Nepal’s ‘Orange Revolution’ Has Rain Break

By D. Michael Van De Veer

Overnight the sky above Kathmandu and much of the Kingdom was filled with beautiful displays of lighting and earth shaking thunder. The cold winds falling from the Himalayas clashed with the warm steamy air rushing up from the Indian sub-continent and bathed the country for 15 hours in cool rain.

The rain greeted the sunrise and despite being the 13th day of the bandha (strike) called by the 7-Party Alliance (SPA) and supported by the Maoist insurgents CPN (M), and civil-society from; journalists and medical professionals to government workers, bank employees, hotel and restaurant employees, students and their professors, human rights activists, party supporters, disabled and elderly associations, and even families of Security Force officials who have carried out attacks on the general population, there was finally some traffic as people rushed to buy what they could before shops and vegetable stalls ran completely out of stock.

Salt, medicine, every vegetable, kerosene, LP-gas, petrol and almost every item necessary for daily life is in short supply. What is available has, in some cases, more that trebled in price, leaving thousands to move nearer to starvation.

In desperation the Royal government has offered $48 for drivers and $21 to their assistants to join RNA (Royal Nepal Army) convoys and break the SPA strike and the Maoist blockade of the city to deliver desperately needed supplies. No goods have been reported delivered.

Most of the streets and endless alleyways of the ancient Silk-Road Capital have, for 12 days, been filled with the sounds of Nepal’s “Orange Revolution”.

Like Ukraine’s Orange Revolution of 2004 the Pro-Democracy demonstrations, estimated to be 1-million or more strong, have not responded to the brutal killings, disappearances, tear-gassing, baton beatings, firing of water cannon and rubber and live bullets with like violence. Young demonstrators have burned tires and hurled rocks but there have been no retaliatory shootings, knife attacks, or reported grave injury to any Security Forces.

The international community including India, UK and the US who armed and trained the Nepalese Security Forces have condemned the brutal and inhuman attacks on unarmed civilians participating in peaceful demonstrations.

Major news agencies report three Human Rights organizations; Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the International Commission of Jurists have called for “targeted sanctions” against those responsible for human rights violations today in Geneva, Switzerland at an international meeting called by the Swiss government to investigate the human rights conditions in Nepal and singled out those Nepalese Officials responsible for gross-human rights violations.

Those named in the call to be refused entry into any other country and have their personal assets outside Nepal seized, included:

The Chairman
Vice Chair of the Council of Ministers, Tulsi Giri
Justice Minister, Niranjan Tapha
Home Minister, Kamal Thapa
Information Minister, Shrish Shamsher Rana
Army Chief, General Pyar Jung Thapa
Inspector General of Police, Shayam Bhakta Tapa, and
Inspector General of Armed Police Force, Shahbir Thapa

Rumors, ahead of the mass rally called by the SPA for Thursday, have the King naming a former PM to head a “fantasy government” as put by a food employee.

“The next PM will not be named by a failed King, but by the people.”

Nepal’s Orange Revolution, if successful, will possibly be the largest non-violent democratic revolution in recorded history. The whole world watches as the rain stops and Kathmandu braces for another day.

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108 thoughts on “Nepal’s ‘Orange Revolution’ Has Rain Break

  1. Finally the Truth has come Out

    I’ve got the information from the so called revolution going on out side valley.
    Its the Maoists again who is threatening the general public in villages and Blackmailing them by saying “Either join maoists and become Mao terrarist or go to the towns and go for strike in different.”
    Those maoists are sending those poor villagers by bus and by foot where they have to walk for hours.

    It is another Propoganda.

  2. Mr. Van de Beer:

    Please excuse my fellow country men (unknown, NePali, Proud) for being idiots.
    Proud I really don’t see what your point is…
    If you don’t remember much, Proud, then please kindly refrain from making a comment against a well wisher of Nepal.

