Parties, Maoists Agree to Disagree

Discussions will continue on the roadmap to the election of constituent assembly

Okay, the decision has been made. Verdict has been out. The pro-democracy Seven Party Alliance has reached a brand new agreement with the underground Maoist Party (wait and don’t get excited. The groundbreaking 12-point understanding signed by both sides in November 22 still in effect and there is nothing dramatically new in the second version). Today’s meeting of top Alliance leaders in Kathmandu decided to publicize the second understanding. I am in possession of two Press Releases jointly signed by the top leaders of the alliance Girija Prasad Koirala (Nepali Congress), Amrit Kumar Bohora (CPN UML), Sher Bahadur Deuba (NC Democratic), Lilamani Pokharel (Janamorcha Nepal), Narayanman Bijukchhe (Nepal Majdoor Kishaan Party), Rajendra Mahato (Nepal Sadbhavana Party) and Nanda Kumar Prasain (Samyukta Bammorchha) and issued this afternoon. The first one, not the agreement, says:

1. We have decided to publicize the second understanding between Seven Political Parties and the CPN (Maoist). We are committed to move forward making the 12-point understanding even more conclusive and clear.

2. Peaceful united movement against autocracy is continuing. As per the announcement of Fagun 29, countrywide general strike and non-cooperation movement will be organized on Chaitra 24, 25, 26, 27 (April 6, 7, 8, 9). A huge peaceful demonstration will be organized in Kathmandu on Chairtra 26 (April 8th). Programs of non-cooperation will continue as per previous announcements. We request all people, organizations and members of civil society to help and support us in these programs.

3. We request the Maoist to call back the blockade, programs of strikes, and Banda so that general public and hundreds of thousands of students appearing in SLC exams will not face difficulties. Also, we expect that such a callback would help remove possible disturbance to the peaceful programs of the mass movement.

And another Press Release signed by the same leaders of the alliance has this title: “Second understanding between seven political parties and CPN Maoist”

The release reminds us about the 12-ponit agreement adding that the pro-democracy movement was intensified after the agreement and, as a result of that agreement, municipal elections of Magh 26 became a complete failure. The release also talks about international support that the Agreement enjoyed after it was signed and claims that the same has been endorsed by the people. “This means,” the release says, “it is clear that the agreement is the real basis for the solution of the conflict in the country. In this situation, we express our commitment to implement the agreement firmly.”

According to the release, parties believe in this roadmap: Restore the Parliament with the force of the movement. Powerful all party government will be formed with the decision of the parliament. Constitution Assembly will be held as per the understanding and talks with the Maoists there by restoring the complete loktantra (democracy), solving the conflict and establishing sovereign power in people.

According to the release, Maoists believe in this roadmap: Agitating forces will organize a national conference and, with the decision of that that conference, interim government will be formed to hold the election of constituent assembly.

The agreement further states:

“We have agreed that SPA and the Maoists will continue holding discussions to finalize this procedural working list and look for common agreement. To meet that destination, we have agreed, that the power of people’s movement is the sole alternative.”

“To restore people’s sovereignty and solve the conflict via the election of constituent assembly based on that [agreed] procedure, we request all people to actively participate in the ongoing peaceful movement.”

The alliance also sought help from international community to end autocratic monarchy and establish complete loktantra (democracy) in the country.

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70 thoughts on “Parties, Maoists Agree to Disagree

  1. What is new?
    Jay ho Moriyarty Maharaj ki.
    He screwed them all.
    The Maoists look afraid of the American imperialists no support this time from indian expansionists.

  2. 2. Peaceful united movement against autocracy is continuing. As per the announcement of Fagun 29, countrywide general strike and non-cooperation movement will be organized on Chaitra 24, 25, 26, 27 (April 6, 7, 8, 9). A huge peaceful demonstration will be organized in Kathmandu on Chairtra 26 (April 8th). Programs of non-cooperation will continue as per previous announcements. We request all people, organizations and members of civil society to help and support us in these programs.

    VERY FUNNY: If General strike on April 6,7, 8, & 9: Then how could people can come to BIG DEMONSTRATION in Kathmandu? Can not they agitate with out any bandh or General strike?

