The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come II

Maoist girl with guitar
Gun replaced by the Guitar? A Maoist guerilla plays a guitar in a cultural program organized on Friday by the party in Birjung. So you thought the guitar replaced the gun? No. The banner hanged behind her reads: “Three things needed to win a war- weapons, weapons and weapons.” But to be honest with the girl in-charge of guitar, she was winning the hearts of the participants of the program by her musical skills. Pic by Upendra Lamichhane

maoist cultural program
Song and Dance: A scene from Chitwan’s Rampur bazaar where Maoists organized a mass meeting to warn the government and their own party no to bow down in front of the royal palace in the upcoming peace talks. The song and dance part has become the most attractive in these programs. Pic by Binod Tripathi

dailekh maoist communication

Come Comrade, Come. It’s Safe Over Here: Nayaram Thapa, the Chief of Maoist’s Dailekh district Peoples’ Government (Jana Sarkar). He was in the district headquarters of Dailekh to oversee the preparations for Saturday’s mass meeting to be organized by the Maoist party. He came here two days ago. While taking this photo, Thapa was conveying an intra-party message to his comrades in jungle saying that it was absolutely safe for Kali Bahadur Malla, the district in charge and central committee member of the Maoist party, to come to the mass meeting. Pic by Harihar Singh Rathour

tara rai
A Revolutionary Smile? A Maoist cadre Tara Rai smiles after she was freed by the authorities in Biratnagar responding to the Appellate Courte decision. She was arrested last year from Ilam district’s Soyang village. Other 10 Maoist cadres (pic, below) were release along with Tara. Pic by Bhim Ghimire
maoist cadres released






88 responses to “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come II”

  1. buda Avatar

    look at that smile its just like gyane[ndra] smiling after killing innocent people in jana andolan. i guess they have fun killing innocent people

  2. hell_below Avatar

    So close no matter how far
    couldn’t be much more from the heart
    forever trusting who we are
    and nothing else matters
    never opened myself this way
    life is ours, we live it our way
    all these words I don’t just say
    and nothing else matters
    trust I seek and I find in you
    every day for us something new
    open mind for a different view
    and nothing else matters
    never cared for what they do
    never cared for what they know

  3. aboutBlank Avatar

    “United We Blog for Maoist Republic of Nepal”

    Securing your future jobs huh comrade Wagle ?

  4. aboutBlank Avatar


    go and sing somewhere else !

  5. sajana simkhada Avatar

    Until the Maoists lay down their arms, we should NOT go to the elections to the constituent assembly. This will be a fatal mistake. Even these beautiful smiles demand at least that much of sacrifice from their top leaders hiding in Delhi.

  6. pawan Avatar

    [icd] UWB. [icd] maoism.

  7. sparsha Avatar

    I was commenting to Amit Dhakal’s “Baburamlai Khulapatra” in the kantipur but don’t know why my comments did not appear. May be its coming. Anyway I would like to put my comments here.

    Dear Baburam Bhattaraiji,

    We know that you have been an intelectual person by Nepalese standards since your school days and very ambitious. When you decide on somethings nothing else can change your mind. Unfortunately your intlectuality and the ambitious attitude has become a burden to us Nepalese because you can find logic (I would rather say illogic) to prove your thinking is right because of your cleverness or haughtyness whatever you would like to call but cumulative end result of 14,000 deaths. On the other hand the Janaandolan -II has brought the possibility of your desired result in a peaceful manner. Of course 17 deaths have occured that also due to the pungent attitude of KG and cronies which cannot be ignored.

    While every Nepalese would consider the 17 people who have lost their life as martyrs and would remember them as historic people for a longtime to come. The families of the martyrs are getting some financial compensation and they have the opportunity to say it very proudly of the sacrifice. Whereas for the 14,000 people who died directly and indirectly because of your intelectual effect, what the families get is the misery and pain. I suggest you to think with your cool mind, if all these killings would have been necessary.

