General Strike Day II Updates

Are Nepali people ready to fight for democracy? It was debatable as many of them chose to ‘watch and decide’ but on the second day of General Strike it looked like finally the people are fed up with the royal rule

The protests have grown more violent as the activist torched vehicles and at many places resisted police force by hurling stones at them. At Kirtipur, people declared the city ‘police prohibited area’ and have stopped police from entering the city for more than two hours.

The latest news from Kirtipur is that the police have advanced into the protesters’ area and are chasing them away.

A police officer was beaten badly by the people and has to be rushed to hospital. During the two hours of protests, the police have fired a few dozens of tear-gas shells to disperse the people but without much success.

The protesters there have vandalized the statue of the royal kin at the Tribhuvan University area. Reports say the protesters vandalized the statue of late King Mahendra in Butwal where the police used tear-gas to disperse the protesters

Earlier, students declared the Patan Campus area a ‘free territory’ and clashed with the police for hours. Police fired tear-gas shells and used rubber-bullets which injured Anil Khanal, a student activist, who is being cured at the Patan Hospital. The students vandalized the post office and temporary police booth there.

The police have already arrested hundreds of protesters from around the city while the protesters have burnt down a few vehicles including motorbikes and taxis.

There are protests in the various parts of the valley including Bhaktapur and the clashes between police and activists are growing more violent.

Meanwhile the government employees at banks and communication and electricity offices have joined the protest by bringing the administrative proceedings to a halt.

(To be updated)

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60 thoughts on “General Strike Day II Updates

  1. What happened to the Non-violent protests? This proves that (like hm or hate him), Kamal Thapa was correct to assume that the SPA has been infiltrated or are themselves bloody liars and the protests will not remain “peaceful”.

  2. Further, the fact that the govt. employees or some of them atleast has joined the protests shows (I know the urge is to say a support for democracy), the infiltration of party people and party politics within the beureucracy, which was what the 1990’s was all about, fire the profesiionals and hire your own party people. Ditto with the doctors et al as well in govt, organisations.

  3. It’s sad reading the above comments, but true. I wish the support from all these factions was for Democracy, and not for the party leaders by their few henchmen who “owe them one”: for all the ill gotten perks of the last decade and a half. Where did 1990 go?

  4. I hear the Indians have funded this protest program. I wonder if they funded the violence as well? I find it really angering that the Indian government would support such protests with the Maoists in tow, they even applauded the Maoists for calling a ceasefire in the valley!!!!What a joke.
    How can the Indians not even agree to hold dialogue with their own maoists, preferring to resort to the power of the gun to quash them and then go ahead and applaud and support the protests of the sister outfit of the Maoists of India in another country ?!?!?!?!
    Do you call this double standards, or am I the only one suspicious of our friendly neighbour?

  5. yes, we are funded by India, like you are funded by KG and his cronies,
    you are paid to bark here for your palace employment,
    we are paid to chant and burn everything in the street, for freedom
    that is the difference
    you seem to be too worried to lose your palace job, mr Chankhe2
    but our worries are greater, which will burn and wear you down for sure
    exile is not far away for you,
    a few more days

  6. AHH….these slaves will never learn.I used to write sometimes comments in this site thinking these Mr. Smartass will learn something from seeing with their eyes the present and reading with their mind the history. But as I dreaded these people are already so much in to their foolishness and immaturity that they never want to learn because they are happy with what little freedom we have got in this site and that is to speak up out loud what we wish to speak. Hey you Mr. Smartass will gorkhapatra issue your comment if you speak a little against your master?
    About the Aandolan being Violent…you dumbo fools… to a 20 year old guy in his whole young blood to do aandolan with his mouth shut and hands tied is out of the options when the police are batton charging and shelling them because they tried to use their fundamental right according to the constitution of this nation.Look at France…those young guys are using violence but still that is a peaceful aandolan…and the french government is also being tolerant and fellows there is violence in an aandolan over just a case of job reform and here is an aandolan against 250 year old autocracy and 4 years of royal madness..and to you all who always shout at india to prove you are a real neaplese….well I got nothing to say to you till you realise that we must realise our groud reality….in this world of mutual co-operation and survival,it’s useless to even comment about your ‘grand romantic nationalism’ based on your wishful and angry thinking. and finally to all you morons who are thinking to the extent that even the doctors are appointed by leaders…..if you don’t have something to think of…plz just do your work…why are you wasting your time write such a weird comments huh….but it’s your right to write as we all belive in democracy coz in democracy…..we see the colors of life….not the black and white of your autocracy……

