Skeptical People Warn Politicians

The Seven Party Alliance (SPA) held a mass meeting at the Open Theatre, Ratnapark to celebrate the victory of people where the people ‘talked and showed’ they are still skeptical on politicians’ commitment to constituent assembly and republic.

The most indicating was a big banner prepared by Civil Society of Ghattekula that read:

Koirala couldn’t attend the meeting due to health problem and that news caused not much trouble to the organizers. At first when that was announced, people started hooting and starting moving out of the place. Only after 20 minutes of it, the program finally began with the organizers promising he would try to come.

But he couldn’t and Sushil Koirala was given an opportunity to speak. He said the next Prime Minister would not come and he had a few points from him to read out to them. But he wasn’t heard, and people starting shouting and hooting at him forcing him to repeatedly requesting them to calm down.

He could only read two out of five points from senior Koirala before the people hurled stones and sticks at him as he left. Nepal Bar’s Shambu Thapa calmed them down while singers like Badri Pageni and Raamesh made them sit down again.

During the program, Shambu Thapa, Federation of Nepalese Journalists president Bishnu Nisthuri, leader Amik Sherchan and master of ceremony Yogesh Upadhyay warned the leaders not to forget that the parliament was reinstated by people not by king or any law or constitution and follow the people’s wishes.

Madhav Kumar Nepal and Sher Bahadur Deuba couldn’t resist the people’s demands and said they were committed to constituent assembly. Deuba even talked about republic.


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52 thoughts on “Skeptical People Warn Politicians

  1. well, that’s people power for you! people need to chill a little. please do not get into the habit of pelting stones at just about everyone. relax, let us give it some time. it is imperative that the people exercise restraint at this critical juncture. pelt these leaders with stones and sticks and anything else if they fail to deliver. i just hope that then, when it is most needed, people do not forget to pelt stones!

    Nepal‘s New Prime Minister, 84, is ill
    Staff and agencies
    27 April, 2006

    KATMANDU, Nepal – The king formally named Girija Prasad Koirala as Nepal‘s new prime minister Thursday, although a spokesman said the 84-year-old politician was sick with a lung problem and had been on oxygen throughout the day.

    The temporary truce lifted a key burden on the new government poised to take control after weeks of bloody protests in which 15 people were killed by soldiers and police. The demonstrations forced King Gyanendra to reinstate Parliament.

    Spokesman Krishna Sitaula said Koirala — who is taking his fifth turn as prime minister — would be examined by doctors before deciding whether to go to Parliament.

    Earlier Monday, the rebels‘ elusive leader, Prachanda, said in a statement that his fighters would refrain from any assaults on government targets for three months to give Nepal a chance for peace.

    After Gyanendra announced Monday that he would meet a key demand of the parties and reinstate Parliament, dissolved in 2002, the rebels initially rejected the overture as a ruse by the king to keep his crown.

    By Wednesday, however, the Maoists had softened their position, lifting a blockade of highways. Thursday‘s announcement clearly reflected a willingness by the rebels to give politicians a chance to set up a constitutional convention.

    Still, the Maoists were clear that the cease-fire is for three months only and “with the intention to encourage the political parties to announce an unconditional special assembly.”

    The rebels are for now “being flexible in order to trust the parties” to help overthrow the king, Yadav said. “If anyone goes against the people, their downfall is inevitable, whether it is the political parties or the monarchy or any force.”

    The rebel campaign has left nearly 13,000 dead in a decade, and crushing the insurgents was one of the top reasons Gyanendra gave when he seized power in February 2005, dismissing an interim government.

    “This will help bring the Maoists to the negotiating table for peace talks that could end the violent conflict,” said Gopalman Shrestha of the Nepali Congress Democratic Party.

    Tens of thousands of people gathered Thursday for a victory rally in central Katmandu to hear party leaders speak.

    Waving party flags — such as the red and white stripes of the Nepali Congress and the hammer and sickle of the Communist Party of Nepal — crowds poured into a park. Some were singing and chanting as they marched down Katmandu‘s narrow lanes.

    As the rally began, the crowd cheerfully demanded to hear from Koirala, and angrily threw rocks, plastic bottles and wooden sticks at the speakers when they heard he was not well and at home resting, briefly disrupting the rally.

    But politicians quickly calmed the crowd by offering assurances that Koirala was genuinely unwell.


    Associated Press writer Matthew Rosenberg contributed to this report.

