Republicanism Inevitable


The way chairman Gyanendra is responding, by acting to be oblivious, to the people’s movement has cleared all the doubts, if there were any, about the king’s commitment toward the people.

Hearing the people’s pleas and making them hear his opinion has been the mantra of King Gyanendra right from the days he ascended the throne in a rather suspicious fashion.

He was adamant that his elder brother, late King Birendra, was too soft and carefree and indirectly even tried to partly blame the late king, along with the political parties, for the problems that the country was facing.

With his swagger and arrogance, he seemed too eager to show that he was a god-sent messiah to rid the country of its ills, making one wonder if the Royal Massacre, indeed, was a divine intervention.

He never hesitated to slam the political leaders for being corrupt and indifferent to the people and preached moral values like a holy saint every now and then.

He orchestrated sponsored programs to felicitate himself in all the development regions of the country in the name of Felicitation by Citizens, where his sycophants pleaded to him to take executive powers in a way the gods request Lord Vishnu to kill the devils in Puran.

Being a populist king that he projects himself to be, he couldn’t ignore the voice of the masses and eventually took executive powers in his hand. And after trying some handpicked prime ministers – who somehow couldn’t measure up to the high standards – he, being the cleanest of them all, became the chairman of the cabinet of ministers on February 1, 2004 declaring that he would solve all the problems within three years with his divine hand.

Fifteen months on, the country is further mired in violence and his thirst for blood seems unquenchable. Deep inside, he must be aware that the Maoists can’t be eliminated by the use of force. But he, as the head of the cabinet, never reciprocates to the unilateral ceasefire announced time and again by the rebels as if his throne obtained through bloodshed needs human blood as high-octane fuel.

The people who were disillusioned with the politicians remained silent in the beginning, thinking that the situation cannot worsen under the king. But now it has dawned on them that the country is in an abyss and the king is hell bent on exploring its bottom. That knowledge can perhaps explain the people’s apparent indifference toward the Maoist threat in the country becoming a republic, because they know that the country can’t suffer more under any other regime.

Now that the people have become vocal against him and have taken to the streets, the king has found solace in being an ostrich sticking his head in the sand.

Being a Hindu king, he seems to have faith in the supernatural and is attending religious programs in this hour of crises though he and his shameless ministers may shrug it off as yet another simple happening.

He has made Pokhara his base in a desperate hope that the place which unbelievably catapulted him to the throne (remember where he was on that fateful June 19 night) can never desert him.

The king does not have to organize road shows to know the public opinion now. Just sticking his head out of the sand will suffice. And the sooner he heeds the public opinion, the better for him.

Else, the tsunami of movement (borrowing Madhav Kumar Nepal’s words) will wash away the ostrich along with the beach.

For the Seven Part Alliance may go on forever with the slogan of complete democracy, or loktantra as they like to call it, the people will not relent with anything less than republic.

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56 thoughts on “Republicanism Inevitable

  1. FYI

    King G had asked for only 3 (THREE) Years to show his work. How much time did we give him? And now we are here saying he didn’t do anything. Common be neutral. Don’t be like eye closed horse.

  2. Stupid neutral,

    Nepal is not for sale! No one can take this country even for a second, without people giving the mandate.

  3. Did someone say 3 years.. well it is this big a mess in one year, imagine how much he would mess it up in 3 years.. As the artical says why don’t you pull your head off sand Neutral.

  4. But Netural, if three years was the promise, then after one year you would want to see some improvement, some genuine sign of war and terror decreasing. I am not in Nepal but it is clear to me that protesters could not see this improvement. Dictators can make a lot of promises…

  5. Only 3 years! 3 years i.e. 36 months. If 14 months can bring nation to this stage, visualize what would be our plight and where will be our country till that time?

  6. I agree with the patience, what can he do but resist? Spirals of violence and misfortune function like this, but he MUST show understanding in a non military way as well.

