does that make your ass itch so bad? This is just typical Nepali behavior of leg pulling and not liking the fact that some out there has gone out of his way to take initiative. How pathetic! Now you also wasted my time with this reply so I think sir you need to be kicked out from this blog!

  7. Hari Sharma is the one thats pulling legs. If he wants to create a parallel website, we have no problems withit.But, whats the logic behind dissing UWB and saying “OOh, the UWB agents attacked my site”. And, if he is really creating a website to “fight” UWB’s moderation why does he come here and try to seek attention. We have no problem with him creating a new blog, but we have a problem with him coming to UWB and attacking UWB. Ajha UWB agents hare, psycho!

  8. Hitaishi and others,
    Frankly I am not into journalism and blogging. I, along with others felt the need for a platform for unmoderated comments and we moved ahead with the idea. However, recently I have been getting comments full of personal attacks which are largely generated by people because they thought I deviated readers from UWB. These “supposedly” agents have been abusing the freedom we have out there to write in an abusive language which we do not encourage. So, I would strongly condemn such actions. Our blog is for responsible people.

  9. Michael
    I am not lucky enough to be educated in US and I do not get Pension in US$ from US to stay in Thamel like a King. No wonder if you are getting extra cheques from Cuba and North Korea.

  10. We’ve had enough of this bullshit. Please cut it out UWB. I wonder what is that you guys are trying to arrive at. Sure Maoists are welcome ‘overground’, provided of course they lay down their weapons and that is what most of us Nepalese want. Dont tell me we’ll have a free election to the constituent assembly with a armed group of thugs still roaming around (but it seems no one really wants a free election.).

  11. Mr. Hari Sharma and his agents…get the fck out of this blog and do not pollute this blog…this is for serious discussion and not for distracation and advertisement…pls get ure ass kicked out…
    No place for distractors, hypocrites and advertisers…u r like suckers who suck food from a plate and sprinkle venom on the same plate…what an irony? Good luck with your own world…

  12. Agarawalla,

    See your level…thats what you are…I need not elaborate more for I don’t want to involve in personal attacks..

  13. Hari Sharma,

    This is too much. I used to tolerate your past advertisements of your own blog and criticisms of UWB. I do not appreciate UWB very much, but your style is more offensive and mean than that of UWB. You should concentrate your time on managing your own blog rather than fighting with others at UWB.

    PS: you claim that more and more people are coming to your blog. But I found that there is only one comment in each of them, that too is probably your own. Good luck.

  14. Hi Friends,
    Would you kindly give your thoughts about the Maoist Peace Talk Team including its composition, structure and other things. How do you look at this committee? Why this committee has been formed amid the news and rumour of the possibility of heading the team by Prachanda himself? What should be remit and possibility of this negotiating committee? Is it a high level committee? How shall the government reciprocate the composition? Why the committee has not been headed by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai?


  15. agarawalla,

    anybody can advertise what he wants to advertise, you can talk about ur dog, cat, mistress, enemy, neighbor. One can also sing, dance, write music and go mad in the blog. One can talk about maos, khaos, politicos, vigilantes, patriots, fanatics, conspirators, junkies, punks, you name it.

    So if you want to kick sb’s ass…make sure you stand in line as the first one…..

  16. Mr. Michael,

    I do not know whether you are a foreigner living in Nepal or outside Nepal. I read your comments and I do not know what points are you proving or trying to prove. You may be fascinated by ‘red revolution’ because the governments of the Western World (assuming you belong to one of those countries), have poured billions of dollars in defeating the same ‘red revolution’. Perhaps the reason was that ‘red revolution’ everywhere has turned out to be violent, cruel and despotic; and they recognized this danger. You may sip coke but ‘red revolutionaries’ cut water-pipe lines and whole village does not have drinking water. You may have glorious visions of ‘red revolution’ but whole family has to go without food when ‘red revolutionaries’ forcefully eat all the ration. What the heck you know what it feels like being stuck nowhere (without food or water) when ‘red revolutionaries’ blockade highways? What the heck you know about pain when you see someone being cruelly killed without any reason in the name of ‘red revolution’? Don’t talk from your ass…you are one of those pathetic foreigners who talk big regarding ‘revolution’ without knowing its consequences because you aren’t there to face the consequences.

