Tortured at Police HQ, Arrested at Media House

In a bizarre case, policemen arrested a justice-seeking policeman from the library of Kantipur Publications

At around 4:00pm, police sub-inspector Hum Bahadur Bagale entered Kantipur Publications office in an appearance that would have forced many to take him as a mad man. Half of his hair was shaved and his police shirt and trousers muddy.

tortured police

Reporters from Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post daily talked with him after he claimed that he had been badly tortured after being dismissed from service accusing him of false charges. He sounded true with the appearance.

He asked for justice and told the repoters that he was beaten and dipped into the pond at the police headquarters after being handed over the letter of dismissal (I read the copy of it and it accused him of robbing 27-tola gold). It said he would not be eligible to hold any government post in future.

The interview was disrupted as a group of policemen entered the premises of the publication looking for him and dragged him out of the library into a police van and took him away. Kantipur Television camera has filmed all this. The taxi driver, who brought him to the publications office from Naxal where the headquarters is situated, is being waited by two policemen outside the office.

More on it can be found at
Ekantipur, The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur (Nepali)

Photos by Todd.





67 responses to “Tortured at Police HQ, Arrested at Media House”

  1. edgeofeternity Avatar

    Let us read the full story!

  2. blogwatch Avatar


    It is very funny to read a half story which is also one sided. Makes no sense. I hope UWB is not run out of issues.

  3. Kirat Avatar

    Even if this guy is guilty I hope they punish him as per proper law and respect his rights. That head shaving doesn’t look too good if they did that to him.

  4. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    what and where justice ?? where is is freedom and why people can’t shave half head if they wish ??? what a gruesome act was there.

    Authorities in Nepal say at least 36 policemen and Maoist rebels have been killed in clashes across the country.BCC 21 march 2006 said.

  5. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    what and where is justice ?? where is freedom and why people can’t shave half head if they wish ??? what a gruesome act was there!!! STUPID.

    Authorities in Nepal say at least 36 policemen and Maoist rebels have been killed in clashes across the country.BCC 21 march 2006 said.

  6. The binayak Avatar
    The binayak

    This is dreadful!!!, what’s gonna happen in future if Police is punished by police in this way. well let us think if he was MB what have they done to him??? Hey!!! Rastra Sewak Nepali, how can you trust such organisation which has not at all respect to Human Right!!!.

    I had great faith in Nepal Police, but with all these acts I cannot hold my heart any more for them.

    I strongly appel to every citizen of Nepal to come out from the deep asleep.
    Raise from the dead and speak for the truth and right judgement.

    All I can do at this time is HA HA HA as well as SHAME SHAME to so called Nepal Police and their slogan of “satya sewa surakshanam” with deep sorrow in heart.

  7. Gurung Keta! Avatar

    No one deserves such an insutl! Let’s just hope he doesn’t dissapear.

  8. raj Avatar

    Where is the law, if it all is true?

  9. Avatar

    the article is incomplete.
    could pls post whole incident indetial as WHY WAS HE ACCUSED for robbed and has it been already proved in court?

    I think if he had been the robber, it would look pretty insane to present himself in such an attire.

    UWB, do some research first before amking a post so that it would look complete, you dont hav to go around for CHEAP HYPE tactics.

  10. rozan Avatar

    oh i was shocked after i see these photos. It proves that there is j”ungleraj ” in nepal and KG is the leader of it . its brulatity to punish one like these . its bad , These acts (if it is true) shows that how negligance police are towards human rights conservation. what is the use of giving human right education or establing human right cell in police force when they violate it in this way .

  11. Prajatantra Avatar

    Today I feel shameful and disgrace to be a Nepali. Where is human right in this country? Where is justice? A IGP who is corrupt and has been suspected to have partnered with his priest’s son to take part in more henious crime and corruption is still sitting smiling on his post. His partner already indicted is at large and clearly IGP had help him cut lose. But a poor sub inspector get this gruesome treatment for a crime that has not be proven. Even though he did comit the crime, he does not deserve that disgrace.

    I do not think police HQ is coming clean on this as question raised by Kantipur publcation, I reiterate the question and demand answer:

    1) Why was a SI being handed over letter of removal from work being video taped? It clearly shows they were planning something from before

    2) Why was he arrested from Kantipur Publication? If Police HQ was clean they should have let him continue telling his side of story then refute it after wards.


  12. hari sharma Avatar

    While dismissing a person who has been involved in misdeeds is correct, torturing him is absolutely wrong.
    And more, after he sought media help, he was arrested again? This is highly denounceable. We really need to bring the government under a strict constitutional framework. We need to end its autocratic rule not only in political field but also in economic sense.