  7. Neutral if you look at what you have to say with an even mind then you have a point, but the people don’t and the SPA don’t want the King to rule whether it is for the better or for the worse, and that is a reality that cannot be changed. In an ideal situation we could have all gone along with Feb.1 and it’s directives and the Maoist would happily come to a peace settlement and elections would be held successfully, but the world is not ideal and we have to act accordingly. I agree that the party leaders did’nt give this government the time of day from day one, if they did maybe things would have improved, but they believed that the King had his own autocratic agenda therefore they opposed everything with media like Kantipur totally supporting them as well.
    I think the whole point is that we are all fed up with experiments, and it is unfortunate for Gyanendra but 15 years of bad government has made people suspicious of new promises by any head of state. It is an irony that the leaders dont understand or are pretending not to understand that after the King goes it will be their turn to go next.



    You want more years of musical chair in the Cabinet with fully corrupt people like Kamal Thapa, ex-convicts like Jagat Gauchan and the likes of Tulsi Giri.



    Cummon man, you gotta be be out of your mind.
    We dont need to wait for enitre three years to see everything.

    BBC States that:
    A highly-placed source in the Nepalese cabinet told the BBC that some 40% of the cabinet wanted to be reconciled with the political parties currently opposing the king.

    CNN States:
    The United States is calling for King Gyanendra to relinquish his absolute rule and restore democracy.

    “The government is ready to hold talks with the seven political parties, provided they give up their links with the Maoists,” Home Minister Kamal Thapa said.







  9. At a time when people from every corner are raising their voices for complete democrac, king is spending his days in resort town of Pokhara involving his total strength to supress the people’s movement. The number of people in the protests itself clearly shown that even the very common poeple working hard days and nights have come to protest the king’s atrocities with great enthusiasm. Now there is no point to say that king is aware of poeple’s problem and his interest to solve the country’s problem. When maoist has called for ceasefire and wanted the king to take initiative to solve the problem he just remained oblivion just blaming without any logic. His henchmen are shouting that moist base has been cracked, but the reality is that maoist carried out more aggressive attacks even at the army barrack in recent days. So the only solution is to go for loktantra, bring maoist to mainstream politics and establish a stable democratic system without any tyrant on its top.

  10. Army infiltrates rally
    A day after Home Minister Kamal Thapa claimed to have found evidence of rebel infiltration in the parties’ protests, OHCHR officials have found army infiltration in seven-party demonstration in Kohalpur, Banke on Monday.

    A team led by OHCHR-Nepalgunj chief Andrew Mc Gregor found a soldier with a grenade at a rally. The team saw dozens of plainclothes soldiers with explosives from nearby RNA base infiltrating the mass demonstration.

    Demonstrators identified the soldiers and informed the OHCHR team. The team asked them to show their pockets and bags. A soldier immediately showed a grenade which he concealed in the pocket of his shorts. After the team also asked him to show the concealed object in the next pocket, he went towards a group of armed security personnel and mingled among them.

    From Kantipur

  11. Hello Neutral,

    Just three years is a lie, pls do not fool yourself. He wants to be a dictator for ever: He is even preparing his son for it so that his generation can rule Nepal like Junga Bahadur for decades.

    Now he needs a final kick and he will be the history.

    I request political leaders to think of the action plan for future in time.
    1. How will you tackle royal family and his army?
    2. how will will you constitute Interim govt.
    3. how will you deal with maoist?
    4. how will you not repeat mistakes ect

  12. There is only one song humming around my mind-
    “KILL THE KING”- megadeth

  13. I would rather support Neutral
    This seven party farcical movement is sure to die out in a few days. People are surely more frightened by Maoists atrocity than by King’s power. We saw a thosand people causing trouble here and there – I saw same face in kalanki and Gongabu and other places. They are Maoists cadre. Seven party have been Maoists’ horse – they are still bearing the brunt of maoist cruelty- their cadres are still being slaughtered by maoists. Yet the party leaders go to Prachanda and Baburam to save their own neck. And Prachanda Baburam ordered them to stage this farce. We NEED THE KING, DEAR NEPALIS, TO SAVE US FROM CRUEL MAOISTS. Why don’t you understand?

