Chabahil Protests on Photos

Demonstrators are going on in Nepal for democracy and the Chabahil today is an example what’s going on in the country

By Todd Krainin

The spirit for demonstration for democracy is not less.

People gathered in large number chanting slogans.

The demonstrators were confronted by policemen who made a defense line.

As this demonstrator, many others tried to convince police to let them move forward.

But the police were on duty and arrested a few of them.

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99 thoughts on “Chabahil Protests on Photos

  1. eey taaya… what are you talking about man.. Nepal being the only hindu nation is not a problem but a matter of pride. You yourself said that hinduism is a great religion. Every religion has its own shortcoming and they should be improved over time.
    and guys lets not bring other sensitive issues when there are plenty of other more grave ones to be solved. Lets not divert much from the real issue here…

  2. The demonstration like this is wasted every day as a spike. On thing that is laking in overall movement is the guidance from parties that unites effort put forward by each sector in nepal whether it is the demonstration in some part of country such as chabahil, kritipur or the demonstration from institudes and professionals.
    All the effort should be the united effort that aggregates the professional, instidudes, places and so on.
    Where are the political parties.
    Common let’s unite.

  3. to those who think the inconveniences to the people because of the current agaitation is merely because of SPA:

    what do you think the role of the goverment to address the inconveniences and solve the problem? why dont you blame the goverment itself? all of you must be aware of the responsibilities of the goverment towards the people.if the goverment does not provide the security and goverment is incompetient to functioning the daily livelyhood of people, it has no moral obligation to rule the people. Everywhere in the world, in any movement, the opposition tries its best to handicap the governement fucntioning ..and make it bow down. yes, the people has been suffering for 12 days and the coutry can no longer head to this direction…But why the goverment is so insane and irresponsible towards people? because this goverment is not for the people; by the people and to the people. This is the goverment which is aimed to sustain the rajatantra in nepal and nothing more….I agree with all of you that people can not suffer this anymore..but blaming the incoveniences and sufferring of the people to the opposition is should point your finger to the goverment instead.

    to those who thinks inappropriate to discuss bahunbad and hiduism in this should be discussed more and more to aware people …not only in this blog..the issue should be raised every every corner of the nepal.


    carry on , i appreciate you

  4. Pradeep , the proud hindu guy.
    I do not have any contemt to your religion.i respect your religion as much as mine.
    i believe in ‘religious tolerance’ but letting this country of diversity , where non-hindus setteled before hindus, the land of gautam budda, to label this nation as ‘hindu kingdom’ is a total submission.
    haven’t u heard about ‘racial civil war’, the most dangerous of all civil wars. that is everybody’s biggest nightmare and mine too. (maobadi kranti is also so for many).
    We janajati, aadibaasi, dalits and madheses have been more than tolerant. Now it’s your turn u brahmins and chettris to be tolerant and respectful to other religion and traditions. only that way this land of diversity can be truely ‘sundar shanta nepal’.

    And u said “lets not bring other sensitive issues when there are plenty of other more grave ones to be solved. Lets not divert much from the real issue here…”
    common man yastai yastai kura garera 2046 ko democracy got to be only in words. there was no true democracy, ‘coz democracy can only flourish on the foundation of equality and fraternity.
    it was this dissatisfaction that led such a great mass of people to get into violence.
    and please don’t think that only girija, makune and u brahmins and chettris are on the revolutions. we are also there.
    this time every thread of inequality has to be analysed, every layer of suppression has to be removed, every issue has to be dealt. as i said this time ‘compromise free- absolute democracy’.

    and hey who told u religion is different than politics, please learn that religion, is in fact a politics in itself.
    The greatest politics- america and muslim world, palestine and israel, india and pakistan…there are dirtiest politics for religion.
    hinduism, besides it’s beauty has been always manipulated by the powerholders to suppress poors (on the name of cast) and women . It is this hinduism which has blinded people against king’s crimes giving the crown of ‘lord vishnu’.

    if u are talking about ‘ganatantra’ , hinduism cannot get untouched.
    ‘ganatantra’ means getting rid of all totalitarian, be it king, be it cast, be it religion or be it any ‘ism’.

