Curfew Monologues

By ZaDed

It is 5:15 pm on my table clock. The news just got over. Thank God! The anchor added: “We’ll be back with the 6 o’clock news soon.” 6 o’clock news. The hell with all the news channels. I am bored to death, sick of being given every minute details of what is going on in the country of invalids. Why the hell did I tune to in the first place? I could have chosen something else.

Choices, there are never enough choices when you belong to the privileged class who can be choosy! What could I do when the RJ was telling me the name of some dogs of the hell of Balwan Khan My Son and My Jaan. Give me a break! I literally want to hurl my speakers out of the window. And peering into my computer screen is not helping, either. Again it is BBC, Charles Haviland reporting from the capital. I am supposed to be looking after my little cousin in my room, but just a while ago caught the sight of her smeared by a permanent marker. There is nothing I can do now; I wish I were a baby ignorant of everything around me. Ignorance is bliss.

My friend called me in this morning. What are you doing? Planning to score a straight A in all the subjects? She inquired. We laughed. That statement according to my student instincts is the ironic version of “I am sure you are wasting your time”. After all it is always better to assume something good about people. Everything needs to be understood in the opposite manner. It’s the Nepalese way of doing things.

Peaceful protests equals hurling stones, crashing batons. The decisive “Andolan” refers to a series of never ending Andolans. Constitutional Monarch means …the Chairperson of the Cabinet? These day terms like constitution and monarch hold absolutely no meaning for me.

Who is God? I don’t know. Who needs to know any when the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu is ruling Nepal, lucky us the Nepalese people! Ruled By God. Can you imagine that?

“Hami ta yahan pheri Jamna Aateko” she said. “Jamna” needs to be understood as all set to play cards. That has been the only thing to keep her folks engaged in the last two… or was it three days of curfew? Don’t go, why the hell isn’t she out in the Andolan? If answering that is a must, the reason is the same as why are you staring at your computer screen at the moment? Not out in the streets yourself?

Cards, I so desperately wish I knew how to play it as well. I don’t even know how to play Solitaire in my computer. Kali, on seeing my terrible situation introduced it to me sometime ago in college. But once again back to square one. I have absolutely no idea how they keep flying in and out. House of cards, I can manage that though. You build it so carefully and then somebody always plays villain by blowing it all. Like our dreams and aspirations all blown by the so-called wind of change…supposedly taking the country by storm.

Let me put aside all that I know of the manipulation of Article 127, Article 115 behind. Forget all about the recent polarization of power, all the SPA and Maoist and KG debate. We know what democracy gave us: infant mortality reduced to 7% in 2000 from 10% in 1990, life expectancy rose from 52 to 59 years. The road network which had expanded from 276 to 7,330 between 1951 and 1990 had reached 15,308 kilometers by 2000. The number of telephone lines were 25 in1951 and 63,293 at the end of the Panchayat Period. It stood at 255,800 by the end of the century. So you think democracy gave that to us. You couldn’t be more wrong. There was a lot of infrastructure development in the Communist USSR as well. Democracy facilitates the process; there are a whole lot of things involved. See, this generation reads and talks politics as well! Does that matter, the knowledge of what went wrong in the constitution, the series of anomalies that followed? The polarization of power. I would laugh my head off is somebody proclaimed to understand politics better than a daily wage laborer in Kathmandu. Politics is life; the higher you fall in the hierarchical social structure the lesser you understand its implications.

My friend in the US is submitting an assignment on “The Absolute Monarchy in Nepal”. “Check out my assignment for any amendments or additions,” he sends me an attached message. The only change I make is the SC verdict allowing the FM stations to transmit news (the same which is driving me insane). The other is my question to him about the claim he makes of KG planning on being the King once again years after he was crowned one. Can the statement be confirmed? I ask highlighting the text. It is something like presuming the Nepalese King who held on to that title for the shortest time, late Dipendra to be the murderer of his family without any concrete evidence in this age of CSI craze.

