The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come

Maoist meeting in Mahendranagar
Maoists organized a mass meeting on Wednesday to warn the government on issues including Constituent Assembly in a school in Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur). Maoist guerillas present cultural program in combat uniform. Pic by Chitrang Thapa

It’s an open secret in Kathmandu that the recently ‘concluded’ historical Jana Andolan was in fact triggered by the Maoists. These days we can hear many people saying something like this: “They came to me and said ‘either come with us [in the jungle] or go with them [carrying flags in the city area and participate in the Jana Andolan]. And I choose to go to city and take part in the Andolan.” That is why, people say, this Jana Andolan saw such a massive turnout. That was beyond anyone’s expectations. King Gyanendra included. Read what Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, top Maoist leader, wrote the other day in Kantipur daily. Responding to his old time friend Dr. Arun Sayami’s open letter in the daily, the rebel leader claims the same: We sent all those folks in the city to take part in the movement. That was part of the Maoist policy to surround the city after capturing the villages. 19 people died, thousands were injured in Jana Andolan. That is why, the rebel leader argues, it wasn’t a peaceful movement. It was, according to Dr. Bhattarai, part of the Jana Yudda (Peoples’ War).

Maoist meeting in Birendranagar

Maoist guerilla girls were centre of attraction in a mass meeting organized in Birendranagar, the headquarters of the Mid West region. The mass meeting saw massive turnout of general citizens. It is not immediately clear if they were forced to take part in the meeting. It’s not new for Maoists to force people to be present in their programs. When this photo was taken, Maoists were ‘terrorists’ in the eyes of the state. Pic by J Pandey

Maoist Welcomes: Maoist rebels said Thursday that they welcomed the government announcement of ceasefire and dismissal of various charges on them, reports eKantipur. Issuing a statement, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said today that his party was ready for dialogue with the present all-party government. Yesterday, the government had announced a three-month-long ceasefire and dropped the Red Corner Notice and terrorist tag labelled on the Maoists. Acknowledging the government dropping the charges, Maoist supremo Prachanda said, “We welcome the offer for talks as a positive step towards the people’s desire for establishment of Loktantra, peace and progression.”

Stating that his party was ready to sit for dialogue with the present government, Prachanda said, “Our party expresses commitment to help the nation enter into republic era through peace process as per the spirit of the 12-point understanding and the historic people’s movement.”

Now that the government has removed the ‘terrorist’ tag from the forehead of the Maoists, they are free to organize mass rallies around the country. They are now focusing in city areas where they couldn’t organize such rallies in the past. Maoists were organizing rallies like those in the pictures posted along with this blog even before the government decided about the Red Corner notice and the ‘terrorist’ tag.

Maoist meeting in Birendranagar
Residents of Surkhet district heading to take part in the Maoist mass meeting in Birendranagar. Maoists demanded the election of constituent assembly in the meeting. Army created an obstruction in the Salleribazaar region to prevent people from going to that meeting. Some of these people said that they were going to attend the meeting bypassing the obstruction. Pic by J Pandey

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157 thoughts on “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come

  1. gita, in reply to your question no. #83 there has been no change in the Maoists capability for violence. I would like to hear Prachanda and Baburam lay down their terms for a complete surrender of their arms. Then I might gauge their sincerity. Till then I will hold the words of Prachanda & co with the same contempt that they seem to hold the Nepali public.

  2. I think they have accepted to put their weapons under UN’s intervention before CA.

    But just telling them to throw away their weapons now donot make sense.

    They are rebels and they want some garauntee of some of their demands before throwing arms.

    They also have their bottomline and that is unconditional CA (that is simply a democratic demand).