  5. thanks for translating the poem in Nepali.
    and to sr. well you are so insanely pessmistic that i can say nothing…first read some dale carnegie or shiva khera book and start thinking everything is possible if u have a pragmatic approach on things…yeah ktm can;t and won’t be new york but we can still make it a great palce as we can make nepal..nothing is possible if you don’t belive it’s possible…

    and mr hari sharma…well i also agree that the shops should be open and the vehicles should move but only the ones which deliver the basic necessity to the people and by that way the lower class who do their living by carrying others good will also be benefited in not whole but some way…but we have to sufffer for sometime in order to stop this shit that happen every year and every decade. And being a resident of kathmandu and although it’s very hard I will have to accept it…I will eat less but this time it must be final….no reconciliation with this killer…and about the aandolan turning violent…well it seems as though you have not seen or felt anything sir..or it seems u’re not in ktm nepal at all…please read the history of some nations and asses the situation…WHO THE HELL WANTS TO DIE OR DESTROY SOMETHING UNTIL THERE IS DIFFERENT WAYS…i dun know about the himlayan bank incident….maybe it was by the mob or by some hooligans….and yes the leaders must take responsibilty if it was from their side…they can’t run away….but slowly if the king ignores the call for freedom from people like it or not VIOLENCE IS INEVITABLE….till now people are running away when there is a gunshot or lathhi charge..slowly they will not run away and if there is more violence there will be a battlecry in the street….this is the physics of any revolution especiially when it comes to changing some regime which has been for such a long time…remeber the indian freedom movement began from violence but ended in peace but do you think this will have been possible just due to mahtma gandhi???…he said “violence is not my way so keep your uns away from me but rather then staying slave if you can and want fight with your guns”…….this shows the inevitability of violence in any kind of aandolan if u have watched the passion of christ, u must have seen a scene where christ kills a snake and it is very symbolical as he didn’t let peter kill a soldier…he is trying to show that there are something so evil that u can’t make them understand the meaning of peace which this king is showing sing’s off….violence will come like “like it not but i am u’re guest…which in urudu goes MAN YA NA MAAN MAI TERA MEHAMAAN” and i hope some of our patriotic bros won’t shout at me of supporting india coz we have this absurd mentality of showing our love for the nation by hating another nation…the one who hates something can’t love the same thing……AND PLEASE I WOULD LIKE TO ASK YOU GUYS NOT TO COMMENT ON SOME SPECIFIC CASTE…THAT WILL NEVER HELP A SINGLE THING…YOU GUYS SAY BAHUNS ARE CUNNING..WELL THEN MOST OF THE ARMYMEN IN RNA AND PLA ARE MONGOLOID AND DOES IT SUGGEST THEY ARE ALWAYS VIOLENT GROUP OF PEOPLE…

  6. hahahaha……kirat….nice joke….then why dont u make nepal a developed nation huh?u r saying that because u may not be in nepal. u must be a perfect idiot saying that nepal will be a developed nation coz u dont know that ground reality….dont cry watching things on tv or reading news online or in papers. i have seen it…..and i know it… u think nepal is ktm or wat?… u dont shout without knowing things. u r like anyother idiot living outside the nation and talking about nepal as if they know everything……

  7. Sr.

    I am here in Nepal. I am helping one of Nepal’s companies be the best in South Asia and you know what Sr? We are succeeding. A big British company recently decided to work with us rather than with an Indian company. If we believe in yourself and your country we can achieve anything we want. I think you’re one of those sad people who gets an inferiority complex everytime you meet a white man or even an educated Indian.

    I feel so sad for you and your ilk.

  8. yah i agree with you taaya…india ,china have made great progress in every field. but its different with nation like ours…many parts of the nation are so undeveloped still…..and in 21st century we are fighting for freedom…at a time when we had to compete with the rest of the world. and by the way india and china are very big nations with such a great no. of people.. they have ample manpower for their development. unlike ours nation where we got less people..its small and so its hard to develop….peru also had same situation like in nepal. they had dreamt that their nation would prosper so much but see now they have peace but they arent developed as they wanted. so this is the reality.there are many such examples. but our nation will surely be a peaceful nation soon…..

  9. well kirat thats great to hear….british company working with nepali company….thats really great.. i appreciate that.. i dont have any inferiority complex. its the reality i m talking about….ya it may sound like a crap but wait for the future and u will know….truth is always bitter…….