    In my view point, the Jana Aandolan-II has given you and your comarades the golden opportunity to come to the political mainstream and build the prosperous and peaceful Nepal, which I believe your intelectual mind can surely see it. Whether you will grab the opportunity or not would define you as Saput or kuput of our country.

    If you happened to read this comment, I will appreciate your reply.

  8. Kirat Avatar

    Sparsha, that’s telling him!

  9. Kirat Avatar

    Let’s end the debate about the Maoists once and for all. They are a political party with a military wing. The political part of the Maoists is acceptable in a democratic enviroment. The military part is not. We all know that the surrender of arms by the Maoists cannot be unconditional-there must be some assurances under which they will be willing to give up arms. So what are these specific terms and conditions under which the Maoists will surrender their arms? Unless this is clearly spelt out by Comrade Prachanda and Co. and we the people have had a chance to scrutinize these terms and conditions of their arms surrender we the people must always judge the Maoists on their actions rather than their promises.

    Let us not assume this or that. Let everyone spell out their positions clearly, let everyones card be shown on the table. No more lies, no more betryals. If they cannot come clean now when will they ever?

  10. sparsha Avatar


    The conditionality is evident. It was debated in this blog for the third party to be the mediator. Maoists have agreed the UN role. I do not know what GP and SPA guys are thinking but without the third party, the mistrust is there which can prove to be very fatal and the golden opportunity gone in vain.

    I see the half glass full

  11. novadi Avatar

    They are now seeing their dreams coming true. Why should not they be happy? i too am happy for them at the moment. cheers..

  12. sparsha Avatar

    I see the half glass full anyway

  13. Kirat Avatar

    sparsha, the conditionality is not evident. Don’t be fooled. It is very vague to just say UN should be a mediator. We Nepali people deserve more. Let them spell it out to us. What does UN as a mediator mean? It only means one condition i.e. that the UN should mediate a peace deal between the Maoists and the Government. Have they said it recently? No. But even if the UN mediates does that mean they will automatically give up their weapons? Thats silly. I am sure they will have a set of conditions for the surrender of their arms. UN mediation maybe one, what are the rest?

  14. novadi Avatar

    also ill be more happy if i see that murder kamal thapa inside bars serving life imprisonment.

  15. BetterNepal Avatar

    Gun replaced by the Guitar HAHAHA… What a joke.
    Just look at the background Banner behind that lady playing Guitar. What does it says.
    Maoists might want to come to peace talk but we all should be careful. They Might(99% chance) bring guns with them.

  16. Thuldai Avatar

    To make them surrender arms is a trillion-dollar question. It is like an elephant to make it sit.But in their latest statement, they have repeated the words” IMANDARI PURBAK” several times. It is to see what it means in their statement. They may change it completely next morning. Quien Sabe ? (who knows ?)

  17. Kirat Avatar

    Well since we poor Nepalis can’t afford trillion dollars I guess the Maoists should provide the answers to this questions themselves. So far Maoists, like the SPA and the King, have proved to be anything but imandari.

    What was that about an ‘elephant to make it sit’? You work in a circus Thuldai? Or maybe the zoo.

  18. Kirat Avatar

    Brain drain is not a problem hari(We are glad some have left, I wish the king and his son along with Prachanda and Baburam would leave too). Lack of ethics and concern for fellow Nepali’s is the biggest problem in our country.

  19. hammer Avatar

    hey everyone,
    maoist ,maoist,and again maoist………they have become the issue of the nation..
    neither they cannot be welcomed with open arms,nor can they be rejected and sent back to jungle… due to lack of foresightedness of our country’s rulers and leaders 11 years ago ., every day innocents are paying their lives to them.. they started as small wound of nation but now have developed into cancer..
    they look giants of jungle-I say now since they are giants they should be treated as elephants ,bcoz giants they might be but we people have to tame them and serve for the humanitarian and nationalistic purpose. If these giants are still treated as tigers ,we cannot afford them more blood to pacify them..
    If not tamed when they are trying to change the track,these will get more and more bigger.
    So,best way could be that,these could help us avoid the other evil ,the monarch…
    ..I am right?