  17. Sweet Weed,

    “Red Revolution” is a fact in Nepal.
    I do not like many things the Mabadi have done, but like them or not, they are part of Nepal’s future, and will effect the entire region…

    What I often read, espically on this Blog, is some fantasy, about myself(an acccrediated Journalist) or others.. This is usless bullshit from those who have nothing to add to the conversation.. BACK TO REALITY..

    #1)Nepal is in the process of forming a CA.
    #2)The 1990 Constitution will be put in the garbage where it belongs.
    #3)The SPA and the Mabadi, sooner or later, sooner I expect,will send KG to Jail or Exile.
    #4) The Mabadi being part of the New Government will control the RNA and will have no need for a seperate Army.
    #5)…. So in the real world there are only 2-choices…
    a) Support the SPA-Mabadi Government, or
    Support Counter Revolution and a RNA Coup..

    This is my opinion .. If you have other beliefs, thoughts or analysis please share them.
    Thank yo

  18. Dear friends, there is hell lot of money in poverty and war! In fact, this is one of the most attractive areas for foreigners to invest and gain profit. Here are some of the ways in which powerful countries of the world benefit from war in many parts of the world:

    1. selling arms and ammunitions to the rebel forces
    2. selling arms and ammunitions to the governments suffering from the armed conflict
    3. giving employment to its citizens in the name of conflict transformation or peacebuilding
    4. exercizing power over the weak and small countries in the name of development assistance, etc. etc.

    Therefore, it is not unnatural for arms mafia like Michael to argue for a [icd] red revolution.

  19. I think the bloggers are fed up now. UWB please clarify your stance. Are you pro-maoists or maybe coerced to highlight them!?!?!? You say very little on today’s headlines by your sister organisation – Extotion by Maoists! I heard that even Mr. Hari Bansha Acharya has been getting threatening calls from the same group who shot Dr. Hemanga Dixit.

    We don’t want to see pictures of maoists singing and dancing, playing the guitar and drinking Coke – we know they are normal humans like the rest of us, you don’t have to prove it. However, we are more interested in their politics – Now that they are over ground we expect to see and read stories on what they have been upto before they were overground and what is their clear agenda regarding laying down of arms, multiparty democracy, economic development, foreign investment, private property rights, business rights, independent judiciary, independent army (i.e. just as the army should not be involved in politics, the politicians should also keep politics out of the army) etc. etc. And of course this new drive of issuing letters to extort money.

    This is the era where all our media can truly become the peoples voice, and the power behind democracy, don’t fuck it up.

  20. PS.. Nepalis, like RNA Generals made a lot of money off those arms and killed a lot of Nepalis.. Are they your relative ?
    Nepalis, like those in the Palace have stolen Foreign Aid while other Nepalis died of starvation.
    Napalis made money off porters, guides, and foreigners, and were ofter corrupt cheaters. Nepalis, like many in Parliment, stole from other Nepalis and made themselves and their families rich. Just look at the #1 Corrupt Poliitian in Nepal, G.P. Koirala..
    You best look in the mirror (-: There are corrupted people in all countries, that is another FACT.

  21. Michael,

    Your blatant criticism of the political leaders is neither new nor useful. It does not help us build peace at a time when we badly need it. Do you think the Maoists are going to give some peace to the poor and deprived people of Nepal. If you think yes, you are either ignorant or sick. We don’t need any armed conflict in the name of yet another revolution. We cannot clean up its mess.

    Catherine Verdery, a sociologist who studied communist revolutions in Eastern Europe for more than 2 decades had this to say: “after all socialism is a long and most painful route from capitalism to capitalism.”