  3. Communism vs. Socialism
    First let me start with Marx vis a vis Communism. Marx was influenced in his economics and philosphy by Rousseau, Goethe , and hegel-among others. briefly his Communist manifesto was based on an interpretation of economic history in terms of class struggles. His 900 page unfinished work Das Capital –or Capital also. He was obscure in his lifetime. his wife was a German aristocrat ,Jenny Westphalen. He was not revolutionary in action, but saw the vitcory of the proletariat coming through unions and collective action.It was only after the October Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 that his work came to prominence, even though he is now acknowledged as one of the greatest thinkers of the 19th century.
    The relationship of hs ideas to popular ‘Marxist’ interpretations –especially those of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and Mao is still a subject of controversy. Marxism is popular in academic circles and its interpretations in ploiltical science. Marx came to England through Fredric Engels, son of a German Industrialist who owned factories in Manchester. Engels was a committed communist when Marx met him in Paris-this term communist pre-dated the manifesto and was related to the Paris communes of workers who had held that city under seige for 2 months.So Marx did not invent communism and neither was he ever actively a communist.He rather had a humanist concept of communism –common ownership and means of production, along the lines of a Kibbutz. However, his ideas remain theoretical because thanks to interpretations and distortions of his ideas most communist states have ended up having a state that dictates to the proletrait , and not the other way around as Marx envisioned.Nor would he have envisoned a State that murdered dissenters as under Leninism, Stalinism, and Maoism

    Now to Socialism, within the broad panorama of which Communism is seen as a branch of Socialist thought. But Socialism is the umbrella. Socialist theory is diverse, and no single body of thought is shared by all socialists. It is this diversity of thought and the freedom to practice and express it that distinguishes it from State Communism. Socialism stems from the concept that all humans are social beings and need interaction to survive, as opposed to capitalism that believes the individual can survive and thrive alone or communism which permits only state approved social interaction. Marxism when it came along had a strong influence on Socialist thought, but Socialism continues to be diverse today with much debate. The majority form at present is ‘democratic socialism’ which seeks to propagate socialist ideas within a democratic system. The belief is of gradual legislative reforms towards tolerance , equitability ,and humane systems through evolutionary and educational reforms. The core beliefs are of freedom of the individual from discrimination , right to individual liberty, freedom from abusive political power , equality and social justice.
    Below is a definition fashioned by the Socialist International to which the British labour Party and Fabian Society belong.

    The Socialist International (SI) – the worldwide organisation of social democratic and democratic socialist parties – defines social democracy as an ideal form of resprenstative democracy and emphasises the following principles: Firstly, freedom – not only individual liberties, but also freedom from discrimination and freedom from dependence on either the owners of the means of production or the holders of abusive political power. Secondly, equality and social justice – not only before the law but also economic and socio-cultural equality as well, and equal opportunities for all including those with physical, mental, or social disabilities. Finally, solidarity – unity and a sense of compassion for the victims of injustice and inequality.

  4. Shadowrati: thanks. if only baburam was a democrat instead of a militant.


    “Red corner notice has been removed, Government cease fire was been declared, terrorist tag has been withdrawn, peace talks have been planned. What more of a platform do they need?”

    Just the question I wanted to ask.

    I fail to grasp the ease with which people have become as gullible as they have. I mean, it’s alright to try and resolve the crisis soon, I want that as well. But is it not time for people to ask the Maoists when THEY will give up their weapons unconditionally? They have put enough conditions on everybody. How about adhering to some themselves?

  5. Thank u St. for your information.

    I also want to point that Marx was the one who brought the topic of ‘human rights’ so profoundly.

    Communism has it’s ideals and beauty ,
    weaknesses and follies.
    But it is itself not evil though some try to practice it savagely.

    It is idealogy with an impossible dream of utopia.
    (like religions want to do -create a utopia where all are equal , happy and content)

    Some want to follow that vain dream and fail in reality .

    But those followers are not evil.
    I only wish they see the difference and be realistic and get on the common ground of socialism.

    In Nepal , communism is impossible, capitalism is cruel and socialism rocks.

  6. Taaya,
    before you think that I am arguing with you just for the sake of it, you need to know that I too believe in the socialism. For crying out loud I live in the socialist country, I vote for them, I get excellent benefiets from the system. I feel like being taken care of, I don’t need to worry about my pension, I don’t need to worry about my kids going to college (after maybe 20 years), I don’t worry if I paid my health insurance or not. I have the wonderful life. And what would be better than having the same one in Nepal.

    The question is again the difference between Socilism and communism. There aren’t many differences, they are both stages of the same thing. If the working class takes over and runs society for human need, and the capitalists’ resistance is crushed and have to get jobs like everyone else, then we have a society without class divisions, or a classless society. That is the main principle.

    If everything is same then how come there are difference between countries like Norway and North Korea ? One goes for socialism another goes for pure communism.

