The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come II

Maoist girl with guitar
Gun replaced by the Guitar? A Maoist guerilla plays a guitar in a cultural program organized on Friday by the party in Birjung. So you thought the guitar replaced the gun? No. The banner hanged behind her reads: “Three things needed to win a war- weapons, weapons and weapons.” But to be honest with the girl in-charge of guitar, she was winning the hearts of the participants of the program by her musical skills. Pic by Upendra Lamichhane

maoist cultural program
Song and Dance: A scene from Chitwan’s Rampur bazaar where Maoists organized a mass meeting to warn the government and their own party no to bow down in front of the royal palace in the upcoming peace talks. The song and dance part has become the most attractive in these programs. Pic by Binod Tripathi

dailekh maoist communication

Come Comrade, Come. It’s Safe Over Here: Nayaram Thapa, the Chief of Maoist’s Dailekh district Peoples’ Government (Jana Sarkar). He was in the district headquarters of Dailekh to oversee the preparations for Saturday’s mass meeting to be organized by the Maoist party. He came here two days ago. While taking this photo, Thapa was conveying an intra-party message to his comrades in jungle saying that it was absolutely safe for Kali Bahadur Malla, the district in charge and central committee member of the Maoist party, to come to the mass meeting. Pic by Harihar Singh Rathour

tara rai
A Revolutionary Smile? A Maoist cadre Tara Rai smiles after she was freed by the authorities in Biratnagar responding to the Appellate Courte decision. She was arrested last year from Ilam district’s Soyang village. Other 10 Maoist cadres (pic, below) were release along with Tara. Pic by Bhim Ghimire
maoist cadres released

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88 thoughts on “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come II

  1. Kirat,
    You are asking for terms and conditions yourself for the surrender of arms and you never believe that they will surrender arms. Then by this, you are inciting them not to surrender arms and you want them to continue their struggle.The reply i gave you is the only option for the Govt. and the International community to pressurize them for surrender. There is no way out, man.Why are you so adamant ?

  2. Kirat,
    I think you are not matured enough to enter into a political discussion. What is your mindset i do not know. You do not agree with this and with that.AN you cannot bring or propose any good solution. Then what is your line of thought regarding the surrender of arms, MAN ?

  3. I find interesting arguments. Howvere in my opinion there are three straight forward formulas:

    1. Democracy = Freedom of speech + Fundamental Human rights + Voting right + …
    2. Communist = Socialist – Democracy
    3. Good Maoists: Maoists with out guns

    Judge yourself.

  4. Thuldai, Stick to your elephants, African other Asian. Well I knew you had something to do with the zoo! You belong there.

    Pawan :- I have always advocated the carrot and stick approach to the Maoists. Do you know what this means? Have you studied the Malay Communist rebellion of the late fifties and early sixties? Wikipedia have a very good entry. Check it out. I beleive that is one good way of dealing with them. Besides who the fck said Maoists will give up arms just because we people will say please? And what the fck do you have in that skull of yours-from your posts I don’t anything resembling a brain.

    Also Pawan try and understand the true meaning of democracy.

    Well I called for a proper discussion but this board has very few capable of one.

    What a sorry bunch of an excuse for intelligent life these three are!

  5. Kirat bhai,
    Do not show kirati RIS. calme down a little.Only soltion and presurizing strategy available to Nepal Govt.or anybody is as suggested by intellectual 1008 mahaprabhu.At that point of time of time when constituting the ALL party interim govt. we must bargain with them. I hope international community (IC) would be also with us. Then what these Maoists terrorists will do ? Letus wait and see. Do not always repeat hundred times that they will not surrender arms, they will not surrender arms …,,,They will surrender arms with their BAU KO SAACHHI. Both the fathers of Prachanda and Baburam will be special guests of that ceremony. Do you like my idea ? You guys wait nad see. Don’t be panicky.

  6. kirat, you dont mind maoism if they give up arms, but you dont think they are going to give up in far future and in the mean time you are ready to listen to the maoists with guns. well what sort of words do you expect from a man with gun? do not keep listening their ‘voice’ until they hijack democracy itself. i really want to know what is your plan. also i hope by ‘CARROT’ you do not mean the power sharing with maoists rebel.

    kirat i believed in practical democracy not idealistic one.

  7. Kirat,
    I am not a confused guy like you. The follwing is the clear cut roadmap for future:

    1.Urge Maoists to surrender arms during the talks. Modalities should be decided with the participation of international communities, UN agencies and civil society.

    2. After the talks with Maoists,urge Maoists to come forward to join all party Interim Govt.

    If they don’t come to join the Govt. by surrendering arms after all sincere efforts made by all, including Political Parties, international communities, UN, civil societies both internal and inernational, give them three months ultimatum to surrender arms again.