    I don’t know what those officers were thinking when they ordered an arrest from the media house. Is it that the media don’t have power in Nepal? Highly questionable!!!!

    For more reasons to bring the government under control, visit:

  13. Sanjay Das Avatar
    Sanjay Das

    ….they say the security apparatuses are reflection of the government ! What more can one expect at present?
    I wish to complain. Kantipur staffs should have been able to save the victim policeman. He had come with so much hope and faith at your office but got dragged away again to same torture. My heart goes out to his suffering. He is probably second hero of the current revolution, first being Rubin Gandarva. Please kindly follow his condition and whereabouts.

  14. d. aryal Avatar
    d. aryal

    It is really sad to see such pictures. I never had faith with nepali police or army, so I am in no way surprised. I thank kantipur for publishing this story out. Now kantipur has one more obligation : follow up on this and make sure the poor guy is protected ( not killed)inide the police HQ.
    D. aryal

  15. prashant Avatar

    Kahin Navako Jatra NEPAL Ma!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yo Jatri Jatra ko desh ho. Sarkar jatra, mantri criminals, everything is a mess. I wonder how this could come out of us,and why in the world we are facing all these………..

    its sad, in either ways,even if it is framed by whoever they say it was framed. AND WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU DEPRIVE THAT POOR THING FROM HAVING HIS PENSION, AFTER WORKING FOR 21 YRS. YOU WOULD LET CORRUPT LEADER RATTLE AROUND KTM, BEING MPS HERE AND THERE AND AMMASSING WEALTH PROVING THEM INNOCENT. But a poor guy even if he confiscated the gold prove it before u can take away his pension.These are the people that have nothing to do with your idealogical yet they are the sufferers. I say we bring both BRam and K G for their adamant idealogy.

    This is just too much, u guys will and should rot in hell. Just because somebody is lower in position and ousted from fraudelent system doesn’t mean that u can do whatever u wish. HE is dignified than rest of u……

    u( refers to the ones involved)

  16. Akhilesh Avatar

    If this is all true. Where is “Sushasan”?? Hey Nepali daju bhai, wake up!! It is too much.

  17. Binod Avatar

    I think this was the optimum level of tourcher………
    if they are doing this type of activities with there on staff……….how could we imagine with normal people and maoist.

  18. Bishnu Avatar

    This Police institution have amny such propoganda, they are there for their own income not for country and people of Nepal.

  19. gp Avatar

    If it is true, I think it is deplorable. But, let’s not jump the gun, this guy could also be a con artist trying to fool the press.Have to hear all sides of the story, otherwise if things like these are blindly supported, then Kantipur may get hundreds of people with half shaven heads at their door steps asking for this, that and the other.

  20. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    It is the Durbar who did this to this officer.

  21. yuddhabiram Avatar

    God! I believed the Rana Regime was over back in 2007 B.S.!!

    Are we in neo-Rana rule now??????????

    On what moral authority is that Kamal Thapa occupying the Home Ministry’s chair????

    Shame to be ruled by such bastards!!!!

  22. Alfa Male Avatar
    Alfa Male

    This is an act of cowardice. The police institution like RNA needs more training (esp psychological). When these miscreants in HQ are torturing their colleagues and subordinates, how can Nepali people expect the law and order from them? This is a case of “Afno Haath Jagannnat,” ie if u have power, u can do anything u like. This filthy act must be condemned and the guilty must be punished. Or else, these torturers will victimize many people like Hari Bahadfur Bagale. He’s only the tip of the iceberg. I believe there are many unheard of stories of torture and misbehaviour inside the Police HQ.

  23. An anonymous police officer Avatar
    An anonymous police officer

    It is just a tip of the iceberge about what is the situation of human right vioations and injustice in Nepal Police and Royal Nepalese Army. No body in the forces want to come out scuh stories of injustice. I have heard three are three such policemen who have become victim of the senior officials. They have been victimized to hide the crime of other senior officials. One is relative of Prakash Chandra Lohani’s relative who reportedly killed a civilian but another policeman has been held responsible. Another story of cruelty in Nepal police is that one lady police has been made pregnant by a senior police officer and her whereabout is unknown. This must come out. All the police officials should be punished.

  24. hawkeye Avatar

    Its already been more than year and half that this guy has been going to different offices and deploring his superiors. eg royal commission, akhtiyaar, ghriha mantralaya etc.

  25. sleek Avatar

    Bizarre, shocking, disgusting, words fail

    I just could not look at this photograph. They should have done everything but killing his “soul”. … What kind of academy do they graduate from? The vultures are out to get live humans. Say no more… With their education adn background, I do not wonder why so many of them fall victim of Maoist revolution.