  14. Hell yo responsel.. how on earth you identified maoist by looking at the scoundrel….this is not place for the crooked like you..get the hell outta here

  15. Hello Gita,
    The points you listed are right,but not in order. The issue of not repeating the past mistakes should be given first priority.

  16. there are still people like response and neutral who is himself a big farce u even know the meaning of neutral….u want to give this killer and shameless devil 3 year….do u even know the smallest of the fact of what happened in this 15 months… u want us to feed those ‘gang of four’ with state money…do u want the tax to be spent on useless visits of g shah and his son and other puppets like ramesh nath and so on?? do u want the people to keep watching when nepalese are dying not getting citamol while paras shah is spending 60 million in a useless and shameflull visits….do u want the educated people to close their eyes and say ram-ram when 50 billion rs of money is spent on god knows what….that’s why i want to call people like this ‘slaves’ they are just soo much to bear….knowing the fact also they are just ballantly ignoring…god help them….
    and the response1 guy or girl….you piece of shit….you are trying to justify one killing by other….just due to the worst kind of human being is this country being hurt so much….you just pathetic shit….how come you think like a 2000 year old mindless human being….there’s no place for people like u who justify the eye for an eye theory in this time…and if u think this military will protect us…well it’s enough to see what is going around country and what they are doing….just read kantipur of today or at least today’s another blog….ohh..i am sorry people like u love gorkhapatraa….how stupid could u be to ask u something called FREE MEDIA…..right dude…..

  17. Today’s Rising Nepal Printed Following

    HM grants audience

    By A Staff Reporter
    Kathmandu, April 10: His Majesty King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev granted audience to people from various walks-of-life from the Western Development Region at Ratna Mandir in Pokhara today.

    Nepali Pyscho …

  18. hey responsel, u saw maoist cadres in two places ? How did u know they were maoists? Or are u a spy, mr. 007 hired by the Gyanendra, chairman of royal nepal-007 pvt. ltd.(because in 2007 rana regime was overthrown and shah regime was established)?
    HA-ha, well I think I can better guess who u r. U r of course member of so called -‘nationalist youth front’ or ‘nepal hindu mahasang’ whatever , the toady bhajanmandalis who do nothing but chant ‘come king and save the nation’as if the bloody smuggler is vishnu’s incarnation(as the author of the article says). Most ironical thing is that it is the same person who is attending religious programs and idolatry who once used to smuggle the idols out of the country.

  19. Response1,



  20. More support for democratic movement.

    The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), which always bets on the winning side now has expressed full committment

    Civil servants, banking staff, lawyers, doctors, engineers, nurses and various other professionals have showed their support to the movement.

    Any minute now, I think cabinet ministers are going to walk out with resignation.

    I am just wondering where Dr. Giri will exile this time. I am sure that his prooperty in Sri Lanka is still safe. He should take Kamal Thapa and Sharad Chandra Shah also with him this time.

  21. Dear Response1,

    Maoists need political parties more than anybody else, that is what can be proven by Krishna Mahara’s interview in BBC yesterday.

    They seem to have realized that violent movement is getting nowhere. Krishna Mahara confessed that Maoists need political parties and even vice versa.

    Seven party’s current movement seems to be more effective than 10 years of violent movement, that’s what lies in people’s power.

