Cease Fire! Will Peace Fire?

The people pressure on the street will force the government and the Maoists to unite to bring peace in Nepal

As it was widely expected, the government of peoples’ representatives has announced indefinite ceasefire and recognized the Maoist party as a legitimate political force by withdrawing the Red Corner Notice and removing the ‘terrorist’ tag. What does this signal? With the country almost ready for the constituent assembly, a major demand of the Maoist rebels, what can we expect in near future other than the ‘guaranteed’ peace for the next three months? Maoists had declared three-month-long ceasefire last week.

Some people might consider this decision of the government a bit late considering the high expectations of people from the political leadership. But from the perspective of optimism, we can see that the long process of peace has started. We can only hope that this time around the process will not fail as it happened more than once in the past. People are on the street and they are constantly creating pressure to the folks the government and comrades in the jungle. This is the biggest asset in the peace process. Both sides should feel and fear that pressure.

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62 thoughts on “Cease Fire! Will Peace Fire?

  1. pl, Ask those people who sit and break rocks their whole life if, “communism is correct for Nepal”.

    Also why would the Republic of Nepal waste money on a “Ceremonial King”, when he is the person who was in command when the martyrs were killed ? This man is a cheap crimminal who needs to be captured and tried, then exiled, jailed, or given the death penalty.

  2. There is no point debating with a stupid like Vandever. Who the fcuk are you to say that Communism is right for Nepal?? If the Mao’s come and extort all the hard owned money from us and take us to the labour camps, it is the Nepalese that will suffer, not you. So stop ranting and raving useless stuffs. I bet you are chanting these “revolutionary” slogans just for the sake of the adrenaline rush you get. You don’t give a shit!!
    So, shut up for fks sake!!

  3. Michael is Damn Right!
    This MOFO King should be executed along with his Mandalay supporter. These MOFOs are the reason for the Communism in Nepal.

  4. Prakash,
    Who gave u the right to say
    In Nepal,

    Khagendra Sangraula is communist.
    Daman Nath Bhungana is communist.
    Hari Rokka is communist.
    Bimal Niva is communist.
    Shyam Shreastha is communist.
    Krishna Jwala is communist.
    there are so many communists in this nation.
    I think communists actually outnumber non-communists in this nation.
    (our ground reality is fertile platform for communists to flourish)

    PLease I request u all not to follow US capitalistic totalitarians and hate the very first word communism.

    What has communism to do if some ultra-communists go insane to take weapons.

  5. Taaya,

    Everything about what you say makes me laugh. How can you compare Kamal Thapa with Gyanendra?
    It’s like comparing your heroes Madan Bhadari etc. with Prachanda.

    Further, your support of communism has no bearing at all. Communist states have failed and are failing. While countries you abhor like the U.S. is thriving.
    The best you can do is say that the UML govt. led by Man Mohan for several months was better than the Congress led ones. What an example and time line to give. First of all I don’t even think it was better, the policies were more or less the same and economic growth wise the Congress before them fared better.
    Laughs all around for you I’m afraid comrade Taaya.

  6. Vandeveer,

    Really there is not much one can say to people like you who history and experience has taught nothing to. If we follow your advise we will all be breaking rocks.
    Your entire argument is based on arguments on kicking the King out. We are a country who has many problems, including the scarcity of natural resources. We have always been a trading nation and the only way to bring about sweeping progress is by having less economic restrictions and not less which communism advocates. Till date our country has been run in a feudal way with low level of liberalisation, very much like a communist government. I think the two are two sides of the same coin. A nation like us will only thrive with a liberal economic agenda and not rigid ones.

  7. Taaya, I don’t hate the word “communism”. In theory it is an equitable system, however, in practice it has always failed. Always. A Maoist Nepal will be a world outcast, a pariah, and I don’t want that for this country.

  8. u guys donot have right to say

    If maoists or UML or janamorcha or bammorcha wins election by fair means, we will have a democratic communist governmnet.

    Then everybody have to accept that .

  9. communist may not equal maoists but
    maoists = trotskyist – all forms of communism.

    I think people here are confused between communism and socialism which is as different as socialism and capitalism.

    One of the key elements of communism is the distribution of land for farming. Nepal has land that is farmable amounting to nothing per head. You can not do much with the farmlands we have with relation to our population. We are a trading nation and communism was invented for countries like Germany and not Nepal by Marx, and that too a century ago. Countries like ours have to thrive on the ingenuity of it’s citizens by trade and the service sector including banking. Hydropower is the other essential which should be used for providing employment and opportunities to Nepalis. States running companies will undoubtingly end up in collapse, as competition is the only tried and tested formula for better comnpanies. The bad ones will fold, the good ones will flourish. States can have ownership or part ownership (i.e. shares) of companies, but should stay away from the management of it, and stick to administrative (education, health, public services) and security duties.

    Unless citizens can have ownership of something they will either have to be forced or will not work for the end goals. The simplest of business units is a shop. Will the shopkeeper work his back off for the state or for himself? Even if the state forces him to keep shop, he will do it half heartedly and with the lack of enterprise and entrpreneurship, not unlike our government beureucracy.
    In a democratic and liberal economy, the state has to have the economic structure liberalised so that jobs and opportunities abound, but no one should be forced to work – it is only natural that the ones who do reap the benefits.

  10. I would like to say thank you so much for all the information that you have put into your website. This has been very informative.

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