The curfew leaves us with little options! I chatted with another friend of mine in the US. How was your day? I inquired. I went shopping, bought a dress for an International Party coming up in college she replied. You sure have fun there I wrote back attempting to comprehend her life there.

Yah, its fun. You should come here sometime she said. Maybe for my masters I replied.

She is a student of Pharmacy. A secure future ahead. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop; I have all time to think of where I will land in some years. A load of pending assignments at hand, one is analyzing the tenth plan, discussing what is in it and what it lacks. It aims for Poverty Reduction; there is an ever-widening gap between the haves and have-nots. Bedlam is the buzzword; I am in no mood of working on plans. I gave up Science for Humanities. Biotechnology, I was already its student at heart before I joined the course. “Why do you plan to study…” was a question in my entrance exam (Arts faculty). Development is about change, no matter what the subject will always be contextual. After all, change is the only permanent thing I had answered. I decided I was better suited for the subject, burnt away my well-managed reference materials on electrostatics, organic chemistry. Moved on.

And change, the only permanent thing after all. Dreams of riding on sleek UN vehicles replaced by someone more involved with the community. That again replaced by the desire to work for the government. Instant change on seeing how the Bote-Majhis lived on the banks of Narayani, how a Chepang woman told us “I am but a nobody….” Seeing no reason why we wanted her photos. One law, one policy and the huge change in their lives. Politics has implications on them; we take obtaining citizenship, purchasing a new piece of land for granted. Talking of myself, I won’t be perplexed if the next stop of my picture perfect future is “Peon” after my masters. This is Nepal; reality bites.

I don’t want to know the price I’ll pay for dreaming. The first thing I look at every morning is G.B Shaw’s ” You see things and say ‘Why’? But I dream things that never were, and I say ‘Why not?’ above my study table. When nothing materializes it will come as a tight slap against my face. I’m well aware of it. Frustrations, suicidal thoughts there are still a series of them yet to come. But don’t bother; just don’t bother about the hundreds like me. We will grab a copy of Napoleon Hill’s Ways to Succeed, read Dale Carnegie re-read Shiva Khera and once again find solace in Khaptad Swami’s ” The Science of Thought”. We have options to calm us down. Come out of your selfish desire of democracy that is more of big talk less of actions that matter. Think of the youth in millions that have never heard of Shiva Khera, never will, have to work day in and out. For them it is a one-day life story. Each day is different, disconnected with what is to happen tomorrow, unconcerned about what went happened yesterday. Yesterday when my sister brought me my dinner, I was complaining, “Why is there so much rice? Are you planning to fatten me.” What she told me was something I never expected to hear.

“War time, eat when there is food. Remember “The Pianist” anything can happen.” We laughed.

We can joke about it. There is somebody living across the river I can see from my bedroom window that cannot. S/he doesn’t know of Adrian Brody, has a slim chance of ever knowing him. But will have to trade their watches for food, will have to resort to his dialogue Food is more important than time. History is in the making. How long will it take I can’t say, but how long will such people suffer? Nothing’s changed for them. Panchayati era they obeyed, the so-called decade and some years of democracy they were submissive, autocratic rule: things are still the same. Heading for a republic? It doesn’t matter. They have been empowered, you can argue. That is a different story. Let me not go into “The ladder of Participation” debate.

Our right to protest for any damn thing ends right where someday else’s right to survive starts. You are free to move your hand the way you like it. But it has to stop right where somebody else is standing. Encroaching territories is not democracy. We are hypocrites, clamoring of the need of inclusive democracy, discussing of the lack of social and cultural rights in our constitution failing to see any of its implications in our over hyped revolution for freedom. The state thinks of the middle class only, we are the state. Reduction in the price of electronic goods MP3s, flash drives, lenovo, I pods. We are glad. Stop to think about the ones who don’t understand what Media Ordinance is, whatever the role of Independent Judiciary was in it. MP3s don’t ring a bell to them; they’re too preoccupied of what they will have for dinner tonight.