    Socialism is a bridge for the communism. You can’t develope a communist system without testing it as a socialism first. Communism is the last stage of socialism. Our Mao comrades want the communist republic. The pure communist one. They are ready to leap the socialism ‘bridge’. They believe in communist ‘multiparty’ system and only they know how it is going to work .

    UML got the chance to be in the mainstream because they involved in the peaceful revolution of 1990. Don’t you remember during the first election they tried cheap communist tricks as offering ‘4 ropani jagga’ and what not. But it didn’t work, and they knew it. Since then it’s come a long way. And right now they are the true socialist party of Nepal even though there are few hardliners still in the party.

    Communism compete with socialism everywhere. Recent election in Germany showed the loss of SPD and rise of communist party. Alright it wasn’t so much but communists managed to cut the votes of socialists and there they have right now, fking conservatives. Nepali politics is even worse than that. Here communists fight among themselves and you think we will have ever a socialist state ? Maoists is trhe competetion for UML not for NC or RPP. UML is scared of them not NC, because they know once a kagresi always a kangresi 😉

  7. Hmmm, my post was deleted too! I didn’t realize my opinions were so dangerous. I’m almost complimented.

  8. UWB can you please let us know what are your rules ? I don’t even see my posts . It is not funny anymore you know. Please show some decency make it clear. Can’t you see people are complaining about the posts for so many days now? where the hell are you ?

  9. Well I am really awkwardly surprised by the comment of the supposdely intellectual persons like kirat and bhudai pandit…panditi do u even know where is prachada’s son now…u think he is in the usa…baburam’s daughter is in uk…comon sir..wake up…just beacause u are not in nepal doesn’t mean u also can start u’re own propoganda….and especially not from someone whom i thought was really a neutral nepali person…but my eyes are open…u’re behaving like those rabindra and co. and mr. kirat u always try to show revolution is a bad thing but please people look at it’s background…why can’t a revolution start in usa or the uk….and a american professor had already said a revolution was emminent in nepal..okey this has been a nightmare for all of us nepali and i am not trying to justify the unlawfull killing but this is the rule of the history…the matter of fact is that we were lucky/unlucky enough to be in this time u know some foreigners came to nepal just to see the aandolan as there is no such aandolan there as it had happened 100-200 years ago.they wanted to see how history is made…and look it’s not a easy thing to brign the bullets to the ballots….but show me an example of a nation where a revolution like it or hate it…so successful has soo less demand and that also from so called hard line communist…yes we can’t totally trust girija or prachanda but just give them some time…change doesn’t come overnight…but you guys are saying they should surrender their arms now…do u want more war or what then why are you provoking with words like they should surrender…okey prachanda might agree but what about the cadres………look i don’t know thing too much as i am just a 18 year old rookie…and i know you guys are certainly older then me….but this kind of pessimisitc and overtly fearfull mentality of people like u….like my own realtives just make me feel so weird….why are you guys wanting things to happen overnight?….it’s usual that the political process takes some time especially when one is going to take decision that can turn the tide of history….it is better that it would be slow but good….we don’t want another war to spring up from this going to happen change…..and the maoist have already told their guns won’t be a problem for solving the crisis….then why are you behaving like moriarty…..comon those guys never respect us…we have to make them respect us..look how they respect the india of now comparing to the india of some decades ago…..and what do u guys do….u come in sentiments driven by senseless fear aroused by the helpless ness of you position….just please….be creative….think positive….and be pragmatic…and please control your high snetimental feelings coz history have never or shall never give a place for feelings and weakness…..that’s why history has always been written by the winners….like now people are naming the places with martyr’s name……….that’s the truth sirs…..and just watch the drama of politics unfold without having some bad feeling for some particular person or party coz this time they can’t do the things they wish to do…..we the people are in the middle of it……so rest assure….NAYA NEPAL SAMBHAV CHHA ra mahakavi le bhane jhai….SUNAKO DINA EK UDACHHA RA….yes this is the begining of our golden age……..we shall overcome all the hurdles….maoist, parties,king or whoever comes between….

  10. Good for you Taaya.

    However, unfortunately I dont believe the Maoists are the type of communists that Marx envisioned. I’m afraid all their past actions show that they are the sort of communists that Marx would abhor. Will they change? God knows. But one can only judge someone on their history.

    Example: Do you think Paras can be a good person or King?
    I doubt it. Therefore, I doubt the Maoists as well.