  3. Scoop,

    It is unclear to me why you make one of the options ‘Maoist communist one party republic’. The Maoists have made crystal clear over the last couple of years that they want to establish a multi-party republic. Yes a socialist one, but with ‘multi-party competition’ as they call it. They have gone to great lengths to make a public political commitment to this, to the extent that whatever legitimacy they have in the forthcoming constituent assembly process depends on them sticking to multi-party democracy. So your question is a trick question, because even the most staunch Maoist would choose ‘Democratic socialist republic with multi-party competition’. Perhaps you believe the Maoists are completely insincere and waiting to betray their commitments as soon as they get the upper hand. But even if you believe this you must understand that no Maoist would ever give answer #4 to your question, because what they are publicly advocating is a democratic republic (a socialist one).

  4. Mister Proud.
    Michael van de Veer lives in Hawaai. He works for a free radiostation there, KKCR. Now he is in Nepal, because he is a friend of Nepali people, a supporter of LOKTANTRA & GANATANTRA. We should appreciate that “foreigners” are taking a stand, choosing side, and lift their voices against killer king Gyan. Thank you Michael.

  5. We should go for the option number 3, king had his say for the last 2 centuries.

  6. Just heard 4 shot dead in jhapa,

    Now we should
    definitely fo for the 3rd option
    “long live Republic of Nepal”

  7. “Our movement will not come to an end unless democratic republic is established in the country.”
    Madhab Kumar Nepal
    April 19, 2006

  8. Hye Mikey,

    SEE for yourself how democratic you country is:

    Coups Arranged or Backed by the USA
    Year Country Reason Given Actual Reason
    1949 Syria Communism Elected government against USA political interests and pro-Palestinian.
    1949 Greece Communism Elected government against USA political and economic interests.
    1952 Cuba None Elected government against USA business interests.
    1953 Iran None Elected government against USA oil interests.
    1953 British Guyana None Access to sugar and bauxite.
    1954 Guatemala Communism Elected government against USA business interests.
    1955 South Vietnam Communism French backed leader replaced by USA backed leader.
    1957 Haiti Haiti is near the USA Previous government against USA business interests.
    1958 Laos None Pro-USA government wanted.
    1959 Laos None Pro-USA government wanted.
    1960 South Korea Communism Previous leader not strong enough for USA.
    1960 Laos None Pro-USA government wanted.
    1960 Ecuador Communism Previous government too independent in foreign policy.
    1963 Dominican Republic Business Interests Elected government against USA business interests.
    1963 South Vietnam None Previous leader’s policies led to televised suicides.
    1963 Honduras Communism Pro-USA government and access to resources.
    1963 Guatemala Communism Military government was about to allow elections.
    1963 Ecuador None Elected government too independent.
    1964 Brazil Communism Access to resources and cheap labour.
    1964 Bolivia Communism Previous government too independent in foreign policy.
    1965 Zaire None Access to cobalt, copper and diamonds.
    1966 Ghana None Previous government too independent in foreign policy.
    1967 Greece None Military bases.
    1970 Cambodia None Previous king against USA political interests.
    1970 Bolivia None Country took ownership of its oil and tin.
    1972 El Salvador Communism Elected leader against USA business interests.
    1973 Chile Communism Elected government against USA business interests.
    1975 Australia None Elected government had unsuitable foreign policy.
    1979 South Korea None Pro-USA government wanted.
    1980 Liberia Democracy Pro-USA government wanted.
    1982 Chad None Pro-USA government wanted.
    1983 Grenada Democracy Pro-USA government wanted.
    1987 Fiji Democracy Previous elected government supported nuclear-free Pacific.
    2002 Venezuela None Disagreed with foreign policy of elected government.
    2004 Haiti Fraudulent elections Disagreed with economic policy of elected government.

  9. By the way Mr. Van De Veer-please don’t call it Nepal’s Orange Revolution. That’s a very poor comparison. Ukraine’s problems and our problems are very different. Also the Orange Revolution in Ukraine has proved to be a big disappointment.