Traffic lights provide 30 secs for the pedestrians to cross the road, around 3 minutes for the vehicles. That is the state policy. And I am a hypocrite advocating for the class I have merely observed, never experienced what it is like to be one. I am a charlatan that interviews a hungry Chepang woman, forcing her to speak out wasting whatever little chemical energy food has released in her body, when the meager one day meal is all she survives on. I am an imposter who is attempting to voice her thoughts in a platform that is merely for the privileged. That squatter dweller across the river is never going to read this, never going to tell us all what exactly it feels like to be out there. This little girl will keep sporting a frightened look howsoever lovingly you ask her permission for her photo.

Instant gain, its what we seek. Instant changes don’t last. Instant gratification comes in excitement, ends in chaos. We have been debating about the police brutality for days. They belong to the low-income group as well. They are mere puppets in somebody else’s hands. Sometimes I feel as if they are merely releasing the frustration of all the security personnel in this land, confused about their role at this historical moment. Who isn’t well aware of the need of democracy? Still they can’t afford to lose their jobs. Death due to crashing batons, bullets showered on the protestors, some mere spectators are inhumane. No way acceptable. Not permissible under any circumstance.

But look at the way we are. We stop at nothing once we lay our hands on the security personnel as well. Though police brutality still exceeds our attempts to harm them it was us who said it would be a non-violent, peaceful protest in the first place. Let us stick to what we said. Learn something from the foreigners that were arrested from Thamel yesterday who were merely displaying placards “Stop violence, come for talks”, follow our own folks in Kirtipur.

Let the government of invalids term its people terrorists. Let KG keep vacationing in Pokhara as though nothing’s happened. Let Thapa keep imposing curfews. Let the police be ordered to beat us all. Let us resist. Do it the Buddha’s way: We cannot change the things that happen to us, but we can change our responses. Let the response be non-violent. Let them put us all behind bars. Let the prison walls burst with freedom fighters.

You can cage a free person but you can’t do away with the desire to be free. Until this ends, somebody out there will be dying of hunger in the hundreds of squatter settlements in this country. They will die a dog’s death; no one will ever term them “Martyrs of freedom”. What have we lost by this strike? Nothing, we still get to eat. They don’t. We will on with our blasé lives, turn into bigger hypocrites.

So let us stop talking big. Stop this intellectual babble. Let us be out, be heard, and pressurize the deaf, dumb and blind government of ours to listen, talk and see the reality of this nation. A non-violent way out is all I desire. A nation where no one is deprived of their right to survive is all I seek.

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38 thoughts on “Curfew Monologues

  1. Just nothing,
    I do not think it should have been published here, was good enough on her own personal blog,

  2. I am lost reading the monologue. Conclusion makes sense, in between is a total mess. It is like our MAKUNE’s speech. blah blah blah….. finally blah blah

  3. “I am a charlatan that interviews a hungry Chepang woman, forcing her to speak out wasting whatever little chemical energy food has released in her body, when the meager one day meal is all she survives on. I am an imposter who is attempting to voice her thoughts in a platform that is merely for the privileged.”

    ZaDed, a very good read indeed…I was interviewing Majhis & Botes in the banks of Narayani a few years ago myself in the name of research and in the name of “helping them out” to fight poverty! I worry now if I am just another of those imposters !!!.

  4. Dear ZaDed,

    People like you are the future of this country.
    Thanks to UWB! for publishing this account, as the audience here is vaster than the one on ZaDed’s blog.

    Cyp, aka Pascal Dai, from France

  5. Very interesting,
    thanks for the article that gives us a peek at how most Nepalese are thinking at this difficult but historically important moment.

  6. Hey, why you guys always write easay in Politics only?? I’m already fed up of this Nepalese naive politics. So just put some good news of sports too and many more other funny news about Nepal.

    Here, i’ve got good news of Nepalese sports below:

    Maharjan defying pain barrier

    CHITTAGONG, April 11 – Nepal’s prolific midfielder Pradeep Maharjan, who overcame the pain barrier to lead Nepal into the semifinals of the AFC Challenge Cup, feels his team has the ability to win the coveted title.

