King Renounces, All Eyes on SPA

By Deepak Adhikari

Midnight Celebrations: People in Anamnagar after the address Pic by Bijay Kumar Son

When at the middle of the night, people started sloganeering in Ghattekulo area, I awoke, thinking that it was just another protest for democracy. But, lo and behold, it was a celebration of people’s power; they were enthralled by what they have achieved. The euphoria and excitement was all around. They were shouting “Yo Jit Kasko Janatako” (This is people’s victory). They chanted: “Hamro andolan jari cha (The movement goes on). Sambidhan sabha banki cha (Election of CA is yet to be held). Bir saheed amar rahun (Long live the martys).”

The king, through a televised address, restored the House of Representative almost after four years of its dissolution in May 2002. When the announcement came at 11:30 PM, most of the country was in slumber. It took around two hundred residents of that area to inform me about king’s renunciation. I thought, this would herald a new beginning.

Today’s The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur are published with People Power Wins in red bold letters accompanied by pictures of rhondondendron, signaling a new beginning. Our colleague in Nepal Magazine has called the ongoing movement “Rhondondendron Revolution,” hinting at the bloom of the flower in the spring season.

At the moment, SPA leaders are holding meeting to respond the announcement. UML General Secretary Madhav Nepal said that the peaceful demonstration would continue unless the election of Constituent Assembly is held.

The SPA’s final pretests as well as the general strike have been called off. This morning, people in the street looked relaxed. The scattered brick and half-burnt logs of the road were already clean. People’s countenances were glowing with enthusiasm and rapture. They have voluntarily borne 19 days of suffering when the nation went to the standstill. Protesters were preparing for toady’s protests in and around Ring road. But, the situation has taken U-turn.

Now, all eyes are on SPA leaders. People’s power has bestowed them a second chance to build a new Nepal from the ruins. Such historical opportunities are very rare. And, if they can not act in accordance with people’s sentiment, time will not give them many a chance. So, this is time to act. And, they should act with caution in each step. They should not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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83 thoughts on “King Renounces, All Eyes on SPA

  1. It now proves that King has shown some responsibility and is more resposible than all these maoists or SPA.

  2. I don’t call this a renouncement. It’s just a refreshment break. Watch out guys!

  3. UML General Secretary Madhav Nepal said that the peaceful demonstration would continue unless the election of Constituent Assembly is held.

    is that so ?

  4. i am not sure what exactly what we have achieved with this address? after all it paves way for corrupt leaders once again to show their heads? people, are we convinced enough political parites would work together for constituent assemble and permanent decease of royal rule?? if not fight on and fight agiant these corrupt so called leaders

  5. Susie:
    After these protests I think the political parties have realized their mistakes. In fact Girija admitted that he made mistakes in the past. Unfornunetly we don’t have younger leaders with a clean slate. In fact right now no one has a clean slate. So for the time being we have to suck it up and deal with Girija et al. So long as we have a democratic system we can always change leaders …

  6. hahaha…what r u saying ?….this cant bring to an end the royal rule…not at all….now its fixed…no one will be able to remove the royal rule….the most parties will do is form a gov. and have election….they wont be able to have election for CA coz this constitution doesnt permit them to do so….

  7. response1:
    How so? The King dissolved parliment, prematurely and unconstitutionaly took executive power. He then appointed a cabinate full of his cronies with terrible past records. He increased the Royal budget and went off on expensive trips to Africa. He made no attempt to reach out to the Maoist and polorized the country….. RESPONSIBLE? Let me know which dictionary you are using… they must have a very differnt definition of responsibility then the rest of us understands.

  8. sr:
    why doesn’t the constitution allow elections for CA? I don’t understand.

  9. everyone seems to be so confused….guys tell me how can u have elections for CA through this constitution?….there is no place for it..and people are talking about dethroning the king…how????… the parties have to follow this constitution since the HoR has been reinstated…..and multi party democracy and constitutional monarchy is permanent according to our constitution…for the election of CA to happen the king should give them power and now the SPA does not have that power they just are saying that but its false…everyone knows….and reinstating the HoR has deepened the crisis…..