  7. proud2benepali
    The protest in France is by no means peaceful. The only fact is that the cops there uphold the fundamental human rights and use minimum force, if and only if need be. It is u who is a Mr. Smartass supporting the Royal regime, the ruthless turning dictator of Nepal…

  8. yeah whatever whatever whatever, light at the end of the tunnel could be of a speedy train heading your way or a light that could lead to the brighter future, still one has to be careful.

  9. proud2benepali,

    calling other slaves could speak the same of you.. salve of dhotilickers!!

    name calling is uncalled for!! why refuge to it?

  10. “yes, we are funded by India, like you are funded by KG and his cronies,
    you are paid to bark here for your palace employment,we are paid to chant and burn everything in the street, for freedom
    that is the difference”-

    Shame on you bastards who prefer to call urselves freedom-fighters or some dignified words like that. BEWARE, don’t ever use those words again because if u use it as an adjective for bloody dogs like u all then the glory and dignity of these words will fade away.
    How shamelessly u agree that u are funded by Indians for ur pyromaniac acts and savage behaviors. By the same Indians who have no other intentions than to cause anarchy in this country, deteriorate the economic condition, fuel the violence and eventually cause an invasion by taking ‘bafadar kuttas’ like u all on ur side. IT is clear from history and MR. G-HANGMAN don’t u agree that all the treaties like 1950, Mahakali, Tanakpur and what else that struck upon our sovereignty were made in so-called democratic state.U know that. Don’t u know that after 2046 the Indian businessmen grew and invaded Nepalese business and the results u know( I guess!). There are many innumerable evidences but I don’t want to discuss it here. Turn the pages of newspapers (except gorkhapatra) if u have any from 2048 to 2055 and u will be clear, I don’t have to say anything more.
    Man what does freedom mean to u? do u opt ‘South-korean freedom’ to ‘Chinese communism’. If it is so then I don’t have anything to say bcoz for u the liberty under control of a foreign regime is better than nationality. Forgive me for using such harsh words but it is just like SELLING YOUR OWN MOTHER FOR THE SAKE OF FOOD AND SHELTER.
    Mr G-hangman, don’t take me wrong. I am not a royalist but a REPUBLIC and also I know that u wrote the above quoted statements in the pure gust of rebellious spirit rising in ur blood. Well I don’t have any problem with this but when anyone speaks in favor of Indians then I can’t control myself. Also, I don’t have moral support for the ongoing demonstration, which is led by the seven parties because when the faces are same : how can u expect a bright image? Who will be the commander of the movement, girija, Makune ? Well they have apologized for their wrongdoings in the past but is it enough? So, although I’m in favor of a monarch-free Nepal , I also want these party leaders receive their dues and wanna see a totally new face and a new system of government which is so stable and governed by perfect law and order that no foreign policy ( esp. Indian) will have any effect and efface those dhoti race in the same way as Nazis did with the Jews.

  11. ok hawkeye!!!
    first of all name calling is bad for the one who do not call names themselves…i have watched u proud royalist serving you better then a dog in this blog discussion that i was compelled to name call u all coz u are more onto it then me…but a bad move thing cannot be justified by a worst move…so okey i will stop name calling u but u’re nothing more then raitis which i won’t stop saying coz u’re stance has shown u’re ready to be raiti of gyanendra….but if you got something in our box….why are u calling urself someone dhotilickers…okey…i want to ask u one thing..please and please show us some way by which we can be free from indian influence…should we cut nepal by some kind of mumbo-jumbo machine and take is out to some sea..the only way u seem to suggest always seems like that….otherwise…why are you being so emotional…trying to show u’re greatness by calling someone dhoti and whatever…u are the kind of people who surely would be proud to say the madhesi brothers of our nation as madise…dhoti…etc and etc in front of everyone with pride…but in that way…a true nationalist never disresepects or hurts the feeling of nationalism…u’re nationalism is like the one’s of the nazis…u don’t belive in anything called co-existent…do u think we should start a war with india or what huh dude…and maybe u’re thinking china will come with it’s nukes to help us….OPEN YOUR EYES…and be in the ground of realism not the sky of fantasy fueled by the useless hatred based on prejudice of your thinking….u guys just can’t discuss…can u…u really got nothing…truth is important no matter if there is a point or not…..but for u…such irresponsible “whatever theory” is the truth….for which i can do nothing…….but just want to say u WAKE UP……and OPEN YOUR EYES…coz it’s never late and it is light when u open u’re eyes…and it won’t be a train which u’re blindly going towards…it will be your bright future………