    Maharjan, who scored five goals so far in this 16-nation event, takes physiotherapy treatment before every match for his injured knee and ankle. “I am happy that I have played a pivotal role in my team’s success,” he said.

    “I had jaundice last year and missed action for almost six months,” he added. “I started playing only two months back and feel I am still not in my best form.”

    When asked whether he was risking aggravating the injuries by playing here, he said: “I don’t mind doing that for my country.”

    Maharjan, who plays for Nepali national league runner-up Three Star Club, has a high scoring rate and also commands the midfield by making fruitful moves through accurate passes.

    “Our team is very good and if we play like the way we did against India in the quarterfinal, I feel we can easily make it to the final. The players failed to play up to the mark due to heat but have the ability to pull off surprises.”

    He said he got an offer from Indian giant East Bengal but it is still at the negotiation stage. “I want the level of football to improve in Nepal by way of professionalism. The prize money of the Nepal League is also going up every year, which is a good sign,” said the 21-year-old.

    “A few Nigerian players are strutting their stuff in Nepal and if more money comes into the league, surely more foreigners will be attracted and the standard will go up,” he added.

  7. it’s obvious that know-it-all syndrome prevades this gal’s blog . it’s natural too . when u have read some good books , food for thought as they say, and known (but not read) the names of other books esp to show that they are the smartest bibliophiles in town or nation (now +2 science teaches ppl neucleophiles n watever ) then wat happens is ppl begin vomiting in public places or forums ! why does she rue that things have been non-violent here in ktm ?
    what is non-violence ? who is non-violent ? is she going to practise aparigraha , brahamacharya (kumarito for her ? – presuming it’s intact by now) and satygraha? then against such a despotic shameless state ? if somebody tells her that the state is naked , then she will definitely tell that everbody is naked under the clothes n let’s go for non-vioence !

    little knowledge is dangerous .it’s good a ktm elite’s daughter has lustful cravings for books n is obsessed with most weird thoughts in her head ! but why does she humiliate ppl n their gr8 struggle against all the tragedies nightmares , and suffocations ! let’s not be preposterous n the best nectar during these pathetic times is silence . silences is an art n this gal needs to learn that. plz walk down the path of silence , then dhyana n i will not say moksha coz she knows it all . at least she wants to show ppl to believe that . n i meekly believe .
    silly .so much silly stuff i wondered that why some ppl only talk abt suicides but not commit it . go gal.go . the call is for u ! whu cares?

  8. I care, Chheparo…

    And who are you to eruct such insanities ?
    From what I can read, I guess you are the happy possessor of a mobile phone, and that you too have access to Internet.
    So are you not also the spolied brath that you despise so much.

    The difference between you an DaZed is that she has a real sense of writing… and some heart, too.

    Free online writer

  9. Good and thoughtful writing, snippets from your mind. I agree with you ‘Cyp’.

    People on this blogs have been addicted to read, the gory situation of Nepal. They have been slowly being addicted to such news, and when they can’t get enough of those news, they fume.

    While talking about protests, fight against state rules, we actually totally forgot about the layman, who need to earn their daily life.

    Have we ever pondered, how they have been making their living these days?
    Its been nearly a week, and still we are standing where we had started with loss of lives and property and uncoutable injuries.

    I know, change don’t come instantly. But I either cannot accept waiting for years like Mr. KG & politicains ask for.
    We dont want those people to be killed by famine, in the name of fight for freedom.
    No one will ever know about them, as none of them will be listed as Martyr of country.

    But its time to think, why have’nt we got any kind of result after repeating same kind acts daily? The scence is always same, just the day is new. And to my dismay, there isn’t YET any comments(reaction) from the person against whom we are fighting. Atleast not any positive.

    I am not trying to support current kings regime, nor am trying to dilute the fight against regression, but wanted people to see the other side of the coin.
    We dont want already underprivelieged to be further crushed.

