India's Media Card

Why Indian media are keeping mum over the biggest events taking place in her northern neighbor? Here’s an answer

Indian media are notorious for thronging into Nepal even to cover and sensationalize trivial events. But, they have ignored the ongoing movement. CNN and BBC‘s coverage is far ahead of our neighboring countries’ media. CNN and BBC have shown unprecedented interest in the latest political upheaval. In one sense, these two world-known media know the news value.

But Indian media are lagging far behind in grasping the ground reality of Nepal. Why are they doing so? No one has delved in this vexed issue. According reliable sources, Indian government has instructed them not to publicize the anti king movement of Nepal. Indian government has ordered them not to give the in-depth and field based reporting on Nepal. This is why the TV channels that always run after sensational news are not found in Nepal. Aajtak, Star News that highlighted the June 1 royal massacre and that gave live coverage of now vanished so-called Buddha of Bara, are missing from the scene. Newspapers are also not eager to give ample coverage.

Only the left leaning The Hindu has given moderate coverage. This has raised serious concerns on Indian media’s reliability and their stance on news values.





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  1. ziggy dai Avatar
    ziggy dai

    There are possibly two reasons for this- one of which is of course to discourage any anti-king news in India as you mention. Secondly, it could also be to muffle any big noise if India is to take a harder stance on Nepal- including blockades and worse off, any military action. This might also be tied to the Koshi barrage issue, who knows.

  2. Kailash Badu Avatar
    Kailash Badu

    India should help us at these time. I cannot turn a blind eye to whatever is going on in nepal. India is our oldest ally.

  3. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    I do not think this news posted here has any truth.I read Indian News paper here and all the major News Paper has given good Coverage Like Times of India on Sunday in its supplementary had given a lot about Nepal Movement even tracing gynendra’s Mind and likely decision. The hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, and Deccan Chronicle which all in Hyderabad Edition have covered about Nepal mostly in front page and if not there, in Middle pages…………TV, i can’t say because i have not watched.But, my friends who watched were telling How police beat up democracy supporters.
    This piece of News in this Blog is Bogus and complete Nonsense.

  4. fromIndia Avatar

    I agree with the above commenter. This is complete bogus. I get news from the papers and also from TV on Nepal. Why should India make it the issue of the day, when here they have their own headlines. Does Nepal give Indian news first importance? Also I have seen CNN and BBC coverage, but both field reporters there seem lost and don’t have much to say, I think the papers in India are much more diverse and comprehensive.

  5. Pankaj Avatar

    Indian media has given ample coverge to the peoples movment in Nepal. It has questioned the Indian goverment on its scilence on these activities.

    India shares an open border with Nepal. We in India, will prefer democartic movment in Nepal succeed. I hope that the goverment of India is more pro-active in helping resolve the issues affecting the Nepali people.

    We the people of India are with the people of Nepal.

  6. gp Avatar

    From the Indian based comments above, it exposes UWB backed by Kantipur of what their standards are. It shows absolute lack of professionalism and utter biase. UWB and Kantipur are examples of media created for personal political gain for the likes of the highest bidder like Girija. We hear of leftist newspapers and rightist newspapers from all over the world referring to the papers inclination towards a certain way of thought, but only in Nepal we get papers that purport to support democracy but cater to the whims and fancy of a handful of masters. But the saddest result is that people actually read this and call it news.

  7. glade Avatar

    Ok you have nothing to post, we understand that.

    When is Wagle coming back ?

  8. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    gp, U tried to draw wrong interference from what i published earlier………..The post was wrong on some factual grounds but it can not(a single post) can not discard the site’s whole authenticity……….Other contents have been supplimented by photos and those photos can not be wrong in itself……..So, gp I think u read more from my post what i wanted to pass to the readers.

  9. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    Yes, It is true and regretted that the quality of the blog in recent days has gone down……..since Wagle left.May be everybody is busy there writing in their professional papers!!!!!!!!

  10. Bravo Avatar

    ekatira makune ra ramchandra lai riha garne ra arko tira 4 jana nepali lai ekai chihan parne; yo rajale ke garna khojya ho; yesle sara nepali lai sidyaunchu tara gaddhi choddina bhanne socheko cha ki ke ho

  11. icchuk Avatar

    In Nepal media has no responsibility and they are not governed by some specific policy. The thing that run media here is not nationalism and information, its rather mission or room made propaganda.

    May it be kantipur or gorkhapatra the case is same. Gorkhapatra is severely suffering from the government and cannot be called as newspaper or media of people. And in kantipur case is also doing some mission journalism. Why is this media always against government ? Be it the present government or the Giraja or Sher bahadur government. It seems they have been running some mission against government. Other thing the kantipur is publishing some articles that has already been published in Indian newspapers, even to the extent that the news are irrevalent to the Nepalese context. I have seen this many times not only once. They have been directly copying the news published in many indian newspapers and filling up their pages rather than giving priority to the news from Nepal.

    But I want to appreciate Nepal or kantipur that they gave high priority to the news of Susta where Indian armed forces were bullying us and taking up our priority which other media and government were not even caring of.

  12. Rakesh Avatar

    I aggree that Indian media is not giving sufficient coverage of the events in nepal….reasons…we can guess only

  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    You raise a point but you give no analysis or possible reasons for why you think this is the case … Plus I totally disagree with you.
    The Indian media has made powerful ministers like Natwar Singh. resgin by exposing them. They are very independent. Besides in today’s world is it really possible to control information? Indians get their news from cnn, bbc etc. Plus think about how many Nepali websites there are … I don’t see how or why the Indian government would want to restrict coverage in Nepal. And of course you haven’t answer the main question… WHY does India not want to show its people anti-King sentiment in Nepal?????

