In Defense of Democracy

UWB received this write up in comment section by the name of apples and oranges. But, we thought it deserves a different space here

Sometimes unnecessary debates come into existence because we fail to
distinguish between the ‘political system’ and ‘individual leaders.’ What
the people are calling for right now is a democratic political system.
They are not fighting to choose between Gyanendra and Girija or Madhav
Nepal. They are basically making it clear that they do not want a
dictatorship of the king (by all definitions, an absolute monarchy is
simply a dictatorship–but a much more entrenched kind than other types of
dictatorship). If we are clear on the distinction between ‘system’ and
‘individual leaders’ then the question of whether we need a hereditary
ruler or not (whether absolute or ceremonial) is almost irrelevant. A
serious flaw in reasoning on the part of critics intent on discrediting
the democratic system in Nepal is that they deliberately equate individual
political leaders to democracy itself. And often we ordinary citizens also
make the same mistake in reasoning and end up repeating the flawed
arguments of such democracy critics.

Nature is probabilistic and not deterministic–so we can never expect any
system to deliver flawless results. The same goes for democracy; as there
are so many factors that affect outcomes and since we cannot say for sure
whether the individuals leading the system will be good or bad, we cannot
for sure say whether the system will always deliver the desired results.
And in the past, our experiment with democracy has indeed yielded many
undesirable outcomes (along with many desirable outcomes as well, by the
way). But this in no way indicates that a dictatorship (monarchy, in our
case) is a better option for us.

First, it would be simply illogical to argue that the failure of democracy automatically shows that a dictatorship is better. Second, people showing sympathy for dictatorship
implicitly assume that the dictatorship will be a benevolent one and end
up contrasting this imagined benevolent dictatorship with a corrupt
democracy. This is equivalent to comparing apples and oranges. If we want
to discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of these different
systems of government, it is illogical to compare a benevolent
dictatorship with a corrupt democracy. It only makes sense to compare a
benevolent dictatorship with a well-functioning democracy or a tyrannical
dictatorship with a corrupt democracy. And I am sure that in both cases an
impartial judge would inevitably select the same winner–democracy! After
all, if you look at the years since 1990, no one in the country has
plundered and looted the state treasury as much as our beloved monarch
(both by manipulating the laws–by making his salary many times higher
than that of any other head of state in the world; and illegally–I won’t
get into the details for now) who shamelessly talks about corrupt and greedy

As for whether we need a head of state other than the Prime Minister–this
question is relevant only because we have decided upon a parliamentary
system rather than a presidential system. So, the issue is not whether or
not we should have a head of state. Rather the question is: what kind of
head of state do we need? Do we want a head of state who is answerable to
the people or do we want to make the position of head of state the
private property of a family? Do we want a head of state to be chosen from
among competent contenders or do we want use ancestry as the sole criterion
for choosing him/her? Do we want a head of state who is obligated to
follow the laws of the country like any other citizen or do we want a
head of state who is above the law? Again, I think any reasonable person
will choose the first option. There is absolutely no reason why a
hereditary head of state is needed to put reasonable checks on the elected
government. That, in fact, would be extremely dangerous (as we have seen a
number of times in Nepal)–especially if the armed forces were answerable
to the head of state only.

What we must keep in mind is that the most
effective way to put checks on the executive branch of the government
(e.g. the cabinet) is by making the other two branches–Legislative, and
Judicial–also strong. And all strong democracies subscribe to this
approach to checks and balances. And, in general, it works well (again, I
say in general because the world is not deterministic). I really don’t
know the assumptions behind saying, “…at least today, we can still
come out on the streets and protest.” But I certainly hope it doesn’t
imply that we can protest because of the merits or benevolence of
Gyanendra’s system–the right to protest this way is a result of the 1990
people’s movement and not because of Gyanendra’s goodwill (in fact, his
system has imposed curfews and other draconian measures to prevent people
from exercising this right). So we can rest assured that a democratic
system where people’s representatives run the government will definitely
be a better option (even if it will have many defects).