  10. Better to compare Nepal’s revolution with the situation in Bolivia. Why? In Bolivia, after decades of being failed by traditional political parties, ordinary people got organised and rose up, toppling governments. They have finally installed a government that represents them (the indigenous people) and that will call a constituent assembly, but most importantly, they are continuing their agitation to make sure that Morales does not disappoint them. If he goes back on his promises or continues the corruption of the old parties, they will quickly do to him what they did to them–take him down through strikes and demonstrations.

    Let us hope the Nepali revolution is like the Bolivian one: a true process of enfranchising the people so that they are never again disappointed by corrupt political leaders, be they royalists or party bureaucrats.

  11. I am blessed, Pundit managed to ask for my forgiveness along with other idiots. This is not my blog and I don’t want to start a new topic about Downs Micheal Van De Veer. I have nothing against him, nothing personal. Talking about him being a true friend of Nepal, I have different views. Talking about his Gurkhaland interests yes try this link

    And Pundit your habit of regarding every claim as baseless and your neverending rantings as words of wise, I really suggest you, you should google a bit before a blind support. Or you were also being lured in New Orleans cafe in Thamel for a free drink by teacha mike ? He does not support the denocracy I would like. His talk of revolution is completely outta my league. And there we differ. Nothing against you Mike.

  12. Proud:
    I don’t know this character Micheal van de something’s background. I am going off his posting above – it looks fine to me… I don’t understand what he said above is wrong…

  13. Michael Vand is not a born American.
    I can detect his accent in his writing, I did not see anything American or Canadian.
    He could be most poosibly a Scandi, like someone suggested earlier.

    Anyway, guys,
    I as a self-proclaimed leader of the street of nobody except vandalism assure you that I will make sure we have no. 3 that you have cast your vote for, a democratic republic with people’s absolute power to sentence corrupt leaders and officials for the term of life every year through free election.

  14. WTF???, what is the problem here with Mike being either nepali or scandi or amrican or even martian? He is just writing his views, if we really want democracy we should accept what he has to write about and talk about the conent in a critical manner. No one is going to give you the nicely parcel wrapped democracy with a bow on it. Even if someone does, you have to sustain it with appropriate behaviour and the people who are asking for it here do not seem to have the knack to sustain it.

    I do not see anything wrong with what he has said, and just to point a finger and cry wolf at his ethnicity is rather lame.

  15. Mr. Van De Veer probably runs a pub in Thamel. ola’s probably his mate. He’s an armchair revolutionary…a bit like us but more radical in his rhetoric. Quite a harmless guy and not very original…but likes to think he is a brillant radical thinker. We all have our fantasies.

    Probably wishes he was in Hawaii but can’t make it there because he can’t really be bothered to try harder.

  16. well i think i have problem with this site,,, ok dinesh and ujjwal who ever is editing ??? dude i think u guys just deleat the link without going through , no matter what they on abt,,,might be u guys doing good posting news going in nepal but………………..

  17. G-Hangman, though I can’t detect any accent in his writing, I know that he is a native American from Alabama. Yes he is a harmless guy with a very strong radical opinion. Nothing wrong with it. And sorry Pundit, if you think I have offended, but please stop calling people idiot and moron if you don’t agree with what they say.

  18. Proud:
    My apologies.
    Actually I don’t just call people idiot or moron because I don’t agree with them.
    But there are a few people here who say things that are just plain stupid (I have two people in mind but I will not name them) and they act really arrogant on top of that. This is a website where everyone is allowed to voice their opinion so I guess I am just letting them know how I feel.

  19. GAME OVER !!!

    Congress leader GP had talks with Indian envoy and ahve settled down for RESTORATION of parliament cabinet.
    King will stil lbe ruler.

    Sorry guys, sad to say BUT WE LOST !!!

  20. He is also someone who writes baseless bullshit, and has the balls to call himself a
    “journalist”. He wrote blatant lies about the meeting in february at the american ambassador’s residence. He said the ambassador had said things that were simply not true. I was there, as were many of my friends. We read the article he had written about the meeting, and thought, what the F_K? He apparently just made up facts to fit his story.