    Even if they don’t surrender arms, then the govt. need to ask for the International Military Force composed of militaries from India, China, UK and USA to finish the Maoists for ever from Nepal.They should not kill all but sorround from all sides with most sophisticated military hardware available on earth and make them surrender.Give this Intrenational force a term of one year. Ask 500 Milion dollars from Bush dai for this. I tell you, do not forget to ask for the help of China. Because they must be there as a next door neighbor.This is the only ultimate solution if they always refuse to surrender arms.

    Kirat Bhai, I don’t only train elephants but I have clear mind and roadmap. I am not like KUHIRO KO KAAG like you guys.

  8. If you “Children” have any questions, I am ready to answer them one by one.

  9. I liked the proposal of Thuldai. We can buid on that.

    Nepalese people are really fed up of maoists. Who brought up this curse for Nepalese upto this stage ? They say that at the initial phase, it was Prince G and at the later phase, it is India behind it.China has already disowned it. Then why can’t we solve this problem if all outside powers are also willing to do it.

    On the otherside, as an out come of the recent revolution, C in C should be banned to meet with the King and communication with the King must be controlled and checked.

    Monarchy did give a lot of hardships, injuries and deaths to the people. Above all, it hurt the feelings of the people and people have a permanent scar in their hearts for both Maoists and Monarchy.

    So the middle forces should make them fully neutralised. I want the monarchy a fully ceremonial, one without having any power whatsoever. One like, if they want to go anywhere inside the country, they need to take the permission from the govt.

  10. Thuldai
    due all respect, are you high on something ?

    First do you really believe that Maoists are going to surrender the weapons ‘during the talks’ ? So the government should dissolve (R)NA during the talks too then as per maoists demand.The Maoists have already made clear that the main aim is the unification of their goons with Royal goons, they will never fall for any ‘weapon layoff’ plans. They have weapons and they know how to use them in negotiation.

    Second your suggestion about composing a military force from India, China, Uk, USA to fight against Maoists. Well what can I say besides… HAHAHAHA

  11. what do you mean by “take permission” from the government ? you are talking like a commie.. now .. like we need to take special permission to go inside their terriotary….or do you want put the king under house arrest under the name of “ceremonial” .. i think u dont know the meaning of ceremonila .. imagine Queen Elizabeth taking permission from PM Blair to go shoppin in Harrolds.. think you have gone nuts

    abt the communication between king and C n C banned.. what do u want to do ? seize the computers of KG ? 🙂

  12. Yes these bloody goons need to be controlled like that. They had played so many dirty tricks to give suffering to the people with the protection of the army.They deserve that. Otherwise, we need republic and they will be chased out from there. If they come out, they will be even lynched. They are real enmies of the people. Understood, Dagger ?

  13. first of all kirat sir, i never think u were someone vulgar…and u are talking about some good point to be spelt out…okey if u really wana to talk here’s my add……….i am ready to discuss anything with u sir….

    to mr pawan
    the way u are trying to prove u’re point..saying this is certainly bad and this is certainly good….that shows how much is on your head… are just yet another person driven by fear and anger….your great democracy is seen well in india and palenstine…democracy now is not like abraham lincoln said… the people for people.. it’s like by america for america…..can’t u see with you open eyes….such one minden ideology leads to being a maoist of just another kind sir…..think well before u spill out our disgust…….we are not here to read disgust…give me some knowledge and make me enlightened……..

  14. It’s not just my imagination
    that I got a gun to my head.
    Cause I can feel the cold metal
    and I can smell the gun powder.
    I know they got their sights on me
    and its not just paranoia
    that makes me think this way.

    I stand here and try to look out
    into the dark vastness that is my future.
    Unfortunately I can’t see shit.
    There are clouds and there seems to be layers to the sky.
    It’s all just too unknown.
    I waste time wanting to know what will happen.
    How will it end.

    Shouldn’t I be living yet?
    Shouldn’t I know where I’m headed by now
    I have millions of dreams and things
    I want to do with this life.
    But I barely have time to do the little I do now.

    Wasn’t I just here?
    Didn’t this just happen?
    I can’t say I know what will happen tomorrow.
    The higher meaning that I’m looking for did not show itself today

  15. Guys did you notice that behind the “Girl Playing Guitar”, there is a banner which says
    Three things necessary if we are to win
    “First weapon, Second Weapon and third one as well weapon”
    These Students of Baburam and Prachanda!

  16. When the Nepalese people and the new Govt. are expecting sincerety from the Maoists during the talks which may lead to the surrender of arms from them, if they again boycott the negotiations, all Nepalese people can give only three months for them to surrender arms. If they do not do so, the Govt. with the help of International Community including UN have to decide with the Govt. to take firm action against the Maoists.That’s why I suggested the International Force. I do not believe in UN Peace Keeping because they do not have in principle, any authority to use force and go for offence. But International force can have such authority with the backing of a UN Security Council Resolution.

