King's Deceptive Message

The much awaited address by king has only solidified his ambition to remain in power.

Royal Message inside

In his 5 minute long speech, king has tried to take credit for his direct rule and seems reluctant to give power to the people. He has cited article 35 of 1990’s constitution and asked SPA leaders to come up with a name of Prime Minister. Until such name is fixed, the king has declared that he is clinging to the power.This is an utter deception. He is not willing to give up the power yet. This is only a cosmetic change and no one should believe in his words.

It is done only to manage the growing international pressure upon him. He should have cited article 128 by which a powerful PM could be appointed. He is not ready to bring the Maoist in mainstream politics which is the major concern of the people. He should have asked SPA to form an interim government that will eventually hold election for unconditional Constituent Assembly.

People sloganeering in the streets have voiced their concerns over kings deceptive steps.

Meanwhile, state has extended curfew from 8pm to 12 o’clock.

Rajendra Pande, central member of CPN (UML) says : This is a treachery. The movement will go on unless power is handed over to the people.

Upper House MP and lawyer Radheshyam Adhikari comments: This so called solution can not stop people from reaching their goal of loktantra.

Proclamation to the Nation from His Majesty King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev
7(21 April 2006)

Beloved Countrymen,

You are all aware that, given the situation prevailing in the country then, we were compelled to take the decision of 1 February 2005 to set in motion a meaningful exercise in multiparty democracy by activating all elected bodies, ensuring peace and security and a corruption-free good governance through the collective wisdom, understanding and the united efforts of all the Nepalese. By supporting our decision, the Nepalese people made amply clear their desire for peace and democracy and the civil servants demonstrated sincerity towards their duties. We are appreciative of this. We also have high regard for the dutifulness, valour and discipline displayed by the security personnel, upholding their glorious traditions.

By visiting different parts of the country, we made honest endeavours to acquaint ourselves with the hopes and aspirations of our people, mitigate their hardships and boost their morale. We also called on the political parties to enter into a dialogue in the interest of the nation and people afflicted by violence and terrorism. However, this did not materialise. The ideals of democracy can be realised only through the active participation of political parties. In keeping with the traditions of the Shah Dynasty to reign in accordance with the popular will in the greater interest of the nation and people and our unflinching commitment towards Constitutional Monarchy and multiparty democracy, we, through this Proclamation, affirm that the Executive Power of the Kingdom of Nepal, which was in our safekeeping, shall, from this day, be returned to the people and be exercised in accordance with Article 35 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990. As the source of Sovereign Authority is inherent in the people, harmony and understanding must be preserved in the interest of the nation and people in an environment of peace and security. While safeguarding multiparty democracy, the nation must be taken ahead along the road of peace and prosperity by bringing into the democratic mainstream those who have deviated from the constitutional path. Similarly, a meaningful exercise in democracy must be ensured with the activation of representative bodies through elections as soon as possible. We, therefore, call upon the Seven Party Alliance to recommend a name, for the post of Prime Minister, at the earliest for the constitution of the Council of Ministers which will bear the responsibility of governing the country in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal – 1990. The present Council of Ministers will continue to function until the appointment of the Prime Minister.

May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all!

Jaya Nepal!

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  1. I for one think this proclamation came as the king was weary of losing his position. Let us not call it deceptive or a treacheary because we can.You can see from his nervous speech that he might be serious.It is peoples power and we the people are not going to be stopped by guns..We do not like what the king did, but it is a “BS” calling it a treachery just because one is enraged. Can the SPA come up with a consensus for the candidacy? The parties have time and again betrayed us too…My word to the SPA..come up with a consensus, show us that you really believe in the people and not work for just yourshelves..For me as until now…King and the are no different.

  2. deuba is a verrrrrrrrrry WRONG choice for PM
    cause he’s just a puppet of the palace,the guy has no moral and ground of his own,he falls on the feet of KG now n again for the greed of PMship,..and hav u heard him speak,first of all,he sounds funny and when all the SPA wer deciding whether they wer all for const. monarchy or gadatantra,he jus said nth!

    he’s a joke n we surely do not want a clown u there,LOL!!

  3. Is there any formal reaction from SPA or Maoists ? Just saw in TV that outside Kathmandu, people are protesting against the royal address and are still violent. Didn’t Karan Singh inform SPA leaders about this decision beforehand , then why are they still acting like they’ve been taken as surprise.

    I hope they will come out with something soon.