Uncertainties make us nervous; the greatest fear is the fear of the
unknown. And, so it is natural for us to cling to the past at times
even when we know deep down that the past was not really glorious in any
way. But in the process of dealing with future uncertainties, let us not
make the mistake of imagining that we still need elements of a dictatorial
system to make Nepal a better place. It is also important to realize that
for a long time the supporters of such system had been able to get many
people to buy into the myth that the monarchy was a unifying force for
all Nepalis; but since the myth has now been completely shattered, there
really can be no further argument in favor of this anachronistic
institution. And, if some of us still find it difficult to get rid of
attachments with that discredited past, try doing the following: imagine a
throne on top of a pile of money that belongs to the people; imagine it is
made of gold and diamonds; and then picture Paras sitting on it with a
cynical grin!

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91 thoughts on “In Defense of Democracy

  1. There is one chain email i received. I thought it is good one, since i don’t your email id i am putting it here. Its long but read it.

    Sub-for the sake for nepal

    Dear All,
    Saw this movie ”Rang de Basanti”. It may sound funny but sincerely, after childhood days, for the first time I really got inspired by a movie. I really started to think about Nepal and the political crisis continuing. Lack of interest in country’s system and adequate patriotism prevails in Nepal too, I felt that. That doesn’t imply that the solution is to kill someone as shown in the movie. I tried to see within myself, what is my contribution? Found its ok, I am studying and becoming a manpower for the nation. But went through the news from Nepal and this time I could not satisfy myself. Going regular is not enough; felt that. It’s high time for each of us to try to do something more than the regular! On the process, what can I do at most now, I found I can share my understanding of the crisis to my friends and then forward it to maximum Nepalese as far as possible. There might be various view points on that between us. This is one amongst them. PLZ READ IT ONCE. GIVE A SECOND THOUGHT ON THAT. AND IF YOU DONT AGREE, IT’S YOUR RIGHT NOT TO . BUT I BELEIVE MANY OF YOU WHO’LL READ THIS MAIL WILL CERTAINLY GET CLEAR ABOUT MANY THINGS. And in due course, I’d be grateful to get your opinions as well. This way we can interact and start to think about the country more seriously. UNTIL AND UNLESS WE START A STEP, NO THING BIG WOULD BE ACHIEVABLE. Believing on this, I am sharing my opinion.

    “As we see the situation in Nepal, anyone would think that the problem lies between the King, seven Political parties, and Maoists. And why? What each of them wants? We’d find answers for that also. One may say political parties want full-fledged democracy. Similarly Maoists want the communism, and King wants to reestablish Panchayat or something like that in other form. It may sound weird to you at first, but I see this crisis in completely other way. This is not any kind of conflict between Nepalese themselves. This is something between India and Nepal. It’s a grand and interesting game. At the same time, highly challenging
    for both the states.

    Every one of us knows the Indian approach of trying to dominate others, especially the neighboring countries. Defense and foreign affairs related decisions of Bhutan are directly handled by India. Nothing new about it, right? Which country in the SAARC except Bhutan is happy with India? Forget SAARC, what about other neighbors? China? Burma? Mentioning these issues just to rethink on India’s foreign policies!
    Now let us go to what’s there between India and Nepal? Care to see it thru big brother’s side.

    India’s average economic growth rate has reached around 7.5% which is one of the best in world today. India is second largest market in the world in terms of population. Foreigners are seeing China and India as the new markets of this age and investing here rapidly. Bottom line is- India is developing. But how long people will invest in India if basic infrastructure is not there? How much investments would be there in Agricultural industry if outsiders don’t see basic irrigation facilities in the field? In other way, when other area is developing,
    what about large Indian farmer population? When they’ll prosper if irrigation is not there? And most importantly, energy is vital for all development- industries, technology and everything. India is not capable of producing the required amount. India has successfully taken control over Bhutan’s energy resources and already started to have the benefit. Bhutan is also getting something out of it but in cost of sovereignty.