  12. well Mr. proud2bnepali, u just gave such a logical remark that i really do have to appreciate. But, I do have something to comment
    about ur comment.
    well when mr. hawke in his statements(me as well) ejected baleful words against the Indians, u described it as “hatred based on prejudice of the thinking”. What about the behavior bloggers here have towards one who hints his/her disagreement with the ongoing protests, let alone one who is a royalist. ISn’t it also a prejudicial hatred?Why shoot them with mean word like ‘slaves’? what about political tolerance which is compulsory for a perfect democracy ?
    NExt we don’t want, ironically, we can’t wage war against india but if they get a chance they will surely launch an invasion in the name of military support or hatsoever. if u don’t agree this how would u define KALAPANI, TANAKPUR, SUSTA etc. and don’t know to what extent will they do in future.
    Now,according to your logic since we are less powerful and lack nukes like those Indians, we should tolerate anything they do? Don’t take it in the wrong sense but visualize a situation when an Indian army comes to ur home and rapes ur wife, sister or daughter in front of u Mr. proudtobenepali just like american soldiers do, what will be ur view at the moment.
    Yeah of course we should be realistic and we should also realize that however high may we be our feet are still on the ground. But, when it comes to the time when injustice crosses its limits, a hare turns into a lion and that is not just a miracle. Think about it.

  13. ray_of_hope:
    This whole blame/ be suspicious of India is an out dated, pathetic, lame excuse for our problems!
    Of course I don’t deny that India economically dominates us but it is just plain pathetic to blame India for our problems!

    Your blood boils when you hear of India uh? Give me a break – I have heard that crap before. Have you been to a Nepali wedding? Nepali social gathering? Tell me does your blood boil when everyone at the wedding is dancing to Indian music and munching on Indian food? Or does your blood boil when at a social gathering the main topic is the latest Bollywood gossip or the happenings of a Indian soap?

    Our geographic circumstances are such that we have no choice but to be dependent on India for many things. If the Nepali currency wasn’t pegged to the Indian rupee we would be a major fiscal crisis. The point is not that we should sell our souls to the Indians but we should finds way and think in terms of piggy backing on India’s economic success for our economic and social development. This “Blood Boils” Rambo attitude is really cool in First Blood but in reality that attitude needs to change.

  14. This is the another UPDATE

    Maoists clash in Butwal

    Latest reports say Maoists have simultaneously attacked various security installations in the western town of Butwal Friday evening.

    According to reports, Maoists have attacked the Ilaka police post, Golpark, the regional police training center and the no 22 bridade of the Royal Nepal Army, among others from 8 p.m. in the evening.

    Unconfirmed reports say over half-a-dozen policemen have fallen casualty at the Ilaka Polce post. Fight was going on this late evening.

    Details are still awaited. by Apr 07 06

  15. general shutdown day II, not much difference from day I or many other shutdowns by communists. few more vandlaization of public property. more cat and mouse game between cops and commies. there is an interesting conversation i overheard between these protesters. around 12pm–a break after 2 hours of singing various slogan–twelve or so young lads sat down and start chating.

    one guy:’man yesterday that US consular rejected my visa application’

    other guy:’but you were so confident yesterday’

    first guy:’yeah, but consular told me at my face that i am not going to return back here. and i could not counter him. i feel so bad.’

    third guy:’try another time.’

    first guy:’that was my third try. i am in very bad mood.’

    second guy:’leave it man. you know shreya refused to go out with me. she said i am no good for her because i failed the exam.’

    third guy:’but you said you are going out with that rich chick, what her name… yes romia’

    second guy:’she also refused to go out with me.’

    first guy to third guy:’hye sagar when you are going to return money that you have lend.’

    third guy:’well my old man refused to send money this month too. he think i am not spending money on study. but dont worry, i will return your money. i have arranged a favour from another fren. he promised me to lend money.’

    and they keep chating over other issue not related to politics i guess. these are few frustrated young lads who need to vent their anger at something. what can i say.

    okey you munch indian food, dance over their music but hey dont lick their dick right away.