    Dinesh and Ujwal, this is YOUR BLOG. Please avoid scammers like this man. I mean, come on, guys. have you read his ridiculous rants and comments on this site? He makes no sense. Who cares where the F__he is from. LIke i said, go write your own blog if you want to express your wacko views, d michael vanderveer. leave this to the big guys (remember, its Dinesh who was invited to come to the usa by the US Dept. of State, all expenses paid)I would not care one bit who this guy was if i had not read his previous article about the meeting at the home of the american ambassador. It was so full of bullshit i had to shake my head and wonder, who is this crackpot who wrote this garbage?

  21. Michael is a true freind of Nepal, always promoting Nepal whereever he goes. I have seen his postings many a times, he is always positive, straight forward but sometimes stresches things little too far.

  22. The uninformed ignorance concerning many things on this blob is amazing !

    I am a friend of Dinesh W. and have posted to this blog since day 1.

    I have the integrity, unlike most, to include my e-mail, phone # and address..

    I have
    #1) Never owned any business in Nepal
    #2) I am of Dutch Extraction
    #3) I consider George W. Bush the #1 war
    Criminal in the world & like Gyanendra should be tried in the Hague.
    #4) I have Never Attended any function at any Ambassadors residence.
    #4) I have been comming regularly to Nepal for over 20 years and am the father of a Nepali son.
    #4) The articles I write are published all over the world.. I of course am not perfect and do make mistakes
    #5)I do not support RIM
    #6) the information which I wrote about the TOWN HALL MEETING at the US AMBASSADOR’S is, QUOTED WORD FOR WORD FROM A CONFIDENTIAL

    I wrote that te US Embassy was preparing to Evacuate or Shut Down… It is shut down isn’t it ??? Even fools can see that.

    #8) THOSE WHO COMMENT ON THE MESSAGER & NOT THE MESSAGE …… make up so much of the childish bullshit comments posted to this blob…get a life before your Royal Privledges Expire !

    I will continue to support Revolutions for Democracy all over this beautiful world.
    It is ours to win !!!!

  23. Mr. Van de Veer,

    You forgot to state that you really like to stretch the truth too! You stretch it so far that it almost becomes a lie.

    Look go ahead doing your online journalism thing-but have you ever heard of integrity, proper research and reporting only the facts?

  24. Kirat.. So tell your “truth”.. if you have one ?
    Write an article and submit it to UWB and inform us.. Otherwise your just another cheap-shot moron..

    “Facts” are always part of how one views an occurrence.
    EXAMPLE… You might see George W. Bush and KG walking the street and, report..”The President of the US and His Magesty King Gyanendra strolled down the street of Kathmandu”…

    I would ”see”and report the same thing,and would probably write..
    ” Two of the most despised Heads of State in the world, under heavy security, GW BUSH and King Gyanendra walked down the street”….

    EVERY REPORT BBC, CNN, KP & RN have a “point of view”..why does CNN report the same differently from BBC ?
    Why does the Kathmandu Post report a Peoples-Democratic-Revolution and Police Oppression…& The Rising Nepal tells us, “all is fair in the Kingdom” ?

    I can’t waste much more time on this I need to go to Ring Road, but if you write an article and do as much research, and try to understand as much as I do.. You article, even if I have a different POINT-OF-VIEW, WILL BE WORTH READ..

    I look forward to your article and please post your e-mail.. Thanks, Michael

  25. Van de Veer, you’re just an [icd] who seems to think its hip to be radical.

    What do you mean asking me to tell the ‘truth’ if I have one? You think I am a dispenser of truths? Thanks for the flattery but I’m just and ordinary guy trying to make sense of the mess my country is in.

    Yeah everyone has a point of view but next time when you see a helicopter buzzing by don’t give me that ‘white caucasian pilot’ in a ‘Black Hawk’ going out on sorties to murder some poor Maoist foot soldiers and innocent villagers crap. That wasn’t an error you made that was a deliberate lie. If you are any sort of journalist coming to Nepal over the last 20 years you surely must know that no Black Hawk helicopters exist in Nepal and also no white caucasian pilots have been used in the war against the Maoists. And you call me a moron.