    Now comes Nepal’s part. Nepal is second richest in water resource having potential of large amount of energy. Enough energy to cater India’s energy need for industrialization and irrigation and clean drinking water for eastern India (perhaps more than that). For that, India can have straight business deals with Nepal. Take it if u want, but please pay. But no! India wants all those in the way they got from Bhutan. They want to have total control in any hydro projects that’ll be build in Nepal. They want to give us something out of it- lot less
    value than what we deserve. Since history India has been trying for this and as it was obvious for them to get refusal. In the mean time, foreigners wanted to invest in Hydro projects in Nepal. But India always fumed and fretted for any manipulation in rivers will lead to flood in India. So, all the big projects were cancelled.

    India didn’t stop. They wanted to get the resources according to their desire. When Nepal refused, they came into games with long vision. What I interpret the game could possibly be as such-

    Change the non cooperative government of Nepal. Keep people in power that will be ready to sell the resources of the country fro some money. And if required, will be ready to sell the whole country. India knew that until and unless royal family is in power, it’s not possible. This is because for the royals, Nepal is the only place in the world where they will get highest degree of respects and they’d never sell the country. For that, India played the key role to instill democracy in 2046 and implant corrupted people in the government. According to the plan, some leaders of ours sold out rivers and lands during the 15 years. That we all
    Now India could not depend only on those dogs. For that, how to make Nepal completely helpless in shortest period? So that Nepal will come down on the ground with knees. There won’t be any other option remaining for Nepal and finally turn towards India and beg them to utilize our own resources, and give some riots two feed Nepalese twice a day. Attack on the source of economy was the simplest route towards Nepal’s bring down. And then something happened out of blues. Maoists were born in western Nepal which is the hub of ayurvedic medicine and one of Nepal’s major exports. The area is still under Maoists control
    and no one knows how much of yarshagumba is smuggled from there every
    year. Country’s revenue is going in vain. And let us recall, it was Girija’s tenure and whole Nepal knows how Maoists flourished in no time. Besides that, major objective of giving birth to Maoistswas to attack the spinal of Nepal’s economy- tourism. And things happened accordingly. Nepal broke and got trapped into the crisis we r seeing today.
    Now please don’t doubt on who gave birth to Maoists. India was the first to call Maoists as terrorists when Nepal government was still calling it as insurgents. After that, US hit listed Maoists of Nepal in top ten among the world terrorists. Nepal government never called them terrorists those days. And in many cases, we have seen Maoists leader making rounds to Delhi in the same fashion as Girija and his daughter. The recent meeting between the parties and Maoists leaders occurred in Delhi. How could India arrange the facility when Maoists are terrorists? Do they want to send a message that Lashkar-e-taiba should be entertained by governments of various nations? And surprisingly, nowadays Indian media do not right the word “terrorists” for Nepalese Maoists. The respected word given by them these days is ” Nepal rebel”. This is all happening because of the slavish mentality India possesses due to 200 years of British rule.

    Anyway, now let us come to the major issue. After knowing all these, I m not in a condition to agree that the dispute in Nepal is for democracy. What I believe is it is for nationality. It is for saving the nation. It is for raising the nation with what we have. It is for replying back to all those who try to play with us. Now, it’s up to your intellect to identify who is working for what. What King is doing, parties are doing, and Maoists are doing.
    It’ll be a very appreciable opinion if you say what those pancheys are doing again here? We should not forget that democracy is nature’s law. When you are born, you come along with your freedom. No force can stop u for that.

