Maoists on King: Badal the Radical Snubs Baburam the No. 2

“It would be good if he peacefully, voluntarily leaves the palace after the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly decides to abolish monarchy. If he does not do so, the government will treat him just like any common criminal and use the army or other force to oust him from there.” Previous blog: Maoist UltimatumContinue reading “Maoists on King: Badal the Radical Snubs Baburam the No. 2”

Wassup Gyanendra? Latest on Activities of "King"

So what is the king doing at a phase when constitutionally speaking, the monarchy is practically in a state of suspension? By Tilak Pathak Fate handed Gyanendra a windfall opportunity of becoming king of Nepal twice: In 1950 and yet again in 2001. The first time, he was enthroned for three months, a child-king withoutContinue reading “Wassup Gyanendra? Latest on Activities of "King"”

Monarchy Popularity Sinking in Nepal, But People Want Ceremonial

Peace Process Update Prachanda hints at breakthrough on arms management (follow this post) …………………….. Opinion Poll: 87 percent of Nepalis think that ‘king and monarchy are becoming unpopular in the last few years’. But 54 percent think ‘there should be space to king or monarchy in future.’ By Tilak Pathak At a time when PrimeContinue reading “Monarchy Popularity Sinking in Nepal, But People Want Ceremonial”

India's Media Card

Why Indian media are keeping mum over the biggest events taking place in her northern neighbor? Here’s an answer Indian media are notorious for thronging into Nepal even to cover and sensationalize trivial events. But, they have ignored the ongoing movement. CNN and BBC‘s coverage is far ahead of our neighboring countries’ media. CNN andContinue reading “India's Media Card”