  4. as we all know this is insufficient but the post may be sufficient for GKP….
    so we shud be ready to put em 6ft up or 6ft below the ground if they jus defied the blood given by our fellow freedom martyrs in these days… so as roshan found,if GKP tries some deviated things(which is usual for him), this movt. shudn stop and wont stop…

  5. hey seshyan, I live in a country with no king and which is a republic (its called the republic of Ireland) and surprise surprise!! we have laws and in fact have more peace and stability than you have in your ‘kingdom’…….
    we left your flavour of feudalism behind when we separated ourselves from the king of england 90 years ago, and yes it took a bit of agitation because these ‘royals’ don’t like to let go

  6. Political parties do no have the guts and roadmap. And they cant handle the immense burden of responsibility once they are in power.

  7. it seems that the shaha king’s Gurkha Appeal has worked again. it seems that this ‘gurkha pride’ went down well among many. to remaind you all, it worked well back in 1990. what happened afterward that is we all know. do not go for ‘Gurkha Appeal’ and wait for another jana andolan part 3.

  8. Hey bogman

    Though you are in republic of Ireland you don’t have Royals since past 90 year.
    But for peace how long you have to fight.
    How many people IRA have killed in UK?
    You have peace since past few years only.
    WE don’t want to be under like for 100 yrs.

  9. this isnot the time we shud think of PM..
    if we get a PM from SPA or anywhere as long as its appointed by KG we in no way shud accept it…
    pahile hamile maobadi lai sametne sambidhan sabha ko assurance paunuparcha
    ek chhoti mb lai ppls front ma laye pacchi we cant afford to lose them again.. til mb arent addressed any prob in our country cant be addressed…. so rather than sayin why GKP or MaKuNe or DEuba or Prakash Man, we shud carry on our protest..
    and seshyan ji tapai jasto manis ko naya nepal ma thau chaina so yedi ahileko nepal ma tapai ko kehi saman chhan bhane kumlokutiro badhera niklihalnus
    hoina bhane naya nepal lo lagi chahine naya attitude ko bikas garnus…

  10. Have Nepali people got what they deserve?
    – mp

    So the stubborn king finally cracked OR has he? The latter is the question every Nepali should be asking at this moment in our country’s ever-changing political horizon – especially by those who have taken to the streets during the last 16 days or so against the king’s autocratic regime. Have you really got what you deserve?

    The answer has to be a big NO. Of course you haven’t got what you deserve. Have you got “loktantra” as you have been demanding over the course of these demonstrations? Have you even got a constituent assembly? Have you – the people – actually got power as the king was saying he was going to give you? NO, NO, NO. People, you have got nothing so far. The royal proclamation tonight was nothing more than a ploy to divide SPA (and SPA-Maoist alliance). The king’s action of asking SPA to nominate a PM to form an all-party government under Article 35 of 1990 constitution, is more synonymous to throwing some pieces of bones to his pet dogs than a genuine gesture towards solving the present crisis. Whether the dogs fight over those pieces of bones is another matter altogether. What is clear, however, is that Gyanendra still wants a piece of bone himself. This much is clear from the Article 35 of 1990 constitution he has cited. Although we can by now safely say that the 1990 constitution has become defunct (otherwise we shouldn’t be demanding a constituent assembly to draw up another constitution OR revise the present one), let us remind what that Article 35 states. The first point in this article should suffice on why this proclamation is just a ploy and not a genuine gesture towards reconciliation. So here it goes:

    Article 35 (1) The executive power of the Kingdom of Nepal shall, pursuant to this Constitution and other laws, be vested in His Majesty and the Council of Ministers.