    Let’s see the cause and what’s happening around. Democracy within the boundary is so important? Or democracy in a country will be there when a country will b there? Let all Nepalese get together and stop the external force for some time when Nepal will try to lift up in a position from where no force would be able to bring it down. Democracy is always there. When Nepalese can change the government in 2046, same Nepalese can change the government again in 2066. And if required,
    forever free Nepalese could change the system around the world. We don’t have to doubt in our capability. But the current need is not “restore democracy” as India is saying. Current need for each and every Nepali is to “save and raise the nation”. When US envoy to India made one statement related to India’s internal politics last week, whole India shouted back to the ambassador. This is something good we need to learn from Indians. When India, and other far away nations are
    repeatedly trying to interfere our internal matter, our corrupted media (do I have to name the media which have bosses of Non Nepalese origins?
    Or u find it yourself) is not tired of singing their songs everyday.These Medias are responsible for creating a pessimistic environment in the nation. People are not protesting those external interferences which are vital in present. Restoring democracy is not the issue as far as I understand. What if democracy is restored tomorrow immediately? Same old faces who tried to help the neighbor more than own country itself will be back to power. And the process of losing the nation’s
    independency which has been stopped temporarily through king’s move will get momentum again.But if Nepal and Nepalese succeeds to pause that external force for some more time, its strength will be minimized. Many things can happen within few years. Zest is- country first! Now, If you don’t agree on this, I m open to have your opinion. If you feel that there is some logic in what I have said, please forward it to as many Nepalese as possible. There is nothing good happening to you within 24 hours or 3 days or 1 week or so forth. But only God knows, long term benefits could be there.

    Thank you.

  2. Taaya, With that silly reply of yours I fully understand where you’re coming from now. Thanks!

  3. BetterNepal
    if this is your view, its outdated ! Bashing India does not help iliminate our weakness and would not help quell the on going agitation, either.

  4. soulsearching,
    why do u demonstrate your sick mental health by posting such comments.
    u MCP , when u hear abt sharing, nothing comes to your mind but sharing bed….u sick!
    please keep your sick thoughts with yourself.
    i have not heard abt sharing beds in communism ,but people have not forgotten namita-sumita scandal and paras is a living example of all that sharing stuff.
    and hey UWB, what is this u moderate my simple comments and allow such disgusting comment.

  5. ‘With that silly reply of yours I fully understand where you’re coming from now. ‘

    kirat, can u please explain it???

  6. I appreciate the article, “defending Democracy” presented in a very logical way. To make the democracy work in a country like ours, I emphasise on following points as the foundation to begin with:
    1. Internal democracy in the parties and transparency in their financial transactions
    2. Powerful, independent, and impartial judiciary, election commision and corruption control watchdog
    As soon as democracy is restored now: I suggest the following.
    1. Political party should not go to the interim govenment now, instead they should recommend persons from civic societies who are commited to democracy, civil rights and have a unquestionable clean image.
    2. Interim govenment from the civic society: suggested names for example: Daman Nath Dhungana, Dr. Deventra Pandey, Malla K:. Sunder, Krishna Pahadi, Dr. Sunder Mani Dixit, Manjushri Thapa, Kasnak mai Dixit, Shyam shrestha, Sambhu Thapa, Laxman Aryal etc.
    3. Seven parties if possible including Maoist should form an advisory council to guide the government in a non partisan way and to formulate non-partisan policies.
    4. Parties should go to the power only after election and reputed civic society members should be the part of advisory council to guite and advise the parties and elected government.
    If you like it I may come with more suggestions:

  7. This time I’ve got something different than the mundane topic of aandolan and politics. I think it might work as a refresher for those who are fed up with these humdrum discussions.
    Guess what, I’ve got synopsis of the movie ‘Lion-King III: A tale of Shangri-La’
    Most of you must have heard and some of u might’ve already watched first two versions of the animated film. But I’m sure none of you are aware of the trilogy. They’ve already finished the third sequel but due to some controversy, movie isn’t out yet. Well, I happened to watch the movie in my village; a ‘kuire’ who was one of the playbacks in the movie showed me the whole film. The movie, unlike previous versions that were based on Africa’s jungle, is based on a Himalayan kingdom-‘Shangri-La’ so it might be another interesting part.