  10. Hey Sr. Peace bro…my point is if you don’t have any ambition as a person or as a country we’ll never get anywhere. We have to try our best…after that things seem to fall in place.

  11. Sr.

    we can greatly benifit the economic boom of our neighbours if everything goes optimistic..a country with less population is never a disadvantage but an advantage…if it were the population only, why it took them such a long time to move is their recent economic reforms which has paved their way towards greater GDP growth..Most economist belive that nepal even doest no have to that much hard work as india and china are doing; being sandwitched between two economic giants is such an advantage that we can get maximum out of minimal is just the matter of time provided that the democracy comes back right on track, peace prevails, and people of the nation starts becoming responsible towards the may take time; but it is bound to happen. Nobody imagined Sanghai to become a new new Yourk..Why cant kathmandu be another new yourk?

  12. Sr.
    what was england before ‘elizebeth I’ ..and many more examples are there.
    We may fail or we may win.
    it may take a decade or generations.
    but at least we can dream and we should work.
    it’s better to try and fail than to be pessimistic and sit down with a gloomy face.

  13. Yeah Bravo,

    Nepal may not be able to be an economic superpower like China or India but we could be a fairly rich country. Everyone knows that Nepal has the second largest hydro-power potential in the world and that both India and China are starved for electric power. Did you know that on a per capita basis our tourist arrivals ratio was one of the highest during the 1990s? That foreign banks like Credit Agricole and Arab Bank set up shop here before they did in India? That our tea in Ilam is said to be better than the best Darjeeling tea? There is so much we can do provided a good enviroment is provided for the entrepreneurs to work in.

  14. “all this will not be finished in the days.Nor will it be finished in the first 1000 days….or even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet.But let us begin.”

  15. haha what a funny comments up !!!! really awesome….I was in the party of my vietnamese frens who are Buddhist monks and there were a lot foods but my favourite food became BEEF’ in the party ….wow it was really soft/tender even no need to grind….
    furthermore raw beef was the best because it had itself a best unique delicious souces..ahh…that’s why i reached Vietnam to have njoy this….still now am missing you guys are talking abt….I’m now thinking to open one BIG beef restaurant in the heart of kathamandu…it would be my brief of Vietnam….I’m sure you Hindu guys will forget to eat buff MO MO if you taste beef MOMO…..ahh ha so chill

  16. Taaya:
    Thanks for the 4 different posts … I must have really got you thinking since you felt you had to post 4 succesive comments. Even though it was pointless I still enjoyed reading them. Hey here is a thought: I know you love posting comments but maybe you would also like to read other’s comments? Just a thought.
    I never said in my comment that other religions should not be respected or should not exist. Religion tolerance has never been a problem in Nepal – all religions Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc. have coexisted in Nepal for a long time. Hinduism as a religion accepts that there are many different paths to God so there is no reason to infringe on anyone’s religious beliefs.

    You maybe convert to any religion, you may preach to anyone etc. it doesn’t matter.
    But Nepal (according to CIA world factbook) is 80% Hindu. I agree that officially Nepal doesn’t have to be a Hindu state but the majority of the people are Hindu and the slaughtering of cows is offensive to Hindus.
    So what’s wrong with respecting that? Your religion doesn’t say you HAVE TO eat beef does it? If it did and I was saying you can’t do that then there would be a problem. Why do you insist on doing something that is disrepectful and offensive to a religion when you don’t have to, to fulfill your own religious obligation? Eating beef is a frivolous indulgence and you want to do it at the expense of offending and disprespecting a serious religios belief?
    I believe in a democratic society and I have long been coming here and supporting the SPA’s movement. But I don’t want a completly unregulated, disrespectful democracy that thinks its okay to do anything in the name of freedom or free speech. Take the example of the cartoons which were so offensive to Muslims in the Danish newspapers!

    Even in India the worlds largest functioning democracy you can’t get a Beef Big Mac at McDonalds, you also don’t get pork products as it is offensive to Muslims.

  17. … Or take Malaysia where you cannot get pork, or Bangladesh where you cannot serve alcohol in resturants, etc.

  18. Bhudai,

    In some states of India with a large number of muslims or christians (for ex kerela), cow slauthering is allowed…I think same should be applied to the upper himalayan region dominated by Sherpas…whys should a Sherpa die without food when he or she has plenty cows in her backyard?

