Curfew! Clashes! Communication cut-off!

For 11 hours, from 10am to 9pm on Saturday, people in three districts of the Kathmandu Valley will live under the curfew the state has imposed to quash the scheduled mass rally against the King. The cellular mobile service has also been cut off.

Before the curfew began this morning, people protested at many places including Kirtipur, Baneshwor, Balaju and Maitidevi areas (as far as I am informed) burning tyres and all on the road. At my Kaushaltar area, protested for more than two hours and rallied around before vandalizing temporary police post.

The police controlled the situation after firing at least half-a-dozen tear-gas shell and a rubber-bullet on air. Now the roads are deserted except for military and police patrolling.

At Kaushaltar, I participated in the protest and all and the participation of the people was surprising (at least for me). I will come up with the detail account of the incidents in and around Kaushaltar later.

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16 thoughts on “Curfew! Clashes! Communication cut-off!

  1. Royalist government by impossing Curfew what do you want King Gyandrea in this country? are you serious about country and people of Nepal, in this way you want to keep your dectorship?

  2. This is why I hesitate to support the SPA! A curfew and they postpone their protest plans! How the hell are they going to make a change if they are scared of that despicable Kamal Thapa? I thought this was about shedding blood for the country? THE SPA is morally bankrupt-just like the King and the Maoists! A new front must arise!

  3. Now…what would be the fate of andolan…..are leaders defying the curfew as they roared for sometime now. Can someone please update post curfew situation soon. I feel andolan is going to take its peak sooner or later. But hell the king! How the heck he was blessed with this super formula of curfew……. whenever the andolan gains some momentum…king throws his bramastra of curfew..hey leaders! time to show some courage….stick with ur words……..break curfew

  4. Kirat,
    we have always felt the need for the fourth front !
    Rise everyone, we will have a fourth front.
    A true people’s front for people’s rights!

  5. From the THT,

    4 injured, 9 Arrested as Protestors Defy Curfew in Kathmandu

    THT Online
    Kathmandu, April 8

    Police arrested Khimlal Bhattarai, president of All Nepal National Free Students Union, Thakur Gaire, general secretary, Yagya Sunuwar, secretary along with 6 other ANNFSU student leaders who took out rally at Baghbazar defying curfew at 11 am. The arrested student leaders have been detained at Mahendra Police Club. The other detained student leaders are Triveni Chomjong, Nir Kumar Shamphahamphe, Narayan Basent, Suman Bhatta, Dhanendra Mahat and Badri Bikram Neupane.
    According to Dinesh Acharya, treasurer of Saraswati Campus ANNFSU preliminary committee, four students were injured in a clash with police when around hundreds of protestors took out a rally at Maitidevi defying curfew at 10.30 am. The protestors burnt tyres at Maitidevi chowk.
    Similarly, students took out protest rally from Naya Bazar. The police fired dozens of tear gas shell to quell the mob


  6. Baaam….

    This was the ULTIMATE chance for parties to build their lost reputation, to fight against KG’s damn power, break out from security bars.

    SHOW THAT THEY CAN ALSO SHED BLOOD for this country. IF they had(or still can) shed ONE DROP of blood, then whole nation would have shed thousand drops of blood to fight against this autocracy.

    But look once AGAIN they have betrayed us. Do you remember any higher level SPA politician getting into action.

    Why the hell these politicans dont udnerstand FREEDOM DOESNT COME FROM REPRESSION AND FEAR.

    Why can’t they ACT like normal citizens like us, to fight for FREEDOM?

    But now it doesn’t matter whether those stupid politicians help us or not. We have already gone far ahead without them.

    But sometimes I think myself,

    Are we really fighting for OURSELVES?
    Are we really securing for better tomorrow?


    We are risking our lives, many of my friends have already been hospitalized, we have been doing cats and dogs chase all day round.

    But there always remain one BUT to ponder upon…., Its our tragedy we have to choose now between WORSE and WORST !!

  7. nepalisongs

    One at a time. The Royal autocrats now, the corrupt SPA leaders next and then the blood thirsty Maoists! I’d like to see both the King and Prachanda/Baburam charged for crimes against the Nepali people.

  8. Kirat,

    I agree with your degree of Villians: Royal Autocrat>Corrupt SPA Leader>Blood Sucker MB duo Prachanda & Baburam. I am wondering what will be the degree of Vilians regarding INDIA: Supplier of Arms & Ammunition to both blood suckers KG & MBs.

  9. Anyway these demonstrations are gaining momentum.Ireally admire the people of chitwan who, i heard, had taken control of chitwan and declared chitwan republic region.
    But, i on the other hand, feel sorry for them because many of those corrupt leaders will start sucking our blood once they come to power.I think its time we not only kick KG but also hang those corrupt dhoti leaders

  10. Prakash,

    Once we empower ourselves we can kick all the corrupt leaders whoever dares show his face! We the people must empower ourselves and must never forget that the destiny of this country is ultimately in our hands! We must be alert to use this power whenever it becomes necessary and to use it well.

  11. dear folks,

    this is very pathetic to see what’s going on in nepal. so called jana andolan is being lead by kids and uncontrolled mobs. we must make it peaceful and disciplined if we want to prove people’s power to the king.othewise what will be the difference between us and maoist??? so called people’s representatives are still hiding having excuses that they are making plans ….what are these leaders doing all these days as andolan is running for 11th day. we need to decide what we want? we want peace and prosperity in nepal or we just want to bring the old currupt faces again in the power so that they can rule us for another 15 years. this is reduculous.

    its very easy to give lectures and big slogans in reporters club…i want leaders to come out from their hide outs and lead the crowds.

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