    Gyan-sagar: the ‘lion-king’, hero (or villain? u decide)
    Sheep: Commoners of the kingdom
    Foxes: Leaders appointed by the sheep
    Wolves: The magickal werewolves rising from sheep; rebels of the kingdom
    Hyenas: Assistants/cronies and aide of Gyan-sagar
    Dogs: general guards for maintaining law/order
    Hounds: Royal guards
    Dan-Bir: brother of Gyansagar
    Deep-jyoti: nephew of Gyansagar

    Gyan-sagar and Dan-Bir were the two sons of Maha-sagar, an influential king of his time. After MAha-sagar died, Dan-Bir ascended the throne but being unable to handle unrest in the kingdom, he abdicated and conveyed his authority to the foxes. But these foxes turned out to be more incompetent. They showed a complete apathy towards the sheep, and spent their whole time making ploys, squandering the kingdom’s assets for self-luxury and involving in treacherous dealing with other kingdoms. Now the sheep started to die of hunger while foxes were busy in frivolous activities. The rulers of other kingdoms- Buffy the black and Chimpy the brown decided to avail of the situation.
    Chimpy the brown sent a wizard to Shangri-La and using his spell, the wizard turned some sheep into wolves. These werewolves appeared sheep in the day but at the night they changed into wolves. Also, they acquired a power to turn any susceptible sheep into wolf. The wolves now began preaching about wrongdoing of the foxes and summoned the sheep to be on their side. The foxes fearing a revolt, deployed large number of dogs to the area but these dogs instead of saving sheep from wolves, began to feed on sheep and ravishing the ewes. So the sheep, filled with deep vengeance, became more liable of getting influenced by the werewolves. Gradually, these wolves were able to gain control over a quarter of the kingdom’s territory. These wolves started effacing all the junior foxes (devotee of the clergy foxes) from their area and sheep also initially hailed them. But slowly the sheep began to realize that most of these werewolves were wicked and composed such bloodshed for their own benefit. But, it was too late to realize and the sheep had no choice but to either turn into wolves or if not (if they could)- tolerate and keep quiet. The werewolves now started killing the innocent dogs, sheep and even good-natured foxes. But they still had the power to turn a sheep into werewolves because sheep were very gullible and thus susceptible.
    The clergy foxes in the fort now asked Dan-Bir to deploy hounds, as dogs were unable to combat the wolves. Dan-bir, realizing that these wolves were also a part of his kingdom, rejected the request. The foxes became hopeless now.
    Now, Gyan-sagar who was ever ambitious like his father could not remain just a bystander. During his teenage he had visited all the territories of his kingdom with his brother. He had an instinct to do something for the kingdom, though his intentions were never good. He asked his brother to seize the power back but the Dan-bir, man of principles wouldn’t concur. He then made a murkiest ploy; first he filled ears of Dip-sagar, son of Dan-bir against his own father and then seduced him to arrange a scheme so that he would finish the royal pride and be a king himself. The foolish Dip-sagar agreed. Dip-sagar with the help of royal hounds and hyenas was able to perform as per scheme but before he could get happy/sad by his deed, the evil uncle pounded him from the back and tore him into pieces.
    The next day, it was spread all over the kingdom that Dip-sagar, in a fit of madness, killed his family and later jumped from the Priderock in regret.
    (To be continued……………………………………………)

  8. Hi Better Nepal
    You are dishouring the desire of democracy fighter
    by labelling them Indian agent.
    In a way you are supporting the most corrupt govt
    in the history of Nepal.
    As far as you are citing the reference that India wants
    puppet govt in Nepal for irrigation and electricity
    you must know you can not stop water flowing to India
    so why shoul Indian worry about that.
    For electricity there is misconception among us.
    We have about 82000 Mega Watt Capicity that is far below the demand of India. Only Bombay needs 200000
    Mega watt. Having said that I agree with your point
    that India plays in Nepal. But, that is up to us.
    We have to be strong enough to protest against such thing.
    But for the sake of democracy don’t try to betray
    democracy loving people.

  9. to make this aandolan successful i think some of the seven party leaders should die.if say giraja and madhav dies in the protest,then there will be immense pressure on Gyane.He will be forced to give up.He will have to leave the country.i think death of 2 people is better than killing lot more.