    It looks to me SPA sold us to merciless MBs in the name of their alliance against KG. They are forgetting MBs past secret alliance with KG.

  3. sorry,
    was there ne thing new?
    Apart from disturbing life of normal people, I didn’t sense anything new. We all were waiting for this release, and what came out was TFS.

    Look at these leaders, no one has CLEAR VISION, determination of what they can do to revolt. Just following same old gimicks of NEPAL BANDH, JOOLOS…., bullshit !!!

  4. There must be some other mode of protest than bandas, blockades and murder. Why do Maoists and the seven parties use methods that hurt the ordinary people the most? If you guys represent us, as you say, than why hurt us the most?

    Any way thank god the blockade has been called off for now.

  5. Maoist Bandh is OFF. SPA Bandh is ON. There is no difference between Maoists and SPAs. Both group has no clear agenda other than bringing enormous harm to the people. They talk about bringing frredom to the people from the King. But all of them are self serving bastards.
    SPAs want to revive the dissolved parliament with the help from Maoists’ gun. The people should understand that it’s Deuba who asked the King to dissolve the parliament and then failed to held election. SPAs are not still talking about election. Instead of chanting slogans how come they can not agree for election? This is what the people need. The people of Nepal have right to elect their own representatives by going to the polls. SPAs do not represent people. This group represents only self serving party workers.
    Maoists were declared terrorist group by SPAs and was issued Red Alert against them. But all along they knew where they were hding. SPAs have no willingness to capture Maoists. Red Alert is only publicity stunt to look good in the public eye. The people like Girija and Madhab were using Maoist to stay in power and now Maoists are using Girija and Madhab to validate their points.

  6. SPA strike for three days is a complete lunatic idea. What is the difference between the strike called by the Maoists and the SPA?
    And, we have seen huge demonstrations time and again. We also saw the “Tsumani” (in Makune’s term)…what now? HUGE demonstration…of what extent…demonstration aimed at end to autocracy is good but the SPA should stop duping people time and again saying that demonstration are “final”, “decisive”, “Tsunami” and what not!
    I do not belive on the old leaders-all corrupt and self-interested. About the recent MoU between the SPA and Maoists: the product is more of the initiation or pressure from the international community (US, India, UK) and less of the parleys in Delhi.

  7. Why are SPA beleive in protesting by calling a genereal strike? They also shout about their peaceful movement. When the time comes to show their commitment they call a BANDH. In Nepal everything leads to first the BANDH OR STRIKE nothing more then that.

    SPA are used to protest using the so called “SAHARA” of bandh. Come on people when will you (SPA leader’s) learn that BANDH is not the outlet of the movement. It just cripples country costing everyone (especially the general people). How can one successfully conduct a revolution by taking the path which hurts the same people for whom it is being launched for?

    SPA leaders don’t know the basic fundamentals of politics. Those people who don’t have proper knowledge or education or infact no brain to work towards the people’s well fare can’t think for the people, just think of themselves. Well nothing more productive can be expected from the SPA or maoist.

    Bottomline is SPA leaders are only worried that they can’t fill their bank accounts now as they are not in the power. That is only the worrying factor for them not the suffering the general people are going through. If they had launched the movement with the thought of the people then they would have succeded long time ago.

  8. When this is UpDated you will be aware that there has been more agreement than disagreement.

    Paras left for Austria today, one can only Pray He Has a 1-Way Ticket !

  9. what do you think is the better idea to knock this government off?

    what about “abagya andolan”

    don’t pay tax andolan

    request foreigners to not to come to the country andolan

    request nepalease workers abroad to not to send money home andolan.

    deny government andolan?

    let us call all these which will force the economic instability in this government so that this governemnt will be forced to leave the country…

  10. Durbaria Dhoke-z and Manadale-z,
    are U weeping all night long when U heard the news? News is here–7-P and MBs are all set to send the king to Kashi, Banares.
    have U Dhokez started to pack your bags?
    with my india lathi, i will send your king to Afganistan to eat dog’s GOO in the desert

    Twenty-Twenty Bharat Bhushan
    The president of the Nepali Congress, Girija Prasad Koirala has cited “international difficulties” for the inability of the seven-party alliance for democracy to make a common appeal for a peaceful agitation with the Maoists. He offered this explanation to the Maoist supremo, Prachanda, aka Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

    Prachanda, however, has shown remarkable flexibility. He has agreed to call off the on-going blockade of Kathmandu. He has also consented to issue a separate but similar statement as the seven-party alliance calling for a peaceful agitation for restoring democracy. This will open the way for Maoist sympathizers to join the peaceful agitation of the seven-party democratic alliance beginning April 6.