  3. Just a question. Is this the victory of parties or the victories of Nepal ? How come there isn’t a single Nepali Flag in the mass. All we can see is either ‘char Taarey’ or Communists flags . hm something to wonder. Maybe the new constitution should change the national flag too .

  4. Man maybe people are getting to cocky.
    I agree that people need to relax… i hope the recent andolan hasn’t given people the impression that you can always pelt stones and protest to get anything they want.

  5. to glade, regarding the flag:
    I saw one little boy with his mom in the crowd who had national flag painted on his forehead and nepali congress flags painted on his cheeks. This may be a rare case, though.

  6. I dont’ agree with your view”Mr. Glade”. National Flag symbolize Country. No matter Nepal become republic but I guess National Flag shoul remail the same.

    Even, I saw that banner there in “Khula Manch” and I guess its warning bell to Mr. Koirala. Coz, its very hard to belive all these polticians coz of their deeds at past.

    This is the first time, I have seen National Parties coming up together in national issue..and that brings big hope in me too that things will change. let hope the best for “Naya Nepal”

  7. oh my god, girija fell down even before he became PM, then how come he can handle our crippled nation ???? Come on young people, stand up … throw out these old generation of politics … we need a change.. change in political scenario. All of the old generation leaders should be retired.
    We need changeeeee…. !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Giraja and the chair is almost synonyms so he won’t leave cahir until he get chances. Have you guys forgotten how he tricked Madhav Nepal few years ago to propose for PM.

    There are only few politicians like Ganeshman Singh with great heart.

  9. Great, now they have a senile man who’s high on oxygen all day (and docile like a Hindu cow) as the prime minister.

  10. This is about as smart as when they coronated Dipendra as king when he was in a comma! i said Gyanendra should have been on the way to the funeral ghats. Brilliant move! looks like he will be there soon! Great move, guys. maybe you will get that “new blood” sooner than you think…but probably not..

  11. cows are cows, whether it’s a Hindu cow or a Christian cow, they all act same. So bad comparision Melissa.

    Ya they should think again about the new candidate for PM, but I think noone else is willing to take the heat. It absolutely is not fun to be on that seat right now. So most likely GP Koirala will stay ‘high’ and run the office. Lets hope he is not going to OD on oxygen.

  12. oi, for the love of..docile hindu cows, that was a reference from Fight Club (what Brad Pitt says to Ed Norton, as the reason for having oxygen masks on planes).

    B Pundit, are you? why are you shouting (by writing in caps)? Are you trying to prove a point? Shouting doesn’t accomplish that. Look at Nepalese politicians, they scream about things, and yet they do nothing.

  13. Errrrr… Melissa this is webpage in case you haven’t noticed. How can you hear me shout?
    Hence the relavence of my question…

    Anyway the point is that I am still in severe disagreement about your statement from yesterday… education brings compassion…

  14. Pundit, you had caps on, so she thought you were shouting, I also thought so.

    Pundit – Melissa , Taaya – Kirat , you guys are reasonable, sensible, thoughtful people when you want to be. Stop acting childish and stop abusing this blog by getting personal. It is kinda getting annoying you know. Please STOP !

  15. Where are the national issues?

    Here i putt forward some opeon issues. Hope this could be a Phd Thesis Topic for some

    First the Bhutanese reguee crisis: India’s Role.

    Who will dare to ask the maoists on thier party’s position on the refugee issue?

    let us talk of our border encroachment by India and unequal treaties as well.

    India has thrown a huge economic package, probably to forget the naional issues. Any body agree on this point.

    And let us also talk on the indian role in bringing lokatantra or prajatnatra back.
    What do we pay india for this gesture?

    Without india’s support were maoists powerful enough to corner the king.

    Without the suppport of the maoist would this agitaiton have succed.

    If Peoples Army join the National army, what objections can india make, considering huge militarization of the country. They had previously shown their concern over this issue.

    Is there a possibility of completely aborgating the RNA as demanded by the Maoists? What will be the impact on national srecurity?

    Are there any one who wish to have a debate in these issues with me? I hope there are plently.