  20. Kirat Avatar

    hammer, I could not understand a word. You must work with Thuldai in the circus. Elephants and tigers.

  21. Hitaishi Avatar

    One way to tackle brain drain is for you to go back to Nepal. You seem like a smart guy- creating new platforms to fight UWB’s undemocratic moderations. Yeah! Why don’t you go back?

  22. Thuldai Avatar

    Kirat bhai (if you don’t mind)

    I was working in an African Zoo in Zimbabwe. You will be surprised a Nepali working for the Govt. of Zimbabwe in a diplomatic mission in one of the big cities of the world.It is unfortunate that you could overthrow KG in Nepal but I cannot participate to overthrow Robert Mugabe. Once I visited that country and went to see the Zoo, I know how difficult it is to make sit an elephant, an African elephant. I am not talking about Nepalese elephant which is like a CHHAURO in comparision to African one.

  23. hammer Avatar

    when hammer strikes u. u get is like that.

  24. Thuldai Avatar

    It is worthless to talk about brain drain in the Nepalese context.If they get good money, Nepalese are ready to go anywhere in the world. Have you heard a name of a country called Republic of Palau in the pacific ? There also, we got 50 Nepalese working there. I met their Minister and he told me that they are trying to make a National football team with Nepalese players. Isn’t it amazing ? There are some Nepalese in Saipan and Guam also.So I tell you guys, do not talk about it. If you ask LAAKH times to return to the country, they will not return. So why to talk about it ?

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    And you can’t really blame them either!
    If there was peace and stability and some opportunities why would our people go to the Middle East and other parts of the world to earn money! I see these workers are the airports and they are so naive and nice. They are exploited and abused by their bosses in the ME and the man power companies also screw them over in Nepal. Also when they come back they get treated like crap by our own airport authorities! Man when I think of all that my blood just boils!

  26. kishor Avatar

    The greatest challenge is to conduct the elections of CA in free and fair manner. There shouldn’t be any turning back. We must make sure that the maoists have no way to go back to voilence if the results are not in their favor. Everybody must respect the people’s decision.

    This is a hard time and as the responsible members of civil socitey we must analyze the recent happenings, keep record of what the leaders say now and provide constructive criticism.

    We should be alert this time. The royal dogs are already active to foil it like they did in the past. I believe this time the people will win.

  27. Bideshi Avatar

    There are no wealthy communist states, so a Maoist Nepal will have a massive brain drain unless they restrict foreign travel (very likely).

  28. Ahimsa Avatar


    Not the Maoists should be subject in the public discussion, the common habitual use of violence must be carefully analysed before framing a new constitution.

    Nepal is infected with violence from top to bottom. From state terror to domestic violence, all forms of cruel and injust behaviour are common in Nepal. This can only be changed through open discussion and public confession of perpetrated crimes by those concerned.

    In families and schools, in shops, companies and ministeries, in the military, among the rebels, parties and in the palace, all are committing similar domestic cruelties day by day.

    I suggest to completely demilitarize Nepal through drafting a new, truely democratic constitution. The still urgently needed revolution is not only political, but mainly economic, social and educational.

    To fastly regain the valuable former global reputation as a zone of peace and religion, only a complete demilitarization can create the needed international respect and support as well as lasting trust between the different sides of the conflict.

    By collectively giving up violence and living in mutual respect and peaceful coexistance of different opinions and lifestyles, Nepal can develop a prosperous and beneficial society, based on the guiding principles of preserving, protecting and nurturing natural, cultural and religious diversity in a free, democratic, federal state.

    The process of demilitarization and the creation of a decentralized effective, modern policeforce could be supervised by the UN. If successful, this will set an important global example.

    Ahimsa knows: Violence is the old strategy!