    What could be the “international difficulties” which almost threatened a breach with the Maoists? It would be easy to blame Uncle Sam alone. However, Koirala’s reluctance to issue a joint appeal with the Maoists probably had to do with the Indian concerns about the Maoists using the political parties to push their agenda. India continues to waffle and has no clear-cut policy on Nepal. Even though it is convinced that the present king is an unreliable partner, and has accentuated the crisis in Nepal, it still wants a role for monarchy, even if it is a diminished one, in any future dispensation.

    The Indian policy makers are, however, fully aware that the time to back the king against the political parties is long past. So New Delhi has willy-nilly been pushed to back the restoration of democracy. Democracy not only offers India more variables to play with in Nepal, it also provides for a wider spread of goodwill and deepening of India-Nepal relations which a despotic monarch cannot hope to offer.

    India has a complex understanding of the Nepalese Maoists as a political force for change in a backward and feudal society — the United States of America sees them only as terrorists. India, is, therefore, forced to recognize the Maoists as the emergent “third pillar” of Nepalese politics — the other two being “constitutional monarchy” and “multi-party democracy”.

    This complexity can easily create the illusion that India is sitting pretty with a finger in each pie. But doing nothing on Nepal cannot be converted into a virtue. A dynamic foreign policy has to anticipate changes and adapt to them. But that is not happening with India’s Nepal policy. Witness, therefore, the hush-hush talks being held between the Nepalese political parties and the Maoists in the environs around Delhi. Surely they could not be held without a wink and a nudge, if not facilitation, from India. Yet there is a reluctance to carry these talks to their logical conclusion.

    The logical culmination of these talks would be that the two political forces — the democratic parties and the Maoists — together, peacefully and non-violently, create conditions for either a dialogue with the king or for a new Nepal with either a marginal or no role for him. But South Block mandarins do not want to countenance a scenario where the king is irrelevant.

    At the same time, New Delhi neither seems to trust the Maoists nor is able to help reconcile their agenda with that of the political parties.

    For New Delhi, the Maoists are a relatively unknown political quantity. They may eventually be less amenable to Indian control than the political parties whose leadership survives on oxygen from New Delhi. There is also a reasonable suspicion that if the political parties and the Maoists, while still armed, come on to the same political platform, it would benefit the latter.

    The political leaders in Nepal are fairly discredited. Even though some of them have conducted themselves with exemplary valour in the face of the royal coup in the Himalayan kingdom, people do not see them as harbingers of change. They are not capable of restructuring and reforming the Nepalese state, as they are the prime beneficiaries of its gross inequalities and injustices.

    The political parties are status- quoists or at best gradualists seeking evolutionary change rather than a paradigmatic shift in social relations. The agenda for social transformation in Nepal, therefore, lies essentially with the Maoists.

    In such a situation, New Delhi, perhaps, feels that with the participation of Maoist sympathizers in peaceful agitations, the leadership of the movement will eventually slip away from the democratic political parties. Leadership will move to where it naturally lies. This is not something that New Delhi can manipulate.

    Although the Nepali Congress does not oppose this demand completely, Koirala, who has emerged as the tallest leader of the democracy movement, wants restoration of parliament and continuity in terms of the 1990 constitution.

    Koirala, whose party has gained through recent defections from the rival faction — Nepali Congress (Democratic) of Sher Bahadur Deuba — will have the largest number of MPs in a restored parliament. He clearly wants to hold the key even to the process of organizing a constituent assembly. This suits India.

    But any workable policy towards Nepal would have to be based not on creating fake conditions to support individuals and parties but on recognizing the conditions on the ground.

    For helping the Maoists disarm, India needs to do some re-thinking. New Delhi’s influence on the Maoists would be more credible if it is a gentle handholding to democracy. For disarming them, when the situation is appropriate, it would make sense to recognize the sensitivities of the small, inward and often nasty Kathmandu elite as well as the Maoists, to allow some friendly nations to step in. That would give the process of disarming greater credibility.