  16. Commenting on bhudai pundit, we are economically and socially dependent on India. We depend on them for food supplies going to the social factor we depend on them for entertainment and RnR and I think that is exactly what ray_of_Hope was trying to say. We depened on them for every thing.
    But dependence does not mean that they have the right to or the authority to dominate us. There might have been if any economic piggy back riding from indians economy but it is miniscule.
    I dont blame india directly for all of Nepals Economic and political problem but we can not totally exclude india as being a considerable fragment of a reason for the instability.

  17. Chankhe2 just succeeded by throwing the blame on India,
    a deflective tactic to undermine the movement and secure the crown intact,
    we just fell for for him and reacted,
    and wasted our time on gibberish
    yeah, yeah, it is all India, the problem is India,
    what’re you gonna do now?
    cry and wail, helpless cowards

    we let everyone eff our ass; they had fun screwing our ass,
    so stop letting them eff our ass

    and stop whining, “they did it….they did it”
    that is not the effing solution
    come to the street
    join the pyro-movement

  18. Exactly, we don’t have any reason to be wedded to the Shah family. We can as well kick out Gyane today and laugh away. But we can’t cut ourselves off from India. That’s geography for you.

    I’ve lived in India and Indians sometimes deeply piss me off. But they’re going to be our neighbors forever, so we might as well learn to live well with them. And they’re much stronger than us too, that we must remember.

    I’m not saying getting that dimwit Gyanendra out of power will be a great step. But its a necessary one. If we can chuck Gyanendra out, it means that nothing is sacred, we’re prepared to take on all the holy cows that have oppressed us. Gyanendra, what’s he? He’s a symbol. That’s why kicking him out is important. That will just show that we are prepared to kick out ancient histories that only belong to museums and are willing to live in the modern age.

  19. It is yet another reason to be more “nationalist” and “patriotic” when it comes to the matter of foriegn intervention in a country be it for good or bad. Just look at you dumb asses trying to fuel your self with more purist remarks of anti indian setniments. Look at how high maoists feel just calling all the US Indian Uk intervention as imperialist. One way or the other we try find reasons to blame some one else. The roots causes of problems in Nepal lies with the ignorance towards social changes. Poverty is the most important background for this hindrance. Only way out is to look into your own back ground and throw out all the junk. Need for all these is a true democratic and peaceful society.

    Pawan you are going too far with your rhetoric with the last one.

  20. manan’s right. The present King is the symbol of all that is wrong with our country. If we can get rid of him than we can get rid of anyone who is bad for our country…be it Girija, Prachanda…whoever!

  21. proud2bnepali,

    what makes me the raitis or others in that part? My belief is mine, and yours is yours, we can argue on it, but going around lambasting others with name calling is way out of my understanding. You asked me on how I could free nepal of india’s influence, why don’t I shove that query back at you? How can ousting of the king solve it? Have I in my any post here said that king can solve it? my question is simple.. how can ousting of king solve whatever is happening today in nepal. Kaag le nakh lagyo bhandai ma kaag ko pachi lagney manchey hoina ma!!! just coz some ppl don’t believe in kicking king out , or some not following the netas of today, doesn’t make them slaves or anything.
    Makes me wonder of those who claim so much for their belief in democracy and still not respect others right to their belief. Is it really worth it?

  22. Well hawkeye, it’s a long, complicated matter…better get on with your homework. Your school will protbably re-open on Monday. Class V or VI?

  23. goddamn! Now, I’m fed up! fed up of everything and everyone in this country. A li’l bit of optimism that I had for few moments ago, I think I’ve lost that.
    Fisrt, I had a little hope from the protests thinking it might avail to the establishment of republic government. But, from what I analyse now on the third day of general strike, I’ve left that speck of hope.
    See, the government imposed a curfew and those party leadres cancelled their scheduled programme for today(janaandolan diwas). With this attitude how can u expect success. I had foreseen this few days before and it turned out just like that.
    Second, these media make such a big clamor when one or two protesters die during the demonstration. Well, talk about China and Tianamen incedent of 1989. Still now, how strict measures will be taken there if demonstrations like such are to be held?
    So my suggestion to u andolankaris- carry on ur protests more rigorously if u have guts instead of making excuses of this and that otherwise just stay at home and take a nap.