  26. Madhav Avatar


    I am shocked to see how biggest and reliable media-house of our country can dissiminate news without any prior investigation over issues like Bagale… May be we are still in learning phase!!

    This Bagale is a fraud man. He is a total cheater. Robbing 27 tolas of gold three years back in a broad day-light and losing job now, he must have performed all this drama due to remorse.

    Nepal Police sacked its officer after investigation of full three years. Its not an overnight decision.

    And, as far as i know, police does not punish its officer on police dress. Please have little sense of thinking while writing any piece of news. By saying this, I am not just blindly suporting Nepal police nor di i belong to nepal police.

    I just know about Bagale and his deeds, I just feel sorry for nation’s biggest media house for carrying news on favor of Bagale- one of the most fraud man in Nepal police.

    Please try to give both sides of story. Do not dissiminate false news!! you have greater responsibility to play in our society!!


  27. apildev Avatar

    hello dinesh ji.
    where is my comment yesterday i had posted after watching NTV NEWS of 8 pm.

    could you please let me know through my email address? with full copy of the comment attached with it…
    i am sad that it is not pasted.

  28. Sanjeet Avatar

    This shows how inhuman, crazy and bizarre our police organization is. Nepal is rapidly becoming an insane state. The insanity begins right from the Narayanhiti. The king and his soldiers are all insane, cruel and stupid.

  29. replytoall Avatar

    The funniest thing i read is that somebody up there in his/her post say it is the DURBAR behind this….. it is the DURBAR behind every thing that happens in Nepal…. a dog dies in the street it is the durbar, a theif steals from a house its not a thief it is the durbar, there is an traffic accident it is the king who is the one who caused that accident…. anything that happens in Nepal today has the direct involvement of the king becuase he has the direct rule……

    tomorrow when eventually the unavoidable democratic system restores in the country and something as such happens i am sure it wont be the primeminister then but as long as king is there trying to mend the evil of our country today it will be the durbar behind every other thing…..

    thats funny and that is stupid..

  30. biswas Avatar

    is this possible ?
    o my god, what a surprise , hey bloggers, why dont u ask police officers and includ their shameful voice, to surprise more
    comeon yaars

  31. edgeofeternity Avatar

    Joining a National Service used to be a matter of dignity to Nepali people.

    Simply put, star/s in your shoulders with a Navy Uniform and full of sheer determination of serving the nation and the people with full enthusiasm was a dream of it’s kind!

    What a great feeling was that then!

    But things are not as rosy as it seem, at least in Nepal’s perspective. When police officer himself have to go through human rights violations within own organitaion. This is pathetic. I don’t know what’s going to happen to public safety.

    UWB should have posted the brief news about it here. Current political crisis is fueling every single incident that’s taking place.

    Like other incidents, truth will be kept far this time also and there’s no doubt.

    Let us know the outcome of this incident, Mr. Journalists!

  32. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    what is funny and stupid is one of the men in uniform is replytoall, a paid worker of Durbar.

  33. Kirat Avatar

    Why does replytoall have so much faith with the Palace? What have they done for the good of the country?

    No one is saying the King is directly responsible…but surely it is his government, it is his home minister who manages the police, thus any atrocities committed by the police if not corrected does reflect on his ability/inability to govern.

  34. rozan Avatar

    i agreee with replytoall. why everytime we says that everything is designed by DARBAR.? “je garyo bhane pani darbar ” i dont think thats good concept to criticize. i think the thing is that king , a so called bishnu avatar is acting like mashiasura . so its obvious to follow him by his helpers like police force and army force to violate humanrights and going back to middle age type of punishment. so called great king Prithivi Narayan Shah too have history of colleceting baskets and baskets of noses and ears on kirtipur, which shows brutality and hatred feeling in so called generous and kind hearted king PN shah(according to history book i read in nepal)

  35. tt Avatar

    what is even more funny, is the building belongs to Indians.

  36. vijay Avatar

    Nepal though has few good people living in distressed conditions,most of the top level people in the beuraecratic circle are of corrupt nature and it is from top that NEPAL is ruined and is a failed state in my opinion.

    It is not a place to live for an ordinary person. That is the reason for the braindrain of good Nepalis.

  37. gyne badel Avatar
    gyne badel

    Whatever has happened is shocking, but we don’t know the truth. However, the main problem is that we won’t know what happens next. ?? ???? ???? ???? ?????, ?? ???? ????? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?????? ????? ? ??????? ???? ?????? ???????