    I would suggest you to read an interesting piece in the Nepali Times by Steve Gorjula. Following is the link:

  22. UWB,

    I am slowly beginning to understand why people like Hari Sharma are pulling their ass off your site. Your moderation is silly, you represent an old conservative notion of discipline to the extent which is unbearable. If you cannot keep up with people’s right to speak, you better close this site and do something else, like selling pani puri. If you want to allow people say what they want to say in a decent way, avoid this unnecessary moderation. Do not try to be more disciplined than silly RNA and the rogue palace.

    Let me know what was offensive in my last post?

    UWB: You can see your comment above and notice that we haven’t changed, censoerd and edited a single word. As for the ICD on the previous comment, we request you not to use F word. Please.

  23. UWB never talk about this India played the key role to instill democracy in 2046 and implant corrupted people in the government. According to the plan, some leaders of ours sold out rivers and lands during the 15 years. That we all know. I doubt now this blog is hired by India and Girija’s Sh!t

    I heard that Democracy is always there. When Nepalese can change the government in 2046, same Nepalese can change the government again in 2066. And if required,forever free Nepalese could change the system around the world. We don’t have to doubt in our capability. But the current need is not “restore democracy” as India is saying. Current need for each and every Nepali is to “save and raise the nation”. When US envoy to India made one statement related to India’s internal politics last week, whole India shouted back to the ambassador. This is something good we need to learn from Indians. When India, and other far away nations are repeatedly trying to interfere our internal matter, our corrupted media (do I have to name the media which have bosses of Non Nepalese origins? Or u find it yourself or might be is not tired of singing their songs everyday. These Medias are responsible for creating a pessimistic environmentin the nation. People are not protesting those external interferences which are vital in present. Restoring democracy is not theissue as far as I understand. What if democracy is restored tomorrow immediately? Same old faces who tried to help the neighbor more than own country itself will be back to power. And the process of losing the nation’s independency which has been stop.

    p!ss them all off including this website.

  24. Quite shameless on the part of Micheal or whatever his name is. He think he knows more about Nepal then rest of us born and bred here. The very same logic applies to Indian expert on Nepal, Gora’s expert on Nepal. The question of this or that, with us or with then (ala Bush) is the crux of the problem.

    Maoist if they refuse to surrender their arms before talks then talk should be scrapped. Chamberline ( British MP) did try to appease Hitler and result was WW II- if the present government does the same then forget Nepal as a country.

    Sectarian violence, mafia styled killing and looting beside the exisiting Maoist intimadation will boil over and turn Nepal into Hell on earth.

    So people, intellectualizing is one thing and facing it is quite another. We have forgotten to be a Nepali- now we are Maoist, Congresse, Communist, Royalist, Hindu, Buddhaist, Muslim, Kirat,tharu Morcha, Madeshi Morcha, Nemna bargha, low caste, high caste, upper caste,neo rich, old rich and soon to be rich. God save Nepal.

  25. Hell on Earth. My fear exactly unless someone gains control. Someone must be in charge.

  26. I urge the NC democratic leaders to shed the post of Speaker. Because, at this hour one should not fight. Also i urge Chtira lekha ji also to be magnanimous in this regard. In this world, there are some people like Sonia Gandhi who just leave the PM post for the sake of the country. In Nepal also Ganesh Manji did that. We know that you have every talent to become Speaker but let thier adamant and shameless party UML take it. I don’t khow how long this post can be enjoyed when Maoists are demending the dissolution of the house.

    But I must tell you I am not a CHAITE UML or supporting them. I am a man on the street like you guys.

  27. I wonder why Government is freeing Maoists when they have not given up violence. Some of them are even seen (in the picture) with their guns.

    I understand wild fantasy of people like Michael in supporting Maoists, however, we dont need more violence triggered by Maoists in our country. There is also lack of equity in many of the developed countries around the world, will people like Michael support such atrocities in the name of revolution in their own country?


