Kirtipur & Patan Through Lens

Patan and Kirtipur witnessed the biggest protest on the second day of the General Strike

Photo Blog by Raja Ram Gautam
Tinkune Photos by Deepak Adhikari




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38 thoughts on “Kirtipur & Patan Through Lens

  1. The SPA ‘April Uprising’ is turning out to be a damp squip. The general public do not seem to be backing this protest movement-not because they support the King but because they do not trust the SPA anymore. It’s still the same old faces especially G.P. Koirala who is as corrupt as they come. We all know he is more a crook than a statesman. If the SPA is too succeed they need to let a new generation of leaders take over and need to reach out to the people to convince us that they have repented and changed for the better. Without grass roots support the SPA will achieve nothing.

  2. Please, please, go and takeover. Meanwhile, Mahila sahu has already taken over your life, dignity, and everything else. Keep complaining about Girje, Makune, do nothing and suffer.

  3. the days of regime is numbered, and it is taking shape of 2046. 10 more days.

  4. Actually people have become tired of the movement. How can they continuously suffer from bandhs and protests for more than a year? It has been a real bad experience to the people.

    Leaders should change the strategy to get to power and leave the Nepalese people with their own business.

    hari sharma

  5. Some words on the Kirant who doesn’t seem to be praja neither seem to be janata….I have been wathcing your comment well enough for sometime now…
    Yeh I agree without grass root support no one will achieve nothing.Yeah girija is bad and so on…until when are you going to repeate this rhetorical talk again and again..Even the cadres of the parties know that they are…but still this doesn’t mean someone has the right to try to be god…still those guys are going out for freedom which might seem something else for u. someone who was also a great anti-politcal party person recently said to me “the difference between a sucider and a martyr is that the latter one gets publicity”…well that was enough to show the level of gran perception of the fellows who are against the parties…look kirant bro….you seem to have at least alot better understanding and knowledge then most of the slaves in this site…just look at history…no aandolan can amass people in single day…yeah we are are all really just tired of these shamless creatures called leaders…but this is not the time to change leaders now….yeah the young guys have hig calibre and everything we wish but except one thing they are not experienced enough….but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t come to the leadership now….when the aandolan intensifies it will itself choose it’s leaders and no one can stop them…just read the revolution of iran or at least watch it….it took so long to grow up….many people died in many like this final aandolan but still nothing was achieved till the shah had to fled…so bro….you don’t have to support anybody…just be in the side of freedom and what is right okey…..not like the slaves who even don’t respect the sacrifice of their brave soldiers fighting a war…labelling it just simple….the choice is yours….i am talking to you personally but there is nothing personal about it okey…..

  6. proud2bnepali:
    How is this like the Iranian revolution? There was support for Ayotolla Kohmeni (a leader) and this spured the intense protest.
    You are right maybe right now is not the time to change the leadership since the new commers will have less experience etc. But the parties still need to change their rethoric and say something more then bitch about regression all the time. They could start off by acknowledging past mistakes and promise people that there will be better transparent goverance in the future. But they have not mentioned that. Kirat is right if these protest are going to make a difference then the SPA needs more support.

    Whats with your “slaves” comment?

  7. proud2bnepali

    Well we seem to be more in agreement than not. I am for the masses because that’s where I come from.

    Right now I’m really ticked off about Minister Rana’s comments about Saralahi being a ‘minor incident’! 14 lives lost a minor incident?! What is wrong with this guy? Really no hope wiht such idiots at the helm of the government.

  8. Dear Friends,
    This is not the time to hold old grudges. We should unite together against the ruthless king and his family. GP Koirala may have been a corrupt administrator, but he is one of the greatest we have got when it comes to mobilizing people’s power. Let’s forget what happened in the past, unite together, win this war and after the winning we will sit together and remind our leaders that Nepali people now are conscious enough not to be mis-led by the corrupt politician. Let’s not repeat the situation of “bhai phute gawar lute”. Jay Nepal

  9. proud2bnepali,

    We are more in agreement than not.

    I’m really ticked off with Minister Rana stating that the Saralahi incident was a ‘minor one’! 14 people dead a minor incident?! What an idiot! These guys have got to go.

