Don't Be Ruthless, Please!

Police is entering citizen’s houses; dragging people out of it and ruthlessly baton charging them. Even the television clips of a few policemen beating a demonstrator continuously is heart-aching

By Ujjwal Acharya

Everything is fair in love and war; but what’s going on in Nepal these days is not war. It’s a movement for the betterment of all Nepalis and no doubt, though police and people are on two sides of clashes they shouldn’t forget that they are on their duty (police on professional duty and people on citizen’s duty) and should at least not try to go beyond the humanity.

I know if would be difficult for policemen to control themselves after blocking so much stones and all, but most of the baton charging clips on television show that one demonstrator is being beaten by several policemen. The scenes would not only increase anger among people but also hatred towards the police as a whole.

At many places, police have entered the citizen’s houses and dragged out the demonstrators. At many instances, they have beaten the onlookers despite their pleading that they weren’t participating. I feel really unhappy about all these.

Similar incident happened to one of my friend who was beaten badly for he was watching the torch rally after the curfew ended this evening. He needed medical treatment for the injury on his head. Nine other were also injured when the security men launched attack on the onlookers at Ghatthaghar.

And the policemen should also refrain from such activities.


At Kirtipur, two days ago, Deputy Superintendent of Police was stoned by the demonstrators but there was a demonstrator who climbed onto the fallen police office requesting others to stop stoning at him. He was rushed to hospital and was saved from a possible death.

Similar incident happened today at Subidhanagar, where a journalist saved an injured Armed Police from the demonstrators risking his own security.

If demonstrators who are not doing all these under anybody’s control can have such thinking, why can’t the police officers, controlling their juniors, order them not to repeat the incidents?


79 thoughts on “Don't Be Ruthless, Please!”

  1. Vandedutch,
    What are you doing here? Are you running arms to the Maoists? Maybe another Al Queda supporter like the American in Afghanistan? Call yourself a journalist and support these terrorists? I hope you enjoyed the execution of a real journalist Daniel Pearl by one of youe benefactors.
    You have a destructive attitude, cant do much in Hawaii with your anarchy so you choose a country where it is possible to inject your comminist logic.


  2. Democracy? Republic? Hell, I’m getting prepared for civil war and military rule. All the people in this blog are dissillusioned. Do you really think the Maoists on the one hand and the army on the other will allow democracy? This is the exact situation that both the Maoists and the army want, complete chaos so they can rule with the gun. All these protests only strengthen militancy and rule by the gun.
    50000 people around the country with stones and bricks calling for democracy, is not going to do it. Get prepared for more rule by the gun. Thanks to the visionary leadership of girija prasad and madhav nepal.
    Ladies and gentlemen we are totally screwed.


  3. This land is their land,
    It isn’t our land,
    From the Narayanhiti palace
    To the bullet proof Jaguar car-land;
    From the lying, murdering Prachanda land
    To the Kamal Thapa curfew, tolerate no dissent- land,
    This land is not for you and me.
    If this is our land,
    You’d never know it,
    So take your bullshit
    And kindly stow it,
    Let’s get together
    And overthrow it,
    Then this land will be for you and me.


  4. The images captured of the protests on the streets of Kathmandu point towards the imminent downfall of the Shah regime. But even if democracy is restored to its fullest, I think we can’t trust the so called people’s representatives to do justice. So I believe the problem at hand concerning the rigid King is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future of this beautiful country Nepal. The problem seems never ending, can only hope the problems don’t accumulate what with the Maoists insurgency so only some divine power can restore peace once again…talking about divine power I recall an old woman a year back while I was returning from college saying that it’s the right time for Nepal to be hit by a big earthquake….very ironic…..