  12. you sother-lucker! bharu desh dechuwa
    it was not an agrement . read it carefully.
    face saving stuff.
    Two weeks of talking free indian government masala chia and free samosa plus rasgulla. that’s all!

  13. aalok is my leader
    thank you, let us do it
    let us send all the Dhokez to Afganistan

    for your safety, Dhokez
    start packing, your last days have come

    Mimo knows how to write english
    mimo, did you go to school in india?
    do not talk about what suits india, you do not know, mimo
    you can only speak what india writes for you
    india writes your script and thinks for you
    we run the party people of Nepal
    my party will make you the rotten mind immigrate to Afganistan for labor cuz u R invalid for any useful production except Dhoke jobs (Durban), which we do not need any more after the KG is sent to rot in the desert

  14. yes, coke, U R right they had rasgulla there in Delhi,
    you had raja ko ras-gulla here
    UWB seems to want to restore the KG’s corpse to life by letting you bark freely and by feeding the Dhokez for free blogging here,

  15. So you think the crown prince is going to Austria to inaugurate rhinos at the zoo? come on…Austria is the new leader of the EU, and they are about to put smart sanctions on Nepal very soon…they are going to give Paras the last and final word…and he must convey this to his father, who clearly already knows his time is up….do something or his reign will end…

    I would not give up on the King. who cares how peace comes about. We all hunger for it now. And if the King is willing to give up his ridiculous agenda for elections in April of next year and allow a constituent assembly, or reinstation of parliament, then god bless him. If we truly care about peace in Nepal, we should be very thankful, also, for all the huge pressure the EU nations, the USA,and India (and now apparently,even China) have put on him…otherwise, you would surely have returned to the dark ages…

  16. Whatever agreement they have done, there are still following disagreements:

    a. Parties do not want armed revolution and Maoists do not want peaceful revolution.

    b.Withdrawal of blockade is a great respite for the people. But four days of Nepal Banda is not going to produce anything but suffering of the people.

    c. If parties always talk and stick with the Maoists, eventhough they have not renounced violence, they (parties) must take responsibilty of Maoists killings also. “They cannot have cake in their hand and eat it too.”

    d.Either Maoists should renounce violence and laydown their arms and join the peaceful agitation or the parties should take up arms for a final assault on the feudal regime joining the Maoist armed revolution. This sort of Agreement is only half-hearted solution.

  17. ??????????? ??????? ???? ????? ????? ?????????? ????? ????????? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????? ? ??? ????? ? ??? ???????? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ???? ??

    Maoists will never win — they have no moral strength .. they have bloods of too many innocents in their hand..

  18. Parties are also guilty by association.. they will also be responsible for lives of innocents someday.

  19. Maoists should be deleted, erased, eleminated without a trace from Nepals Political Arena unless we attmpt to this there’s no way country would ever heave a sigh of relief.

    “Na Rahaegi Bans, Na Bajegi Bansuri”

    We must follow above’s theory so that they won’t be able to jeopardize people’s aspiration any further.

    I hate MAOISTS

  20. 2. Peaceful united movement against autocracy is continuing. As per the announcement of Fagun 29, countrywide general strike and non-cooperation movement will be organized on Chaitra 24, 25, 26, 27 (April 6, 7, 8, 9). A huge peaceful demonstration will be organized in Kathmandu on Chairtra 26 (April 8th). Programs of non-cooperation will continue as per previous announcements. We request all people, organizations and members of civil society to help and support us in these programs.

    3. We request the Maoist to call back the blockade, programs of strikes, and Banda so that general public and hundreds of thousands of students appearing in SLC exams will not face difficulties. Also, we expect that such a callback would help remove possible disturbance to the peaceful programs of the mass movement.

    read again.

    thats the democracy for our lunatic leaders.

    god help nepal.


    1. talks is the only way out. Bring everyone to talk-table.

    2. after talks, maoists and old leaders be tortured and killed in public place. example to rest of the will-be maoist and leaders.

    3. controlled democracy be restored for a few years.