  22. Newars are thinking that only newars are doing these things.Oh, be reasonable.

  23. Read NEENA GILLS (Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation) NEWS:

    Neena GILL, Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation to SAARC and South Asian countries, including Nepal, expressed her concern over the worsening situation in Nepal. A further three people died and hundreds were arrested this weekend as a result of mounting unrest over the unpopular direct rule imposed by King Gyanendra.
    Protestors defied a curfew to attack government property and battle with police at several points around Kathmandu. Ms Gill, alarmed by the growing death-toll and by news of the death of an innocent woman, shot by police as she sat on her balcony near a public protest, declared “The situation cannot be allowed to degenerate further! Too many lives have already been lost! Something has got to give!” She called on the King to enter into meaningful dialogue with opposition parties, Maoist rebels and representatives of civil society to resolve the conflict. She also urged the Maoists to renounce violence and come back into the main-stream negotiating process. “If EU appeals to the King to stop the bloodshed fall on deaf ears” she warned, “then we will push the UN to take action!” (A key source of funding for the government of Nepal is the money earned by Nepalese peace-keepers in the UN peace-corps.) “How can we justify using forces that oppress their own people to help stabilize other countries?” she asked. “I have a deep concern for the region and feel real responsibility for the people: I cannot stand by and do nothing while innocent civilians are massacred! It is evident that the current policy of strict oppression is just making matters worse. The more the King clamps down on his people, the more flammable the situation becomes.” “The government’s actions are having a counter-productive effect and taking the country further and further from democracy. The cosmetic exercises undertaken to impress the international community are not fooling anyone, this is no way to build a multi-party democratic system!”

  24. Yes indeed,
    BRAVO to people of Kirtipur, Gongabu, Patan and Banepa.

    Peoples power will ultimately restore democracy and freedom.

  25. Where the hell is Girija, Sushil and his koiralabadis? Hiding in ghyampo somewhere !!!

  26. Layman,
    You seem to be true racist.

    Can you forward me your Email ID/Phone number so that I can teach you some lessons against racism?

  27. Just trying to think with a cool mind.

    Ok the SPA is corrupt and inefficient, the Maoist’s use unecesssary violence and tolerate no dissent. So how about the King? In the last 14 months of his rule what good has he done? I really can’t think of anything. The Maoists are as strong if not stronger. The bureaucracy is as corrupt and inefficient. The RNA and APF don’t seem to be in control of anything as the last few days have shown. The economy as any layman knows is only avoiding collapse due the remittance sent by hard working Nepali labourers. Out of the 36 months the King had asked for 14 months have already gone by and things have just gotten worse.

    The King seems more interested in what his astrologer has to say than to address the problems this country faces. He surrounds himself with people like Sachit Sumsher, Sarad C. Shah and such people who believe that the Ranas and Shahs have the divine right to rule and who think that the desires of the common people count for nothing. These people sorely lack any understanding of the problems of the common people and frankly don’t seem to care.

    So what do we the majority of the people want? We want peace and our basic human rights to be respected. We don’t want to live in fear. We really don’t care who gives us this. If it be the king we would be grateful to the king. But do you think the king from his actions in the last 14 months wants this? Any thinking man knows that he just wants power and wealth. It’s not enough for him to be king but he wants more money that’s why he has set aside a 60 crore annual budget for the palace. Even this is not enough as the recent Paras visit was funded from additional public funds. How many schools and health posts this money could have built?

    We’ve all been brought up to think the King is the symbol of all that is good in the country, a symbol of national unity. It was in the text books we read in school. When the king took over on Feb 1, 2005 we all thought that at last the problems of the country would be properly addressed. We were sick and tired of the Girija, Deuba, Chand, Thapa mix who couldn’t do anything good. But since Feb 1, 2005 what has the king done for the common people? What problems of the country has he addressed?

    What really frustrates me is that as Nepal burns and the ordinary people like you and I suffer everyday (think about the poor people how do you think they are suffering?)the King sits in his ivory tower in Pokhara-apparently just not bothered.

    Think about it-all Nepali citizens. The SPA is bad you’ve seen what they have done when they were in power, the Maoists are bad-you’ve seen and heard how inhuman they can be and the King what good has he done-he just doesn’t seem to care. It seems that the present situation suits him fine and that there is no need for change. I won’t tell you to support this or that. But think who amongst the three we should support-even if only because they are the least evil.

    Make up you minds and decide because it’s your life, it’s your country and it’s your future thats been decided today!

  28. i still think the protestors need to make stratetic moves around the cabinet members’ house as a way to push KG even more!

    Also, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens if the movement reaches its goal. Who will be THERE to take the chairs? I totally disklike 9 out of 10 ppl. involved in politics today. Are we going to have a new generation of politicians ? Politics, as it is, should be seen more as a sacrifice to all your petty needs but instead ppl see politics as a great career opportunity to amass tons of wealth. The government doesn’t have the right people. I hope that ppl. allow capable students around the country a chance to participate somehow in politics.