  5. Gyanendra and Prachanda most probably have a game plan already mapped out. They must have been planning for years.
    Ok, say we go with our current SPA leaders for the time being leaving aside their past. But what is their game plan? And what is the plan of protests? All we see is hurling of bricks on cops who are just there because they are ordered to be, burning government offices, post boxes, post offices and the unfortunate incidents of some getting killed in the bargain. Is there any direction to these protests or is it just random? Why is there no strategic protests? Why are the SPA leaders not leading them? Our four news channels carry four different stories, it’s like living in four different countries. What is the plan to get the media streamlined? The leaders called for an extension of the protests in the last hour, but where is the direction?
    We call for either the immediate step down of the King or a republic, but looking at the leadership one suspects that when the hour comes, if it comes, they will again fizzle. I remember all too clearly in 1990 how after democracy was won, the leaders immediately started to call the King a gentleman (“saajan manche”) was what Bhattarai said with agreement from all the other leaders. That is the point where the King was given the upper hand, instead of showing stern leadership, because that is what we need in a democracy – absolute commitment.
    Have anyone of us in this blog atleast heard anything from the leadership which aims at a strategic plan and not just a generalised call for the final move to end the King’s rule? Because if there is a plan I think the rest of us fighting for democracy and their call to the streets should know.


  6. SAD

    The democratic fighter are having blood bath and
    Kings puppets here are descouraging them. If you don’t have sympathy seeing the pictures then go to hell.

    All these Mandales will have to go to hell sooner or later.
    Sad for people who sees the King as country saver.
    He is looter.


  7. Say.. have u got defeated mentality or you have some hidden agenda? Like you said, do you want your family & children to live under the shadow of gun all the time? If you can’t hack it, don’t discourage others who are fighting for the sake of your family & children.
    First step first, we throw out monarchy. Then let’s see if Maoist keeps their word on coming to the mainstream. We will then have to deal with SPA leaders who are corrupt thru ballet & CIAA.


  8. Rajan,
    Sorry to discourage you but you must be a city boy. Have you seen the rest of the country? You must be living in la la land to think that we will end up all hunky dory after these protests. That’s when the trouble really begins. If the army decide to reign with fire, I doubt many will be standing in the line of fire. The power of the gun, unfortunately is too real. If the Maoists can give a better trained and larger army a run for their money, imagine what the army can do if they all go apeshit on us.
    Defeated? We were defeated way back in 1997 and then again in 2002. Democracy may come some day in it’s full glory, but it will be a long struggle. Be ready.


  9. Michael Van De Veer. Yes assumption, assumption and yet another assumption. If you are trying to sell your theory like this then yes you are the only one around who is making intellegent posts, with caps lock on ofcourse. We do need foreign journos like you here. But well I am not wasting bandwidth talking about you. King’s always prepared, he’s been looting the country since god knows when. But if you think that he woke up suddenly one morning last month and decided to send his son to Europe with rhinos and 600000 big ones so that the world would know ( thanks to journos like you) what he was upto, then I have nothing to say. We still believe in a democracy.


  10. Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
    Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!

    Kamal Thapa, don’t tell me,
    We’re alright under your boot
    I know you don’t know
    What life is really worth.
    It’s not all that glitters is gold;
    ’alf the story has never been told:
    So now you see the light, eh!
    Stand up for your rights. come on!

    Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
    Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!

    Some people think,
    Gyane will come from the skies,
    Take away everything
    And make everybody feel high.
    But if you know what life is worth,
    You will look for yours on earth:
    And now you see the light,
    You stand up for your rights. jah!

    We sick an’ tired of-a your ism-skism game –
    Dyin’ ’n’ goin’ to heaven in Gyane’s or Girija’s name, lord.
    We know when we understand:
    Maoism is not the answer to Gyaneman.
    You can fool some people sometimes,
    But you can’t fool all the people all the time.
    So now we see the light (what you gonna do? ),
    We gonna stand up for our rights! (yeah, yeah, yeah!)

    So you better:
    Get up, stand up! (in the morning! git it up!)
    Stand up for your rights! (stand up for our rights!)


  11. glade’
    When you say”we” is it the cowards who are afraid to support Democracy you speak of ?

    You do not believe in democracy because you might have to stick-your-neck-out..
    Maybe you should do it while you still can, your neck out that is.

    A “professional” doesn’t mean some punk in a tie with a business-card.
    A “profeaaional” is anyone who does a good job.
    Going to an office, or licking-your-bosses-boots..
    Having money, education, and position because your family passed on Blood-Money-Sucked-From-the-Nepali-People makes you only a parasite like your father.