  17. Melissa,

    Who is Brat pitt? IS he your boyfriend or something? I just hate these wannabe Americans whose mouth still smells Gundruk and Dhido. This world does not revolve ’round your Hollywood dear, neither does it revolve ’round US. GPK is a Veteran and it is 7 parties trust and people’s acceptance that he and he alone is not afraid to put brave face for Constituent Assembly Election from the King. He may not look charismatic, but he is stubborn enough. We need him

  18. glade,
    i agree with u and many others who say we cannot abuse the blog.
    we are here to ‘share’ than to ‘win’ afterall.

    but some guys leave us no options.
    Kirat :a cynical narcissist who enjoys calling names and throwing stones to others and when told not to do so he says that that is his way of fun and we should also adapt and evolve in his verbal abuse.(and worse is that he suggests us to follow the same way)
    his problem is that he has such a knack of making fun ‘at’ others that it’s hard to realize when he is trying poorly to make fun ‘with’.

    Bhudai Pundit :a hypocrite who talks about democracy and liberalism because he finds trendy to do so. who calls himself a liberal and all his liberalism crumbles down when he sees a sherpa eating beef in his hindu kingdom.
    (worse: he bullies in the name of majority “don’t u know more than 80% are hindus overhere”).
    i don’t know why he can easily sit next with an american eating beef i USA but feels intolerable to even have the idea that a sherpa is eating beef inside his room.
    Does he feel that since this is a hindu nation he has right to think Hindu way(rather say Hindu liberal way) and order other non hindus (who came in this land before him) to respect their allergy with beef.

    I have nothing to say them personally but i simply don’t like the phenonmenoh.
    it’s hard to ignore them when i see them bullying around in this blog with their aggressive ugly words(which they find trendy and strong).

    “Violence is not strength
    Compassion is not weakness”

  19. TAYAAA:

    i see u judging people here as aa cynical narcissist and a hypocrite and stuff…. let me ask u, what are you?? if i were to judge u after seeing ur posts i would say that u are one of those person with the happy with nothing bull crap filled mind…. all u know is to talk about ur freedom and nobody elses…..

    yeah nepal is a hindu kingdom, so what??? so what is there to make a big fuss about. cow… how many times do u have to talk about beef…. u are not allowed means u are not allowed. now u live in a democratic country dont u where the decisions are done on the basis of the majority of people…. if hindus dont want to slaughter cow why u scratch ur head over that…. ooooooo i forgot… u a revolutionary…. why dont u carry gun and start fighting against the discrimination that u are not allowed to eat cow in Neapl…. big deal eh! USA is a different country and has different system and way of life religion ofcourse included….so dont take it as a reference to justiy the way you feel… atleast when u talking about a BIG ISSUE such a beef…

    i find it abolutely amazing and sick at the same time when i see that there are people like u and ur definition of freedom….

    totallly da-ley da-ley issues…what if i want to walk nude in the public.. simple da-ley issue of freedom… am i allowed to in any given government and country….. including the US…. should i not be allowed to do that…. why should i be barred to do that… just because some 80-90% of people find it offensive….
    its the same for beef…. u dig.

    OPEN MINDED educated knowledable modern young person….pathetic… who? u .

  20. TAYAAA:

    I am 100% with you. Look what this replytoall bugger has to say?People like Buddu Pundit are real pain in neck. So what if 80% are Hindus? Should not they accept remaining 20% ‘as what they are’. The minority should always have a way/place to raise their grievances before it could get nasty! Even if 99.99% of Nepalese were to be Hindus, I would still prefer the country to be secular. Hindusim is a great religion, so are other religions for the people of the faith. Motto “Live and let live”

    Your point is well taken. We should accept people for who/what they are.

  21. calling names calling names….anyways….

    like i said i am no hindu… but u know what if the wishes of not even 20% people get so very nasty that they feel they are discriminated because they cant eat cow then oh welll…hahaha

  22. “Lets aware this to all nepali”