  10. it allows. Just it will need an approval of the king. So it will be up to the leader how they are going to handle the situation.

    by the way on a very different topic, I have just found out that according to the constitution we can’t send Raja G to exile .

    Article 21 Right against Exile
    No citizen shall be exiled.

  11. But can the HoR decied to dissolve and have an election to CA while an interm govt. oversees the process. Then the CA will write a new constitution?

  12. Yes,

    But I believe a 2/3 majority in parliament can lead to a CA elections. We just have to wait and see.

  13. are the King, cabinet and higher-ups in police/army going to be held accountable for their crimes against the people (illegal ‘shoot-on-sight’ orders, unlawful detentions, disappearances) and pilfering of the national treasury/NRB?

  14. well guys if u a have a book of constitution of nepal 2047 plz read it…it is written that 2/3 majority of parliament can change the clauses in the constitution except the multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy which are permanent and should be presented before the king who approves it…so how can u have election for CA through that constitution to make another constitution….see even this revival of HoR is unconstitutional coz u wont find any where in the constitution that the dissolved HOR can be revived…but it is a political decision not a constitutional ..dont get confused about it…and so the election of CA should also be politically decided without following the constitution 2047 coz if u follow it then u will never end up geting to CA…

  15. Since the House of representative was revived on the strength of the janaandolan, I think CA could be held along the same line +2/3 majority of the house.

  16. I have constitution here with me and I am reading it. Couple of very interesting things I have discovered actually. If you wanna go through constitution and if you wanna give Raja a blow on his nuts, you need a parliament. Ofcourse you can’t pass any bill because it requires the final Royal Seal to become a law and you can’t call for any election without Raja’s approval. So what are the chanches ? Read this :

    Article 117 Constitutional Council

    (1) There shall be a Constitutional Council, for making recommendations in accordance with this Constitution for appointment of officials to Constitutional Bodies, which shall consist of the following as Chairman and members:
    (a) the Prime Minister Chairman;
    (b) the Chief Justice Member;
    (c) the Speaker of the House of Representatives Member;
    (d) the Chairman of the National Assembly Member; and
    (e) the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives Member.
    (2) For the purpose of recommendation of an appointment of the Chief Justice, the Constitutional Council shall include among its members the Minister of Justice and a Judge of the Supreme Court.
    (3) The functions, duties and powers of the Constitutional Council shall be as determined by this Constitution and other laws.
    (4) The Constitutional Council constituted pursuant to clause (1) shall have the power to regulate its working procedures on its own.

    Did it make any sense ? I think this is what SPA is after, supporting everything in the parliament by majority, establish this body. make some changes , or atleast a change which gives the parliament to call for CA election. That is the only way.

  17. By the way will the Parliament members claim the salary for al these years the house was dissolved????

  18. To: The guy named “Replytoall”

    You have a half steel-half wooden stick. The steel part is fully red-hot. the cold wooden part is completely inside King’s arse.” This is exactly your situation too, ‘replytoall’ Think on it and you will have a good laugh tomorrow when you fully understand the rant.

  19. guys, i am still not convinced whether we have made major political breakthrough, hope SPA leaders would not ditch peoples’ aspiration for republic nepal after these are same old rooten heads nepalese have gone through and through…

  20. say what you want…. but it never was the king who was responsible for disolving the parliament……

    SHER BAHADUR DEUBA…. was the one who was behind the dissolved parliament and u people still see him as a leader or DEMOCRATIC voice..

  21. RSS,

    That would still be less than 60 million dollars the royal palce spends a year. I am not supporting the perk though


    i dont understand what u say…anyways… girijas hot rod is right inside urs arse… now that is straight and i hope u understand it as soon as u see this post….

  23. Replytoall is back,

    I was sad because without jackass like you, this blog is boring. U R the whipping boy. Is your mama OK now? She should not have vandalized the kitchen out of rage. Afterall babies are babies. They cry for moon. Now listen to your mama, be a nice boy and go do your homework. Your kinder Garten shcool will open next weel.… blabbering, salivating, salve of king G.