  14. sahara Avatar

    Well said, Glade!!! You spoke my mind. I’m really pissed off with the quality of recent postings in the name of news written in a kinder-garden English. Seems like UWB is just one man show of Mr Wagle..I repeat the same question, when is he back?

  15. BetterNepal Avatar

    What the F***

    Indian media has always acted bias against Nepal. They give Nepalese news only if they are sure that they will earn some money by exaggerating the things happening out here in Nepal.
    As i said in my previous blog we should ban these indian news channel for good.

    As far as nepalese media and Kantipur particular they have pure business mentality they also don’t provide news unless they get some type of benefit.

  16. guest_001 Avatar

    what a waste of article.

  17. Kirat Avatar

    The Indian media is driven by commercial interests like any enterprise. They will highlight that which is of interest to their markets. So I guess the general Indian public really isn’t engrossed on what is happening in Nepal. Why should news of Nepal make their headlines. We are really kidding ourselves if we think we are of such great interest to the Indian public. Maybe the Indian government but not the public. Don’t be silly about conspiracies.

  18. imon Avatar

    Here is something to do : Just please do a simple google search on Indian newspapers websites and television sites with “nepal”. I think the author would find the number of items quite enlightening. I don’t think he even did that small amount of homework before he wrote the above blog.
    Also, all the Indian channels have sent more reinforcements to Nepal ever since the present protests started. I know, since I am a journalist who keeps track of faces on television.
    Neither does India have any stake in suppressing anti-king coverage. Please think about all the issues before you write.

  19. Patriot Avatar

    Too many things are happening in India right now with too many things to look forward to. India is in a race to become an economic superpower and all eyes are in that direction. Certainly there are more pressing issues that give Indian leaders sleepless nights but since the public dont want to know about it, they dont make news. A case in point – some big papers have only recently started covering Naxalite issue (who control more than 80 districts in India) and this does not create a frenzy, while salary details of IIM students make sensational news capturing the nation’s imagination.

    Hence the point is, although Nepal is a big issue for India and some papers feel it should be covered, it hardly bothers the readers. And papers are forced to cover what consumers demand. It is corporate at the end of the day.

  20. Kalupande Avatar

    UWB team,

    How much more media coverage you want? Enough is enough. Seems You have nothing creative to do than presentating these rubbish issues?

    Furthermore, Why the hell this government is not expelling that BBC correspondant Charles Haviland ? he is the one most biased and supporter of Prachanda. Do you know, EU is passing new law against glorifying the terrorists, which you have successfully done in Nepal? A dirty double standard against the poor country!

  21. Kirat Avatar

    Hey Kalu,

    There’s going to be a law against being you soon!

  22. Aalupande Avatar

    Hey Kalu,
    Be careful. Your time has gone 2 centuries ago. So do not talk about free press. Didnt you die in Kirtipur ?

  23. mk Avatar

    general strike day 14, common people are paying too much price for it. prices are really going high. even newpapers price has gone high. Kantipur Daily has hiked its price by 20%. seems like no one want to miss out the opportunity to make money.

    i really hope it end soon one way or another.

  24. nepaliguy Avatar

    I have just seen in Indian media of sepculation that perhaps India might be intreasted in sending IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) into nepal. But for what will they send IPKF. Is it to help RNA crush the people’s movement, help people to overthrow the King or to overthrow maoist and king to install an Indian rule as it does in Sikkim. Perhaps this is such sepculation which should never come into existence

    More at

  25. Avatar

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  26. Avatar

    Congress have settled down for restoration of old assembly.

  27. Bravo Avatar


    I donot understand how you are managing your censorship sceme here…I see very genuine comments being censored whereas the disgusting and offendable comments like that of replytoall (see coments by him or her in crackdown of nepali journalism :comment no 10) are easily finding the place here. I am not complaining merely because it is offendable to me but because of those kind of comments will make you loose your credibility. …and also be are so many female bloggers and this a nepali blog i guess.

  28. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Telegraph news.

  29. izauzi Avatar

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  30. Martin Avatar

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  31. Antique Ring Avatar

    I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

  32. Acai Avatar

    I like what I am reading here…I wish more people would comment on this!

  33. myopinion Avatar

    There is not good news India does not exist.
    The poor confused crazy peoples’ s superpower does not believe in helping like in the old days….
    Rather they shoot dalits.
    And call us stupid.
    Media coverage on their own elections. There is a certain freedom in India I do agree, but what about Salman Rushdies little big problem and his life anyone recalls? Sensitive subjects. There is yes a big difference between freedom of opinion in the so called west and good opinions in the reality of being Pakistans neigbour and having the Mudjadhin sleep in Delhi airport. They have huge security problems, terrorism and the division between hindus and muslims is a lot worse than anyone can think of.
    Maybe it is like bad parents when they have problems with a kid. India is not our parent. At this stage cute networking can be expected of any problematic neigbour.
    But will India pay our bills and does China? I think that was Japan. Or maybe tibetans have been our friends before we became so commercial.
    Indians do not understand Nepal. And vice versa.

  34. Arne Avatar

    Excuse me for the OFF-TOPIC: Where did you get the graphics in your header? Freeware or commercial?

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