  10. Deepak Adk, Happy to see your pictures on Blog.
    wish you all the best…

  11. Kirat:
    That statement was nothing compared to what this government has claimed.
    Ramesh Nath Pandey has said that Nepal’s foregin relations have never been better. Sachit Shmeser Rana claims the government is committed to free press and the former finance minister Mudukar Rana said that Nepal’s economic performance was very good.

  12. Yeah I know but when 14 people die needlessly?! These Royalists are a bunch of Jokers…no better than Deuba the Buffoon. Where is the mumbling idiot by the way? Still in the US?

  13. No I think he left. His talk at Columbia was a total embaressment.

    Still Nepalese being Nepalese did alot of chamchagiri in DC I heard.

  14. Guys,
    Deuba in fact was called by some pro-royalists forces, but he was hated by large crowd. In DC, he was welcomed by a black carpet, as I read the (operates from DC area).

  15. Having Deuba as our Prime Minister (more than once!) was a real low point in Nepalese politics. His preening wife fills me with digust too. What a waste of a doctorate.

    I just think this King will take us lower still. What’s with his tantric mumbo jumbo? Man how unlucky this country is. Still Mr. Bernard Shaw’s comment still rings in my ears “The people always get the leaders they deserve.”

    Do you we really deserve such idiots?!

  16. These MAntri and Mantranis in present cabinet are bunch of jerks. Listening to absurd and ridiculous statements from such people like Rana Pandey JBRAna and now even the king yesterday resorted to his old Hindu sentiments in Birgunj rather than peek into to the happenings in kathmandu although it is a total farcas with Hooligaans backed up by polical Vetran Danga phasad gurus in some skirmishes. What a bunch of loosers we are Nepalese. Fools ruling fools. Yes Geroge Bernard Shaw is right. Yes we idiots do deserve such idiots.

  17. Nepali in DC are not like Nepali in Paris. Nepali in DC still retain that value of “chamchagiri”. I am not surprised with Bhudai’s statement above.

  18. Well something went terribly worng. With BP Koirala, Tanka Acharya we had some good leaders. Of course King Mahendra put an end to all that. But I don’t know what to say … starting with KP Bhattrai we went downhill. KP was an idiot with a severe alcohol/women problem. Then Girija Prasad’s problem was his evil spawn Sujata Koirala … then Deuba was just an IDIOT …. I don’t know how we bread such idiots.
    Another big problem with all this is that I think we Nepalese in generally are very passive and apathetic. Even during the post 1990 years we as a people never demanded accountability etc. perhaps it was the years of opression by the Monarch that has ingrained into the people’s psyche. Lets hope this and future generation will be more proactive and they won’t have the likes of Deuba and Girija in the picture.

  19. Hello all
    I think we r busy sitting infornt of the TV at home and talking about the state of the country. I would like to request all the people here in the blog who are here in Nepal that we need to support these people on the roads and I would like to really congrats the people of Patan and Kirtipur for there brave faces.

    And lets all hope that this movement will go further intensified and all nepali will see the new and peace face of nepal after the end of this.

    So instead of sitting at home and talking about KG and its chamchaa mantriss lets go on the road and fight them.


  20. democracy is good only if you are given a choice between good and evil. it would be good if you have to choose between ganesh man and KG, between BP and Girija, between Krishna Prashad and prachanda. but option we are left is all can not choose girija over makune or bamdev–the butcher of jhapa–over prachanda. so as i posted in previous post, only option we left is to keep recycling these corrupts and butchers in and out of power over and over.

  21. bhudai pundit,
    the problem is the hangover of the great leaders we ever had. Our politcians never managed to get out of their shadows. Instead of making their own identity and instead of coming out with something new all they ever managed was to cash on the good names of the old leaders who actually were leaders. Deuba was good when he tried to stand against GP, then being a psykopath as he is, he managed to lose it all. Kangresis are in a big mess. A lack of clear leadership, failure in ground root organisations, conflict between Koirala clans and the rest the Kangresis were never so down and low. You know the what is ironic ? They still believe that they need to take charge of every andolan. It is kinda funny when GP talks about democracy and equal rights when he himself doesn’t have a very good record within his own party.

    UML actually have managed to emerge as one of the most organized party of Nepal , sadly. You need to give them credit even though you don’t agree with them. I remember reading a comment here couple of days ago when someone had suggested changing the name of CPN (UML) to something else. He had a point. UML has managed to come out of that phase when they were promising ‘4 ropani jagga’ and what not to people as their election campaign. They are the true Socialist party which Nepal actually needs. Hope one day they will manage to get rid of their Marxist Lenninist label and their old ways of Politburos.