  29. Hey UWB,

    I spent so much time thinking on the post that I made. You guys deleted it! I thought this was a forum where everyone could post their thoughts. If you stand for freedom and democracy you can’t do that!

  30. Rana Lashes Out at Boucher
    THT Online
    Kathmandu, April 11

    State Minister for Information and Communication, Shrish Shamsher Rana, today attacked US official for his “unfortunate” comment on the present situation of Nepal.
    Addressing a press conference at his office, Rana said the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard A Boucher, “lacked homework”.
    In an interview to CNN on April 7, Boucher had said that the move taken by the King 14 months ago had failed.
    “It was an unfortunate assessment, which perhaps needed more homework,” Rana said.
    But he said Nepal’s present condition is “fluid, precipitous and dangerous”.

  31. It’s seems all of Nepal is protesting. From all walks of life-engineers, doctors, bankers, students, civil servants, telecom workers, journalists, farmers, homeless people, street kids, political parties, paid protesters, etc. Well Mr. Kamal Thapa says they are all Maoists. Who does he think he is kidding?

  32. Why that [icd] that single man ruling like monkey in my country.

    Hit him with stones.

  33. republic is only way out to the mess we are going through. SPA leader must come out clear that they want republic. people had had enough with 250 years of suffering. if SPA is thinking of a compromise and they must be ready face people’s wrath.

  34. KIRAT:
    I am also sick of that “your comment is being tagged” BS.

    UWB if you keep doing this I am just going to stop coming here. I really like this website but you guys need to get your stuff togeather.

  35. Instead of doing something constructive, why’d Gyanendra listening to all that mumbo-jumbo astrology stuff?

    No wonder these Shahs made the country so backward. With all their mumbo-jumbo and what not. Astrology now? The country’s sinking and he meets an astrologer?

    What we need in Nepal, as I’ve said before, is a Kemal Ataturk like figure. Of if not one giant, then twenty or thirty mini-Kemal Ataturks. Ataturk was so concerned about his coutnry’s backwardness that he changed the Turkish script from an Arabic style one to a Roman style one. That’s what we need. People willing to make a break with the past, but not so crazy as the Maoists.

  36. KG has to stick to his rule or run, otherwise he has to stand in court with his son for the royal massacre

  37. great site to read so many views…a common nepali is asking for few things from these freedom fighters… like..
    … who r the leaders of current protest?
    if its of SPA, then where r the leadersss.
    those assh..le…
    …why not go for peace ful demonostrations… and behave sensibly even if the king rules ruthlessly…
    …after the success of people.. mind you not of SPA… how will lead the country?

  38. Yes, I think it might be a good idea to try Gyanendra for the [icd] of his brother and brother’s family.


    little man killer king
    it´s broken, your wing
    you can´t fly, can´t run
    anywhere under the sun

    (communism is history´s word for love)

  40. i agree to Kirat and Bhudai pandit,
    these UWB guys block your posting if you have something sensible written on it.

  41. that’s right jeewan,
    it’s happening to me as well and also to a friend of mine who posts comments here. Seriously…what is there to be censored here? I hope UWB is transparent on its policies.

    We all like this blog space and we hope our (any type of) comments are given the space in the future…(isn’t that the point of blogspace?) OR else u might lose some netizens for a good exchange on various issues as we all start to leave this site for good. Not a threat or anything but i’m saying it because i care.

  42. manan and Bhudai,
    i thought you would at least shut those MO-fo’z up who call us vadalists, hooligans, or mob, violent-ist, etc.
    do not sound like Jimmy Carter,
    even he would participate in the street, vanquishing AIG’s infiltrates in our movement against the autocracy
    you, manan and Bhudai, may want to hand over the leaderships to other more capable
    Where is Kirat and Vand?
    ask them if they can do any better–the blog fight;
    i am not within the reach of internet, so I will be seeing you next week, may be, if I survive before I get to see the end result
    any way, may be I am getting too emotional, too melodramatic, sorry

  43. oh yaa ! PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF NEPAL – sounds good.