  24. people, have you ever realized that our constitution is not that bad at all ? Just some conflict between Royals and RNA, otherwise it is pretty neat. We should copy and paste everything in the new constitution, except Royal power ofcourse : ))))

  25. Now time to work not to quarrel. It is good news that country is saved from the very dangerous dark disaster. This announcement is very fruitful but all should think how to use it. Otherwise dangerous autocracy will definately born and people have to face more bloodshed and pain to revive it.

  26. i guess SPA is having meeting @ girija’s residence at this moment. I know for sure they would welcome kG’s offer any way..without clear thoughts on CA I would say once again present movement did not yield anything other than innocent lives of people ..

  27. this constitution is the best for the selected ones “aristocrats,hindus,male,bahuns and chettris,..”
    but this has not addressed issues abt janajati,dalit,madheses,female…
    everybody knows the constitution of 2046 came as samjauta..
    this time there will be no compromise.
    btw why people are so afraid of change??
    there isn’t anything as permanent.
    “times change and we change with them too”

  28. Taaya ,
    what gave you an impression that the current constitution is only for aristocrats, hindus, male, bahuns and chettris,.. ?

    Soon we will have new constitution, but still would be good to know

  29. Just for Taaya :
    Article 2 The Nation
    Having common aspirations and united by a bond of allegiance to national independence and integrity of Nepal, the Nepalese people irrespective of religion, race, caste or tribe, collectively constitute the nation.

    Article 11 Right to Equality

    (1) All citizens shall be equal before the law. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws.
    (2) No discrimination shall be made against any citizen in the application of general laws on grounds of religion (dharma), race (varya), sex (li_ga), caste (jât), tribe (jâti) or ideological conviction (vaicârik) or any of these.
    (3) The State shall not discriminate among citizens on grounds of religion, race, sex, caste, tribe, or ideological conviction or any of these. Provided that special provisions may be made by law for the protection and advancement of the interests of women, children, the aged or those who are physically or mentally incapacitated or those who belong to a class which is economically, socially or educationally backward.
    (4) No person shall, on the basis of caste, be discriminated against as untouchable, be denied access to any public place, or be deprived of the use of public utilities. Any contravention of this provision shall be punishable by law.
    (5) No discrimination in regard to remuneration shall be made between men and women for the same work.

  30. hey gus,
    congratulations to all freedom fighters and rest as well since we have come to the starting point for was not the SPA not Maoists and not the international forces but the power of people that defeated gyanenedra(more struggle is yet to be fought).

    this janaandolan has answered so many questions and resolved so many issues.

    Royalists–how they roared that people cannot come for their rights.

    cynics–who only saw tires burnt and chaos but not the beauty of synergetic wave that has brought this beautiful result.

    international community–who thought us poor helpless people and pitied us and told us to reconcile forsaking our dreams to save our lives.
    we nepali people are strong enough to declare our own demands and to set our destiny.
    u india and US can help but stop directing.

    this is the time that nepali people have awoken to set their destiny.
    people led even the leaders.
    this janandolan will be a point of our history where we will proudly recall our power and draw energy .
    our future generations will be proud of this and have their dreams and courage strenghtened.

    this is a challenge and threat to gyanendra, to international community, to maoists or any autocracy —please donot try to suppress nepali people .they have the power to stand for themselves.

    when fear is overcome by dreams nothing can stop.

  31. Laligurans Revolution to you all Hai!

    My My my we are devided arn’t we. My bro’s and sis LEt me say, down with Monarchy,his parasites and everyone who begs to differ with the wishes and aspirations of the people who marched on the streets to bring us this moment. We still certainly have doubts about our politicians and of course the king. But, lets face it, king is no longer the symbol of our unity, the past few days of protests against the king all accross our country is a proof of that.He has failed. The people have spoken, now i believe is the time to search and create a new symbol of unity, not cling to something that is useless and dangerous! Lets march a head togeather.
    Laligurans Revolution jinda badh!