    “As we see the situation in Nepal, anyone would think that the
    >problem lies between the King, seven Political parties, and Maoists.
    >And why? What each of them wants? We’d find answers for that also.
    >One may say political parties want full-fledged democracy.
    >Maoists want the communism, and King wants to reestablish Panchayat
    >or something like that in other form. It may sound weird to you at
    >first, but I see this crisis in completely other way. This is not
    >any kind of conflict between Nepalese themselves. This is something
    >between India and Nepal. It’s a grand and interesting game. At the
    >same time, highly challenging for both the states.
    >Every one of us knows the Indian approach of trying to dominate
    >others, especially the neighboring countries. Defense and foreign
    >affairs related decisions of Bhutan are directly handled by India.
    >Nothing new about it, right? Which country in the SAARC except
    >Bhutan is happy with India?
    >Forget SAARC, what about other
    neighbors? China? Burma? Mentioning
    >these issues just to rethink on India’s foreign policies! Now let us
    >go to what’s there between India and Nepal? Care to see it thru big
    >brother’s side.
    >India ‘s average economic growth rate has reached around 7.5% which
    >is one of the best in world today. India is second largest market in
    >the world in terms of population. Foreigners are seeing China and
    >India as the new markets of this age and investing here rapidly.
    >Bottom line is- India is developing. But how long people will invest
    >in India if basic infrastructure is not there? How much investments
    >would be there in Agricultural industry if outsiders don’t see basic
    >irrigation facilities in the field? In other way, when other area is
    >developing, what about large Indian farmer population? When
    >prosper if irrigation is not there?
    >And most importantly, energy is vital for all development-
    >industries, technology and everything. India is not capable of
    >producing the required amount. India has successfully taken control
    >over Bhutan’s energy resources and already started to have the
    >benefit. Bhutan is also getting something out of it but in cost of
    >Now comes Nepal’s part. Nepal is second richest in water resource
    >having potential of large amount of energy. Enough energy to cater
    >India’s energy need for industrialization and irrigation
    >and clean drinking water for eastern India (perhaps more than that).
    >For that, India can have straight business deals with Nepal. Take it
    >if u want, but please pay. But no! India wants all those in the way
    got from Bhutan. They want to have total control in any hydro
    >projects that’ll be build in Nepal. They want to give us something
    >out of it- lot less value than what we deserve. Since history India
    >has been trying for this and as it was obvious for them to
    >getrefusal. In the mean time, foreigners wanted to invest in Hydro
    >projects in Nepal. But India always fumed and fretted for any
    >manipulation in rivers will lead to flood in India. So, all the big
    >projects were cancelled.
    >India didn’t stop. They wanted to get the resources according to
    >their desire. When Nepal refused, they came into games with long
    >vision. What I interpret the game could possibly be as such- Change
    >the non cooperative government of Nepal. Keep people in power that
    >will be ready to sell the resources of the country fro
    some money.
    >And if required, will be ready to sell the whole country. India knew
    >that until and unless royal family is in power, it’s not possible.
    >This is because for the royals, Nepal is the only place in the world
    >where they will get highest degree of respects and they’d never sell
    >the country. For that, India played the key role to instill
    >democracy in 2046 and implant corrupted people in the government.
    >According to the plan, some leaders of ours sold out rivers and
    >lands during the 15 years. That we all know.
    >Now India could not depend only on those dogs. For that, how to make
    >Nepal completely helpless in shortest period? So that Nepal will
    >come down on the ground with knees. There won’t be any other option
    >remaining for Nepal and finally turn towards India and beg them to

    >utilize our own resources, and give some riots two feed Nepalese
    >twice a day. Attack on the source of economy was the simplest route
    >towards Nepal’s bring down. And then something
    >happened out of blues.
    >Maoists were born in western Nepal which is the hub of ayurvedic
    >medicine and one of Nepal’s major exports. The area is still under
    >Maoists control and no one knows how much of yarshagumba is smuggled
    >from there every year. Country’s revenue is going in vain. And let
    >us recall, it was Girija’s tenure and whole Nepal knows how Maoists
    >flourished in no time. Besides that, major objective of giving birth
    >to Maoists was to attack the spinal of Nepal’s economy- tourism. And
    >things happened accordingly. Nepal broke and got trapped into the
    >crisis we r seeing today.
    please don’t doubt on who gave birth to Maoists. India was the
    >first to call Maoists as terrorists when Nepal government was still
    >calling it as insurgents. After that, US hit listed Maoists of Nepal
    >in top ten among the world terrorists. Nepal government never called
    >them terrorists those days. And in many cases, we have seen Maoists
    >leader making rounds to Delhi in the same fashion as Girija and his
    >daughter. The recent meeting between the parties and Maoists leaders
    >occurred in Delhi. How could India arrange the facility when Maoists
    >are terrorists? Do they want to send a message thatLashkar-e-taiba
    >should be entertained by governments of various nations?
    >And surprisingly, nowadays Indian media do not right the word
    >”terrorists” for Nepalese Maoists. The respected word given by them

