SPA Leaders, Now or Never!

The ongoing movement has provided an opportunity for Seven Party Alliance (SPA) leaders to create history by making Nepali people fully sovereign

UWB received this article from Nepali Bhai

What increasingly large and vocal demonstrations throughout Nepal are making very clear is what the people of Nepal do not want. They reject absolute monarchy and in particular they reject the continuation of Gyanendra as king of Nepal. What makes even more difficult any attempt to preserve any form of monarchy in Nepal, no matter how limited, is the intense and near-universal hatred of crown prince Paras which has only grown over the years. The people of Nepal will never accept him as king same young people who shaved their heads and openly wept when King Birendra was murdered, now risk their lives, day after day, to bring this king down.

If this revolution, and it is nothing less than a revolution, does not result in a free and democratic Nepal in which the sovereignty of the people can never again be challenged, those leaders of the political parties who fail the people will face the same challenge the monarchy now faces. There is no returning to the flawed constitution of 1990. This compromise between the palace and the political elite was sold to the people as democracy. Anyone who carefully read the 1990 constitution realized that the king, as commander in chief of the army was the ultimate source of sovereignty and that the clause in the constitution that placed the royal family above criticism, placed the royal family above the law. The massacre of king Birendra’s family, the failure to conduct a through and impartial investigation, the imposition by the present king of authoritarian rule, and the steady dismantling of Nepal’s nascent democratic institutions can be traced, in large measure, to these flaws in the 1990 constitution.

To be a truly democratic country, every citizen of Nepal, including every member of the royal family, must be subject to the same laws, prosecuted for the same crimes, and subject to the same punishments as any other citizen. The palace knows that a constitutional assembly made up of democratically elected representatives from all segments of society will certainly strip the monarchy of control of the army and of immunity from criticism and prosecution. We can be certain that the palace will again try to effect a compromise with the leaders of the major political parties to hold on to power. We also know that there are political leaders that are speaking out of two sides of their mouths, speaking against monarchy in public speeches and privately wanting to preserve the monarchy. If the leaders of the major political parties do not want to be swept away in a second wave of outrage over the goals of the revolution being betrayed again, they had better listen to the rank and file of their parties now demonstrating and dying on the streets for democracy.

The reinstatement of the previous parliament is not a rallying cry that will bring the critical mass and fervor of demonstrators onto the street to bring this revolt to its logical conclusion given the public experience with the infighting of the parliament since 1990. The parties must immediately place before the people a legislative agenda with a set schedule for the revocation of all laws promulgated since the last parliament and rules for the creation of a constitutional assembly to draft a new constitution. The release of all political prisoners, the lifting of all restrictions on the press and local FM stations, the transfer of control of the army and the police to the peoples democratically elected representatives, and a mutual ceasefire with the Maobadi must be done immediately upon the reconstitution of parliament.

Political leaders have only this one last chance to demonstrate that they can rise above their own political ambitions and represent the aspirations of the people of Nepal. If they fail, a new generation of leaders will have no choice but to take the lead. Therefore, lead or step aside! The united people will never be defeated.

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7 thoughts on “SPA Leaders, Now or Never!

  1. Yes this should be the policy. If not King may try to come back and rule for years.Kings notorious plans must be destroyed and he should not be given any power whatsoever in the next political arrangements. Many people are for Republic but can we trust the same old leaders ? They can use army and police for their ulterior motives. Actually, the leaders are also desciples of Laloo Yadav not Nehru or Mahatma Gandhi. They are practicing Bihari politics. I think Nepalese would be again deceived by such leaders. So, We should not accept the leaders like Girirja and Makune again. New leaders must come forward to take the country to heights.

  2. Dear All,

    We should be proud of Nepali people who have sacrified /sacrifying their lives to bring democratic republic in Nepal. Beware of greedy politicians! There should not be anything less than democratic republic. Hang those leaders who compromise with the king in the name of reconcilation.

  3. I totally agree with Nepali bhai and two commentators that we should end with democratic republic of Nepal,and make sure the leadership goes to the younger generations not Girija and his gangs again. It it my strong feeling that these old leaders will ruin Nepal even further as the never lean from mistakes. These currupt leaders should be ready to face the bullets, tear gass and baton charges in the front raw if they are comitted to peoples’ aspiration and right not living in their comfortable rooms waiting to eat the fruits of ordinary peoples’ painful battle – many live already lost and thousands are suffering uder the brutal regimes.
    Jai Democractic republic of Nepal.

  4. This is what these corrupt politician wanted, to take all the power from King so that there wont be anyone to threat their chair. But this is warning to all the politician now, if they again suck the peoples blood they wont be given second chance. They will be hanged to death and even the army or police wont help them to hide behind them.
    Jai pashupati nath.

  5. forget about the corrupt leaders. you guys will have your time to deal with these guys. but the need of the time is to remove shaha kings altogether. if nepali people miss this time it could another 30 or more years of panchayat ruled by notorious kg shaha.

    down with shaha king
    down with rna
    long live locatantra

  6. Shun the maoists, people of Nepal!
    Dear people of Nepal,

    I write this to you from the bottom of my heart; do you honestly believe that maoists will bring in peace and economic prosperity and growth? do not believe this , do not live in a dream. Please wake up read the history of other nations who have done in the past what you are doing now…… and see for yourself what happiness, what peace and prosperity has it brought them?

    Look at your neighbour India, 60 years ago the indians overthrew the yoke of the British empire, indian freedom fighters gave their blood, young lives were bartered for precious freedom and self rule……… Alas, did the politicians who came in after this martyrdom care anything for the sacrifice of those heroes. They were only interested in their own preoperity.

    Capitalism is the only way, let the economy be free. Communist, socialist policies will worsen the situation in Nepal. In India, Jawaharlal Nehru with his precious socialist policies succeeded in only making india poorer. what did he achieve ‘ the honest rich became poor, the poor became poorer, and the dishonest rich parked their money illegally abroad’ what did the fool succeed in doing except transfer indias money to swiss banks?

    When did India begin to rise? only after the 1990’s ! only aftre it changed Nehrus useless socialist idealogies. when india started opening up, started following liberal economic policies, the rise began.

    What socialist regime has ever succeded? it is only hogwash fed to the poor masses , giving them hope……… alas the poor seem to buy it hook line and sinker!

    from me, a lover of Nepal, its people , its monarchy, its culture, its beautiful himalayan land… oh just about everything…….. ay mero nepal!

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