  32. thank u glade for the information.
    i am simply a young engineer not a gyata so i donot know all these things.
    these lines are sweet .
    diversity is the major attribute of this nation.
    so simply a line or paragraph is not going to solve.
    but we need serious and solid laws and programs and systems for this.

    i have to accept that i am still naive abt all these constitution and law issues.
    but i see and hear the discrimination going on.
    even to this day women are fighting for their citizen rights and property rights(how irrational).
    dalits are barred to enter their own temples(how barbaric)
    and this hindu kingdom!!!!so many problems are tangled in this issue ..
    glade, i expect u to put more light on this.

  33. ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ??????? ??? ??????
    ……………….??? ?????? ??????

  34. This is not the end. Yet a long path to travel to reach the destination. Constituent Assembly, Reformation of the Nation, Ethnic Autonomy, etc. etc.

  35. taaya, let us save the discussion about discrimination for later, it doesn’t matter right now if Nepal will be Hindu Republic or just Nepal, the most important thing is to deal with Raja and all his men. I really wish that our politicians should address all those constitutional complications, rather than just brushing it off. It is very frustrating. I really hope that they will make their plans public very soon before the patience of people would run out. And we expect same from Mao comrades.

  36. glade, taaya,

    remember those are just words though-and people power is needed to see them in action. Can be done!

  37. We got what we wanted (monarchy??) but it was extremely expensive….costed life of 14 people and many injured, many handicapped. Parliament is revived, this is the first ray of hope, but the activities of SPA must be closely monitered and maneuvered so that they don’t go astray once again. People must be on high alert till the constitutional assembly.
    Still need to wait and see Maoist reaction….I highly condemned their attack at Sindhupalchowk…They must stop their voilence.

  38. glade,
    again i have to defend myself for not trying to deviate the real issue.
    i also want to attack monarchy now with all energy. but when some of u again say abt going to the same constitution, defending for hindu nation, i am frightened- are we(janajatis,mahila,dalits,madheshes..) again going to be deceived???
    is this war only against gyanendra,isn’t it against totalitarian itself?
    why do u forget if we address such issues major maoist problem is solved?
    or am i right to be suspicious of u guys who just back off when this issue of hindu kingdom is raised?
    how can i be deviating this struggle against autocracy when i raise my voice for secular nation?
    and why can’t u support secular Nepal?
    i am really confused.

  39. I read the article by Baburam Bhattarai in Kantipur and it doesn’t look good. If the Maoists dont disarm themselves after this, they will be the biggest culprits in the history of Nepal ( not that they aren’t already). And, the soul of the 14000 + 14 that have died in the protest will never forgive them. I know I am sounding desperate, but so is every other Nepali.

    The link

  40. The King most be jailed as Fujimori, he is nothing but a criminal. He most be penalized for the crime he committed.

    But how? The SPA or Maoist, who will do it?

  41. SPA meeting Tuesday morning at the House of Shashank decides that old Girirja is again PM.This parliament should abide by the decsion of the masses of the revolution.So what these leadres will do, we have to wait and see.Ther eis no alternative.

    They will wear Daruwa Suruwal and go to the King to take the oath and they offer ASHARPI to have a darshan of the King.

    I am little disappointed because I feel that these leaders may not handle the situation according to the mandate given by the revoltuion.If they behave more like a pro-King, then ther would be need of another revolution.

  42. Freedom is not a privilege it’s a basic human right and if any individual or group denies you of this right, then you have to ask for it. If you don’t get it back simply by asking for it, you’ve to fight for it. Nepali people asked for it politely which was ignored but just got their freedom back by fighting for it!

  43. REALITY TV::

    one thing i dont get is how is me a SLAVE…. anyways i aint bother to explain about my beliefs…

    now the main thing u was sad where i was gone. wanna know. i was in your backyard doing ur muhma. and a song was playing in the background..britney spears… i am slave for you…..

  44. well kirat, i prefer to get confused and learn than sit there as an arrogant nerd.
    what age are u that u have surpassed all your confusions. it seems that u have got the enlightenment.

  45. Hope these SPA leaders have done thorough self evaluation and have realized their mistakes. PM should take oath in front of the people who were on the street staking their life for this or infront of matyrs who died for this rather than in front of KG.

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