    4. King assume the role of preserver of democracy and nation.

    5. Nepalese should use their head rather than their belly and pockets to think.

  22. edgeofeternity:
    I hate the Maoists also. But think about what you are saying. The Maoists cannot be deleted from the political areana. Even though the methods the Maoists employ is deplorable the issues they stand for are legitimate. There are many people not living in Kathmandu who symphatize with the Maos for a good reason.
    Just make sure you don’t confuse ‘people’s aspiration’ with ‘Kathmandu elite aspiration’

  23. mimo,
    nothing is happening to me.
    i am just stupid, you talk too intelligent for me
    i belong to this low-life world where Durbaria dogs drive me mad
    you belong to a higher level thinking world
    but i am not as stupido as the Durbaria DHOKE to think that DHOKE-ISM or ras-gulla-ism must be worshipped
    that is all,
    sorry for sounding rude to U.

  24. whoever does whatever in order to restore complete democracy in the country the most affected are ordinary persons who should be called typical nepalese since they have nothing to do with political situations.agitating parties are saying to do decisive revolution on the end week of chaitra.this revolution leads to fear among these laborious nepalese.moreover at this time, there is the examination of different levels .students will be mentally affected due to this.

    government is threatening to impose curfew on those days which will be similar case to that nepal bandha as conducted by different parties.this too affect nepalese.

    so noone is really responsible to nepalese.they are just showing that they are doing for the welfare of nepalese to international communities.

  25. F.U. says F.U. to the king. These royalists who have sabotoged this site can’t attest to the fact that Nepali’s don’t need to be UNDER a king, especially a tyrant. He has done nothing but deceive. Nothing but perpertuate murder and chaos. Nothing to reach out to legitimate parties, instead jails them. Nothing to reach out to ordinary people, just take away their rights. Time for him to go down. April 8th. F.U. to royalists trying to hold on desparately to their power and wealth at the common people’s expense.

  26. The SPA’s announcement of Bandha is pointless. It is pointless because they are not clear about what they want from this Bandha. I am frankly not against Bandha coz you need to adopt harsh means to topple a criminal king which may harm people for a moment. Remember how king gyanendra is harming people by using RNA on his own will and plundering the country’s wealth. My point is that the SPA needs to come up with a clear vision and a clear program (peaceful), no matter how harsh it is.

  27. fu,
    where have you been?
    i have been fighting alone in this site.
    Thanks you are around.
    together, we will erase the DHOKEz, DURBAN royalists off here.

  28. Can anyone tell me why this Indian (Indian Coke) is getting so excited on a Nepali site? Maybe he does not have a voice in his own country, too many people so he cant be heard. Or maybe he likes to spend his time in blog sites all over the world. Internet is a wonderful thing.

  29. Hey you Lother Sucker!
    so you agree that you are a stupid. not just stupid you are mad aswell.
    you son of lendup stop making noise in nepali forum. go to desi clubs where you can feel more comfortable meeting people who sell vegetables and collect khali sisi in Nepal. you belong there here its exclusively nepali.i mean real nepali. not a bastard like you.

  30. I have to say hats off to the Maoists. First they were killing and fighting these same party people, and now they have managed to hood wink them and have literally made them a Devil’s deal. Now all the party have to do is forget about all that they stand for and just join the Maoists as one big family. Bad governence and corruption of the past fifteen years has finally caught up with the parties, now the people dont trust them, they have lost, and the only strength they can find is in their old enemy – the Maoists.

  31. Dear Mr. bhudai pundit,

    You are getting a wrong picture. “People’s aspiration is very clear and that is what WE Kathmanduities want, too. “Kathmandu elite aspiration” does not exist. You are trying to create confusion here! Eventhough if you think there is, tell me in what limit would they aspire for themselves. Nepal is more Remote village than only Kathmandu. In a nutshell, Kathmandu and rest of the kingdom have a common demand, that is, peace & democracy! You’re unnecessarily exaggarating and giving it a different meaning Mr. Pundit!

    Do not demonstrate your Pundityan here! As you said you, too hate Maoists but in what manner? You are supporting at one time and at the other you said, “you hate it”. How can it be justified this way? It seem you are not sure of whether or not u are with them. Or, what’s the case?

    Bahuns always think they are a king of wisdom.