    The only choice for Maoists is to give up violence and come to main political mainstream. They should give up their fantasy of ONE PARTY REPUBLICAN SETUP IN NEPAL and SPA should realize the ultimate plan of Maoists is to have a one party-republican setup where no other ideas count.



  29. good heads with evil minds and evil heads with good minds, only mony and power talks,,what we talk is half-crap and it gets nowhere/somewhere. Hitting the head on the wall isn’t going to do any good. So the Gist of the story is: peace will definitely come….it will come after britny or guns and roses….let peace prevail….

  30. The Maoists formed the team on the final day of the three-day central committee meeting held at an undisclosed part of Far Western Nepal ALONG THE NEPAL-INDIA BORDER…


  31. What the hell is wrong with everybody? If the UWB puts up some photos it does not automatically mean they are “pro-Maoist” etc. And who cares what their stance is? It is up to the readers to read different websites and points of view and make up our own mind… I find this topic to be totally irrelevent!

    Agarawalla et. al
    You guys should learn to suck it up! People can come here and say whatever the hell it is they want to say. They can advertise, announce etc. Don’t complain about there posts being off topic of containing no substance. You might want to go back and read your own posts and see it has more moaning and bitching or substance!

    On a more serious note…
    If the Maoists don’t lay down their arms before CA elections then the government should refuse to negotiate. But I am almost certain that the Maoist will agree to this since they are trying to come into mainstream politics. People like Baburam/Prachanda are hypocitic wanna be commies. They send their kids to the US/UK etc. They don’t have the nerves to stay in the jungles forever! So our political leaders better realize this weakness and make some strong concete demands!

  32. PLA and RNA can only negotiate as equals. The RNA lost its “legitimacy” when it repressed the people’s movement. There must be constituent assembly. And the Maoists’ forces will only retreat to bases if the RNA does likewise. There are two governments de facto. These are facts on the ground.

  33. Hi all,
    It is pity to see that even Michael understands the real ground issues of nepal & nepalese. As i go through other guys’ comments, they are just writing something for nothing more than havign bit of fun and enjoying their own’s right of freedom.

    But at least, we are nepalese and we need to think of where is the real problem is:

    Do not forget that maoist is created by the regime.
    And it’s legal responsibilty of regime who drived country towards hell & also created the people’s war.

    It is always wise to talk about the reason & cure it rather than speding endless time on talking & talking about causes only.

    Good luck for all of you!!

  34. I agree with Rocky,

    I have found most people in this blog just chanting ‘democracy’ and ‘non-violence’.

    Do we really need to talk abt these issues always. Haven’t they been fundamentals?
    Isn’t it time we talk abt creative solutions??

    People say maoists are violent so they are bad.

    But isn’t it time we address their violence and lead towards non-violence.
    People say since they are involved in looting, etc they are ‘gang of thugs’.
    Such thugs and ‘chor’ and ‘gundas’ are everywhere, among royals , among SPA, among us and among maoists too.
    Point is that there are more powerful and pahunchwala thugs among royals. so they are more dangerous.

    I am amazed at the people who thinks and talks as if maoists are some professional criminals brought up like that…
    As if they are people born in jungle to act so ‘jungli’.

    Why don’t u understand they are people like us who must have love for their lives like us.
    But the unfortunate point is that they saw violence as the path.
    They don’t have ‘pahuch’ and ‘power’ like royals.
    they don’t have ‘support’ and ‘network’ from within and outside nation like SPA.
    They are some poor ones who even have to hide their identity in the day and can only bark in night.
    They are far weaker than u fear.

    Please guys act sensible and responsible and come with solutions not the same old chantings of ‘problems’….