  10. kirat,
    why no explanation.
    btw why do u enjoy so much calling other stupid , idiot and silly. why do u always act MR. KNOW ALL and MR. ALWAYS RIGHT.
    u call others silly but this time u r sillier than the silliest sher bdr deuba. he also recognized conspiracy after kings proclamation and u left there hoping to utilize the chance.
    hehe…….u sure have logic but u miss big picture. ( i knew it when u fantasized king gyanendra is leading maoists)

  11. Intersting prophecy reagarding Nepali King: They say we will have 10 kings (Pusta)of Shahs. Let’s have a look at the list:

    1. Prithvi Narayan Shah (1768–1775)
    2. Pratap Singh Shah (1775–1777)
    3. Rana Bahadur Shah (1777–1799)
    4. Girvan Yudha Bikram Shah (1799–1816)
    5. Rajendra Bikram Shah (1816–1847)
    6. Surendra Bikram Shah (1847–1881)
    a. Trailokya Bir Bikram
    7. Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah (1881–1911)
    8. Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah (1911–1955)
    9. Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah (1956–1972)
    10. Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (1972–2001)
    b. Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (2001) three days, incapacitated
    c. Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (2001–present)

    The two Trailoya and Deependra died before they were coronated (Rajyavisek in Nepali, the official cermony or procedure of installing a king). Gyanendra is still waiting for this. Without CORONATION, a king is not considered a king officially. It is like being a Prime Minister without offical oath or ‘sworn in cermony’.

    And the Nepali Janata is making sure that he would not get this opportunity.

    That means the prophecy is going to materialize.

    Even if people consider Gyane as a king, the prophecy still holds true, why? Because Gyane is brother of Birendra and so he alos belongs to the same PUSTA as Birendra, the 10th.

    Folks, based on this prophecy, the end of Nepali kings are here. We think even the god does not support Gyane and Paras any more.

    By the way, I am wondering, if Gyane has his coronation,like Birendra had his in 2031 BS?

  12. hahaha.. k vanya bokedai tyasto .. makune ko katro hope cha baa tyaha next PM ban ne..girija lai ta bore lai sakya hola..makune le yo post padhyo vane ta bholi ko julus ma aundaina hai pheri ghar bhitrai bascha..

  13. Reality TV:
    ta ruondi ko baan khatra….internet ma bas thulo thulo kura gar…. ta khatra bhais… tero bau bajey ley kamayo hola ramailo gari 12 barsa ko dauran ma.. aba ailey use garney bela ho..gar gar..alu kinnu sakeko chaina manchey ley ta sita dhunga hanney samma bal cha…use gar gar.SLAVE..rouundi ko baan tero bau slave of the maoist or the parties….. why? cause u mfkr dont have a thought…independent thougt….dhunga hanera bidhwangsa garera ta mouji krantikari bhais bhaney tero mouji kranti lai kaley kukur ko guuulo….. evolve ni hunu sakeko constitution revolve garney…

    to me u are the one seems hopeless… yes u are hoping something and dreaming about smth but i am sorry even if it becomes a reality… u ll wonder why did u even dream the way you did and when i am saying this mind u i aint a royalist saying the king should be the one to rule cause i do not myself believe a person ruling a nation in the 21st century.

  14. Unfortunately even the intelligent, thinking people of Nepal seem to have become blind and have been carried away by this “maoist-democratic” movement.

    We need democracy, but not the type we will soon get.

    There will come a day when hundreds of people and their families will be shot by unthinking, unfeeling maoists. At the point of death, they will SEE what they have helped to unleash. But, by then it will be too late. God save them !!

  15. UWB,
    i have been telling since long..i am confused with your moderation policy.

    why do u let people like replytoall and soulsearching to abuse this blog.
    they are not here to have some discussion but to express their own sickness.

    and those swears!!! god i hate them for they are always intended to disgrace women.
    UWB if u donot enjoy such obsence language, isn’t it your responsibility to filter them???

  16. “There will come a day when hundreds of people and their families will be shot by unthinking, unfeeling maoists”
    BEtter play this sort of gruesome guessing games in your mind, not here. Do you ever know what a maoist means? So before making such irresponsible comments, try to use ur common sense.

  17. Hey Taaya, Sorry for calling you names girl. But you frustrate me with your extra rosy view of Nepal and the world in general. You guys are too idealistic and do not factor in what actually has happened in the past and what can happen in the future. When the lives of over 25 million people are at stake it always pays to be cautious. A lot of you have too much faith in human nature to realize the danger in this-example your faith in the Maoist’s as decent human beings.