  19. eerrr corrections,
    I’vr been Malaysia for several times and I have found many Chinese restaurent where i can find pork and i’ve eaten too. You have to researh more and more not only watching your screen without doing nothing. plz use your own brain too.

    According to CIA world 80% Hindu ????????
    when this statics was found??? 1980??1975??
    Use your own brain not others !!

    It seems whatever CIA said sounds good to you even sh!t of CIA good smell to you!! Stupid

  20. Hi Oh No,

    Yeah… in it’s Factbook CIA reports Nepal has 80.6% Hindu population (it was 2006 figure)

    Please forgive me if I intervene your discussion….I just wanted to share what it is published in different sources. Moreover, Rastrya Samachar Samiti (RSS) mentions that 86.5% people are Hindu in Nepal. See:

    I was just sharing the statistics. I have nothing to do with these figures. I don’t believe in any religion.

    Keep going your discussions……

  21. Oh No!
    Oh no you idiotic gigolo. You cannot even spell properly or complete a sentence. I don’t even know why I am bothering replying to your post since clearly you have the brains of a retarted leech. Why don’t you respond to my arguments with arguments instead of filling your response with question marks and exclaimation marks. And by the way what a great insult “stupid” … I bet you had to think really hard for that one.
    Check any other sites’ statistics for Nepal’s demographic make up and tell me something different.

    Yes maybe some communities in the upper Himalyan region can slaughter cows and eat it. What was I trying to saying is that there is no need to systematically encourge the beef trade in Nepal.

  22. I am sorry to say but looks like this Jana-Andalon is not sustanable and we might have to learn to live under the king once again..Sure there are guys fighing here and there but what good does it do if you cannot come together and enter the city…I gurantee you that people will be tired of thei Andalon in 1 more week..

  23. you are right c. Plus Krishna Prasad Bhattarai said he is a royalist and I am scared of this guy. Last I heard he sold his own wife and hence single. It is not a big deal for him to sell dead freedom fighters ashes. What does he care. He is dying soon…We should support Gagan Thapa..He is the new generation’s leader.

  24. Buthai Purohit:

    May be you would remain loving consuming human meat? Have you ever read “Vedas” that describes, how much “Hindus” were voraciously consuming “Gomans”. Read that if you spare some of your times.

  25. I am not even going to bother discussing the vedas or any other matter that that requires thought with a bunch of morons hyped up on sugar and caffine.

    The main concern right now is the restoration of democracy in Nepal. We can debate and decied other issues thereafter.
    Once we have a democracy Oh NO! and
    Sagarmatha-….. can bring their views to the public forum. Who knows if the people want they maybe be granted their culinary cravings.

  26. Punditji,
    u r right. u really got me thinking .I used to think that u r someone who truely believes on democracy, but i was really confused when u pointed me supporting gyane( too funny).
    i was shocked when the issue abt religion came u took away the democratic mask and got into your hindu fundamentalist real face. (actually most of the people are like u, so i am scared ‘ganatantra’ being so urgent will be postponed by u, fundamentalists.)
    and hey u said u don’t see points in my comments… when the points are so obvious. these are not only my points but the voice of such a huge population, voice of maoists, voice of ‘ganatantrabadi’.
    but again u r either blinded or act as blind. (u pundits r really good on this point, i really hate to say such things, but u know i am obliged..)
    aadibaasi, janajati, mahila , madheses ko voices are pointless for u.
    i still believe u r someone with attitude if u r then learn to see things frm others perspective too.
    but again u say that u r democratic…hey man tell me what is democracy is all about.
    “80% hindu cha vanera dhak dekhaune..”(this data is not authentic , however; if u donot believe ask those victims who were coerced to write hindu as their religion in panchayat).
    isn’t democracy about respect for ‘alpamat’?
    u know in our religion, we cannot eat goat and that ‘bali dine pratha’ that really stinks.
    i donot mean to condemn your religion by eating ‘beef’ but i have just an innocent question ‘why can’t i have beef when i love it and i have a cow farm ‘. oh u can close your eyes and ignore if u have to.
    u really r a hypocrite then if u support democracy and want to leave such issues intact.
    i have already mentioned democracy can only sustain on the foundation of equality and fraternity.
    but again what kind of democracy u r talking abt?
    i will not tolerate when this beautiful nation is again labeled as ‘hindu kingdom’ after democracy.
    u really know well as long as this is a hindu nation, u pundits will be there at the top with all dadu panyu, and we will be left there, helpless …forced to take weapons.
    Donot underestimate our voice…

    i still want to assure u-
    “hinduism is really great, more resourceful than my pagan religion, i will not eat beef in your temple..but why can’t i in my room when u r not invited?.”
    I donot advocate hatred but believe in a nation and world based on love and respect.

