Parties, Maoists Agree to Disagree

Discussions will continue on the roadmap to the election of constituent assembly

Okay, the decision has been made. Verdict has been out. The pro-democracy Seven Party Alliance has reached a brand new agreement with the underground Maoist Party (wait and don’t get excited. The groundbreaking 12-point understanding signed by both sides in November 22 still in effect and there is nothing dramatically new in the second version). Today’s meeting of top Alliance leaders in Kathmandu decided to publicize the second understanding. I am in possession of two Press Releases jointly signed by the top leaders of the alliance Girija Prasad Koirala (Nepali Congress), Amrit Kumar Bohora (CPN UML), Sher Bahadur Deuba (NC Democratic), Lilamani Pokharel (Janamorcha Nepal), Narayanman Bijukchhe (Nepal Majdoor Kishaan Party), Rajendra Mahato (Nepal Sadbhavana Party) and Nanda Kumar Prasain (Samyukta Bammorchha) and issued this afternoon. The first one, not the agreement, says:

1. We have decided to publicize the second understanding between Seven Political Parties and the CPN (Maoist). We are committed to move forward making the 12-point understanding even more conclusive and clear.

2. Peaceful united movement against autocracy is continuing. As per the announcement of Fagun 29, countrywide general strike and non-cooperation movement will be organized on Chaitra 24, 25, 26, 27 (April 6, 7, 8, 9). A huge peaceful demonstration will be organized in Kathmandu on Chairtra 26 (April 8th). Programs of non-cooperation will continue as per previous announcements. We request all people, organizations and members of civil society to help and support us in these programs.

3. We request the Maoist to call back the blockade, programs of strikes, and Banda so that general public and hundreds of thousands of students appearing in SLC exams will not face difficulties. Also, we expect that such a callback would help remove possible disturbance to the peaceful programs of the mass movement.

And another Press Release signed by the same leaders of the alliance has this title: “Second understanding between seven political parties and CPN Maoist”

The release reminds us about the 12-ponit agreement adding that the pro-democracy movement was intensified after the agreement and, as a result of that agreement, municipal elections of Magh 26 became a complete failure. The release also talks about international support that the Agreement enjoyed after it was signed and claims that the same has been endorsed by the people. “This means,” the release says, “it is clear that the agreement is the real basis for the solution of the conflict in the country. In this situation, we express our commitment to implement the agreement firmly.”

According to the release, parties believe in this roadmap: Restore the Parliament with the force of the movement. Powerful all party government will be formed with the decision of the parliament. Constitution Assembly will be held as per the understanding and talks with the Maoists there by restoring the complete loktantra (democracy), solving the conflict and establishing sovereign power in people.

According to the release, Maoists believe in this roadmap: Agitating forces will organize a national conference and, with the decision of that that conference, interim government will be formed to hold the election of constituent assembly.

The agreement further states:

“We have agreed that SPA and the Maoists will continue holding discussions to finalize this procedural working list and look for common agreement. To meet that destination, we have agreed, that the power of people’s movement is the sole alternative.”

“To restore people’s sovereignty and solve the conflict via the election of constituent assembly based on that [agreed] procedure, we request all people to actively participate in the ongoing peaceful movement.”

The alliance also sought help from international community to end autocratic monarchy and establish complete loktantra (democracy) in the country.


70 responses to “Parties, Maoists Agree to Disagree”

  1. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    I suppose you just learnt this phrase “the means doesn’t justify the ends” and hence you repeatedly use it without reading the comments in the blog or considering what the argument is. Well gp no one is saying that the Maoists methods are justifiable. Hey why don’t you read my previous comments or Indian Cokes and quote where either of us claimed this.

    The point I was trying to make is that the only way to resolve this crisis is through restarting the democratic process and electing a constituent assembly. In order for the constituent assembly to be successful the Maoist need to join the mainstream political areana. Without this the crisis in Nepal cannot be solved. Because despite what our Rambo friend, edgeofeternity, might think the Maoists cannot be simply eliminated. Yes their means are deplorable but the issues are legitimate and ultimately the Maoist need to convert into a political entity like the Sinn Fein and work within the constitutional framework to advance their political plateform.