    The nation doesn’t seem to be ready for a big change. At least, not for a couple of years. And,within that time our ‘symbol of unity’-HMG king , the MAoists and 3-4 parties among 7 parties together with India will rip this country off of whatever that is left till now. And u all will have no choice left but to watch.

  24. Hey Ray, don’t lose hope- read the news on the web. The UML seems to be going strong it’s the NC that has collapsed…what can you expect with the Koiralas/Deubas running and ruining the party?

    It’s seems it’s the people out on the streets now more than political parties.

  25. I think the protests should go a step further and involve all patriots, party or non party people, and not only fight for democracy back but also go and burn the houses of all the corrupt politicans like Girija, Deuba and the like to show that Yes we are for democracy but not for these bastards as well.

  26. yeah, that’s the spirit ‘d’. that was what i was seeking for but do the protesters have same spirit?

  27. I will pledge my commitment to the fight and ask the party protesters, that if they are willing to attack their corrupt leaders as well as the King and his limpdick government and demand a ceasefire and lay down of arms by the Maoists, and end to future violence, I will come to the streets with you for the final push. A push wich shows that we do not want an outdated autocrat, but also shows we do not want the old leaders like Girija, Deuba, Nepal and the like to be a part of our new democracy, and definitely shows that we do not agree to the violence perpertrated by the Maoists, and they too should come to mainstream politics by laying down their arms.
    If the present protesters can commit to this with new, young and dynamic leadership, I am sure not only me but many more brothers Nepali brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers will join you in the streets come hail, rain or shine.

  28. Kirat,

    why don’t you just admit to the fact, that you just don’t know.. just like em party leaders

  29. Well hawkeye we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. You don’t have to be genius to see how good functioning democracies try to solve their problems. Like I have been saying we’ve got to stop accepting bullsh*t, like the one the King and cronies give us, like the one the Maoists preach and even the majority of the SPA leaders are full of.

    First we need a functioning democracy in Nepal because so far democracy is the best way for the masses to express their will. This is a given all over the world so please don’t debate. Once we obtain this we kick out the corrupt leaders like Girija, Deuba, etc We put more acceptable leaders in charge (your guess here is as good as mine! but if we give them a chance good leaders will arise, we can always kick them out in a democracy if we don’t like them)We then put the Maoists in their place by starting a grass roots movement against them both political and military so that they are forced to compromise and sue for peace. And pretty soon we will be much better off as a people and country than now. I really don’t know how long all this will take but we’ve got to start somewhere.

    And please don’t fear the Indians. They will always be upto to their tricks, but as long as we are strong and have our priorities straight i.e our country and peoples’ interest to come before theirs they will be helpless. They will actually start respecting us if we do this instead of just helpless calling them names and blaming them for all our ills when the faults lie with us.

    Other countries have had as bad or worse problems than us (the American Civil war, the French Revolution etc) but they’ve set things right and come out stronger. We too can do this.

    Enough of an education for you hawkeye? Or is your head exploding with overload?

  30. I have absolutely no respect for so-called “pro democracy” protestors who are marching around with the communist flag.

    Communist governments are responsible for the murder of more than 250 million innocent people in the 20th Century. It is well documented. China, Russia, Cuba — go around the world.

    What fools are these people to believe they will be happier and more free under the HAMMER AND SICKLE?

  31. first you fight KG, then confront corrupt SPA leaders, then military action against maoists. that is quite a long shut and a crazy one. why dont you fight maoists head on right away and later see what you can do with makune, bamdev etc. i see this is more plausible path.

  32. pawan…err I hate to break it to you dude but there’s no such thing as Instant Karma. It’s just a slogan, a marketing gimmick. The path of the good and the righteous is long and full of obstacles bro.

    Izaak, man where to start with you? These are not the communists you’re talking about. They’re makune and oli’s people, a very different variant.