    >these days is “Nepal rebel”. This is all happening because of the
    >slavish mentality India possesses due to 200 years of British rule.
    >Anyways, now let us come to the major issue. After knowing all
    >these, I m not in a condition to agree that the dispute in Nepal is
    >for democracy. What I believe is it is for nationality. It is for
    >saving the nation. It is for raising the nation with what we have.
    >It is for replying back to all those who try to play with us. Now,
    >it’s up to your intellect to identify who is working for what. What
    >King is doing, parties are doing, and Maoists are doing.
    >It’ll be a very appreciable opinion if you say what those pancheys
    >are doing again here? We should not forget that democracy is
    >nature’s law. When you are born, you come along with your
    No force can stop u for that. Let’s see the cause and
    >what’s happening around. Democracy within the boundary is so
    >important? Or democracy in a country will be there when a country
    >will b there? Let all Nepalese get together and stop the external
    >force for some time when Nepal will try to lift up in a position
    >from where no force would be able to bring it down. Democracy is
    >always there. When Nepalese can change the government in 2046, same
    >Nepalese can change the government again in 2066. And if required,
    >forever free Nepalese could change the system around the world. We
    >don’t have to doubt in our capability. But the current need is not
    >”restore democracy” as India is saying. Current need for each and
    >every Nepali is to “save and raise the nation”. When US envoy to
    >India made one statement
    related to India’s nternal politics last
    >week, whole India shouted back to the ambassador.
    >This is something good we need to learn from Indians. When India,
    >and other far away nations are repeatedly trying to interfere our
    >internal matter,our corrupted media (do I have to name the media
    >which have bosses of NonNepalese origins? Or u find it yourself) is
    >not tired of singing their songs everyday. These Medias are
    >responsible for creating a pessimistic environment in the ation.
    >People are not protesting those external interferences which are
    >vital in present. Restoring Democracy is not the issue as far as I
    >understand. What if democracy is restored tomorrow immediately? Same
    >old faces who tried to help the neighbor more than own country
    >itself will be back to power. And the process of losing the
    >independency which has been stopped temporarily through king’s move
    >will get momentum again.
    >But if Nepal and Nepalese succeeds to pause that external force for
    >some more time, its strength will be minimized. Many things can
    >happen within few years. Zest is- country first! Now, If you don’t
    >agree on this, I m open to have your opinion. If you feel that there
    >is some logic in what I have said, please forward it to as many
    >Nepalese as possible. There is nothing good happening to you within
    >24 hours or 3 days or 1 week or so forth.
    >But only God knows, long term benefits could be there.
    >Thank you

  23. Taaya:
    Right Now I could hurl the biggest/nastiest insults at you.. But this will prepetuate a cycle of nasty rethoric.
    Yes I am Hindu etc. BUT did I not say that whatever the new constitutent assembly decides do do would be okay with me? What ever the will of the people is is fine by me…

    Listen bro.. don’t just read in one post what Tayaa has said and judge me and proceed to call me a pain in the neck. I am not a Hindu fundamentalist or anything. All I was saying before is that I like our Hindu tradition and heritage. However, I mentioned to that retard Tayaa who has the memory of a flea that I would gladly accept whatever the decesion of the constituent assembly was…

  24. Lahure, you really need to learn how to have a conversation on the blog without saying silly things (like is brad pitt your boyfriend? and does the world revolve around hollywood? or something similar)–The world, especially nepali world does not revolve around hollywood or brad pitt who isn’t my boyfriend (if you really didn’t know).

    And I’ve never eaten things like dhido or whatever else you’ve mentioned there, and I am in a country where there’s excellent Dental care, so let me assure you that my breath doesn’t smell like dhido (or whatever else, I don’t even know what that is). Thanks for the concern though.

    Looking at this blog, which is about democracy in nepal, it’s funny how people can throw insults that have nothing to do with a democratic nepal. I made a comment about GPK and his getting high on oxygen (which does happen with people on oxygen), and suddenly it’s open season on insulting me. Forget about discussing democracy in Nepal, or the senile old men that are ‘political leaders,’ lets throw insults on a random poster because we can. That’s a wonderful attitude to have.

    And looking by most of the responses on this blog, I doubt very many people find GPK to be the leader that you’ve described him to be. He’s taken lots of bribes and is very corrupt (we all know this). So your’e right, he’s very stubborn, when he says he’s going to steal from the country, he is not satisfied until he steals lots of money from the country.