    Instead of repeating your favorite catch phrase “the end doesn’t justify the means” and fantasizing about Plato why don’t you tell us about a pratical alternative.

    By the way its Bhudai Pundit not Bhudhoo Pundit. Looks like I am not the only one who needs English 101.

  2. blogwatch Avatar

    “Who are you directing your anger at Nepalisong? I somehow don’t think Baburam and Prachanda are reading this blog”.

    It reminds Baburam’s article CHOR KO KHUTTA KATNE and wondering whether PANDITJI is pulling his legs.

  3. gp Avatar

    Why do we need an election to the constituent assembly? Why cant general elections be held, and then amnendments and changes be made to the present constitution?
    Has anyone asked the people if they want an election to the constituent assembly? Why dont we vote on this first. Why are we letting the failed parties and the Maoists to decide for us whether we should go for a constituent assembly election. Let the people decide first.
    Are we to always go for these constituent assembly elections everytime an armed group holds the country hostage? India had an election to the constituent assembly after the British Raj, but it has not stopped insurgencies in their country, has it?

  4. gp Avatar

    Parties have always said the Maoists will not let the general elections be held. But if the Maoists agree would the parties agree to go to the polls? I doubt it, because the Congress knows that they will lose the elections by a landslide. This is one of the reasons Deuba did not hold elections.
    If we really want a peoples democracy, then we the people should vote on everything:
    for example:
    1. Whether there should be a constituent assembly or not.
    2. Whether there should be a monarchy or not.
    3. Whether we want the Maoists as part of our multiparty system or not.

  5. gp Avatar

    By the way Budhai Pundit, sorry for calling you Budhoo.
    Anyway the old saying saying is’nt “the means doesn’t justify the end” as you so aptly put it, it is in fact “the end does’nt justify the means”.

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  9. shadowrati Avatar

    dinesh, don’t you think it is time you get this site back on track? what is the point of this useless backbiting and rather cruel comments? everytime i read exchanges like the ones above on your blog, it reminds me yet again why you nepalese can’t get along!! (and, no, i’m NOT indian or nepali)

    changing subjects, it is no coincidence that maoists bombed that conservation trust office today, the one Paras is the head of. Think RHINOS, AUSTRIA, WARNING TO PARAS…one day soon perhaps those of you with any brains in your head might get the connection…

  10. tt Avatar

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  12. Indian Coke Avatar
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    Indian Coke

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  16. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    I don’t understand what you mean. You hold general elections which elects memebers to the constituent assembly only then can you make ammendments to the constitution.
    The people will decide who to elect to the constituent assembly in the general elections.

    “Are we to always go for these constituent assembly elections everytime an armed group holds the country hostage?”

    The Maoist crisis is not analgous to a hostage situation. Because irrespective of what you would like to belive there is support for Maoist in rural Nepal. There is pleanty of support in those improvrised ares amongst people who have been opressed and exploited for hundreds of years.
    The parties will have no choice but to go to the polls. And as much I hate Girija and the congress party the chances are that they will probably win. I don’t know on basis you think the congress party will loose but they will not. Out of the other parties they have the most following in Nepal – especially if the 2 factions of the congress unite then there will be no contest. I too want to see Girija and his evil daughter Sujata Koirala publicly lynched but I have given up this kind of thinking because it seems to get us nowhere right now.

    The important thing is that the violence stops and we find a way out of this impasse.

  17. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    But gp all this happening is contingent on the King and his willingness to restart the democratic process. That in itself seems unlikely by the day.

  18. yodam Avatar

    gp, bhudai pandit,
    its terrible but i seriously do not think the king will give up. its nothing but madness and frustation of the political parties that they are taking to the streets. it will take ages for the parties to win the confidence of the public. king knows that people are not with the parties. and he also knows he is not popular either. if people were with parties the king would have lost long ago.

    i think we should let the king keep going for a bit longer. he will soon bury himself into the graveyard. just look at the people around him. they will take him there soon. if not, anyone would revolt when Paras comes close to becoming the king. we need a bit of patience here.

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  20. ejoimai Avatar

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