  29. Thuldai Avatar

    Don’t boil your blood. It is thicker than water. So think about a country where there are looters, rapists, killers, and hooligans, where the normal people go ? Killer like KG was there. he was killing his own citizens one week ago. There are corrupt leaders who are paid monthly by manpower agencies, smugglers and Maewadis.Military and police are raping the innocent village girls evevryday. Not only they rape, after they kill also. Then where they go ? People in this blog are talking about brain drain. Where is brain ? All the peole migrating are non-white collar people. Manual labourers. Majorty of them.A very few are experts whom you can count in fingers. So where is the brain going out , tell me. So in Nepalese context, it is worthless to talk about it. Let us not talk about our economic development. It will take fifty years. When Sujata is hungry, others cannot eat.When the Royal family is still hungry for money ? Where is that MAHAT KO CHHORO ? Can he nationalise King’s business ? Can he reduce the budget of Royal Palace as he is promising ? It would be like Bharat Mohan Boasting to reduce the budget of the Place but he ended up by increasing it. That is the situation.

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    If and If the Maoists come to power they will not follow a strict communist guideline… these Baburam and Prachanda are two hypocrite wanna be commies!

  31. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Ah I am getting bored. Where is Coke and Tayaa??

  32. Seriously Avatar

    Brain Drain, Maoist, overseas employment, peace, money and what not. In my opinion Maoist are the ones who could not runaway from the problems and saw the root cause in the centuries old traditions and are trying to solve it though very harshly… Brain Drained people are the ones who could not work at home because there were no opportunities to cash their talent again because of the misuse and exploitation since centuries together, one way you can call them loosers but they are also not very happy I would guess by having left their country family etc… Overseas employed people could not think of anyother solution to their problems again created by centuries old feudals like king and cronies and are being exploited in another country again being exploited by the same cronies while leaving the country(overseas employment agents are the same cronies again)…
    So what do I think… let us finalize it…it is the best opportunity…Ganatantra Nepal banaune… Vote paisa ma nabechne… exploitation huna nadine… exploit garna khojne lai thik parne… Niyam kanun manne ra manna lagaune… maile ta yahi garne nirnaya gareko chhu…halla garau ahile lai ganatantra nahunjel tyas pachhi heraula

  33. ola Avatar

    What wonderful pictures!
    May 1st was a happy experience.
    Health team arriving Nepali rural areas in june.

    life is a flower
    eternal room
    people are lovely
    soon to bloom

    Greetings from Norway

  34. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    You must all read this – its about UWB’s moderation policy.


  35. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    sorry that link doesn’t work…

  36. BP Avatar

    guys i am being moderated – how ironoical…

    anyway go to the nepalitimes website and on the right under letters check out Blog.

  37. proud2bnepali Avatar

    About the Weapon thing that Mr Kirat always talks about.

    okey so you need some specific terms from com.prachanda. Then you will need to wait sir. This will be the one of 2 hardest thing to do to manage the war. First will be unconditional CA but before that this weapons thing especially of the maoist guys as they are the so called outlawed and there is not specific place yet to put them in. But I think most of them as they are politically motivated will want to lead a simple life while the rest can be assimilated to the army as forming yet another military wing will be a pretty bad idea. And I guess prachanda has already given hints to what will be the conditions to manage the weapons they got..they want to merge with the RNA.

    Yeah there is still some politics in there as he is saying only with the partiotic and anti-reactionary forces of the RNA…it clearly suggests that he wants to oust the 30-34 powerful person of RNA who are supposedly bent towards the royals…but we shouldn’t expect things to happen overtnight…that’s going to be the most tricky part of the process…coz if that went wrong and if the cadres went out of control then this can be a nightmare for this whole nation….look sir, they have been given dreams of a free and classless society and if they come to know their comrades were just merely using them as footsoldiers for nothing….what will they do?..they have to be assured that what they dream can be fulfilled by peacefull way and power can come from the united masses of people without guns in their hands…they must be given some way of living and rightly taught to do so coz most of them will be so much in war that they will have to learn simple life leaving the guerilla life they lead….

