What Happened in Gongabu?

Armed police fired more than hundred rounds of real bullets as the bloodiest people-police clash at Gongabu injured more than 130, some of whom are serious

Gongabu was as of yesterdays tense. The scuffle between people and police was going on.

During one of the chasing, two of the demonstrators entered a house. They didn’t know who owned the house. When they were inside, the house keepers set a dog free and tried to beat the demonstrators. The two came out and told the others what happened inside.

The house became the target for all the demonstrators. They stoned and broke windows, made fire just outside the main gate and vandalized the decorations at the gate.

All of the sudden, sounds of firing were heard. The photographers captured a hand with a pistol on the window while television camera recorded the sound of shots. After four rounds of fire into the mass, the hand disappeared. Demonstrators were injured (number unknown).

Then the house was targeted more. Reinforcement in form of armed police force and army arrived. Army and APF took positions as if they were in war. Some fo the army told the reporters that Maoists are firing from the house. APF’s SSP Madhav Thapa assured the demonstrators that he would bring out the gun-holder if they step back.

The demonstrators stepped back but the APF when brought out the man tried to save him. They got aggressive and the clash went much tenser that anticipated.

The APF fired hundreds of bullets on the demonstrators. A lot of them fell to ground, some of whom were taken for treatment by police themselves while media persons were also involved in the rescue works. Some of the media persons said they were lucky not to be hit by bullets.

It was a war zone in the afternoon.

By the way the house from where the man fired bullets turned out to be of police officer and the gunner was probably one of the guards.

The media person predicted a few would die due to injuries.

Written by Ujjwal Acharya based on interpretation by various reporters and photojournalists

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79 thoughts on “What Happened in Gongabu?

  1. response1, hawkeye, kalupande and all other Royalist supporters! Where is your King at this time of national crisis? Why does he act so paralysed when your heart is crying out for him to do something? Why does he trust his jyotisay more than you? Is Kamal Thapa your de-facto King of Nepal for the time being?

    If you Royalist apologizers have any brains-think! If you want to back him come out with some logical statements.

    Please read the following article by the BBC, perhaps the most respected news entity in the world, and think!


  2. hey guys…

    think for a second…
    and please write commmnet.
    situation 1..
    most likely..kg will be dethroned..what after that.. are our leaders prepared and have enough vision for future nepal ?..history may repeat again..
    situation 2..
    demonatration will continue for months to come..people will get tired of unresponsive king and hiding politicians..and end as a weak goverment powered by king .. even girija may head the cabinet…
    situation 3..
    moaist come into picture more strongly than before..lead the movement and achieve their goal…again history will repeat itself… from one dictatorship to another..

  3. Now, Michael, don’t stretch things that far…
    Lets appreciate things for what they are. They are bad enough that way. We don’t need to make any bloated comparisons.

  4. Kirat,

    do me a favor, go tot he streets and shout out your slogans, maybe I will support you. you are against everything, who are you for? Name please!! oh you are for a invisible party without any leader.

    Oh damn, what am I doing here? how can I discuss with an intelliegent, smart, educated, mr. I know it all and I am always right KIRATji.

  5. manan,
    I hope you are correct ! I had those same thoughts when I did puja..
    My “fear” is that if the person who took aboslute power last year on. Feb.-1, KG helped unleash much the violence that is consuming much of Nepal.
    If this continues there will be Civil War with much unnecessary loss-of-life.. and that is where the Pol Pot comparison arose.

    And if not Pol Pot, maybe Adie-Amine of Uganda ??

  6. After what happened at Gongabu and elsewhere, it is heartening to see that people will be on the streets in protest of the heavy handedness of the puppet government. THere are rallies organized to come from Patan, Kaushaltar, and other key areas of the city to join at Ratnapark for a mass meeting. The time has been set for around 12:00PM. Those of you that are really for democracy, join it and make it a success. Lets see whether the government will let that happen.

  7. Hawkeye,

    Who said I know it all? You seem to be for the king I am asking you for a logical reason why you support him when he does nothing. It’s called a debate. I am for democracy and democracy encourages debate even from extremist voices like yours. So lets hear a coherent agrument from you if you are capable of producing one.

  8. seems Mr. M.B.Thapa a leader ordein for bullet beat to the protestors, we’ve to note him for his future…

  9. The situation all over Nepal has spiraled out of control. There is so much propaganda and counter-propaganda emnating from Nepal, it’s hard to put a finger on the truth.