  33. “Communist governments are responsible for the murder of more than 250 million innocent people in the 20th Century. It is well documented. China, Russia, Cuba — go around the world. ”
    And what about american government Mr. Izaak? Just think they owe the guilt of murdering,
    raping, brutalizing how many millions?

  34. Till this afternoon I literally had no hope until mr. kirat asked me not to lose hope. Now, I feel as if we are approaching towards a monarch-free nepal. Still I’m suspicious! I hope I don’t have to lose the hope that has begun to spur inside me.

  35. pawan,

    without a good government in place I don’t think it’s possible to solve the Maoist problem. Hell yeah it might take a while but if the will is there a good government will get the backing of the entire Nepali people and the world and things could settle down very quickly. Once we have a good government in this country the Maoist would have very little to oppose or exploit-thus very little to support.

    The theory is simple the actual doing is what’s tough. That’s why I think visionaries are overhyped people.

    Let’s stay positive dude!

  36. Kirat, nope.. not enough at all.. you have not touched the limbuan, khumbuans nor the madhelisis liberation etc.. better for you.. finish up the brhaminization first, then go for the king. You might have better luck. Given that king is not here and maoists decides to take part in election, my bet is good as yours, maoists shall win just as hamas did in palestine even though PLO has been awarded with $500 million dollars each year from the US.

  37. and what you’ve given me is something that I have been hearing for two yrs already

  38. hawkeye,

    a functioning democracy would take care to address and solve the problems that lead to calls for a limbuan or khumbuan. Sure I’m against this brahminzation like anyone else. It must be addressed. But priorities are priorities. Hitler killed his fellow blond, blue eyed Arayans who opposed him with equal efficiency as he killed the Jews.

    One at a time my friend. Prioritize.

  39. recycling corrupts and butchers in and out of power is not going to serve any good for your good functioning democracy theory as long as maoists remain there like sword hanging over your neck.

  40. pawan,

    A functioning democracy by definition would not do that…man do I have to explain every word dude?

    Anyway what’s your solution or road map to a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Nepal?

  41. the key is to avoid maoists takeover. you are wise man and you know the rest.

    good night pal.

  42. bhudai pundit,

    for once, i am breaking out of the the poetic
    shell and getting into a sort of a tirade, if you may

    Under the guise for saving his king, here is how one royalist lays out his plan above:

    first you fight KG, then confront corrupt SPA leaders, then military action against maoists. that is quite a long shut and a crazy one. why dont you fight maoists head on right away and later see what you can do with makune, bamdev etc. i see this is more plausible path

    Over the time, what I have observed is that the royalists have always used three tactics to maintain feudalism and monarchy in Nepal and undermine the people’s movement–

    (a) the royalists will either say political parties are controlled by India/USA, etc. so they will appeal to reject the political parties in wholesale outrightly; OR
    (b)the royalists will say Maoists are terrorists, so the terror is the first problem, not the King; OR
    (c) the royalist will try to whistle-blow that the political leaders are corrupt.

    By the term “royalist,” I mean not the one who follows every footstep of the king but the person who follows one or two or all of the three tactical lines enumerated above.

    In each of the three, there is some truth. The royalists are trying to grasp the little fragment of truth contained therein and exploit it to their benefit by translating them into full truth. Let us briefly observe how so– yes, Maoists use violence, and that is the truth, but what they are up for is not violence but social and economical justice. Their means of achieving their ends is wrong, but their ends are as good as anyone else’s, perhaps even better than the king’s.
    If we compare the Maoists and the king, we will find that they are about the same (the king could be indicated to be more outdated than the Maoists as far as contemporary values are concerned: at least, the Maoist have the right to fight for their issues; the king (one individual, just like me or you) has just grabbed the power without the approval of the people and without even coming from the street—without any social and constitutional mandate, he has put monarchy above democracy.

    The king grabs the power under the sole pretext that the Maoists are violently asking for the justice. He does not follow any democratic procedure, nor appeals to the people of the street, an alternative procedure in the prevailing democratic practices. The king has no ethical or moral right to be in the palace because the idea of king has been outdated, no longer a reliable and competent method of governence in the post-colonial, post-modern world.