  25. I did not know that GPK compared to other leaders was that big of a Ghusiya, I was under the impression that it was people around himwho took advantage of him.

    Anyways, It is one thing to chastise someone for taking bribes and another for being old. My grandfather is as old as GPK, but he is wiser than anyone I know who are younger than him. It is Agism to say someone is not upto something just because they are either too young or too old.

  26. Is it really? If someone’s mind is not sharp enough then it’s completely not ok for them to take so much responsibility (like leading a country and trying to save it from spontaneous combustion).

    BBC had a news clip that said, Nepal finally had a meeting among parliament members, but the *ailing* new pm couldn’t attend.

    Ailing pm isn’t someone who can lead this country in it’s dire time of need in my opinion. But just because someone disagrees with this doesn’t mean they start disagreeing by insulting me. That shows terrible manners and a lack of education.

  27. Who said his mind is not sharp?? Did BBC mention he was ailing or he was not sharp?

    He was neither “ailing” when he was choosen to be PM but only after. Everyone gets sick, its a human frailty, as human as democracy, saying nasty things because someone is sick or old is not right and he is not-not sharp, he has been PM for five times if you still do not know that.

    If people were so against him becoming PM, as you seem as more agaist as G the K had all the ower, then people should still be in the street asking not to make a PM.

  28. I think that reasoning he’s been made PM five times so he should make a good pm now is ridiculous.

    He made a failed pm five times. How long did he last being a pm all those times. Anywhere near the 5 years it takes for a pm’s term to be over?

    So a correction to your post: he’s not 5 time pm, he’s a 5 time failed pm. There’s a huge difference between the two.

    Ailing means *deteriorating* bad health, old people ail, young people get sick–there’s awidely discernable discrepency between the two. And no, I don’t think a pm who can die any moment (because he’s deteriorating), can lead a country when it requires the most of his energy.

  29. What? whwre did you get that meaning of ailing? anyonwe can be called ailing, have you not heard of a “ailing child”??

    About Nepali people having no problem with him still stands, even more so because they want him back even after he supposedly “failed” as a PM last 5 times…take into account why he “failed” the last five times….he was under supervision of your beloved HMG then..even while he was an ardent enemy of the HMG.

  30. I don’t buy the blame game on Mr. Shah, sorry. In order for the coutnry to become a republic, a PM with deteriorating health and no energy, cannot lead the country. You can’t convince me otherwise.

    And I know what ailing means and in what context it’s used. You apprantly do not and should look it up in the dictionary. Ailing does not just mean sick, it also means troubled, and physically pained. Look up deteriorating as well, it means sicker and sicker, not just sick.

    And something you said earlier, ‘i didn’t know Girija was that big of a ghusiya.’ So it’s ok to be a small ghusiya? That’s flawed logic. It’s not ok to take even a 1 ruppee ghuse from the country that’s starving to death. That’s just my opinion though.

    You are not going to convince me that Girija didn’t take *any* ghuse whatsoever. And you’re not going to win me over with, ‘he only took a little ghuse compared to others.’ It’s not ok to take even 1 rupee ghuse from the people of Nepal in my opinion.

  31. Melissa,
    I agree there should have been a better leader. But the role of prime minister as the final decision maker is minimal in the present context. It is more of a rubber stamp right now. It really doesn’t matter who the prime minister is as long as the SPA alliance is able to bring forth the issues that are most crucial to the nation. Past actions are important but hey can we always dwell on those and forget the future? No, right? So, we should make them learn and I think this time they will learn for real. They have seen that people can die for a cause. If the leaders make a mistake again, they know they are going to have the same fate as Gyane.

  32. I give every blame on Shah’s, they put the ceiling on every aspect of the society, be it inbusiness, political or otherwise, even during the time when people were enjoying the littlle democratic freedome they had, they Shah dude saked the then PM(not ailing and may be less currupt in your terms),lokendra. They got adept at playing one party against the other and intrparty fighting, while they amassed their wealth squeezing every penny out of the poorest of the poor people of Nepal.

    I have looked up the meaning of Ailing and nowhere does it say dying and not being able to recover, nothing like terminal case.

    When you have a country where the HMG is the biggest of all Ghusiya, you have little bit of ghusiyas around, and Girija is among the littlest of most Ghusiyas, in that poisition you cannot be immune to becoming one.