  11. Pls do not speak the language of Gyanendra, Tulsi Giri, Kamal Thapa and Moriarty that we should not trust, engaze, and talk to Maoists, and there is only a military solution for this problem, which has proved to be wrong. Although it has been a terrible tragedy that maoist took such a violent path, it did not start from nowhere, it started from the existing politoco-socio-economic anomalies. So we have to address this menace through politico-socio-economic and ideological front. I salute SPA (with all their follies) for taking the intiative to breaking the ice with 12 point agreement and trying to bring them to mainstrem politics. As I wrote already, violence breeds violence and you can see from Maobadi leader´s outburts oftentimes that they want to justify Guns and they will have these hangover for some days to come. Nobody wants to realize his mistakes and it is true with maoists, but as I see things are progressing and Maoists are safelanding with hangover in their head. just wait to see things unfolding slowly but surely.

  12. hey dudes,
    don’t mess up ur ideas with the pollution of ktm valley.
    Why so many of u think of Ktm valley only, when ur said to think of Nepal.
    Read these lines carefully.
    1. people of Jumla,Humla dream of having electricity,telephone,pitchroad,schools,hospitals,etc around their homes.
    2. they want to buy rice at Rs.25(around)/kg not at Rs.57(around)/kg. for what r they paying more?. is it to make Monarch wealthy.?,soap at
    Rs 35, salt Rs.35, sugar Rs.70. etc..
    3. due to security fear they have to sleep in ground floor under the bed.,though they have 2,3 storey building..
    4. hundreds of villagers die of fever(due to unavailability of even Cetamol, rest is not even imagined)
    5. people r not allowed to plough their own fields.
    6. if army asks the water withpeople, at night
    maoists come and kill them accusing them of helping army men and vice versa…army also kills similarly…should people be humanitarian to serve water to thirsty?
    7.and so on…
    people of all Nepal must have equal access to nations resources…not only the ktm valley dwellers….for that we need change..
    change that will give the people right to live with equality…
    were there schools with all facilities like in here ,not a single one would be happy to carry the bags of maoist…
    no women would feed 1-spell of meal to thmeselves and feed the other spell to maoist(willingly)….they feed maoist dreaming that their son could go to schools,study and become the pathfinder to their old ages…. they help maoist not forcefully but willingly….

  13. Great logic and fitting comment proud2bnepali, though you are so young. best wishes

  14. I want to say to all anti-maoists guys.

    I have seen prachanda’s son with him in the revolution.(pic)

    Please donot say surrender arms right now. That shows your ignorance on what is ‘rebellon’ and how it goes.
    There are demands, negotiations,dialogues, process.

    These guys kirat and bhudai pundit also disappointed me because when i entered this blog i had impression that these two are liberal, sensible ones.

    But now I have seen their real face.

    don’t consider yourself ignorant just because u r young.

    “experience is one thing ,
    Ability to experience is greater thing.”

  15. proud2bnepali-I tried to read your post. It gave me a headache and i did not understand what you were trying to say. Sorry but can be more concise?

  16. Taaya, I have already said Prachanda and co. should come out with clear terms and conditions on the surrender of their arms. Have they? Coming out with vague statements will not do. I will be as harsh on the Maoists as I have been on the King and the SPA-this is what impartiality is about. If such impartiality disappoints you I have nothing to say.

  17. all u people must make the constructive way of this site….
    don’t stare the bad eye to your sisters in red scarf…
    if u dare,help the best possible way.
    the change is inevitable, this way or that way.we must assume the better solution.
    so many of u fear of maoist, firstly , let them come to Kathmandu or other cities, if people feel wrong about them ,the way we people felt about Monarch ,similarly, we all will fight against the maoists too…why this fear all about…when people stand at one side, can any gunmen stand against us and win ? . bloggers be brave….God Bless u with some courage..

  18. hammer,

    u have hit it right. very moving indeed.

    Maoists despite all their violence and controversies carry the dream of poor nepali who was always suppressed by monarchy and forgotten by SPA.

    At least respect those dreams and work together for a pure democratic Nepal where Maoists are also candidate for multi-party fair election.

  19. Taaya, I don’t think you understood hammer. Who punishes the villagers from giving water to the RNA, who stops them from ploughing their farmlands? It’s the Maoists. Think girl!