    It’s definitely tough, tricky and painful and it will take time….so for the time being can’t you just stop spilling out your baseless and impatient thinking…it’s not 100% sure it would go good this time….but it’s 100% sure that it might go good too…but we must have something we call patience…if we or the leaders don’t show that….BE READY FOR A NEW WAVE OF THE GREAT WAR AND THIS TIME IT WILL BE THE CAPITAL NOT VILLAGES….i am saying this looking at the way the war escaleted after each talks…it grew more powerful and painful…so let’s be postive…do all we can from our side then just express our complexion to someone or some parties….NAYA NEPAL SAMBHAV CHHA TARA KEBAL NAYA SOCH RA SHAKTI LE……

  38. Kirat Avatar

    proud2bnepali :

    Thanks for addressing the issue. But there can be no unconditional elections to the CA. Can you not realise why? How can free and fair elections to the CA be held when Maoists continue to hold two thirds of the country in their control-with guns? Will they allow everyone to campaign in their areas-i.e. allow competition? How can people vote freely under the shadow of the gun? No for a free and fair election to the CA the Maoists must lay down their arms prior to this.

    There are other conditions I would like to see, such as representation for all communities in the CA, representation for women, representation of certain respected social figures etc.

    We have to ensure that when we do come up with a new constitution that it truely reflects the aspirations of the majority of the Nepali people.

  39. buda Avatar

    if uwb advocated democracy in nepal then it should allow all kind of view about maoist. or r u scared that they will come and kill u all guys becase thats what maoist are good at

  40. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    This Kantipur online is a piece of crap. UWB and Kantipur should get together and you know ummm…

    The main headline is that the King offered worshipped at a tempel. With all that’s happening in our country is that really the most important headline?

  41. Thuldai Avatar

    I also really don’nt understand about the news. Not only Kantipur but Nepalnews .com’s top story is also the same.These are all Panchayati legacy. They had put it deeply in your brain in your childhood which you can not take out easily.

  42. pawan Avatar

    [icd] UWB. [icd] maoism.

  43. Kirat Avatar

    Hi Punditji,

    I would really like to hear a good discussion on the terms and conditions that would be acceptable to us Nepali people for the disarmanent of the Maoists.

    Kathmandu is cool right now…as if nothing ever happened.

  44. 1008 Mahaprabhu Avatar
    1008 Mahaprabhu

    What terms you are talking about ? Before joining the next Interim GoVT., they have to and must handover all the weapons including Kukur Bombs,Pressure Cooker Bombs, Pipe Bombs, 81 Inch Mortar, Insaas Rifles,Khukris, Knives, LMG, SMG, M 16, AK 47 and others.If you know other weapons than this, you can add there.Otherwise, they MUST not be allowed to join the govt. PERIOD.

  45. Kirat Avatar

    You’re a brght one Mahaprabhu. So you expect the Maoists to just drop their weapons? That makes sense!

  46. pawan Avatar

    disarming maoists and managing their arms?
    kirat let us send all maoists militants to Iraq or Afganistan and let them fight other terrorist out there. that way both international communities and Nepali people will be happy, and maoists will make some hard currency for their beloved one and for the poor villagers. i think this is only acceptable solution to all of us.

  47. Kirat Avatar

    pawan, if only it was possible! But sans the violence I can accept the Maoists as a legitimate political force.

  48. pawan Avatar

    kirat, so its just their violence that you oppose and not their ideology and brutal communist history as a whole. i hope you know their menifesto and ideology.

  49. Kirat Avatar

    I know the Maoist manifesto and I am opposed to it. But in a democracy all voices must be heard, even crazy ones like those of the Maoists and Royalists. So once you take away their guns and violent intimidating tactics I am confident that the majority of the people in Nepal will reject them anyway.

    The average Nepali does not want a communist one party rule. It will just be another dictatorship but under another guise and we are fed up with these dictatorships.

  50. pawan Avatar

    kirat, clinging middle ground at its best. but average nepali need rapid development, you can not afford to waste your time listening to all sort of voices. also do you think maoists will give up their arms just because guys like you plead to do so. you can not that optimistic. as history tells us that no country has resovled maoists insurgency on the table. you better prepare to disarm the maoists forcefully.

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