    You’re just an American Idiot (of Dutch origin). What a waste- I wish a third world person was given the resources available to you, they would definitely have made something out of their life.

  26. cheap shot Van de Veer. But what else can we expect from you? What do mean hide behind my computer? You think giving my real name and phone numbers will do anyone any real good? How? You’re just being real silly now. Take care before you lose all respect.

  27. m,
    You have made your case. Now give us a break and if you want answer the poll.

  28. Mr. Vandeveer,

    I see that all your fake niceness has dissapeared and the real you is exposed.
    All of us hide our names because we dont want to be targetted by Maoists, the govt. or anyone else for that matter, you just have to take your american and dutch passports and fly out of here. Also you use your name probably for publicity for your personal reasons, most of us here are Nepali and we are here out of concern for the motherland. You call yourself democratic, but when you get negative comments posted on you you resort to abuse. Maybe there is too much dutch in you to accept abuse from brown people.
    Whatever may be your agenda, I think all of us have a right to be suspicious. Your clarifications sound too desperate, which makes us all the more suspicious.

  29. Alright you don’t own any business, but just outta curiosity what actually is ‘Blue pacific Traders’ ? And another thing yes you have every right to be ashamed of being an American ( due to your radical views) , but are you are are you not an American national ?

    Ofcourse just out of curiosity.

  30. My name is Ola Bog. I live in Norway. I am a member of Norwegian communist party AKP (= Arbeidernes Kommunist Parti = Workers Communist Party). One of our members were in Nepal november 2005, by invitation of CPN(M). He (Johan Petter Andresen) has cince written a book on Nepal and the people´s struggle for loktantra & ganatantra. We are currently distributing this book in Norway to make people in Norway aware of what´s going on. We are also collecting money so we can send a health team to Nepali countryside; will hopefully arrive this summer. We call this international solidarity. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet.

    Lal salaam!

    AKP´s website:

  31. Keep up the good work ola much appreciated. Please don’t try to convert us into communists. We’ve got enough problems with them in the countryside. But help us gain freedom from the lunatic king if you can be of assistance.

  32. For Me the option is 10 which is not in the list

    U guys always forget the term secular

    So for me its

    Secular Sovereign Unitary Democratic Republic

  33. Thank you Kirat. I do not want to convert anyone to anything. I want to serve the people – that is what communism is all about, as far as I´m concerned.
    And I understand that Nepali people´s main goal now is to get rid of gyanendra and establish Democratic Republic of Nepal. That is the consensus. And I will continue to do my best to promote that fact in Norway.

  34. Ola, how can you promote the Nepali democratic process in Norway ? Well I don’t want to discourage you in the good deed, but still don’t you think that was the overrated statement ? At the time (AKP M-l) itself is trying to get out of that mess from 2003 when you guys were accused of involving in weapon training controversy, planning an arm revolution, what kind of image you want to potray of Nepal in Norway ? Or you simply want to show Norwegians that what Jorun Gulbrandsen couldn’t managed to achieve, it’s been done by his buddy Prachanda ? Ya something to be proud of.

  35. You know, glade, Jorun is a she, a woman, she has never touched a gun in her life, she is 58 now.

  36. ola,

    And now she encourages the use of guns here. Any which way to support what she failed to do in her own country, obviously because the people would not have it. You and this jorun probably need to be in a mental asylum. Norway is one of the most ideal countries to live in and you are still wanting a communist state.

  37. oh sorry. Let me rephrase it then. You simply want to show Norwegians that what Jorun Gulbrandsen couldn’t managed to achieve, it’s been done by her buddy Prachanda ? Ya something to be proud of. 🙂

  38. I wonder that some CIA agents have infiltrated here trying to revive anti-communist wave !Beware!
    Ola, no matter what these CIA stooges bark, we express our gratitude for ur concern and help.

  39. thankyou for reminding hope’s still alive, I had nearly forgotten to collect the cheque from Langley this month.

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