  10. I read and I cried. Exactly my thoughts and an excellent write-up. Not just the style or the language but the content, and after all it is the content that is more important. I wish I were as strong as you are now, and I wish every youth in the nation thought the same way as you do. But then again, wishful thinking never got us anywhere!!!

  11. ZaDed,

    That was a great read! Thanks. Our youth really gives me hope. A girl called Jade had a great posting sometime back too.

    I can see that you’re not going to let what’s happening around you depress you. Keep it up.

    I have a pet theory that countries like ours suffer so much because the people who are most empowered to uplift the poor and underprivleged-that is those who come from so called higher stratas of society-consistently do the opposite. But not you. You come from a privileged class but care for those less fortunate. You give me hope.

  12. Zaded,

    I strongly agree the movement has to be non-violent and also that we need to consider the rights of other people to survive while we move on with our march towards a democratic society. I have been advocating this for pretty long despite being despised by many fellows out here.

    The role of democracy is important but it has different significances to different people. As some of you read in my blog, a guy who is dying of hunger has no interest in this movement for it has taken away his basic rights to work for survival. He is deprived of his right to go for work!!!!I want to reiterate this point. While the nation is for a greater movement, it should not be forgotten that some people simply cannot afford to face curfews and bandhs.

    I know most of you hated me for writing “why should I die for you?” but it is a relevant topic. A life lost is lost forever. The families who suffer cannot get their folks back no matter what lies ahead of us all.

    However, I do not agree with her that the numbers are illusionary. Though not all people can be helped at the same time, none of them were made worse off during the democratic period. Everyone had the right to work and enjoyed the freedom of speech and movement. These things are the basics of our life. They help us prosper. So, slowly but steadily democracy helps people grow.

    My only concern are the means to the ends. We should not involve in destruction of private and or public properties despite a noble end. Neither should we prohibit someone from opening his shutters.

    And as for the article, it is a monologue. So, it is natural to see a lot of rambling here and there. Monologues are not meant to be conclusive and more like formal essays. So,I think she did a fine job out here.

    hari sharma

  13. Hats off to you. I cant say those were my thoughts exactly, rather, that is how i now think i should be feeling. For I, too, fall under the same category of hypocrites who still have food on the table, and with food comes the luxury to dream, imagine, of this exotic revolution that is in the air and see a mirage of sudden change that will liberate us all from the maze of our current problems.
    I couldnt help but notice the very first comment on your piece, of how someone is willing to dismiss a point of view to encourage fight for democracy, a system where all views is listened to !!

  14. Well, I should say a …, i don’t have the word right now… anyways…..ok a fine mono-dialog sort of thing adorned with some metaphysical and inspirational quotes. But, at the wrong place and wrong time honey. Your monograph depicts you as a ‘double-standard’ reactionary agent who is trying but to divert the rebellious mood of people into a sedentary state. And for this, u have used philosophically beguiling textual weapons which I must appreciate are presented in a tactful approach. To put it simple, u r expressing your aversion towards the ongoing movement and furthermore, u r even entreating others to pull back. Please don’t use hypocritical languages! If u like something, be straight say I like it if not, dare to say directly that it’s wrong. What’s the use of acting like a wolf masquerading in a sheep’s hide when u know people here are not sheep anymore(I hope!)

  15. Hey guys! All ZaDed is doing is expressing her opinion. She’s an A level student. Like most of us she is confused by all that is going around her and trying to make sense of it. What’s wrong with that? Nobody’s forcing anyone to read what she has written. She’s chosen the path of peace, the same path Lord Buddha preached and the same path that the great Mahatma Gandhi and the great Nelson Mandela chose. What’s wrong with that? She’ll find her way her own way. Anyway what do you think this blog site is for?

  16. ok enough of it. let’s end this discussion right here ‘coz i don’t think it’s leading to anywhere. There are other important issues to share and get information of. And if this blog is meant for unnecessary mono-scripts like this and nonesense responses following them, i don’t think i should waste my time. Why should i?

  17. I do not understand the editorial team of UWB. I wrote a comment and I edited for typo. But my comment is not there ,only the part where I mention about correction is there. This does not make sense.