    But I fell into that trap too by trusting the SPA too much.

  18. Whose life in this earth is not in a stake? Does that mean we gotta refrain from activities that involve risk and adventure. Even the life in USA is not 100% secure(I’m not talking natural deaths). See, the black-day- september 11th.
    I’ve already told you and again I’m reminding you -don’t relate whatever that’s going on to the world history and politics. We might achieve things in such a way that the world will exclaim with their mouth agape. And that will be a historical event for the whole world.

  19. kirat,
    there are so many like u who got frustrated after 2046.
    getting cynical is not the solution.
    but again SPA were far better than panchayats.
    there are times when all your hopes fail and dreams shatter. but ultimately, sooner or later good wins…we have to keep on fighting for that. (i am really impressed by anne frank)
    we have to be cautious but not cynical.
    As a human being, i feel my greatest responsibility is to have faith on humanity… u can call me childish….i better die as a dreamy child then live as a cynical senile.

  20. Yes, tomorrow make it a revolution of FLOWERS. Give Mallas to the army and police. Bring them bottles of water and snacks. Don’t let the world media seeing you throwing stones or burning tyres…let them see the SECURITY FORCES SHOOTING RUBBER BULLETS….FLOWER POWER. MAKE THIS A PEACEFUL NONVIOLENT REVOLUTION. PLEASE. I BEG YOU. SHOWER THE POLICE AND ARMY WITH LOVE AND LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE ONE OF YOU AND THAT THEY HAVE MOTHERS FATHERS BROTHERS AND SISTERS SUFFERIN AND DYING UNDER THIS AUTOCRATIC KING AS WELL…

    FLOWER POWER!!! I want to turn on CNN and BBC tomorro wnad see all of you handing out bunches of flowers!!!

  21. tommorow is a big day.lets hope everything’ll be alright.lets pray 1 or 2 neta (like girija)dies in this protest then there will be international pressure for gyanbahadur.

  22. Apples & Oranges, Good work!
    Yeah flower power… nice idea! Let the love win the war( but don’t know how practical is this) Few days ago i saw a pic where few women of Dharan were giving out flowers to security men..Nice start…but i doubt every1 will agree with this,but no harm trying on it,Anyway, hope for the best…

  23. Every country is different and so is the revolution. Its good to take new ideas but do not try to copy it exactly. I find this movement lacking some important strategies. It is just not enough to make large gatherings or throwing stones or speeches, one has to make a good long term and short term strategy to keep mounting pressure on security forces so that they fear with peoples power. These are the strategies –

    1. Call by SPA for army personal to revolt against the King

    2. Encourage familiy members of the security forces to join the agitation.

    2. Demand the UN to suspend the peace keeping mission for RNA. Also demand travel ban and asset freeze of the army and police personal involved in supressing this agitation or human rights violation. UN should not be a mere spectator.

    3. Embargo fuel (only petrol) and other military products by calling international community (US, UN, EU) so that army people could not use them to drive APC (armoured personal carrier) or helicopters for their troop movement to take civilian lives.

    4. Clearly and loudly deliver a message to security personal that once this revolution ends security personal involved in supressing this movement would be severly punished.

  24. Taaya, you are doing the right thing; don’t let these others deflect you!

    Good luck!

  25. I really liked this article 🙂

    One more thing that the Nepalese people have confused is the curfew. The king issued the curfew. He’s the one telling his uneducated soldiers to shoot to kill. Let me repeat the last word, KILL. The SHAH has said that all women and children who are out on HIS streets have to be SHOT

  26. yikes, I pushed enter without meaning to.

    As I was saying, it’s the King’s curfew, not the SPA’s

    The parties didn’t issue the curfew, so why are the people blaming the curfew on the SPA. If the Shah cared about his people, he would think about diminishing supplies and maybe take out the curfew regardless of the protests.

    But he doesn’t care about his people and doesn’t care that they will starve to death/become very malnourished etc. So blame the fact that you’re not getting this month’s salary on the Shah and not the SPA.