    So people, is this what you have been demanding for the past 16 days – even not caring for your life? Is this proclamation by Gyanendra after all these days worth the sacrifice of so many people who have taken up bullets and batons? Just remember one of your comrades – Basu Ghimire – who was brutally killed yesterday and then hastily cremated today even without his parents’ presence. Is this proclamation even worth Basu’s life? The answer again has to be a big NO. How can Gyanendra so easily declare that he has given the power back to the people, as if us – the people – were just his subjects, his slaves with whose lives he can play whenever he wants? Your lives, our lives are worth lot more that this deceptive proclamation, and remember you don’t get power by spreading hands in front of the autocrats like Gyanendra, you have to snatch it from them by force. The situation as it stands – after tonight’s proclamation – is that people haven’t got “loktantra” as they were demanding, there is no talk of a constituent assembly, and more importantly Gyanendra wants to hold on to those “executive powers” as per the Article 35 of 1990 constitution. If that is not enough, where is the mention of Maoist in Gyanendra’s proclamation? He is acting as if they do not exist. How ironic it is that the main reason he gave when he took power from the people was to solve the Maoist issue. So has it been solved already that they do not even feature in his speech anymore? There is no response we can have to this proclamation than that of DISGUST, UTTER DISGUST. SPA leaders can mull over whether to go after the pieces of bones that Gyanendra has thrown their way, however, for us – the people of Nepal – the fight against his autocratic regime should go on until we get what we deserve. And WE DESERVE NO LESS THAN COMPLETE DEMOCRACY – LOKTANTRA. NO Constitutional Monarchy, NOT even Ceremonial Monarcy BUT LOKTANTRA. Only then the people of Nepal will have the power to carve their future in a fair, democratic society.




  12. dear seshyan
    mind u fight wasnot for makin anybody pm…
    fight is for JanaGanatatra Nepal,its for our president in the exact sense,,,,
    u can sleep peacefully but think of Basu Ghimire’s wife,wife of poor carpentar… can c sleep now… how dare u say its time to unite…
    can u unite with ur mother’s killer????
    can u simply give up wid that killer???
    Aafno purano das manobrti bata utha..dherai dhilo bhayisakyo… aaba das hoina praja hoina janta bhayera bacchne samay ho
    hami lai kohi JanmaJat padena neta chahidaina hami lai hami haru ko majh ma aato ra pitho khayera aayeko neta chahinchha
    GKP hopina na Deuba nai.. naya sambidhan ma chunab bhayera aayeko neta le matari sasan garchha
    ra tyo chunab ko ladai gyane ko durbar aagadi ko,usko ghoda ko runway,tundikhel,ma hudaina harek nepali ko ghar aagan ra jijibisa ko bhag haru ma hunccha.. ra tyo ladai herna timilai paisa tirna pardain… matra ramro sochai bhaye pugchha……
    timi yo sochai nai liyera hidyou bhane tyo herna timile trillion dollrs tire pani hudaina..

    Hope u understand nepali and nepali’s voice..

  13. It is my sad duty to announce you that Mr. Seshyan Nepal has been shot dead by Royal Police a few minutes ago on his way to Tundhikel…

  14. BetterNepal: you’ve got to remember that Ireland is in two parts, its the northern bit that’s still under the brit monarchy that’s been the cause of all the trouble since 1969, like I say, these royals don’t like to let go of “their” land. And the reason that the fighting in the North of Ireland has stopped now is that the royalists up there have realized that they can’t have it all their own way and that they have to deal with the republicans.

  15. Melissa, was it you who mentioned the king marrying his cousin? That runs throughout the royal family, and we all know what inbreeding will do in a family!! mental illness, genetic diseases, they are all way more common in inbred families. and apparently, down the royal line, there have been massacres and crazy people.

    that aside, now you have got what you wanted, Nepali people. And again you are not happy. Now you are angry about who will be chosen prime minister? Why for god’s sakes did you not think of these things before? If you can’t do this when the king agrees to some of what you want, then what the F__ will happen when the King is deposed? Then total anarchy will role! I am most adamantly not a royalist. But if you are sincere about peace, then give this a shot. otherwise, your option is to let the maoists grow ever stronger (they already are, sitting on the outside looking in while licking their lips and waiting for the kill)…yes, the maoists have their agenda too. it was to their benefit to allow this chaos of protests to happen, to stir further chaos…both the king and the maoists are liars. but in my book, the king is a safer choice for now. otherwise, the maoists may well gain total control. And i seriously thin the SPA made a huge mistake in getting into bed with the maoists to save their asses for the short term. somehow all of you have forgotten the LONG TERM, THE BIG PICTURE.

  16. Paraadhina bhayi jyundai
    nunilaa aanshukaa dhikaa,
    Jyunu bhanda niko hunchha
    taato goli kataa kataa.

    We cannot beg our right from the Darbariya Boko/khasi any more. Who the hell this Boko is to decide our sovereignty? We must not rest until we find a good Maulo for this animal.

    Nepalese people are more wary of their rights now. This is already an age of information. This is not 2046 any more. He cannot hide his criminal acts anymore.

    Let’s go one more blow for total democracy.