    However, one thing is certain. The Maoists are painting their master piece and the seven parties, the palace and all other political elements are watching helplessly in horriffic awe. The Maoist leaders’ statements on BBC has thrown the guantlet on the seven party leadership – particularly on Girja who instead of clarifying what the SPA movement is about, was reduced to bungling on about what the movement is NOT about.

    The Maoists have a clear appreciation of the radical nature of the SPA cadre and have masterfully used this to their advantage. It is the Maoists who now control the initiative, direction and agenda of the urban uprising as well as the armed insurrection in the countryside. I find the SPA’s claim of managing an independent movement completely unsubstantiated.

    Now, the SPA leadership are in neither a position to detract nor in a position to move forward. This is no longer a movement to re-instate democracy. It has morphed into a radical movement to create a republic that lacks a cohesive foundation.

    I am afraid my country is in for a long spate of hard times. Our friends abroad are incapacitated by the King’s stubbornness and I have never held much faith our parties’ leadership to begin with. The only glimmer of hope was a solution borne of collaboration between the two groups. The likelihood of this too, is quickly evaporating.

    I fear a humanitarian catastrophe is in the making. India may be able to restrain the Maoist leadership (on a politial level), but there is no guarantee their militia will follow suit. The RNA’s ethnic composition makes it highly succeptible to attrition which is another facet the Maoists are counting on.

    The international community will waste no time damning the King while Nepalis of all walks suffer the tragedies of failed policy.

  10. Seeing the pix and reading the news and comments up there, most of them seems not much diffent than same things, people have to do first is to remove these leaders like GIrija and his collegues. Not only being protesting the King is totally wrong way to bring you a better life. King will not provide you a democracy until you stupid nepali citizens are leading by Girija who raised the maoists problem in nepal and claimed more than 13,000 lives. They must responsible for this,so stupid nepali why not think this is reality more than anything else???. So that king’s hands are still pure out of blood.King is waiting until you stupid nepalese will enought enlightened to head forward this haven np.

  11. I just wanted to know how many of you guys went to streets and did some real protest outside this cyber space.

  12. Kirat,

    So you are for democracy aye? aight do highlight me on what you have done for “your” so called democracy?

    Mind you, my form of democracy doesn’t incorporate 13 prime minsters in 12 yre, dissolving parliament everytime the PM feels that he is gonna be out voted. democratic party where they themselves

    And to you, my belief that the violence won’t get us what we want, makes me a royalist. That is an autocratic statement in the name of democracy. There isn’t always black and white.. there are grey spaces as well.

    You’re asking for a debate, while your rhetoric posts states nothing but dead end vision. Step by step you say… step by step for what?… first the king.. then the corrupt leades.. then the maoists.. the the limbuans then the khumbuans then the madhesi liberation etc etc. By the time you bring in “your” democracy most of us here will be long gone.

    Hmmm what’s the time of the year in nepal?? Snow has melted and ppl of humla jumla should be getting down to the cities to buy salt and other essential commodities. have they been able to? The tomotoes can be bought at Inerwa for Rs 1 for five kilos.These tomotoes should be coming to kathmandu.

    And if you think I’d like to see those corrupt leaders (who gave birth to maoists and gave back the power of the ppl to the king) back on the driver seat you are dead wrong.

  13. hawkeye,

    I practice democracy by listening to all sorts of voices, even incoherent ones like yours.

    By the way a person who supports the king, like you do, is called a royalist.

  14. Nepal King’s Order:
    You are an IDIOT!
    Obviously you know nothing about Nepal!
    Irrespective of how currupt and bad Girija was he did not give rise to the Maoist movement. I don’t think its even worth replying to someone who has no clue about Nepal… here is what you should do:
    1. take out a map and first see where Nepal is.
    2. I assume you have access to the internet. well google “Nepal History” AND READ THE DAMN WEBSITE before saying something STUPID…. oh wait too late for that… Read before you say SOMETHING ELSE that’s stupid.

  15. 13 prime ministers in 12 years is better than one shah family for straight 250 years.
    there is no sequence of steps, it stop right after KG–many people believe KG and MB are two faces of same coin. someone always afread of limbus and madhesi as if they are not nepali people.

  16. Who is this queer Bhudai Pundit??? seems mentalist of this blogspot!!! Do you know when this country had got horror problems?? Was this start since King seizeD power?? 13,000 OF NEPALESE LIEVES GONE DURING 13 YEARS OF DEMOCRACY,THESE DEMOCRATIC LEADER MUST RESPONSIBLE. I know you guys in here are stupid and still no any good quotes have i ever found !! World knows THE BIG PROBLEM OF NEPAL RAISED SINCE SO-CALLED YOUR STUPID LEADERS HACKING YOUR ALL HEAD OFF. THINK THRICE BEFORE YOUR COMMENTS UP THERE SEEMS NAIVE YOU ARE AND CHILDREN LIKE NEVER HAD GOOD TRAINED FROM PARENTS.