  38. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    what is funnier is i just got my es crewed and got my ttiz pinched so bed
    this morning by g-man and got ped 10 rupee for it
    an i am yelling in pain cuz it hurt me bed
    but i get ped more by yelling at everyone, though
    i yell here, i wheedle there
    the man in pic did not get ped,
    so hauled his as to the indian building

  39. brother Avatar

    hey brother’s give me one reason to have palace over not to have it… i will suicide right away…. I think there is as much reason for me to live in this world as to not to have palace in Nepal.

  40. Jake Avatar

    The ignorance among people worries me. They laugh because a policeman was tortured. A crime is a crime. It does not matter who is committing it, or who is the victim. This man is clearly the image of our current day Nepal. Hey may be right, who knows? Have we become so cold and so ignorant that we don’t feel offended when we see a man with his head half-shaven? It’s time to question our morality. I wish those with the power did before it’s too late. Nobody wants to see West Africa in South Asia. Nepal burns while the rest of the region prospers.

  41. replytoall Avatar

    Mr Kirat
    yes i have way way
    and way more faith in Durbar than i do in the so called democratic force and the extreme left the terrorist we know by the name Maoists…. it is not that i agree that the king should be directly ruling the country but as of now when the point comes to the given number of options who do you go for than the King….
    i would be really surprised if any one over here or in the whole NEpal wants be under the same old faggot government or the maoist…. Democracy is an inevitable truth that the King or anybody can stop from restoring and for that matter i dont beleive that the king wants to rule forever…cause he is too damn smart to know that there is no possible way to stop the democractic need and want of Nepal as a country….
    but given the choices..o yeah anytime the king than compared to the GP and Sherbahadur and….. all that i know of….

  42. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    replytoall is another raja-ko-gula
    i would rather be under india than under shah
    look at nepal and nepali,
    everyone is starving, under fed and under sheltered, under clothed
    who is fat in nepal except Gyane and other durbaria corrupts and leaders?

  43. replytoall Avatar


  44. Kirat Avatar

    Dear Replytoall,

    If you’ve read my posts, I have no faith in the political parties or Maoists too. My point is that we Nepalis must stop looking for a ‘saviour’. Believe me the King is not one, he does not care for our troubles. My point is being citizens of this country we must do what is right and stop relying on the King, Maoists or political parties to do this. These entities are very self serving. The sooner all Nepalis realise this the better.

  45. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    I agree with you.
    “Stop looking for a savior.”
    Hell to the fake and corrupt saviors.
    Let us be our own savior.

  46. raj Avatar


    The idealogy of ‘Replytoall’ is to serve the King what for, I don’t know but you people don’t take ‘opposing the king’s rule is supportig the Maoists’ autocracy’. Opposing the king’s rule is opposing the feudal system, protecting the your right to rule you by yourself and only by yourself, asking your money, paid to state, spent on your betterment not in luxury vehicles such as Jaguars,Roles Royes etc for royalties and above all, protecting your right to choose the highest authority in the state as your representative. Every Nepali has a right to say ‘no’ to Mukhias, Zamindars,Birtawals, Rajautas and Rajas from being their raitis(serfs). Good or bad my elected representative is better than rulers imposed by others, even it is god if you say so, upon me because I am a free man not a slave. I have nothing against king Gyanendra as a persong. I am against his rule, against his autocratic rule he is following.

    I think you agree with me.

  47. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    Well I have a problem with King Gyanendra personally because he is taking Nepal down a very dangerous path that will only result in more violence and destruction. I initially supported his Feb.1st move because I naively believed that he would set things stright or at least takes steps to that direction. Unfortunetly he has done neither and instead made everything worse. He is an idiot – its as simple as that and he (the institution of Monarchy) will pay dearly for that.
    King Gyanendra is uneducated, arrogant, narrow minded and more importantly he was never groomed to be a king. His concern seems to be performing elaborate pujas at tempels, meeting with tantriks and listening to phychos like Tulsi Giri. Clearly he has no intention of being a ceremonial monarch.
    I am not a King hater per se. If Gyanendra had played his cards right my comments on this bolg would look very different.

  48. Concerned Nepali Avatar
    Concerned Nepali

    “Immediately, as one of the journalists called police headquarters to inquire about his claims, in a dramatic move that followed, a group of policemen in uniform entered Kantipur Complex.



  49. shreya shrestha Avatar
    shreya shrestha

    what is it!!

    jun jun vrastha police officer harule tyo police lai yatana diyeka chaan, tini harulai sajaya hunu parchaa….

  50. hawkeye Avatar

    Concerened Nepali,

    what do you mean by real whistle blower of the courrupt police force. The corruption in the police force is pretty transparent. Most journalists know about it. But what do they do? Just get on a truck from khasa to ktm and you’ll know.

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