  18. Well Kirat,
    It does not matter whether you think my comments make sense or not. But, I do side with Zaded on various issues. Here is what I believe and it focuses on the part which talks about the right of every individual to work for living.

    Though some of you might have read this in my blog, I am pasting it here too.

    Then it came again. Deserted roads, burnt tires, and without work! Wow, what a day for the protest!

    Hundreds of people flocked in the streets while this man who used to live on his daily earnings is looking into the garbage cans trying in vain to find something to eat. The leaders have the pleasure of eating “basmati” rice when they get back home after the tiring protests in the streets but this guy who works as a conductor for a microbus is without food or even shelter when he gets back. And, he is deprived of work, thanks to the frequent “bandhs.”

    It is not the first day; in fact we have been living with it, like every other part of our body. There are costs associated with movements. While the movement might be for the best of Nepalese, it has failed to use the right means to get to its goals.

    We condemn Maoists for killings. We condemn them for using wrong means to attain their goals. While some of the questions raised by Maoists might be good, not all are realizable and progressive. The issues of caste discrimination might be a just cause for protest, but the issue of absolute equality is not. They have to think of the gains made during the period of democracy with respect to the alleviation of absolute poverty. One has to be pragmatic and not idealistic. Whatever be their reasons for dissent, they have not used right means for the benefit of Nepalese.

    Similarly, the political parties failed to understand the sentiments of the Nepalese people. While their propaganda is as good as it sounds, it failed to address issues which have been pressing the poor masses who have to struggle daily for survival. Freedom has its costs. One should not be deprived of his work for the sake of freedom of another. One cannot be denied his freedom for the sake of granting freedom to another. Every individual has to be respected.

    One needs to understand that rights come with responsibilities. If you cannot respect the equal rights of others, you cannot claim your rights either. This same problem persists in our march for freedom. We have failed to understand the problems faced by the lower class people who depend on their daily incomes for survival. We are rich enough to sustain several days of “bandhs” while they are not. Aren’t we being selfish here?

    Some argue that one has to sacrifice his/her interests for the greater benefit to mankind. But, this is absolutely wrong. Why should one sacrifice his interests for the sake of other people? Why can’t others do the same to him? Why can’t others sacrifice their interests for his benefit? If others can’t do it, he should not be forced to do it either. It is his every right to work within the legal framework respecting the equal rights of others.

    People make a great deal of fuss about the so-called “agitation for democracy” but they are acting as autocrats while designing their movements against the monarch. Democrats are being hypocrites when they shut down the shutters of New Road or Putalisadak. They claim to work for freedom but they are not practicing it. Freedom should not come at the expense of the freedom of other people. Just the other day, a person was killed in Pokhara. Why should he sacrifice his life for our benefit? Who is responsible for this? What alternatives does his family have to sustain living? Has anyone cared to think of this? A big “NO.” No doubt, they will protest against the killing, it will provide them with more reasons to protest but his life is gone. We cannot get it back. He suffered when he could have done without.

    If it were you, would you die for the benefit of other people? If you cannot, you should not expect others to be ready to sacrifice their lives for freedom of Nepalese. Leaders should take full responsibility for the killing of this person. The government is equally responsible.

    I know many of you will despise me for writing against the movement, but I am for the right of every person to be alive. I am for the right of everyone to work. We should not limit the freedom of others when we think of our own freedom. I know it is easy to blast the movement from here but still it is a great tragedy of the agitation that the poor have suffered again.

    hari sharma

  19. Nice story…!

    Giving us a feel of the waste of time, the rotating thoughts and the mindf…. setting in after some days of confinement.

    As in Nepal there is a strong culture of domestic violence it is an important subject of discussion in these days.

    Only nonviolence can overcome violence!

    Otherwise just the perpetrators of violence are changing, ask Nepali villagers!

    Ahimsa knows: Kings are history!