    Bottom line : Get rid of GP, Deuba, KG, Prachanda & co , Makune, Bamdev and give Nepal into young hands. I can actually name my ‘dream team’ but I guess that is not the subject of this post : ))

  22. yes makune change his name to NAKUNE, his Khate party to ‘Four Ropani and Four Tola.’

  23. Fidel,
    your ma, the ho-ligan, is also fidel to KG like yourself?


    to make sense of youself
    name 30 honest, young, educated, skillful, people in Nepal
    who can run the country better.
    there is none.
    everyone is corrupt.
    so be a leader yourself if you are not a corrupt
    also help the educated lot to become leaders
    like, probably, bhudai pundit here

  24. it looks like none of you are in Nepal,
    return home, kids
    come and join the pyro moment of the people’s movement,
    i think i will go to Kirtipur tomorrow morning,
    it looks more fun there in the University dorm / hostel
    that I get to meet my friends and do some pyro acts
    and chase the cops down the hill
    hoping Gyane wets his pants and leaves

  25. Good God, but everytime you wonder if you’ve heard the last of the Royalist stupidity, they come around and make you even more impressed that they indeed are the dullest dimwits of the land.

    Case in point. This fellow Shirish Sharma, “Minister for Information and Communication” claims that the Maoist attack on Malangwa was “minor”. Ho Ho! Minor, eh? Six cops were killed, a hundred captives were freed, CDO and other security personnel were abducted, and this was all minor?

    Check out his face on Nepalnews. Looks like he’s swallowed something very, very sour. What he needs is to have someone slap him so hard there are red marks all over his face.

  26. Hey Glade:
    Can name your dream team? Don’t worry about the subject of the post – people always put all sorts of crap here and this is actually relavent.

  27. G-Hangman:
    Why do you write in this poem format. Your comments would be easier to read if you just worote it normally…

  28. G-Hangie and bhudai pundit, you got me by balls. There is noway I can come up with 30 people I can trust. But hey let me give a shot. LOkraj Baral, Narhari Acharya, Dr Shyam Chalise, Kanak Mani Dixit, Yubaraj Ghimire, Krishna Gopal Shrestha, Manmohan Bhattarai, Pradeep Gyawali, Subash Nembang, Ramchandra Paudyal, Baldev Sharma Majgaiya, Dr Devendra Raj Pandey, Nilambar Acharya, PL Singh, Krishna Pahadi, Pradeep Giri, Guru Raj Ghimire, Yubraj Gyawali ….. alright I give up.

  29. bravo, people of kirtipur and patan. you guys done well. lets start removing shah kings and its 250 years of atrocities.this time we will not listen to any scraps of leaders. this time we do something good for ourself. lets declare kirtipur,patan,bhaktapur, kathmandu a ’shah king independent area.’ a first step toward freedom.

  30. Dear All,

    In support of this uprising, here are some of my views. Whoever joins this movement is considered to be a citizen of independent democratic country but who are not in favour and praising this king’s activities are just the slaves of 16th century.

    Kamal Thapa is the best slaves for this king I have ever see. Once the demorcartic government is established all these slaves who suppressed the people should be punished by improsioning them for life time although it is not death sentencing.

    “People Rules”