  35. I thought democracy and non-violence is the main issues that this blog and everyone should stand for. Especially democracy.
    Why do people keep on calling maoists thugs, gundas and chors? Well, they have a great opportunity to lay down their arms at this point in time and still don’t, they have a great opportunity to be a part of an interim govt. to go for CA elections and garner votes through the power of convincing and not the power of the gun, and yet they choose to run a parallell govt. with arms and extortion.
    The SPA have done everything morally and democratically possible (freeing prisonors, calling off the red corner notivce and terrorist tag, CA elections etc. etc. etc.) and still they insist in not only keeping their arms, but publically displaying it.

    So why should we not call them thugs,gundas and chors?

  36. Taaya,
    My reply to your question on why we view the maoists as “thugs, goondas and chors” is in moderation. Hopefully it will be passed.

    However, the very fact that you mention that – “I have found most people in this blog just chanting ‘democracy’ and ‘non-violence’”, shows that you are infact the one missing the point. You admit yourself that “most” people talk about democracy and non-violence, does that not prove to you that most people are for it and thereby are against the ways of the maoists as they are today. You are very much in the minority,that should tell you something. Yet you keep arguing. I can understand that Nepal has many flaws regarding it’s society and the way the powers that be have dealt with the population in general, but these are the issues that we are tackling as we write, and without the support of the maoists by laying down their arms, there is no way that these issues can be handled without suspicion and without more violence. You’re support for the maoists I believe is with the ideological hemisphere and you have admitted their ways are wrong. But does it ever strike you that most oppositions whether they are non-violent or violent as is the case of the maoists have always used the same “trump cards” – women, janjatis, dalits etc as their argument. Everyone from the royalists to the maoists talk about the supressed groups and classes. I think these issues can only be correctly tackled thorough democratic practices and the hiring and firing of govts. through the 5 year electoral process, institution building etc. and not by any one party republic,autocrat or idealist.

  37. If they did not have ‘pahucha’, does killing so many innocents gave them that? It is not the perception created by media or someone else that Maoists are bunch of goons, but Maoists themselves are responsible through their actions.

    Does it mean that Maoists have adopted some political name, we should trust them or give them benefit of doubt? They have killed so many without any reason, brought hardships amongst countless. Do you feel that the people (who have suffered) will rise above and forget everything? It is easy to write compelling and rational ideas because most of us here haven’t bore the burnt of Maoist actions. But, hey! people are dictated by emotions, their anger, their frustrations…And it equally unlikely that people will forget so soon…And as Buddha says, in his Law of Karma, what you do is what you get.

  38. Ck2,
    I think u have misunderstood me.
    Of course ‘democracy’ and ‘non-violence’ are the fundamental truths of 21st century.

    I am all for it.

    But my point is that why we just view things unilaterally,…’maoists are violent so they are bad and need to be abolished’ will make things worse.

    besides chanting ‘democracy’ and ‘nonviolence’ we need to give creative and rational solutions to reach the destination.

    There are many violent and undemocratic obstacles on the path to democratic utopia, and we have to address them. crushing altogether is not the solution.

    Even u accept or not, maoists are a part of our society and politics.
    U have to address them and accept them.
    Donot suggest miliary solution..
    i need not tell u why.

  39. people here donot seem to be aware of the fact that our government (which was royal) has not really done even a single genuine step for peaceful solution of maoists problem.
    It was only destined to make the maoists problem worse.

    it is the nature of civil war…the longer it goes..worse and more chaotic will be the situation..
    so it is primarily the responsibility of government to search for solution.
    So the major blame goes to government for all this chaos.

  40. My point is address maoists, make an environment for peaceful solution.
    Lets welcome all who wants to get into peaceful democratic solution.

    Rest will find their doom in their own bullets.

  41. All who call maoists terrorists,
    my question is what have u and your government done to bring down to peaceful politics??


    so first judge your own prejudices, insensitiveness,…’akarmanyata’, self-obsession…
    before labelling others.

  42. “thugs, chor…” I wish the MB were armed with only a roomal! If there is no central authority to restore order we will return to the dark ages and walled cities to keep bands of Dacoits out. We will have local warlords and kill or be killed. Welcome to the new Nepal.

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