    NEPAL’S GOVERNMENT sounds better than HIS MAJESTY GOVERNMENT because its 21st century and democracy rules in this century rather than autocracy.


  44. Hey stupid Nepali, why are you still being too spudid huh???? Only the king can solve all the ill problems. Didn’t you see these nobrain leaders regime brought you a hell life alreadY??? why are you going to blame the king then??? 13 years of democracy ,before the king back,13,000 peoples lives gone,Do you think that the king will responsible for the 13,ooo of nepalese lives?? OHHH you stupid Nepali citizen !!! why you guys blindly harsh vocal sounds without smooth brain huh????
    Still willing to back the same hell regime of those same leaders who are out of order of brain ???
    huh you stupid citizen!!

  45. G-Hangman,

    Since you seem to be in the midst of the protests and have access to the internet on and off why dont you give us your account of what is happening at where you are or were? Also, there is talk of Maoist infiltration, you must know by looking around and having a word with the fellow protesters. Let us know of your first hand accounts.

  46. A poem for LOKtantra
    Nation lies in his wonderful eyes
    with sons dying mothers crying
    and no one to believe his lies
    seems he sees happiness where he looks
    like nevergone through sorrows of millions
    even in papers and books
    his people starving in the hills
    when he has to never mind about paying tax and the bills
    Others struggling for existance
    even when working from dusk to dawn
    in the harsh rains and in hot sunshine
    When handful of them think its all their since ages
    and lie in revolving chairs with bottles of wine
    A small group with flower in their hand
    and he may think that he’s in everyones heart and mind
    All this fire and rage
    is this his misconduct or result of his misperception?
    Whatever it may be
    to do all this does he think this is the stone age??
    Cut off of technology instead of going ahead
    Alas! we’re following the system that has centuries before failed
    Most lies his fault some lie our
    Why didn’t we throw this system before?
    Hey leaders do you think you’re the all in all of your party
    It lies your inefficiency for the failure of multiparty
    The towered poverty, lack of education and remainings of inequality
    Wasn’t overcoming this and paving path of progress your responsibility?
    gone is gone time has come for us to unite
    To lay down our arms and rage forgetting the past
    All of you say what you do is for the people’s sake
    Will you keep in mind their wills now for Nation’s sake!
    All the people’s will was peaceful reconcilation
    For stability and to lead social and economic transformation
    The road blocked by instability and tyranny
    To improve this we must be ready even to die
    But we can not be slaves in our own land
    By chains of discrimination, poverty and prevalance of chaos
    For redefining the future and neverending peace lets join our hand
    Either physically if not mentally we’re prepared to break the chain
    There lie the clouds of new age in the sky prepared for the rain
    Who makes decision are the people and not some men
    Here comes the time to end the bloodshed between brothers
    when the regime is such, about the people it never bothers
    Lets not wait for others to solve our problem
    We are the ones so lets never divide to let them interfare us
    Down with autocracy!! What we care of is country not a mere man
    What we care is progress, liberty and freedom and other things are damn
    Down with feudalism, gloominess and irresponsible monarchy
    Thumbs up for upcoming enlightenment and total democracy
    The darkness is fading with arrival of dawn
    Poverty, discrimination, we shall settle them when ‘day’ comes with education
    Doctors, civil society, farmers, officials and even security personnels
    All the people lets all stand up before our country fails
    We MUST do what we can from our place whatever so called government tells
    No option for us except disobidience and a revolution
    Now lets all be one for change as we’re the Nation!!

    – a NEPALI as an aid to “paribartan”

    ” There lies two options for us to keep quite and to take responsibility for change”
    Its not that you have to take the streets and throw stones. Even if you think democracy WILL come, people are the suprimo then it will effect a lot. We can do it from our own place!!!

  47. KP,
    I am not accountable to a Maoist or a Monarchist.
    You want to know who I am, come to the Maitidevi Mandir at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and participate in what do for the next few days. If you are a democrat and pass the test of Royal batons, you will be included in the Night Prep Meetings like the ones that we are having at this very monent.

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