The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come

Maoist meeting in Mahendranagar
Maoists organized a mass meeting on Wednesday to warn the government on issues including Constituent Assembly in a school in Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur). Maoist guerillas present cultural program in combat uniform. Pic by Chitrang Thapa

It’s an open secret in Kathmandu that the recently ‘concluded’ historical Jana Andolan was in fact triggered by the Maoists. These days we can hear many people saying something like this: “They came to me and said ‘either come with us [in the jungle] or go with them [carrying flags in the city area and participate in the Jana Andolan]. And I choose to go to city and take part in the Andolan.” That is why, people say, this Jana Andolan saw such a massive turnout. That was beyond anyone’s expectations. King Gyanendra included. Read what Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, top Maoist leader, wrote the other day in Kantipur daily. Responding to his old time friend Dr. Arun Sayami’s open letter in the daily, the rebel leader claims the same: We sent all those folks in the city to take part in the movement. That was part of the Maoist policy to surround the city after capturing the villages. 19 people died, thousands were injured in Jana Andolan. That is why, the rebel leader argues, it wasn’t a peaceful movement. It was, according to Dr. Bhattarai, part of the Jana Yudda (Peoples’ War).

Maoist meeting in Birendranagar

Maoist guerilla girls were centre of attraction in a mass meeting organized in Birendranagar, the headquarters of the Mid West region. The mass meeting saw massive turnout of general citizens. It is not immediately clear if they were forced to take part in the meeting. It’s not new for Maoists to force people to be present in their programs. When this photo was taken, Maoists were ‘terrorists’ in the eyes of the state. Pic by J Pandey

Maoist Welcomes: Maoist rebels said Thursday that they welcomed the government announcement of ceasefire and dismissal of various charges on them, reports eKantipur. Issuing a statement, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said today that his party was ready for dialogue with the present all-party government. Yesterday, the government had announced a three-month-long ceasefire and dropped the Red Corner Notice and terrorist tag labelled on the Maoists. Acknowledging the government dropping the charges, Maoist supremo Prachanda said, “We welcome the offer for talks as a positive step towards the people’s desire for establishment of Loktantra, peace and progression.”

Stating that his party was ready to sit for dialogue with the present government, Prachanda said, “Our party expresses commitment to help the nation enter into republic era through peace process as per the spirit of the 12-point understanding and the historic people’s movement.”

Now that the government has removed the ‘terrorist’ tag from the forehead of the Maoists, they are free to organize mass rallies around the country. They are now focusing in city areas where they couldn’t organize such rallies in the past. Maoists were organizing rallies like those in the pictures posted along with this blog even before the government decided about the Red Corner notice and the ‘terrorist’ tag.

Maoist meeting in Birendranagar
Residents of Surkhet district heading to take part in the Maoist mass meeting in Birendranagar. Maoists demanded the election of constituent assembly in the meeting. Army created an obstruction in the Salleribazaar region to prevent people from going to that meeting. Some of these people said that they were going to attend the meeting bypassing the obstruction. Pic by J Pandey

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157 thoughts on “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come

  1. Hammer,
    Just as Gyanendra was not given any benefit of doubt, Maoists should be treated with the same mind set. Gyanenedra may be one arrogant sod, but when it came down to it I did’nt see the army being ordered to shoot all the protestors. Instead what we saw was the hand over of power to the SPA before things really got out of hand. So I don’t buy your argument that Gyanendra would be going around killing more people if given the chance, because he had the chance and he just did’nt do it. My guess is if Prachanda was in Gyanendra’s shoes then we would have seen the countless bodies that you talk of.
    I’m afraid, that Gyanendra may be a greedy, power grabbing King but the likes of Prachanda is in a league of his own when it comes to the term “despot”.
    As for the rest of the maoists who do not want to fall in the Prachanda (even his name “fierce one” is so damned despotic, why choose such a name if you are’nt one?) bandwagon, I think they should lay down their arms and come in to peaceful, democratic politics.

  2. Ahh you guys should know that it seems only pending to maoists coming into the power to solve of all problems of Nepal. It seems last hope for Nepalese society to Maoists come into the absolute power. God will save you dear Maoists bro ‘N sis, let’s strugle for a better Nepal. BravO !!

  3. We Nepali are as they say ” hindu kya Pechha Gyan,” Unless, it hit us personally we are happy to talk about it under a “pipal ko bot.” So lets keeping on musing and berating each other on our stance, Maoist are on the verge of scoring a home run. Sadly, as I write there is sinking feeling that my right and of many Nepali who write in this blog and other with abandon will come to a halt.

    People like CK Lal, suspected RAW, lends chorus to the song as Nepal slowly disintegrates into factional, sectorian, class and caste units with each fighting one another- a Maoist calling.

    I just hope events will prove me wrong but I have my doubts.

  4. keep it up comrades and see the nation is with u but u have to keep the promise alive and have to change the system for the betterment and development for nepal and all nepalis. good luck

    vikram sarki, deepak okheda

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  6. Erm let’s see. People are giddy at the prospect of people, who evicted them from their land, killed their family, forced their relatives to migrate, forced them to make “donations” are going to come to power?

    Aren’t people being shortsighted when they actualy root for a group whose leaders have continually said that whatever is going on now is just a “temporary” situation, a “ploy”, a “tactical move” in their grand plan of .

    BTW forcing people to attend ceremonies where women in combats dance to boring music is not a show of power. Probably the only thing that says about the maoists are that they are good event planners, and the next time you hold a bratabandha, you might want to call them; they will force your relatives to attend (or else), and who knows, may even provide some “entertainment” in the form of people with loaded weapons dacing to dohori.

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