  31. well first of all why do i call those royalist psychos ‘slaves’…well slave itself is a very slang word but i see now way to define these people who would gladly love to say “jo hukum jo sarkar” after each and every sentence and asks us to close our eyes and do whatever their master tells us to be true..It’s the worst form of slavery because they are doing it knowing that just for their selfish desires.But I am not offending someone in’s their nature that I am against..
    About Ayotolla Khomeni…can you please think that he didn’t got support in a day and the support for him was not coz he was a leader or a group of muslims who are the majority in Iran. He was so little known when the protest again the shah had begun, he became popular during and due to the revolution as he was deported to Iraq. Okey we don’t have someone so popular as him but we have guys with that potential to be better off then him and it will take time for those guys to get support becoz the aytolla got support becoz of the religious reason which is always based on fanatic faith and no reasoning at all. But these guys are democratic guy…and the people who support them will be democractic and democratic people needs reason and cause to support something, so usually people are just evaluating everything..and about the not having something new….ohh comon….look how much of a change has come in each and every aspect of party life in just one year….this hadn’t happened so fast since the party system was born…we must have patience…the greatest change in the history comes always slowly and very painfully…and yeah for us general public who bear the brunt of everything to the most, it’s hard to stay fit in our nerves but look at the changes in hstory….it has taken alot of time for people to bring change and more time to adapt to it…..we are in the phase of great pain and we must accept this as the punishment of history to us becoz in the last 14 years of party regime we all sat silent…hoping tommorow will be better..some messiah will come and save…but now look…slowly everyone is waking up…nothing is gonna happen from this guy on the top….and none of the other guys on the top…we must now come out….or at least make our voice heard in the side of freedom….you are saying the leaders should acknowledge their mistakes and say that their governency will be transparent..comon what are u thinking….if u still say they shud just say then they will very happily say…this aandolan should not hear what the leaders say will do…but we must make our voice heard for what is to be included in the new constiution about kind of government, system, law and so on…this is the only way we can have a good system after the aandolan…we have had enough commitment and apologies from the shit guys at the top….now we must make things that will stop the shit guys from getting to the top…and this won’t happen if u are ureself repeating the same old rhetoric that gk, mn, sd are bad…who don’t say they are bad….but this ain’t the time to repeate the old stuff again….coz it’s sure people will win anyhow and no matter who the ledaer is and guys like kirant, bhudai and others who truly are for a better nepal should do more for not letting those old jerks rule us again….we must think of the future without anything that will again make us feel guilty after 16 years that alas! we missed to do something….

  32. bhudai pundit,
    poem is my alias for now,
    like you said somewhere you would not reveal more than needed,
    i have my own compulsion,
    i can sense you are distinct here,
    you deserve a better place
    you may have sensed something in my poetic expressions here, their quality in brivity,
    i often speak here in the format of placards,
    that is my compulsion,
    if you journey through other blogs, i am not undetectable, you can trace me easily.

    it is tough to converse with the mass,
    I regard this place primarily as the mass stage,
    so i keep it myself that way

  33. I was glad to be part of the andolan at patan yesterday.. for those of you who think those were just hooligans and party sponsored aggressors, get this- there were locals present in the demonstrations who were more vocal than the students. THe residents of Kirtipur apparently were the most involved in the demonstrations there. Well looks like the govt is starting to pee in its pants as it was very quick to impose curfew in the city. I say we carry on until KG and his henchmen esp shrish Samsher, Kamal Thapa, Giri and Bista leave town.

  34. Ktm strikes are the main terrible disaster of destroying its nation.bUT this time,I didn’t see Ktm guys are enthusiastically enjoying in this protest. My frens of KTM said that its like anual festival to have fun looking people like dog fighting along the street.

  35. The Real Foolish
    the real foolish, in my opinion, is the king of this country because he wants to rulled out the country by himself only.but in this modern age, it is impossible. the public become educated. they like to side by side.thus he have to understand it and leave the dogmatism

  36. Greetings from America,
    Though I understand why, I have a difficult time reconciling myself to so much of the anger I hear. I am not a young person, nor am I naive. My time spent in Nepal was of the most wonderful time of my life. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I saw much more of the way I believe lived out in your people than anything I ever saw in America. The kindness shown to me and my sons was overwhelming. We walked the streets of Kathmandu daily with no fear. Though of course I don’t agree, the dedication to your gods was a wonder to behold. The devotion to family was something not seen in my country. I suspect hidden from me was the discrimination of caste, but I hope there is some understanding that one caste dies of a bullet from the army or maoist, as easily as another. Please do not think you will get rid of corruption in government. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutley. When we were there in 2000-2001, there was an obvious trickle down effect of the prosperity coming into your country. The countryside was able to get its goods into the city, roads were being built, airports, schools, medicine and doctors were in the countryside. Yes, some were foreigners, but many were Nepali. Do I know the solution? No, but I can see it is not the King or the maoist. I understand the desire for younger leadership, but the young need the old, this is a fabric of your country. Freedom of the press, as I read during my time there must be! Do not be afraid of foreign help, and do not despise it when it comes. Of course be cautious of the strings attached, but recognize the generosity of some who love your county for its own sake. A lover of Nepal.

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