  17. Some people in the blog now are proposing Sher Bahadur for PM. He is a mindless idiot.

    This is not the time to accept deceptive proclamation of the KG.If he is not tied up properly, he will one day tell us we have taken people’s power back again.

    His today’s message is complete nonsense!!

  18. The speech Was So Expected
    The king won’t give up so easily .

    Isn’t that what we call ” Raj Hat ”
    the strongest of the three hats

  19. Great Going here. Royal message is as expected, but he has further ditched his future. He must respond to the aspiration of people.

  20. Gyne is so arrogate and claver person. He tries to make foolish to international community. For example last night CNN live cast from Kathmandu. It was so nonsense reporting. People & Political party must go a head.


  21. Nepal on Fire

    How did the King Fail to Deliver?

    Friday April 21 2006 23:10:30 PM BDT

    By Khagendra Thapa

    Before departing from Nepal , the outgoing ambassador of Russia His Excellency Mr. Valery V. Nazarov wrote to Nepali people “.. may I give you friendly advice to show more tolerance, understanding and goodwill towards each other in pursuing your national goals.

    It is not proper for sons and daughters to argue let alone to quarrel at the bedside of their ill parents. Your fatherland and motherland – Nepal is seriously ill. The name of the illness is terrorism. Please stop squabbling and join hands in combating this deadly common menace together. Your home – Nepal is in flames, and the primary task of all the inhabitants is to extinguish the fire, to save the people and to do away with the incendiaries – not to argue on how and who can do it better.”

    Ambassador Nazarov, a true friend of Nepali people, stated it appropriately. It is time to have flexibility in our stands and stop fighting among ourselves. If we continue to fight among ourselves, the day will come when we will have to regret that our enemies have taken advantage of the situation and our motherland may not be there. Our forefathers such as Bhakti Thapa fought hard against the colonialist to keep our motherland free from foreign invaders. He fought back at the age of 70 with khukuris and stones against a well armed enemy. We need to remember the facts of our history and our glory and we need to be united otherwise we will be finished as a nation and as a people.

    How did get where we are today?

    During the Panchayat period, the so called Panchas concentrated on enriching themselves and as long as they show their loyalty to the King they could get away with any kind of corruption or fraud and sometimes even criminal activities. Corruption was not really open and was limited to small amounts and was hidden. Most development works were limited to cities. However, it was during this period that the East-West High way was completed in addition to many other road projects such as Prithvi high way, It failed to be an all inclusive in terms of the distribution of resources. Some regions such as the far western regions were excluded in any kind of development activities. It also failed to reach out to all disadvantaged ethnic groups.

    Eventually, it was the excesses of the supposedly a loyal group to the King called Mandales which was responsible in triggering the 1990 protest against the King which brought the political change of 1990. This forced the king out of the active politics and following the drafting of new constitution and general elections, Nepali Congress Party headed by Girija Koirala came to power.

    Multiparty Government Failed to Punish Corrupt Panchas

    Following the revolt, Panchayat rule was ended and an interim government headed by Krishna Prasad Bhattarai was installed. In the meantime, a commission headed by Mallik was formed to examine and identify the corrupt criminals during the Panchayat period. The commission prepared an extensive report. The report was never made public and both Bhattarai and Girija failed to implement and punish the Panche criminals. This really angered many people including the cadres of various political parties including the congress party who participated in the violent demonstrations to bring about the 1990 political change. However, no one dared to question Girija for he was the new king in the Himalayan Kingdom. Girija was supposedly a democratically elected prime minister. There are three fundamental tenets of democracy namely: 1. rule of law, 2. transparency and 3. accountability. Girija already violated a basic tenet of democracy that is transparency by failing to first make the report public and secondly he refused to implement it. Consequently most corrupt and hated Panchas such as Navaraj Subedi went unpunished with the millions of rupees of looted money.

    After three general elections with no government able to serve the complete five year term and political parties and their bosses concentrating more on personal financial and political gain, Maoists insurgents started armed revolt from the western remote districts in 1996. Maoists started the revolt with their forty popular demands which were mostly justified. At the beginning, people liked what Maoists were doing and had a lot of supporters. However, now their demands have been reduced to one that is the election of a constituent assembly which will supposedly draft a new constitution. Maoists became unpopular among the people primarily because of three factors viz: 1. brutal killing of innocent villagers, 2. extortion, and 3. destruction of infrastructure. It is to be noted that Maoists have not killed a single corrupt officials or politicians. They have also abducted school children and villagers and use them as human shields during their attacks against security forces.