  20. Any party be they Maoists, extreme rightists, Royalists, who take up arms in the name of the people and then uses the same arms to supress the same people they claim to be fighting for, in my book, need a lot of explaining to do before we can take them seriously.

  21. Kirat,
    At least u can be nice and polite to proud2bnepali who have looked up to u for some insight.

    Please act your age and be a good big brother or an uncle or a grandpa.
    Please be good to children at least (he is a teenager but so much mature his age).
    u have to respect his spirit for new nepal .

    u have to respect others good spirit even if their views contradict yours.

    but what’s the use of telling. u r such an impossible arrogant narcissist.

  22. Kirat,
    it’s not me but u that have misunderstood hammer.
    please read :
    “no women would feed 1-spell of meal to thmeselves and feed the other spell to maoist(willingly)….they feed maoist dreaming that their son could go to schools,study and become the pathfinder to their old ages…. they help maoist not forcefully but willingly…. ”

    and #99 may clarify.

    They are not as bad as u fear.
    They carry a dream .

  23. Kirat really disappoited me with his comment to proud2bnepali who asked for Kirat´s consistency and admitted that he is an 18 year old guy. May be he is not in a good mood today.

  24. Taaya, I was not rude to him. If he is young and learning then let him learn to post his ideas in a way that will be more effective. By being clear and concise. You have the same problem as proud2bnepali as well.

  25. uh guys get off my back I have asked proud2bnepali to post more concisely so that I can understand better what he is saying. What’s your problem?

  26. let’s hope pe0ple keep dancing and singing it is far better than violence. Lets hope people work hard, develop this country fast, and then we can dance and sing together…..

  27. The picture reminds me of what I have read about Hitler’s ‘Brown Shirts’. Look it up in google if you want to know more.

  28. kirat,
    U plz don’t fear with the gun,….
    let’s make it this way, we, the conscious people , think that maoist carried the guns to threaten the king and his bloody colleagues( Sachhit Sumsher, Bharat Kesher singh,Kamal Thapa,Tulsi Giri)..and drive them away..
    I think, maoist also are the people of 21st century,they are trying to give up arms, but ,not till the end of Monarch..
    Once the Monarch is uprooted, we, the conscious people will make them armless,..
    ..let them be themselves till Monarch exists,,after the monarch is gone..we,the people’s power will make them people…
    ..if maoist give up arms now, will monarch ride itself into the bed-of-death?..i imagine Gyane and bloody group is making plans now to rise again. they could get rid of our leaders(present old bones, fighting for ministrial seat)…so wait till the Moanrch die,


    As i look around me i see the world
    In a different light
    Everything is changing and it happened
    One night
    Changing for the better and it starts
    With you and me
    So we’ll sing our song together and forever
    We’ll be free

    Sing a song of freedom
    People together everybody sing
    Sing a song of freedom each and everyman
    People come together all across the land

    If you’re looking for an answer
    It’s very close hand
    Just take a look around you and
    Then you’ll understand
    Clap your hands together and let
    Me hear the sound
    It’s the time for liberation so pass
    The world around

  30. Well if people want to learn nothing from history, but want to blindly follow their own prejudices, what can I do?

    I repeat, get Prachanda and co. to clearly spell out the terms and conditions of the arms surrender by the Maoists, then we will see. Until then why should I take people who talk about democracy with a gun in their hands seriously?

  31. Kirat,

    don’t try to be diplomatic and run away.
    u have been impolite rather say rude.
    u r so articulate, elaborative, discriptive and diplomatic and UGLY while offending.

    U r so intolerant.

    If u donot want to read long comments, none is forcing u.
    but we are talking our heart.

    Yes, ur comments are concise with long elaborate offences.

  32. hammer, I never said that the Maoists should just throw their guns away. My problem with them is their over reliance on the gun to settle an argument. And do you know on whom the Maoists have used their guns the most? Innocent Nepali people. So don’t give the crap that it was just to be used against the Monarcy.

  33. I support u hammer.

    We need maoists arm today to counter-balance monarchy.

    I don’t understand people like kirat who say ‘royals and maoists are same’.

    maoists are the force that has come up from within people.
    So they are expected to be more responsible towards people .

    But again some donot know the difference betn people and citizen.

    royals are citizen but not people.

  34. In Nepal there are two types of extremists:

    1.Ultra Leftist Maoists.
    2. Extremist Royalists.