  27. proud2bNepali,
    please donot mistake that i do support racism but i want to wage my voice against racism.
    of course i support that mongoloids have been the most violent. “hami buddu chau ra ta bir chau” as Bhupi sherchan said.
    mongolians are kinda ‘jungali’ ‘ill-disciplined’ ‘violent’ ..of course they are.
    ‘less sophisticated religious base’, lack of political power, illetiracy and their own ‘kamikamjori’ are there that matters.
    but they have been always manipulated..
    this time i am really anxious to get handin hand with all cast and creeds of nepal to fight for democracy.. but some of u dissappoint me by again justifying for hindu nation.
    then am i wrong to feel manipulated and my words and effort to go in vain?

  28. “mongolians are kinda ‘jungali’ ‘ill-disciplined’ ‘violent’ ..of course they are.”

    What the hell does that mean?

  29. Tayaa:
    You did not answer my question on the issue of beef from my previous post!
    remember that 80% of Nepal’s population are hindu. but thats okay i don’t think we need to be a hindu nation – constitutionally we can be secular nation.

  30. oye pundit,
    of course i have answered u but i don’t know why it’s getting too long to get moderated.
    it might be on the way.
    u will have your answer.

  31. “mongolians are kinda ‘jungali’ ‘ill-disciplined’ ‘violent’ ..of course they are.”

    i mean that rajyale pani dabiyeka pidit haruko barema bchar garnu parcha ani dabiyeka haru aafaile pani aafulai adhhyayan ani manan garnu parcha.
    i have realised that mongolians are a bit backwards in terms of ’emotional intelligence’ and they have a lot learn from u smart, clever ruling aaryans.

  32. common uwb why so long for moderation. if u donot think abt me , please think abt punditji , he is so anxious to hear my reply.

    “god! give me patience, but please make it fast.”

  33. Budhai pundit,
    I appreciate your support for secular nation. 🙂
    It will be great if all hindus transform like this.

  34. UWB,
    i donot understand your moderation policy.
    If a long messafe needs long time. ok i am gonna chunk it…lets see if it works.

    u r right. u really got me thinking .I used to think that u r someone who truely believes on democracy, but i was really confused when u pointed me supporting gyane( too funny).
    i was shocked when the issue abt religion came u took away the democratic mask and got into your hindu fundamentalist real face. (actually most of the people are like u, so i am scared ‘ganatantra’ being so urgent will be postponed by u, fundamentalists.)
    and hey u said u don’t see points in my comments… when the points are so obvious. these are not only my points but the voice of such a huge population, voice of maoists, voice of ‘ganatantrabadi’.
    ……….to be continued

  35. well taaya….i don’t know who is advocating for a hindu nation…this useless belief over some specific creed or religion or race is useless and i don’t know what other feel or do but if u ask me if i were advocating for some bhaun ruled hindu land…I WILL SAY HELL NO….i am myself a bhaun as being pandey who have very good influence in this royal family….but look i hate all sort of thnkings and belief that justify for a rule of one specific family or cast…i am a socialist by thinking soo…for me…nepal should be free from all kind of repressive systems and i belive everyone should and must be able to rule this nation as this nation is for every cast,religion and so on…..

  36. hahahahaha..i wanna have a nice laugh for all those funny statements….anyways proud.. bro u r right… cast or person should not rule the whole nation. yah it was true in the past but not now….its the age of democracy and people….so people should decide what to do and they r the supreme powers of the nation….

  37. proud2bnepali ,
    i really appreciate your views.Actually, i was not blaming u, just elaborating my point. am sorry if it meant the other way round. we need more people like u .when u support for equality and participation of all casts and creed, that gives more meaning.
    Narhari Acharya is one of them , who being a bahun himself has given his voice for equality.
    i appreciate u guys.Such leaders should come in front to displace girija who thinks NC is his koirala clan.

