April 16 Kalanki Protest

Photos By Raj Kumar Shrestha


A man passes as the Kalanki protesters gather for protest


Shouting slogans


C’mon guys, gotta fight!


Mass Meet


Age no Bar: Even elderly attended the protest

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63 thoughts on “April 16 Kalanki Protest

  1. Chanke,

    You said before that the mal scam was only fabricated by kantipur…had it not been fabricated, you would have still said that it was not corruption..because it was also said to be approved by cabintet decision consisting of three ministers and some secretaries.

  2. Can the King do everything with the approval of cabinet? As head of state for the past 14 months his expenditures has gone up for official visits but besides that I think all the governments since 1990 follow a formula for the palace. The 60 crore budget was not one approved by his 14 month cabinet. In fact there is hardly any increase in the palace budget since Bharat Mohan Adhikary’s budget.
    I personally think the royalty should pay taxes, but again this should have been placed by our representatives in the constitution. However, I can’t call that illegal or corrupt.

  3. Bravo, the so called Kantipur mal kanda was the decision to import fertilizer by the cabinet. A decision that could not go ahead thanks to Kantipur, when the countries farmers were facing a shortage of fertilizer. I still feel the cabinet should have gone ahead and imported it. But with the likes of Kantipur going bezerk, who blames them for not doing so. The scam was the fact that Kantipur called it a scam.
    In the future our cabinets will need to seek the approval of the likes of Kantipur, it seems, to even import toilet paper.

  4. Chanke,

    I agree with you now about the corruption definition..and I also want to end up this discussion.. our starting point of discussion was whether the corruption is still prevailing in the past one year or not..the conclusion is that neither the political leaders were corrupt nor the king..political leaders were alleged corrpt wheras the king and his goverment are alleged over expenditures..I have to go for lunch now..hope to come back after 2 hours..I would say i really enjoyed discussing with you..your arguements were really good..see ya later

  5. Chanke,
    last one..if the goverment stepped back of its good decision because of the fear of media..it is such an impotent and incompetent govermnet..why on earth one should fear media for doing good things to people..it suggests kantipur is well above goverment..what should we expect out of that goverment then..

  6. That is why I said, if it was me I would have gone ahead with the decision. I think the failure of this government comes from paying too much attention to media (started with the joker Tanka Dhakal,) and although policies were moving in the right path, they paid too little attention to the implementation of them and good governance. Basically too much politics and too little administration.
    Have a good lunch.

  7. Chankhe2

    Who sanctions the money? The king himself as cabinet head. How much money? 25 crores. And benefit to the nation? A good safari to the king and his cronies in African wildlife. Any report to the people, nothing. Many a cases like it from pair of gaindas(rhinos) to Jaguars without any benefit to the people. If a child steals one rupee from his mother’s bag , you call him thief but when the father gambles their whole month’s livelyhood, you call it legal spending. You are really capable to be adviser to king as a Chankhe but I think there are enough Chankhes advising the king now. You have no chance.

  8. I can challenge kalupande that if he is only talking about Maoists and corrupt politicians only, then he is supporting the King. Now the Prithvi Naryan’s time has gone long time ago, it is about more than 2 hundred years.So do not try to play Pande politics.

  9. Raj babu,

    You must be a Girija fan. Are you trying to potray Gyanendra as the gambling father and the poor little child as Girija?
    Maybe you have a career prospect as a Girija advisor, or is there a line up for that job as well?

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