  17. Look, those of you who feel democracy in Nepal’s such a ‘premature’ idea.

    When will it ever be mature then? When Gyane’s dead? Maybe Paras will give it to the Nepali people then, huh? Yeah, maybe democracy will be Paras’s gift to the Nepali people.

  18. Nepal King’s Order,

    I’m getting tired of you. And don’t use capitals please, its irritating.

    Anyway, just get the hell out of here. I’m really tired of you. Get lost. Go.

  19. Nepal King’s Order My ass,
    You turdyhead,

    Do you know how to write five sentences correctly in English?

    Do you know how to do math? Well, this is how unqualified, illeterate Mandalez get the job at the Palace by kissing KG’s ass. How else did you get the job at the palace?
    Are you trying to justify monarchy against democracy by pulling out this fuzzy number?
    Out of the approximately 15,000 people dead, more than 80% of the were killed since the time Birendra refused to let the then PM use RNA. When GP had to resign in 2002, less than 1500 people were killed.
    Your present king coordinated with Prachanda in secret to kill 13,500, inoccent people (the forced Maoists, RNAs, APFs, Nepal police, and ordinary citizens).
    After KG killed his brother and his family to become a king on June 1, 2000, he took over the RNA and made the Security Council of Nepal defunct. After this defunct, Then, he killed 12,000 people to remain King. His son is another murderer: everyone knows.

    Where did you get this fuzzy math, Mandale? Go to a good college and learn English and Math and read the problem and do the Math again, hoe’s son. You will find a different answer.
    Are people with KG, mandale?

    You will say,”Yes.” Why does not KG contest election, then?

    Let me see KG an hour in the street without RNA’s guns, and we will find out how people will treat him. Let me see his leadership. Tell him to come to the street. You, too.
    People will burn both you the Mandalez and KG alive.
    Neither you have people, nor you have ideas, nor you have honesty, murderers. So just shut up and get the F* out of here.

  20. Correction: GP actually was forced to resign on July 19, 2001. Since then, KG had all the power over RNA.

  21. IT Was really terrible. How brutle the administration seemed.they have no pathoes for the people. The are really the worst, rusted pupets of massacare leader Gyanedra. They have not only injured the civilians and demonstrator with guns, bullets, bricks stones and sticks also have made so many bodies, and wounded their body disappeared

  22. Hare shiva, hey stupid nepali when you will grow up??? when???????? you knoe only useless and it doen’t make exciting anymore. Every words will not come from tongue.

    Mr.hangman what do you mean by saying abt math and english??? I don’t think your english is better enough too. Maybe i’m too younger than you so my english is very plain that every one can understand. you can’t compare between you and me eighter. I’M THE TOP STUDENT OF NEPAL AND GOT SCHOLARSHIP TO TAKE MY FURTHER STUDY TOO AND SINCE I WAS BORN NO ONE CAN DEFEAT ME TILL NOW… I’M PROUD OF MY SUCCESS. so how about you then??? which level are u in??????????????????????????????? I don’t think you are in a good position like me,and hopeless no brain what to do day by day so that you can access internet for all time using arrogant comments. or go along the street to make others mad feelin,

    This chaos in the city was made of insane by general people.And even not knowing that innocent children brought along the street to protest,what s/he knows is nothing.It is general people supposed to comprehensive beofre coming out to street with children. If so,you have no right to say or You can’t abuse police/army if unfortunately baton charged to little boys there.Human rights org/journalists must check this out before moving your black ink into your white paper. Don’t try to draft with black ink into your white paper without knowing this,it may convey bad damage of its county’s image in the eyes of foreigners.

    Shame to be called a nepal ko manche

  23. Oh no,

    Or whatever you want to call yourself.

    Just get out, for your own sake. With every sentence, you show yourself to be more and more stupid.

  24. Gongabu kanda ko vilen poolisharu Madhav Thapa ra tyo Moktan lai janata le tesai chhodna hudaina. Tini haru lai jana karbahi garnu parchha. Hunata tini haru sahayak vilen pare Loktantra ka Main vilen ta Gyane, Giri, Kamal Thapa ra Srisa s.Rana nai hun. Tinai ka barema janatale belai ma thik parne soch banauna parchha. Thanks

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