    So, Mr. King of wisdom [pundit ji]This is a out-of-date way of being cunning, try to find up-to-date way of being cunning or else you’ll stuck where you are standing.

    Next, Every one knows the so-called legitimate reason or cause of Maoist movement but how are you intending to justify the decade long killings?

    Recently, a ASI killed a hotel owner in Bazbazar, who do you think is responsible for this?! Police and administration itself?! My answer is: Hell NOT!!

    It’s Maoists! Maoists have deepened in such a way that peoples have been influnced to kill their colleagues and other human being just for personal misunderstandings!

    This is one of a reason whenever the name of Maoist comes in front of me, blood surge to my brain and I feel like, if I only would I be given the choices I would choose to eliminate them completely. This is how I’ve been feeling even right now.

    So Mr. Pundit, no matter how legitimate the issue would be it would not have a value of an ounce if it take U-turn to violence like this. When this happens “legitimate would no longer be LEGITIMATE”. It would be ILLEGITIMATE,Mind it!

  32. attention to Pundit
    And why must anyone- not only Kathmanduities – would sympathize with Maoists? What for? Come on man… Maoists… No way!!!

  33. Hats off to the Maoists. They have managed to fool their enemies of yesteryears to make them one of their own. Now the parties can dump all that they believe in and join the Maos as one big happy family. The parties are losers with the people, the past 15 years of ill government and corruption has finally caught up. The people don’t want them so they have run to their old enemies who are using and abusing them. The Maos have given them a gush of air to breath, but with a lethal dose of gradually spreading and deadly virus. Congratulations SPA, you have managed to be hoodwinked due to your own weak nature brought on by corruption of your souls. Hell will welcome you soon.

  34. bhudai pandit,

    So according to you the end justifies the means. If someone does something wrong against you personally without it being your fault, then the answer is to kill and toture that person???? Well, if that is human nature then there would be a lot more killings going on, well the Maoists have taught us one thing well, and that is to kill ones own. At this rate who knows, maybe, we will witness killing as a daily and a neighbourly occurance if one is to follow your and your Maoist friends methods.

  35. Mr. Raja-gula,
    a Durbaria is someone of a slave culture,
    from bihar and of bihari political low life;
    Nepali is always Swavimani, sovereign, independent, free, and head high up;
    a nepali is not of DHOKE, durban attitude like yours, head down and knee down to SRIPECH, always waiting on raja-gula;
    you have DHOKE, doorman attitude,
    so in India they do not call people of your type a Nepali,
    BIHARIz rightly call you BAHADUR, meaning Durbaria doorman or raja-gula or india-raj-gula

  36. edgeofeternity and gp:
    Belive me when I say that my blood boils every time I even think about Baburam and Prachanda. If I had my way I would cut these bastards up and leave them them alive on a field so that vultures would pick at their flesh and eat them alive.
    Unforunetly, this line of thinking is not going to slove this Maoist insurgency! You have to admit that there is no military solution to the Maoist problem. The ONLY way to stop the killings and the violence is a peaceful negotiated settlement. Otherwise the army has been let loose for the last 10 years and they have done JACK!!! No Maoist leaders have been captured and the Maoist continue to terrorize and rule the countryside. I hate the Maoist but how else are we going to end this conflict unless you negotitate and meet some of their demands? The incompetent useless RNA sure as hell aren’t going to do anything. Or do you think the Nepali Police will solve this problem??? The King is too busy listen to his chamchas and sacrificing goats at various temples. No matter how much I hate our political leaders and our political parties they are the only means of electing a constitent assembly and resolving this conflict. I would be really glad to hear any other suggestions you may have! This time edgeofeternity lets try to say a little more profound then: “I would choose to eliminate them completely.” This line might work in a Rambo movie but I doubt this attitude will help solve Nepal’s problem.
    Also don’t forget that there is support for the Maoist in the rural parts. It is true that the Maoists force people to join their movement but at the same time there is alot of support in the villages. Yes the Kathmandu elites and the villages all want peace and democracy but during the Royal regimes and the “demoractic regimes” rural Nepal was marginalized and neglected. You might want to try and update your Nepal knowledge because no Nepali is suprised that the Maoist movement started. The question is how to find a SOLUTION now ….

    gp. I don’t know if you just finished reading a philosophy 101 book but you might to clarify your argument because I don’t understand what your point is.

