Skeptical People Warn Politicians

The Seven Party Alliance (SPA) held a mass meeting at the Open Theatre, Ratnapark to celebrate the victory of people where the people ‘talked and showed’ they are still skeptical on politicians’ commitment to constituent assembly and republic.

The most indicating was a big banner prepared by Civil Society of Ghattekula that read:

Koirala couldn’t attend the meeting due to health problem and that news caused not much trouble to the organizers. At first when that was announced, people started hooting and starting moving out of the place. Only after 20 minutes of it, the program finally began with the organizers promising he would try to come.

But he couldn’t and Sushil Koirala was given an opportunity to speak. He said the next Prime Minister would not come and he had a few points from him to read out to them. But he wasn’t heard, and people starting shouting and hooting at him forcing him to repeatedly requesting them to calm down.

He could only read two out of five points from senior Koirala before the people hurled stones and sticks at him as he left. Nepal Bar’s Shambu Thapa calmed them down while singers like Badri Pageni and Raamesh made them sit down again.

During the program, Shambu Thapa, Federation of Nepalese Journalists president Bishnu Nisthuri, leader Amik Sherchan and master of ceremony Yogesh Upadhyay warned the leaders not to forget that the parliament was reinstated by people not by king or any law or constitution and follow the people’s wishes.

Madhav Kumar Nepal and Sher Bahadur Deuba couldn’t resist the people’s demands and said they were committed to constituent assembly. Deuba even talked about republic.


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