General Strike Day II Updates

Are Nepali people ready to fight for democracy? It was debatable as many of them chose to ‘watch and decide’ but on the second day of General Strike it looked like finally the people are fed up with the royal rule

The protests have grown more violent as the activist torched vehicles and at many places resisted police force by hurling stones at them. At Kirtipur, people declared the city ‘police prohibited area’ and have stopped police from entering the city for more than two hours.

The latest news from Kirtipur is that the police have advanced into the protesters’ area and are chasing them away.

A police officer was beaten badly by the people and has to be rushed to hospital. During the two hours of protests, the police have fired a few dozens of tear-gas shells to disperse the people but without much success.

The protesters there have vandalized the statue of the royal kin at the Tribhuvan University area. Reports say the protesters vandalized the statue of late King Mahendra in Butwal where the police used tear-gas to disperse the protesters

Earlier, students declared the Patan Campus area a ‘free territory’ and clashed with the police for hours. Police fired tear-gas shells and used rubber-bullets which injured Anil Khanal, a student activist, who is being cured at the Patan Hospital. The students vandalized the post office and temporary police booth there.

The police have already arrested hundreds of protesters from around the city while the protesters have burnt down a few vehicles including motorbikes and taxis.

There are protests in the various parts of the valley including Bhaktapur and the clashes between police and activists are growing more violent.

Meanwhile the government employees at banks and communication and electricity offices have joined the protest by bringing the administrative proceedings to a halt.

(To be updated)

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60 thoughts on “General Strike Day II Updates

  1. Kirat, Bhudai, and others

    let us keep fighting off the royalists from every place
    street is important,
    but blogosphere is not less,
    i do not want to devalue your efforts, those of you who are abroad and have not been able to contribute in the street,
    but those guys should make effort here to chase off the royalists from here,
    and i notice some Mandalez have left this space,
    let us keep doing the blog-fight in par with the street fight and defeat the royalists everywhere

  2. Bhudai, Kirat, Glade,
    the blog leadership goes to you guys,
    fight your war here with people like d, Rohit, and even Fidel
    please, my friend Jivan just got hurt in Maitidevi, where my home is,
    i am badly infuriated
    I do not know what I am going to do today
    Jivan is not a shopkeeper like Deepak Adhikari was saying above in his Ghattekulo Story Saturday/Sunday Blog,
    yes, he is kinda.
    he is a doctor, he runs a Clinic in his medicine shop at Maitidevi Chowk, on the left while going toward Baneshower from the cross section.
    i just arrived home a little while ago,
    everyone is in war mood,
    after lunch, I will be heading to the Chowk
    nobody knows what we are going to do next
    it all depends on what the majority of the mass says,
    people’s voice, guys, true democracy
    i will talk to you later

  3. manan, sorry
    I again forgot you,
    the leadership goes to you , too
    fight from all the corners,
    like we are doing in the street
    you are another blog fighter of the movement,
    clean up the Mandalez,
    whoop their assez off here,
    later !

  4. Kirat, Bhudai, manan, Vand, glade
    if i have missed anyone else, remind me
    Great work, blog fighters of the movement
    let’s keep doing it,
    the march is not far off
    fight the Royalists head-on,
    soon, we will proudly be able to say
    Democratic Republic of Nepal
    I have to attend to the Prep. Meeting tonight
    fight continues as the movement has become purely people’s movement
    we have taken control over the movement
    the only way to topple KG
    is through peaceful violence: peace on the surface but violence as the chance comes to enter the Narayanhiti and break all traces of monarch’s statues
    keep up with your blog-fight here
    talk to you, later

  5. “rajalai support garena vane indiale hamilai khancha”
    “nepal lai india ko haat bata bachauna hamile rajalai support garnu parcha”

    these ‘andha rastrabad’ stupid logics……..chanting of royalists( rajabadi,anti rastrabadi),
    ardhapundits, and poor andha rastrabadis…those ridiculous ruins of autocratic panchayat is still lurking on ..

    Of course we should be well aware of india’s ‘ bistarbadi niti’ ..but mere fighting against and cursing them is not the solution.
    Once we have strong foundation of absolute democracy, and vision with people’s and nation’s interest, we have stronger moral and political base to take our stand against their actions.
    After all, they are our neighbours and we have to optimize our relationship for our benefit.
    We are 21st century people and we should think of synergizing ..think of win-win..
    Before all that, we have to destroy the enemy among us..monarchy.

    to give significance to autocratic monarchy showing fear of india is like
    “aakashko cheel dekhayera challa chorne shyaal”.
    We have yet to deal india but first the immediate, urgent and most hideous enemy is monarchy.
    lets be realistic and shrugg off old panchayati propaganda and see the truth from our own eyes , from national and global perspective.

    Now the truth is clear about who is stealing our “challa”.. lets kill that “shyaal” first.

  6. man give me one person in nepal who will do good for the country? Do you think baburam and prachanda will? hahahahah they are waiting for the time to get their hands on the wealth of the nation.

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