    In Peru, when the Govt. captured so called Chairman Gonzalo in an awkard JAAND PARTY with girls in a makeshift station in a forest, the whole SENDERO LUMINOSO collapsed. Gonzalo is in security prison thinking about his failed campaign and “Jail Ko Hava ramro Sanga Khandai chha”.

    For small neighboring country, India wanted to give maximum trouble. So their intelligence did not cooperate to capture these two high profile “terrorists” declared by their own Govt. Tom, Dick and Harry could meet them only half an hour from New Delhi and intelligence of so called emerging power could not trace them. Can you believe it ?

    It would be interesting to see what they will do with their own Maoists insurgency which has affected already 14 States .

  17. Coke!
    Did you even bother reading the captions?
    UWB has clearly mentioned it in the caption.

  18. Yes coke,
    that is the message Mao comrades are giving us right now. They don’t want to get rid of weapons no matter how much we fight here about that. They are going to use weapons for the negotiations, and don’t be surprised if in coming days we are going to witness Mao goons parading with the modern weapons. They know it makes a very good point on the table.

    Kinda feel sorry for SPA though. They have no clue who ther are dealing with.

  19. thuldai,

    what you say is true.. but considering he mindset people have on this blog, why take help from india.. why take help from “dhotis”.. we are proud people, we can solve problems ourselves right? “dhotis” have cheated us through all their treaties right? “dhotis” have ruined the country right? “dhotis” have no business in our affairs right? “dhotis” should not interfere right?

    i’m not blaming you for anything, but then you see, half the people on this blog are anti-“dhoti”, so do you not think talking about “dhotis” in such a manner and then asking the same “dhotis” for help will be bordering on hypocrisy?

  20. “The true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.”
    “There is no other definition of communism valid for us than that of the abolition of the exploitation of man by man.”
    –Che Guevara

    “Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite.” John Kenneth Galbraith

  21. Thulodai:
    I think you should change your name to
    “CluelessDai.” please retract your statement you made eariler about creating a military force comprised of American, British, Chinese etc. forces…

  22. well pundit atleast thuldai made sense when he also included India there. Most likely it is the only force we are going to see on our soil. Let us not talk about China or US or UK. Scary huh ?

  23. I am sorry dear Hitaisai
    I NEVER READ, to be exact when they started propagatring Indian views on Nepal, i stopped reading UWB analysis.

  24. does not reallly matter if the king is there or the king is not there…. if there is RNA or just NA…

    but in no way for whatever reasons should the maoist be pardoned…
    i come to the conclusion that maoist thing is not a thing to be settled with talks and conversations… the only way to solve this problem is with brutality… put the guns in their head and blast it…. not the infantrymen …. but the leaders ..yes, it should be dealt that way…..
    they should not be pardoned for the crimes blood and tears and above all FEAR they have given to the nepali people……

    down with maoist and down with bahunism

  25. Moaism without Guns is like Democracy without Freedom. Get real people ! and read some maoist lietrature.

    ” Power comes from the barrel of the gun ” is their mantra. People do not convert to other religions eaisly, especially after chanting the same mantra for over 10 yrs.

    Just read the banner in the photo and prepare for bloodshed.

  26. Let’s see the manpower of Maoists leaders rather than the same congressi sh!t

  27. Prakash, Bhudai and Glade
    My analysis is based on reality because if India does not participate, there can not be a real solution to this situation. As glade suggested that India can be the only force also given India’s emerging status as regional and global power. Because UK and US had already given a blank check to India on Nepal matters.

    Now I do not like to call Inddians a DHOTI because they are gaining higher a

  28. Prakash, Bhudai and Glade
    My analysis is based on reality because if India does not participate, there can not be a real solution to this situation. As glade suggested that India can be the only force also given India’s emerging status as regional and global power. Because UK and US had already given a blank check to India on Nepal matters.

    Now I do not like to call Inddians a DHOTI because they are gaining higher and higher status in the international affairs because of their Nuclear and military as well as economic power. We say dhoti because we have interaction with only Biharis , Uttar Pradeshis and Bengalis. We have not seen South India.But we have to change our attitude about them. Sometimes they show big brotherism towards small neighbours.

    I also do not buy that idea which says that India will takeover Nepal like it did to Sikkim. Nepal is not like Bhutan or Sikkim. If they want to swallow also it will not go down the neck. OKALNU KI NILNU HUNCHHA. They also do not want to stall their economic progress by such act. They will be condemned internationally. Nepal has already developed, through the its diplomacy of six decades, a certain personality all over the world. Many tourists love Nepal as their exotic destination.So I don’t buy that idea of India taking over Nepal.These are propaganda carried out by the Royalists.But it is for sure that we should deal with them carefully and we must develop ourselves economically so that we can stand up to them.