  27. Flower power is not impractical. shower those security forces with love and kindness. make it impossible for them to fire back on those who are just as loving as their own family.

  28. Taaya, thanks for being so patronizing. Ok maybe I deserve it for calling you an idiot. I still think you live in HK or Singapore, by the way. I can make out from your posts that I am much older than you. But am I cynical? Heck I am still supporting the idiot SPA so please don’t call me cynical. I am just so mad at them right now becaues they refuse to act like the leaders they are supposed to be. This is their once chance at redemption for the 12 years they mucked up but they are avoiding this opportunity like the plague!

  29. Namaste!
    In my thoughts I`m with you!
    Freedom and peace for the Nepalese People!
    Gregor from Germany
    (I visited you country serveal times! I hope I can come back in autum!)

  30. Better Nepal, if you are a guy I would love to kiss you for posting that article.I couldn’t agree more. India is doing to Nepal britons did to india.
    Besides, why does everyone’s thinking stop where the king gets dethroned.After that what??

  31. The king with his proclamations has acted like a true statesman, it’s time for the leaders to act like one now.

  32. Better Nepal? Joker!!Simrik- if you are a girl, you deserve BETTER NEPAL, since he is like these conspiracy theorists gone amuck!

    India will never need Water or Hydro electricity from nepal. It is joining all its rivers to produce wonders of its own, for the first time on the planet.

    Mispalced patriotism, misguided research and mental retardation are the causes of such analysis as better Nepal.

    But its fun to read such stuff though.

    INDIA is to blame for everything…..and you know what Indians say about Nepal?


  33. replytoall,

    Once, sometime back, the owner of this blog (Wagle) calimed, whatever you can read infront of your family will be let go here. Rest will be censored. Now, reading through the Sicko replytoall’s rant here, I can not imagine a Nepali family he is talking about! Howabout a simple curse like” You have a half steel-half wooden stick. The steel part is fully red-hot. the cold wooden part is completely inside replytoall’s arse.” Think of it, replytoall ,you will laugh tomorrow not being able to get outta situation

  34. Kirat,
    i had the suspicion ,now confirmed..
    do u have some complex?????
    -u takes things very personally .
    -u have your ego boost when calling others names.
    -u enjoy boasting abt your company(i felt like laughing)
    -u very irrationally blame others’taaya:I still think you live in HK or Singapore’i really donot understand why u r so much trying to prove i am abroad :don’t u have other better things to talk abt?
    or do u assume that i should also whine and wiggle in this chaos like u if i were living here.

    ok. abt the age i am 23. i donot know abt your physical age; but mental age must be around 80-90. so i call u CYNICAL SENILE.
    gagan thapa is also younger than girija.
    but this time u really fell even behind girija.

    so kirat uncle, self proclaimed wise old man ,
    (i heard u r suffering from short sightedness)
    i request u to better tackle my points and visions not attack my locality and my age.
    stop wondering abt where i live and what’s my age…

    p.s. thanks Rosa for support.

  35. Laligurans Revolution to everyone hai!
    DOn’t mind me interupting but,Shame on you two yaar(kirant ji and Taaya{if that is your name,interesting). Anyway tHis is not the time to squable over age or who is older than who. Borders, age, ideology, nothing matters now, all that matters is unity, lets face it we have become like vedas without a Gothaley. Now that we vedas from all goths from every corner of Nepal have outright rejected our Sahah Gothaley dai and his Kirnas(fleas and ticks)we have a problem, don’t we?. My friends lets be aware, as there are wolves,bears and Leapords in every kholcha and Jhyang ready to pounce on us and have us for food, at anymoment. So we definatley need to find ourselves a very good Gothaley dai with a couple of ferocious Bhotey kukurs to keep the predetors at bay,soon. SO lets be fare, stay togeather and in the meantime why don’t we rather help ourselves get rid off the kirnas and fleas away from our bodies instead, its really irritating me!.ANd yeh, apple and oranges rocks.

    Laligurans Revolution Jinda badh!

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