    Maoists have agreed to come to talks. We will wait and see what they will do.

    But the danger is with the Royalists like Sharad Chandra, T. Giri, Kamal Thapa; Niranjan Thapa, Srish Shamsher, Satchit Shamsher, Bharat Keshar, Prajwal Shamher etc. I think their mental state is like a lunatic.There was a report that all the royalists met in the house of Srish shamsher and said that they will come back to power within two years.Why the Govt. is so slow to arrest them, I could not understand.I think may be King requested Girija not to touch them during their meet on oath taking.That is why Girija and company are not doing anything.

    These Roylists have become more dangerous than the Maoists for the moment. All other people who support Republic (not like Maoists’ republic- normal republic), Ceremonial monarchists or constitutional monarchists are now in the middle. So we have to negotiate and solve our problems with both the extrmists-Maoists and Royalists.

  35. look everyone,

    I agree maoists also have committed crimes.

    During the beginning stages the young ones who owed huge sum of loans to Jamindars,and Saahu mahajans turned up into maoists so that they could kill those Saahus..and free their loans and land( it was somewhat wrong way), the politics and national resources didn’t reach the villages, light of education did’t shine in villages..people did’t find the right path becoz of their illeteracy..they felt cheated by revolution of 2046 .,decided to take arms quickly..

    number of maoists grew with the wrong objectives …i agree on that,

    today their position is not at what we dream..their leadership has risen up…they control most of the land territory of we must give them the peaceful exit..

    the position of Monarch has changed, during 2052b.s to 2058b.s King Birendra was there, till then maoist were among the confusing line..
    today there is King Gyane[ndra], bloodsucker,the duplicate king…

    Do u give Birendra and Gyane[ndra] same position.?..

    if we don’t give them same value , how could Baburam give same points to Gyane and Birendra.?..think..

    people turned up, maoist turned up against Gyane[ndra] , so,SPA allied with maoists..we should make the best use of weapon to threaten Gyane[ndra] ..,nomore,to kill innocents…for that we must give sensible land.. we should believe on ourselves that…… if needed we are also determined to fight against maoist evil if it persists..

  36. I’ve had nothing but bad luck
    Since the day I saw the cat at my door
    So I came here to you sweet lady
    Answering your mystical call
    Crystal ball on the table
    Showing the future the past
    Same cat with them evil eyes
    And I know it was a spell she’d cast

    She’s just a devil woman with evil on her mind
    Beware the devil woman she’s gonna get you
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  37. Hammer, and Taaya of course, you guys are sick. The maoists are the biggest mistake that has ever happened to Nepal. 14000 lives lost for nothing and you guys are ready to embrace them. The crimes, the atrocities they’ve carried out……, c’mon guys give us a break.

  38. Hammer,
    I like your comparision of Birendra and Gyane[ndra]. Yes, Yes, yes, Gyane[ndra] is duplicate King. Nobody thought he was a King for the last five years. He was a swindler.So he is a duplicate.

  39. hammer and taaya,

    i fail to understand why you have turned your ire on kirat. from what i see, he makes perfect sense. all he is saying is that the maoists need to assure the people they will give up weapons. no one is disputing the fact that they have said they will give up arms. but the fact is, that after you have killed 14000 people, it is very difficult to believe sane people will not believe you just at the drop of a hat.

    it is not the people and the parties who should make promises to the maoists and build trust. the maoists need to do that. they are the ones looking to come into the mainstream and not the other way around.

    the entire argument that the maoists come from the people and the royalists were heavy-handed gives undue credit to the maoists, don’t u think? the maoist movment is a people’s movement- guess why? because they kill innocent people. it is a resistance movement- guess why? because they cannot resist killing people.

    they plant a bomb somewhere, 15 people die, and then the maoists say that they are sorry and did not want to hurt people. it’s not like they’ve stamped on someone’s feet man.. they fu**ing killed people.. then just say sorry? the other standard reasoning given is that the cadres at the lower levels are often not disciplined.. well, the leadership needs to realise that with power comes responsibility.. they cannot even fulfil their responsibility to their movement, what will they do for the people?

    my BASIC view is, that since the maoists are coming for peace talks and since there is a ceasefire and since everything in this country is going the way the maoists want them to go, is it not time for them to gove a definite timeframe for them to give up arms unconditionally? should we listen to their conditions all the time? do they not have an obligation to try and end this crisis? what will it take for them to give up arms?

    lastly, i personally feel that there should be no unconditional elections to a constituent assembly unless the maoists give up weapons unconditionally.. all the talk abt giving weapons up after the elections is crap.. if they have weapons at the time of elections to a constituent assembly, then the elections will not be unconditional any longer… do not attack me on this paragraph unless you have some sane arguments different from the ones being thrashed out above.. these are personal views..