    When Prime Minister Deuba was about to face the vote of no confidence in parliament in 2002, he dissolved the parliament and agreed to hold elections within six months as required under 1990 constitution. In order to maximize his chances of winning the elections he also dissolved the elected local government bodies. He wanted to change the outcome of the elections by having his own supporters at the local level. Local level governments play an important role in winning elections by manipulating the votes and voters. Elections in Nepal have never been fair. Spending of tremendous amounts of corrupt money by incumbent candidates was a common practice. There are no term limits.

    Contrary to the democratic principle of one person one vote, the party leaders were allowed to run for elections from more than one constituency. For example, Girija Koirala always ran both from Morang district and Sunsari district. In addition, there are no primary elections. One can only run for parliament if the party boss like Gririja or Madhav Nepal issue a party ticket. Therefore, you either have to bribe the party leader or one has to be relative of party boss in order to run for the parliament. My own relative in Congress Party was denied ticket by Girija because she refused to bribe him. On the other hand, if you are an extremely corrupt politician and have collected a lot of money, party leader will give a ticket without any questions.

    When Deuba failed to hold the general elections within six months as required by the constitution, king Gyanendra dismissed him and asked the political parties to forward a clean person to be appointed prime minister. It is interesting to note that there was virtually no opposition even by political parties when the king sacked Deuba in October 2002. After successive governments failed to hold the national elections and settle the insurgency problem, King Gyanendra dismissed the government appointed by himself in February 2005 and took the executive power and declared a state of emergency in the country. He said that he was going to curb corruption and solve the insurgency problem.

    Since people were fed up with the corruption and incompetence of the political parties and their leaders, majority of the people including myself supported the King’s takeover. The King also came up with 21 point program which made people very hopeful about the King’s plan to restore democracy within three years.

    How did the King Fail to Deliver?

    No Homework before Action

    First of all, the king had not done the necessary homework before he acted. He had no plan of action. He obviously was not prepared for the massive task he undertook. Even Nepal’s long time friends the United States and UK did not approve of his actions forget about the immediate neighbor in the south. Worst of all, the very person who asked the political parties to send clean person as prime minister and the very person who promised to fight corruption not only appointed corrupt individuals but also the convicted criminals in his government. When he appointed the corrupt criminals who were called Mandales during Panchayat era, people started to doubt the sincerity of the King. Many people had doubts as to the real intentions of the King’s takeover. He did not bring competent, clean and qualified people to implement his 21 point program.

    Above all, the King had very poor public relations. Consequently, he increasingly isolated himself internationally. His incompetent and stupid ministers were more of a liability than assets. He has practically no support left among the comity of nations. People got very frustrated when he failed to curb corruption and control insurgency. His attempt to hold local level elections in the municipalities also failed to impress people since most of the political parties boycotted elections because they were going to lose big time. Maoists threat of violence and the murder of the candidates by the insurgents really prevented people from participating in the election.

    The King even failed to convince the so called royalist parties to participate in the elections. To make matters worse, India engineered the twelve point agreement between the seven political parties and the Maoists. This gave a real boost to the status of both the insurgency and the seven political parties in the eyes of the people. Now the nationwide unrest called by the seven parties and assisted by Maoist has put the country on the fire.

    King Failed to Punish Corrupt Leaders

    When the King took power in Feb. 1, 2005, people had high hopes that he will arrest and persecute all those government officials as well as the political leaders who had collected massive amount of money during the period 1990-2002. People wanted that money to be confiscated. However, the King did not initiate any action against them. The commission he created was unable to carry out its charge. The commission was dismantled by the Supreme Court. Now the corrupt individuals, with the blessings of the political parties, are financing the current unrest against the King.

    Losers Became Heroes

    Thanks to the inability of the King to deliver what he promised on Feb. 1, 2005, the leaders of the political parties who were hated by the people prior to 2005, have once again become heroes. The people who did not care about human rights during the time they were in power have become great proponents of human rights. The same leaders who now chant the mantra of democracy did not have any respect for democracy when they were in power. Did they follow the rule of law? Were they transparent in what their party did? Are they accountable for what happened to the country and the people? Were they able to solve the Bhutanese refugees problem? Why did not Girija block border with India when thousands of refugees passed through the Indian territory to come to Nepal? Refugees go to a bordering country and not the country which has no common border. If Girija had the ability to think, Nepal would never have to face the Bhutanese refugee problem? Why did the democratically elected government ignore the 40 point demands put forward by the Maoists? Most of those demands were reasonable. However, the new elected kings of Nepal did not want to listen to anything that did not benefit themselves or their political parties. They ignored ideas of small parties as if they were little kids. When the Maoists started armed insurgency, they unsuccessfully tried to crush them. If the king gives up power now, I wonder how the political parties and the Maoists are going to operate. I bet they will be back to square one.