  20. Hari, Hari,

    We don’t despise you for writing against the movement. We despise you for the second hand, mixed up Libertarian philosophy you continually spout. While Nepal burns and people all over the country debate on the relevance of monarchy, maoism and republicanism all you do is shamelessly push your blog site.

    If Freedom can be attained without any expense, any sacrifice and struggle it would be great. The whole world would be free and we would never again pay taxes to the state against our will.

    You know what you are? A confused utopian. And I know you just hate the idea of paying taxes to the state. Isn’t that how Libertarians started off in the first place? Go read your old, dog eared Ayn Rand again.

  21. Harisharma,
    I not only despise you, but would burn you down if i see you in the street,
    do not use a conductor’s story to buttress your king, if that is how you are making your living, Mandale employement
    why do not you, and all Mandalez, write a letter to KG, national father, and
    ask him to to leave the country? He will have to listen to his Mandalez, if not to others.
    There will not be any strikes, closures, or Bandh, and the conductor will get to go back to work and eat Basmati rice, if that what you are getting now from the vampire King.

    Do you know how much money KG makes a month, including his security, employees including cooks, gardeners, and laudary men, and others at the Palace Secretariet and and Raj Sava Parisad?
    KG alone makes Twenty two times more than the U.S. President George Bush.
    Every month, the tax payers’ money that we are wasting on KG can make 10 remote villages look like Maharajgunj. In a year, 120 villages will have the same aminities and facilities as Maharjgunj, the most developed area of the nation. Then, a lot of people in the villages will have their own earnings and internet multinational export-import businesses of organic and antiques and crafts. Nepali will be rich, and peace and joy will be every where.
    So, retard Hari Sharnma, go and make your king leave the country or ask him to make his living like the conductor.
    Oh, the netaj eat Basmati rice, is that too much to ask for, Maoist-Mandale Hari?
    Your KG and Prachanda eat platinum and people’s bllod: is that justified in comparison to what netajis eat?

    Has the day come that we have to hear democracy sermon from a Mandale, a monarchist?

  22. One thing guys!
    Writing against the means to attain democracy does not mean opposing democracy. Where have I ever written against the norms of democracy? I always aspired for the freedom of people. But, in the process we should not limit the freedom of other people.

    I am against the policies of the government. Being inclined more towards libertarian principles, I am against the involvement of government in various sectors. Yes, the freedom of people has to be respected. I am for it.

    All I am questioning is the means we are using. Hey, does not someone else have the equal rights? We cannot just think of ourselves without respecting the equal rights of other people to work or practice freedom of speech. All should be respected. Thats all I meant.

    And now here goes another hypocrite labeling any other person with different views as Mandale or maoist. Wow…what a rational mind in play.

  23. Hari Sharma,

    Ayn Rand, who might be one of your heroines, was an atheist. Gyanendra’s all the time with astrology, palmistry, God knows what, head reading, butt reading, all sorts of mumbo-jumbo.

    You think this is a guy who can lead us into the 21st century? At least, the politicians, for all their corruption, they realize that the country has to go forward, but this fellow, Gyane, he’s still got delusions of being an 18th century Maharaja, complete with astrologers, palmists, ass analyzers and all those other weirdos.

    What sort of libertarian would embrace 18th century customs?

  24. ya i think hari sharma has a little bit of problem with the idea of “government’s role”….he seems fascinated by capitalism…he idolizes friedman and other supply side economists..tries to ape some neo-cons at cato institute…i guess it helps a bit to read wall street journal and listen to bill o reily…his is a utopian dream….he thinks free-market will solve everything…

    but his economic principles ( which i believe he has read a lot in a promising liberal arts college somewhere in new england) holds only in paper.. mr sharma..i think someday you will go and work in imf or world bank…write some cool economic model……..get a bunch of data …and run a regression, OLS, 2SLS..whatever…and from your swanky lil cubicle in the 17th floor of DC, you will preach some policy issues which will be experimented in some third world country … will get publised in american economic review, quarterly journal of economics, or journal of political economy….

    your CV will read 10 page long with all the seminar and publication…after touring all those sub-saharan african or south-east asian countries, which will still be engulfed in poverty despite incorporating your policy will run another regression and say that its because of bad governance or other “institutional” issues…

    what you dont give a shit about is people lives are at stake….you will become larger than life..but, at the end of day, what the fuck… still wont have solve the conundrum…
    so stop being so utopian only in practical

  25. Manan,
    I never supported Gyanendra. Do you guys understand english? How does writing against the means used to obtain democracy imply supporting Gyanendra?