  37. bhudai pundit
    you say maoists have people in villages, but
    i am from village, remote hill near Terahthum-Sikkim border
    never saw one MB supporter there
    except some RNA acting as MBs and beating innocent people
    i also saw the durbar coke family there, as fake MBs spreading the false news that MBs are every where
    gp is a thinker above 101, though sure G’s fart(Girija-Gyanendra’s paad)

    any way, i follow you, bhudai pundit
    cuz you say, “The King is too busy listen to his chamchas and sacrificing goats at various temples. No matter how much I hate our political leaders and our political parties they are the only means of electing a constitent assembly and resolving this conflict.”
    yes, this is the only solution
    but we also must go finish the corruption dog leaders ..hang them, maybe, by national vote (new Constitution clause so and so: people will vote against 100 most corrupt politicians and secretaries, from district level above, to be hanged every 4 year; 100 most corrupt politicians below the district level and govt officials below secretary for life time jail; another 100 corrupt people of lower level will have 20 years in jail)The 1st vote will be August 15, 2006.
    then, every four year people have voting right to do the same on the same day.

  38. Indian Coke:
    The Moaists have more influnce in the Eastern Region. But the support at the village level exists otherwise how are the Maoist keeping up this fight? And the RNA like you say pick on innocent villagers and beat the crap out of them which only makes people hate the state and support the Maoists. After all what do these villages have to loose? Since the creation of Nepal they have been marginalized and exploited by successive kathamdu-centric royal regimes. After 1990 the political parties were just a clone of the panchyat system and they too ignored the rest of Nepal.

  39. Maoist morons have once again striked back;
    yesterday in kavre, 13 innocent policemen had gone to FIX WATER PIPE for normal people who were ambushed by MAOIST and KILLED !!!1

    hey MORONS WHAT is this ???

    Now COUNTRYMEN, soon that town wont be getting even drinking water. WHO THE HELL WILL FIX that?

    why the helöl NORMAL people?

  40. People’s News
    according to New constitution Clause 127 charge: corruption durbar money and RNA
    acting as MBs, working as India, US,
    and China spies, killing people, and
    looting people’s tax money

    voted as corrupt: coke, G, with several
    Durbaria and party leaders

    date: August 16, 2006, scheduled to be hanged
    among the 1st 100 corrupt at 9:00 a.m.

    venue: Dasharath stadium

    ticket: Rs. 1000 (comes with free lunch)

  41. Who are you directing your anger at Nepalisong? I somehow don’t think Baburam and Prachanda are reading this blog.

  42. Bhudai Pandit,

  43. Indian coke,

    Why do you presume that I am a supporter of Gyane? Is it because I dont agree with your rubbish views? You have to learn that just because people dont agree with you does not mean they support the opposite view. Again like I had told Bhudhoo Pundit, the end may be the same but the means to get to the end is as or even more important.

  44. Still no one has bothered to address what i wrote earlier…why is the crown prince really in austria ?Rhinos? There are hidden messages behind that…and it is not rhinos. There will be big news soon. The king is in Pokhara meeting urgently, and making a final decision on his course of action…he does see a way out, but it is the hard core royalists around him who are doing all they can to stop him…why argue with HOW peace is achieved? If the King is willing to compromise,then let him! enough lives have been lost!! Austria, the new leader of the EU, is going to tell paras that the time is up, and if the King does not compromise now, they are instigating smart sanctions, which, among other things, will freeze ALL OF THE KING”S MONEY IN OVERSEAS BANK ACCOUNTS. That alone is going to bring him to the table!! it will also mean that the King will no longer be able to fly into Europe or EVEN OVER EUROPEAN AIRSPACE. He will be even more of a world pariah than he is now.

    the pressure is heating up. When Paras returns from Austria (after giving the “rhinos” to the zoo, along with the foreign minister-why on earth did HE have to go give rhinos???)…you will find things are changing very very quickly…

    stop arguing. it is time for peace. whatever you think about the monarchy, it is time to put that aside. again i say, who cares HOW peace comes about? as long as it DOES COME ABOUT!!

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