    Unrest has Hit the Poor People Hard

    The nationwide unrest has really hit the poor people very hard. Over a million people are internally displaced in Nepal due to ten year old insurgency. Most of the displaced people have moved to the cities as internal refugees. In order to survive, they have to work whole day so that they can feed the family. As a result of the unrest in major cities of the country, these displaced people as well as the poor people who were already in the cities are living without food. To make matters worse, even the middle class is feeling the pain. They are running out of food and cooking gas. Those who have invested in businesses are losing money everyday. They cannot attend to social activities. They could not perform planned wedding ceremonies because they cannot travel.

    Movement Cannot be Suppressed

    Unlike the 1990 movement, this movement is very different in that it is supported and actively participated by armed guerrillas. It is not just limited to big cities. It is practically nationwide. The King has no support left. If the movement continues any further, it is likely that the soldiers and police will refuse to take orders from the officers and commanders. Firing at civilians involved in peaceful protest is not acceptable. Killing of civilians will make matters even worst. It will be like adding fuel to the fire. If the King wants to preserve the monarchy, he has very few options left. He has no one to blame other than himself and his foolish ministers and other crooks who are profiting from the current situation.

    Possible Solution

    One possible solution would be for the King to revive the parliament dissolved by the Deuba government and ask them to hold the general election within a specified time period. This will put the responsibility of running the country and solving the insurgency problem back to the soldiers of the political parties. The minute he does that the political parties will be back to each others throat again. Hopefully, this time around their allies the Maoists will help out.

    In order to save his face the King could put the following condition to the political parties so that they are more democratic and more responsible to the people:

    1.No one can run for parliament from more than one constituency

    2.There must be spending limit during the election of parliament by each candidate. For example, they cannot spend more than what they can earn as a member of parliament during the five years they are members.

    3.There must be a term limit so that a person cannot be a member of parliament for more than two terms i.e. ten years.

    4.There must be complete transparency in the financial transactions of political parties as well as candidates. Party income and expenditures must be made public and must be audited by an independent auditing agency. Complete democracy as demanded by the political parties cannot be achieved without complete transparency and accountability.

    5.There must be a provision to recall a member of parliament if 67% of the voters disagree with his or her performance.

    6.Each political party and its leaders must be accountable for their actions. If they want to demonstrate in streets, then the financial loss incurred by the citizens as result of their actions must be paid by the parties.

    7.There must be primary elections to qualify as to who can run for the member of the parliament so that there is no need to bribe a leader to get a ticket.

    8.Anyone who is convicted criminal must not be allowed to vote even if the person has completed the jail sentence. Such criminals must not be allowed to run for any kind of elections.

    9.Form a commission to investigate and report the excesses done by the political leaders, their relatives, nd government employees (including police and army) after 1990. Persecute and take away all the ill-gotten wealth from everyone without any fear and favor.

    10.Persecute those who were mentioned in Malik report and punish them appropriately.

    Alternative Solution

    The alternative solution may be to ask the political parties as well as the Maoists to form a coalition government which will uphold the above mentioned criteria and hold general elections within a specified time period. This might be more difficult to achieve under the circumstances.

    Dr. Khagendra Thapa is a professor at Ferris State University in Michigan, USA.

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  23. This man Dr. Khagendra Thapa was a die hard pro royalist and supporter of the King’s February 1st move. Now he has turned around 360 degree and writing such article. Other mandales might also give you a lot of Upadesh through such article.

  24. The Fact
    .Death Doll at kalanki is 20.
    .king has been backed by USA and India for further movement
    .RNA used Helicopter to shoot at protester

  25. OK, we got it now. What next? We people should also give lesson to the leaders as well. They must be excited and happy now to go to power again after long time. People like Girija must be denied to take power. He is the person who brought Nepal to this situation. He is just a piece of shit. So we should give lesson to these so called leaders as well…

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