    I did not say it was right to take Ghush, not even a penny, All I am saying is that in present condition, the leaders resorted to GPK and people relented, because he was either staunchiest among them to be fighting with both the MAOISTS and the Mr. Shaha, which is more important than other aspects during this change in govt.

  33. The people above here telling the masses to cool it are exactly not the people anyone in Nepal should be listening to.

    The people throwing stones in Nepal are demonstrating that they have had enuff of liars and careerists getting up on stage to fool them one more time. Better stix and stones than bullets or rope — so don’t go on about what is reasonable. I doubt you are good judges of that. Clearly a lot of people here are not really on the side of the rural masses who need to get rid of feudalism, for one thing. Too bad the Nepal farmers and laborers don’t have the Internet.

  34. laters:
    to blame the failures of Griaja Prasad on the King is just a load of horse crap. the fact remains that our political leaders f**ked up real bad period!

    Girija Babu is not expected to lead Nepal for very long. However, he needs to be there to conduct the elections to the constituent assembly… he is by far the most vocal and the strongest personality.

  35. Bhudai, dont want to go in circles, I admit political leaders are fkd up, but just admitting the prmise that, the leaders being the way they are is the result of rana-shah camp
    impeding in the proper functioning of the goverment. Even the recycling of these pundits (no pun), is a direct result of cronic bahunism
    thats served that camp in a fatalistic, stratified, self-serving manner that has left rest of the country close to being a failed state.

    I agree on what you had to say to Mellisa.

  36. Laters:
    Again whoes fault is that? It was because the democratic political leaders were so weak and too busy trying to enrich themslves that did not stand up to this Rana/Shah hegemony.
    I put the blame squarely on the political leader’s head.

    But I admit that the politics is far too bhunaized! Perhaps things will change in the future.

  37. Bhundai, right!, here is my dictum:

    The system was Bahunised to serve the crown, the god, who was with one hand giving blessings to his beloved citizens and with the other slurping forign aid, whatever came of the budget and their “business”, the fking country was literally a monopoly game for them, included in it was the goverment, tightly controlled,…it was more so before than now but all the same the system was no playing field for lassis faire, with the freaking chakadiwadi culture (forget the RNA), there was no bursting the bubble.

    Saying how come they were so weak to go against the king is like asking, how come mojouity of the Blacks in the US live in the slums and are uneducated. Its in/was the culture my friend.

    When push came to shove, that is breaking down, that is why I think kg should go and slowly new political culture should follow.

  38. In order to address the hundreds of years of discrimination and marginalization of the indigenous population I propose a quota system for government services and entry in to government funded higher educational institutions based proportionately on the population of a particular ethnic group. However the total seats reserved on a quota basis should not exceed 30% of the total government jobs and seats available in educational institutions. Any seats based on the quota system that goes vacant can be opened up for general competition.

    I know the quota system has it’s drawbacks-but it’s effectiveness in addressing the imbalance in ethnic representation cannot be disputed.

  39. That’s a much better explanation B. Pundit, and I agree with you there. Blaming the dysfunction of the political parties on the Rana/Shah won’t achieve anything, but acknowledging that the political parties were indeed guilty of mass corruption–all the while, realizing that we need a pm who’s strong, vocally–achieves much more.

    Kirat, the quota system sounds like a kind of affirmative action and I’d definitely agree with that.

  40. Melissa, that’s what it is. By the way has it been withdrawn in the US now?

  41. It’s still working in the US, and in Canada as well (though Canadians aren’t angry with it, like some Americans).

    It ensures that public universities, jobs etc have people of all races/cultures, and also works in equalizing (is a word?) gender distribution in the work/education field. Both are needed in Nepal.

  42. INDIA HAS made the MAOBADI and the SPA come together in India in NOV 05 to plan the agitation against the King on the promptings of a set of CORRUPT INDIAN LEFTISTs and CATHOLICs (Sonia Gandhi and gang) politicians. Emotions has been raised by India backed group against the King as if once he goes Nepal will become Heaven. These corrupt Indian politicians want to have a corrupt system in Nepal also through their puppets (Sitaram Yechury, MAOBADI, SPA)Corruption is endemic in India. Violence is endemic in India. Only because of big size India manages to go on.

    BEFORE WE THINK OF CONSTITUTION first we need to make sure that the MAOBADI are made to Account for the 13000 people they have killed.
    It would be naivety of the highest order to think these killers will allow free voting to the Constituent Assembly.

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