    All I was saying was that we should stop the destruction of private or public property, and that we should allow freedom to those folks who want to go for work.

    And as for Ayn Rand, I do not subscribe to all of her views. Some are justifiable to me while others are not. Objectivist theory is different from libertarianism though they share a lot in common.

  26. Bravo and Proud2bnepali,
    you guys also seem to have joined the rank and file of the blog fighters of the People’s Movement like Kirat, Manan, Bhudai, and Vand.


    Fight in group when you see KG’s people coming after you. Watch each other’s ass, guys.
    That is the way we fight in the street. That is how we win. That is what we should do here. Back up each other.
    I have not slept today, so let me take a nap for a couple of hours until the daybreak.
    See you when I see you,

  27. Hari Sharman,

    Well, destroying a little property’s no great shakes when the country’s future itself is at stake.

    Lets not get overly worked up by trifles. How many dollars worth of damage did these guys do? Now consider the cost of the armed response to Maoists. Heck, even the armed response to the hecklers.

    More money has been spent trying to control the protestors, who, if they’d been left alone would probably have just shouted a little, than by the actual damage. I mean, Hari Sharma, if you’re such a big libertarian, why aren’t you attacking the excesses of the government with the same vigor you’re attacking a bunch of protestors armed with stones?

    I thought libertarians were first and foremost concerned with government intrusion into their lives. Look at the economy of the country. Our endless preoccupation with the Maoists, to the point that we’re spending billions on them without any return, is going to leave us broke. And Gyanendra has been the biggest culprit in this regard.

  28. i think Nepalease woken up from a long sleep now. Now we need to throw the Gyanendra. Until we throw him we should not go back to sleep. Let us fight this age world clan of shah and rana rule over my beloved motherland.

    Jay Kranti
    jay Ganatantra
    jay Nepal

  29. Manan,
    Destroying a little property…

    What do you mean? Everything should matter. Not only have the maoists destroyed Nepal, not only have the royalists destroyed Nepal, but the SPA cadres (If I may call them under the banner of SPA) have taken the same resort.
    What sort of fight is this? We are supposed to protect our property and fight against the government. This is what I want.
    People are burning tires in the streets. What the hell does that do to help us get freedom other than crashing out our lungs? We have to be more rational and find out alternatives.

    Let the people work if they want to work. Let people protest if they want to protest. But, hey consider each other. Lets not disrupt the activities of other people. While protesting let us all protect the rights of other people to work and move about freely.

    This is all I am asking.

  30. Hey Zaded!!

    Like alwayz girl – u rock!!! I aint Nepali but its people like Zaded that make me love this country. Because I see hope in her, that Nepal wil one day dawn a brighter dawn. She aint afraid to express what she feels truly.

    She writes true to the heart, many of us hide behind our words. Many of us shy away from revealing ourselves and the things closest to us.

    This nation will make it through – and it will be on our generation – we’re gonna make sure of it – or die trying.

  31. Not only have the maoists destroyed Nepal, not only have the royalists destroyed Nepal, but the SPA cadres (If I may call them under the banner of SPA) have taken the same resort.
    What sort of fight is this? We are supposed to protect our property and fight against the government. This is what I want.
    People are burning tires in the streets. What the hell does that do to help us get freedom other than crashing out our lungs?

  32. I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

  33. excellent write up…the bigger question is not about wrong and right of what she thinks…..the point is about critical thinking…..when most of nepali youth have trouble composing a paragraph on ‘cow’ which we have been doing all our school life….and here she has her own take on the matter….way to go gal…..

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