    If you believe in Democracy get your ass on the street before the Revolution is over leaving you with what you deserve, NOTHING !!


  12. Vandeveer,

    Although I feel it is a useless waste of energy.I really appreciate you for your support. The SPA need all the international support they can get. As for calling this a revolution: I think yes a revolution will come, but this is’nt it. Stick around after the dust settles, maybe we will get to share the same jail cell sometime either in the army camp or the Maoist camp. That is as you so correctly put it if we still have our neck in place.


  13. Mr. Vandeveer has the right spirit. I think we should declare him a Nepalese citizen and have him lead these protests as there are no signs of our leaders.


  14. Say.. yeah, I’m a city boy but I’ve also gone around the country as well. But whether you are from city or village, if you just stay put doing nothing, you will never get democracy that you say we will eventually get. So get your arse moving if you really want democracy. By the way, I can’t say about others but I’ve been in line of fire, inhaled lots of tear gas. So I ask same from you.


  15. Yeah! Yeah! Rajan of course you have been all around the country. I believe you.
    But seriously, be careful, because the last thing we need is people like you getting shot, as people like you have the right spirit. Unfortunately, you can call me a coward, but I dont feel 1990 anymore.


  16. We should have somehow wiretapped Gyane’ I think he is on the move. Anyone know his whereabouts? All this might be buying time for him to leave, the concentration may need to swiftly move towards coercive Ideology from some kind of front from the street to get the power back to the people and not dissipate into wrong hand(s). I dont know who and where the actual thik tank lies but I think positive reinforcement from the intellectual front is as if not more important. This might even lead to less bloodshed, I dont know but this is a crucial moment, just boiling away in passion like we have been will leave us high and dry with nothing to loose or gain.


  17. Huh..stupid nepali citizen..

    people are still confusing betweeen democratic system and its policians. some of them want democracy without this old faces but others want democracy wiht poeoples leadership…why not set to fire houses of those stupid polician…70% of illiterated people don’t know who are leaders..surely why will vote the same sh!t…. none is born for the leader of Nepal except your national father will provide you a better democracy


  18. Hey NKO,
    “some of them want democracy without this old faces but others want democracy wiht poeoples leadership”

    Oh, yeah?, and what about you? I am assuming you are Chinese and all of you want the same thing…chikenfryrice…., with your natinal fathers golden balls hanging over your head.


  19. National father? What the hell is that? I’ve never heard of a national father before. In India they have a Father of the Nation, Mohandas Gandhi.

    I don’t recall we ever having someone like that. Do we? No. No national fathers, sorry. We’ve got to go by ourselves. I wish we had a national father, but we don’t.

    But having a national father would be nice. So many countries have national fathers. We don’t have one. Why?


  20. Having money, education, and position because your family passed on Blood-Money-Sucked-From-the-Nepali-People makes you only a parasite like your father.

    haha you rock Downs Michael Van Dev Veer. You really know how to cash the situation, don’t ya ? Is it something to do with your ‘company’ bluepacifictraders ? Any promises have been made ? Or you simply are the creature of habit with your own agenda of revolution ? Nepal is not Liberia teacha Mike and if you had really believed in Nepal, you shouldn’t have issued your own travel advisory against Nepal back in 2001. All the best in meddeling your sorry butt in other countries’ affair.


  21. Will their be any legal action taken against current government for it’s action in futuer.

    Then why didn’t previous government took any action againt the people who were
    in power today ( autocracy period ) and during panchayat period.

    did political party forget about the in human treatment people received during the freedom fight.

    I think if they( democratic party who enjoyed power ) had done something previously then this inhuman treatment would had been stopped.


  22. Vandeveer,

    Please don’t be disheartned by some stupid blogs by some royal stooge still trying to put pro-royal and anti-democracy posts in this noble blog.

    After we achieve democracy, i am SURE that people of nepal will look back and judge the true fighters and shower them with respects that they truly deserve.

    We the true nepali people no matter what caste, no matter what social status are ALL for democracy and support and appreciate your kind heartedness towards our country and even willingness for protesting. I know you’ve protested and my heart goes out to you.



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