  40. everyone,
    All I want to address is that-If maoists give up arms NOW ,King will raise his,first let’s decide the role of Monarch and then maoist,while they are marching into peace.
    Few days ago, Richard Boucher came and focused “US is hurried to resume arms supply to Nepal if asked”..
    .still they are conspirating to defend the king… If maoist issue is closed temporarily. US arms is stopped temporarily,till CA election…can’t we get rid of bigger evil…..
    Maoist killed 14000 people, but if we people don’t make right decision the Monarch,it is likely to consume 10’s of times lives than maoists,
    people sole purpose must focus on bigger(hidden)evil….
    the one who can plot own bro’s family..will he count on others..

  41. Till the royalists were presssing hard towards wall to SPA, Maoists lured SPA to 12 point agreement.Even then, SPA, remember, without guns was no less power than the gun holders at both sides. But now, SPA having wide popular support is far more legitimate and stronger than ever. Maoists will think over twice before attacking the SPA, militarily and politicallly not to become pariah in world community and be blockaded by neighbours and sanctioned by others. Of course, Maoists will try maximum to get from SPA and it is logical too.

  42. Taaya, I am giving up on you. Go ahead and put your star bandana on and do the “Lal Salaam”. At least we now know where we stand.

  43. I could not understand: who killed 14,000 people? Maoist or government?????

    To me, the government killed more people, about 10,000. Most of them were Maoist. Here, I am not supporting Maoist. But, don’t make non-sense arguments. Don’t repeate same old theory. Try to bring some new idea and vision.

  44. Everybody who call maoists terrorists,

    Please look at their demand:: Constituent assembly, which is the most democratic and relevent demand.
    Who is the greater terrorist??
    maoist with the genuine demand?
    or the king’s government that always suppressed that??

  45. TAYAA:: the biggest know it all full of crap brains….

    u see everything rude… what ??now u need to be adressed sarkar hajur jyu jyu….. except that everything is rude.. idiot… u are one one those think know it all actually know nothing peiece of smelly Gwarko Junk.

    what the fk is this blog people talkking about… why freaking call this UWB for democratic Nepal and talk about freaking commies…. bastards…. Commies and democracy dont got u even dig that bidwans…. either communist nepal or democratic nepal…. the party that has its own amry and guns and bombs are not called terrorists and are rather asked to join the government….

    democratic nepali… my fking arse

  46. ++ In Maoism, ‘SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS’. i.e. Prachanda/ Baburam etc. are more equal than ordinary cadres.

  47. Kirat is right on the hammer so as to speak.
    I fear that most of these chaps (other than the comrades present of course) supporting the maoists on this blog were too young to remember that they started a bloody war because of disagreements with the parliament which they were a part of. They were not outsiders looking in, they were very much a part of the system. Their agenda changes to suite their bloody end. Gyanendra was not even King and Feb.1 was not even a thought when the Maoists started their coercion, extortion and forced recruitment of child soldiers back in the mid 90’s. In think these kids on this blog who see the “romance” in them were 10-12 years old, so would not understand the beginnings.
    I even remember Babruam Bhattarai praising the likes of King Birendra. So why has monarchy and republic all of a sudden been the ultimate and only goal when that was not the case when King Birendra and Dipendra were alive??????

  48. dear st,
    I was saying to give the maoists the moral support when they want to come to peaceful solution,
    but, u see no diff between King B and King G,
    u count 14000 to be too high, but, if u praise and give King G space, he’ll kill so many that u will be unable to count the bodies during ur whole life,i bet on that.
    so, to make best use of weapon,maoist must carry till the death of monarch,i won’t change on this..
    kirat,more than rivalry, lets make discussion worthy, when u have nothin’ to say u say others are kids, plz i am 23,and study B.E.,in pulchowk campus,

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