    Next, the king has no legal and constitutional right to hang on to the power because the king is using the state unlawfully: he is a constitutional criminal. He has violated all the constitutional provisons by not ratifying his acts through the Parliament within six months.

    The Maoists are wrong in their violent methods of acquiring the people’s approval and forcing people to join their cause. This is not within democratic practice either. Both king’s and the Maoist’s methods are wrong.

    About the corruption, the future king, if he ever became one, Paras steals before our eyes a pair of rhinos from Chitwan National Park, to give away to his foreign friends. Does the park belong to him? Is he constitutionally allowed to gift away the wild animals that are in the UN list of endangered species? Is not that a crime, a consequence of corrupt mind? The royalists often mention the names of GP, Deuba, and Nepal, etc. Why could not they prove Deuba’s crime in the normal court? Why Asian Development Bank, the major funding agency in the Melemchi project, could not find any evidence in its investigation? In democracy, there is a legal way of addressing these types of cases that a prime minister or minister or anyone can be sued for their wrongdoings, but they are innocent until proven guilty as charged. If we need a large sum to file cases against possible corrupt individuals, for which there should be either a constitutional provision for a citizen fund to hire lawyers, or a constitutional obligation for each practicing lawyer to take for free of charge a certain number of corruption cases filed by the Institution of Citizen Complaints, or both.

    Let me wrap up. hese three rhetorical strategies of the royal regime have truth value only on the surface, so the royal aparatus will use all means of media including this blog to spread the rumor and play on the sentiment of the mass.

    My questions to you and any one of you:
    What do we fight the Maoists with when your king has the control of the RNA? With rocks and sticks?

    As the Maoists problem cannot be and should not be resolved through bullets, choppers, and tanks, they should be dealt with economically and dialogically.

    Why should we fight the Maoists militarily when their problems and issues are to be addressed socially, economically, and constitutionally?

    In any case, we can neither deal with the Maoists nor corrupt individuals (leaders and others) until and unless the autocracy is removed and democracy is returned to people and everyone agrees to remain within the democratic law.

    For any good thing to begin, there must be democracy in the 1st place. So the movement must highten its fierceness at every cost possible. And let us not waste time in responding to the three lines of thoughts emerging from the royalism—those tactics must be ignored as the energy is needed elsewhere at this point of the movement. I leave that task to those democrats who are abroad, to ideologically tackle with the those people who serve royalism here.
    I have to go back to the street–duty calls.

    I am already at the University Hostel, arrived here last night. But I am going to stay at a friend’s house for tonight at least, near Bagh Bhairav, in Kirtipur.

  43. We cannot be wasting time and fighting one person at a time, there are too many scoundrels. People are fed up with all the bandhs and curfews. Fight as one against all concerned. Let’s not piuck and choose our poison, let us rid ourselves of all the poison in one swoop. If we approach it in this manner, even the army would have supporters for us within.

  44. d,
    maybe you are right,
    but the winable war, keeping in view the magnitude of the people’s enemy, is one entity at a time, not just one individual.
    king is not one individual,
    he is an institution, both autocracy and feudalism,
    he has a following of hundreds, if not thousands,
    even if he has no following of hundreds, he is misusing his grabbed power and money to exert and impose his will upon them, including the RNA and APF,
    and there are always sycophant and cronies to be removed. And there are hundreds of political party leaders and hundreds of government officials, the police and army, who could be proved guilty for taking money individually from palace and working for KG as informants unlawfully.

    We can punish a large group of evil people once KG is removed.
    So this fight against KG is not a fight against one man, but against an institution, autocracy, feudalism, criminalism, corruption, mafia, cronyism, sycophantism, etc.

    This is a do-or-die fight for democracy.
    If we failed this time, there would never be a democracy in nepal.
    We are fighting and will continue to fight because if we give up this time, there would never be a democracy in Nepal.

    Everyday we are injured in the street; everyday we are killed. Let us pay tribute to Bhim Dahal, Tulsi Chhetri, and Shiva Kunwar. Let us not make our fight worthless and achieve the goal of freeing nepali from all sorts of autocracy, terrorism, and corruptions. Let us continue defying the curfew and paralyze the government’s movement.
    Let us keep fighting, and in no time every town and village will look like Kirtipur, Banepa, Dang, and Chitwan, Nepalgunj, and the like.

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