  29. All the ranting of Maoist and democracy seem to lack pragmatism. Views expressed are limiting, with prior tilt, and out and out vinidictive to one or another. Case scenario of Nepal.

    Say whatever but at least do not act like politicians. It seems most of Nepali are hell bent on destroying the very thing they hope to build.

    They are two things that is pushing Nepal into a failed state- one is people who I call “peusdo Intellectuals” who live off Dollar farming and propose system that governs the west, alien to someone in Rolpa. And second is, class of people who believe they are cut above the rest just because they live in foreign land and are the champion of system which will not have foothold in Nepal just for the reason- it is not here. In comes Maoist-fills the gap of political awakening through a barrel of a gun and it is ok for the countries that is dead against anything communistic or communist. And we Nepali, put up a discourse on issues which we have no part in. Empty talks just bites the dust.

    Destiny of Nepal is not in hands of Nepali anymore- be it a communist nation or democratic. The issue at hand is not within our realm anymore. Face it and learn to live with it. Lets not be seen as a fly that just buzzs (noise) but does not bite but alas that is our only fate.

  30. I do not agrre with SANSAR that “fate of nepali is not with Nepali anymore”. Jana Andolan II has shown that fate of Nepali is more and more with Nepali themselves and they do not believe ib froeign intervention. They want to build their country with theri own hands and brain.

    Once they will sort out the problem of Maoists, beautiful nepal is waiting for us. We need to fight against the corruption, that can be done by extra vigilent Nepali and Fourth Estate. I am I too optimistic ?

  31. Your naivette is unassuming. “Sorting out Maoist” give me a break. Now there is spree of revenge taking place- from army to deputed officials. Is this what you want, rule by mob mentality. Show me a case where you see glimmer of hope.

    For you not understanding ” destiny of Nepali lies somewhere else,” – where does Maoist get safe haven, where does future of Nepal is discussed by our politicians and is agreed upon. And Andolan II, who financed it? How come Kantipur gets 7 crorer for 19 days work. And how Yechure gets a standing ovation in an national Assembly with his raised Lal Salam.

    Sorry to say but all I see is slave mentality that seeks nod of approval from foreigners before any deed or misdeed is done. Like they have saying in Nepali ” we worship god and godess of a distant land but discard the ones near us.” Just a rough translation.

  32. hey u fools, don’t bark.look forward. raise your voice, rise up your hands and shout. take whatever u have and go to kapilvastu for maoist training. i suggest u that.coz final revolution will begin your friends, go to beat bloody politicians who are dancing on “sahid” life. beat them like u beat ox.revolution is always like that. don’t wait. i m not waiting. if u r thinking of evolution, u r not revolutionary. we need kranti and bidhroha. something needs to be done. do it.anyway.

  33. Hello everybody,
    At present glance at Envrionment of nepal, it is proved that maoist are mistrusted. They still attacking every aspects of human life in nepal so all are afraid of them beacuse of kiliing rituals. The one whos brain washed i so called them as “naivity”. Please look into the daily operation of nepali envrionment then its black and white.
    Please see the truth and judge abt it. Its easy to give the opinion the one who are not suffered.

  34. Down with Communism ! Down with Maoism !

    Look at Tibet and China, look at Cambodia: That is what the Maosist’s will do in Nepal ! Poor people of Nepal: Open your eyes! Don’t trust the nice words of the Maoist terrorists: They always in history came to power by lies and then betrayed the people ! Do you really want to replace the existing King Gyanendra by a new Maoist King ? Think first before you vote! Reduce the King to a ceremonial rule but save Nepal’s Kingdom! And don’t leave the army to the Maoist ! I am very concernd. I am a Swiss citizen, the oldest democracy in the world.

  35. Why are the Maoists so concerned with declaring Nepal as a secular state? What does that have to do with any of the problems that Nepal faces? The truth is that the Maoists are the armed wing of Christian missionaries and the US State Dept which has been engineering “color revolutions” throughout Asia and installing puppet regimes.

    The Maoist aim is to impoverish the Nepalese economy as well as the cultural life of the people, so that Western missionaries can reap a conversion harvest and advance western geopolitical interests. Read William Engdahl’s column on Burma to understand this crucial aspect. Missionaries have destroyed innumerable societies through social engineering, divide and rule, and other evil tricks. If you want to destroy a people, destroy its culture and vaue system – this the standard modus operandi of all kindred totalitarian ideologies emanating out of the West (eg Christianity, Marxism, etc)

    Reject the Maoists who wish to destroy Nepal’s culture and people.

  36. Gurkhali said : “The truth is that the Maoists are the armed wing of Christian missionaries and the US State Dept ”

    Is it physicaly painful to be as stupid as you are? What kind of drugs did this to your mind? When is the mothership coming back for you?

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