  38. Budhai Purohit:

    You are such a stubborn reflecting Brahmin version of the Gyane. You cannot be bend but prefer to scatter into pieces. This racial issues may not be healthy in this forum, drop it. Think coolly, here, I dedicate a great poem of Arjun Parajuli for your stubborn attitude, and wish the almighty will improve your way of thinking. God bless you.

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  39. Sagarmatha-terai-Mechi-Mahakali:
    Thank you for preying for me.
    Firstly this isn’t a racial issue since many different ethinc groups in Nepal are Hindus.
    Nepal doesn’t have to be a Hindu Nation by any means. Once democracy is restored we can let the people decied… till then Tayaa and yourself hold on to your cravings.

  40. Oh by the way I am sorry Tayaa if you think I am a Hindu fundamentalist. I am just proud of our Hindu heritage and I wouldn’t mind keeping some aspects of our tradition…
    If you knew me in person you would realize that I am very liberal – believe it or not. I hate many aspects of Hinduism particularly the caste system. But I also like the fact that Hinduism never infringes on anyone’s religious beliefs… even all these years Nepal was a Hindu nation but what did that really impose on you? The fact that the bhun/chettri/takkuri dominated the scene did not have to do with religion….

    But anyway I agree with you all. Once democracy is restored and that is our number one priority I will gladly accept that ever it is that the people want!

  41. Hey people stop f**king Hindus ~!!
    Why people do not believe in Nepalese and only believe in foreign sh*ts. Remember, 70% are uneducated in Nepal, so who knows about religions??? Do you think that they had introduced about religions>>???? They heard only about god like: Shiva Ling,Parbatino Yoni, Lord Buddha etc etc.But these people don’t know what is Hindus and what is Buddhists? They respect both Hindus
    as well as The Buddha too,even many more Hindu temples can be seen there are uncaountable scattering Buddha’s statues and those people pay homage to the Buddha. ( Maybe the researher(CIA) forgot to ask thoese people that “do you worhip the Buddha?”). As OH NO said is considerable, he makes sense(no ill intention).

    So that both with the theorically and the practically,there are so many differeces in Nepal. And also, northern Part of Nepal more than 90% are Buddhists and the central region are mostly mix with Hindus and Buddhists. And the southern Part there are being multi-religion already not only Hindus and Buddhist,but also Christians and Muslims are undue increasing so it makes me afraid and the risk of the our nation’s Heritage both Buddhist and Hindus.

  42. Hey Nepaliharu,

    Forget about the Hindu or Buddha. Worship Allah the only God who gave his kind rules and regulations for Salvation through Paigambar Mohammad as Kuran.

    Allah is the only way and hey remember GAAI IS JUST A CHARKHUTTE JANAWAR HO HAI. Gaai khaye Narkama Jaindaina baru Swargamai Allah kahan Jainchha ani jasle jasle Allah ko Jai Jai Kar gari Paigambar Mohammad lai Mandachha uniharule Swarga ma 72 jana virgin ramri chitiikka parekei gori gori Keti haru paunchha ho Bajiyaharu.

    Bhannus Allah is Akabar. Start reading Akabar & Birbal Stories.


    Allah ho Akbar

  43. Bhudai Pundit ,
    I really believe u r a liberal; i have read your comments before and i have liked them.
    but i expect u to be compromise free liberal.
    why u reluctantly say “Nepal CAN be a secular nation’. why can’t u say ‘Nepal SHOULD be a secular nation”.
    u also know very well how much ‘hinduism’ and ‘monarchy’ are interdependent.
    the following days will show how this religion issue will be manipulated to defend monarchy.
    But again, hindu fundamentalists are the biggest enemy of hinduism, so muslim fundamentalist are to muslim.
    todays world is about equality and diversity and democracy.
    i follow the hindu lesson “basudaiva kutumba kam”

    and hey PaigambarMohammad ,
    Allah ke naam pe choop ho ja baba…

  44. Tayaa
    Nepal should be whatever the people want it to be… it is not up to you or me to say should. Hence I used the word “CAN”
    I don’t think the King can use religion to defend or manipulate his importance. Gone are the days when people believe that the King and the institution on monarchy is a stabilizing, mystical institution.

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