Political Meeting and Deuba Jokes

A top level meeting of Nepal’s political leaders that was supposed to discuss the prospects of 12-point understanding with Maoists ended as a kid’s joke party: ‘Idiot’ Deuba Stole The Show

By Tilak Pathak

When former Prime Minister and Nepali Congress (Democratic) President Sher Bahadur Deuba arrived at the Koirala Residence this afternoon to participate in the Seven Party meeting, he was in a light mood. He, who reached the house of Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala at 3:45 PM, started cracking jokes with people who were already present there. He greeting with the Lal Salam (red salute) to Communist leaders and Jaya Nepal to Congress folks. He repeated the greetings even inside the meeting hall. After greetings, he wanted to talk about the ongoing visit of Chinese vice-premier. “Confusion about Chinese concept ended,” he said. “Now, it’s become clear.”

“How?” eager journalists instantly threw a question to Deuba. The former Prime Minster replied, “Chinese are saying that all political forces should unite.” Then it was the turn of Chakra Bastola, a Nepali Congress leader, to ask the question. “Who are those forces?” Before we could hear Deuba speaking, Rajendra Pandey, a Central Member of Nepal Communist Party (UML) intervened. He said that those forces should be known. Deuba didn’t respond.

At the same time, Lilamani Pokhrel, Bharat Mohan Adhikari and other entered inside the meeting hall. Then atmosphere of meeting hall changed and folks turned in another issue. Deuba, a late comer, had occupied the chair of Bharat Mohan Adhikari who was in another room meeting Koirala. After seeing his chair captured by Deuba, Adhikari remarked: “That’s why no one wants to leave the chair because it feels bad seeing others occupying that.” Deuba responded: “Oh… These communists are now trying to push too hard.”

Then Deuba went inside to meet his “political guru” whom he famously fought for the presidency of the party in Pokhara General Convention: Girija Prasad Koirala. After conversing with Deuba for about five minutes, Koirala appeared. Deuba was following him. Amrit Bohara, acting General Secretary of UML sat between Koirala and Deuba. Koirala was serious. Finally, Rajendra Pandey wanted to know why Deuba was so happy today. “I am always happy,” he responded. “Even in jail, yaar.” Yaar was the word of the day for Deuba.

Amrit Bohara wanted to know about Deuba’s upcoming visit to the US that will start from 20th March. “I will be [saying] whatever Seven Parties direct me. I will be going there as an ambassador of the Alliance.” And, he clarified that he would be going to the US at the invitation of Columbia University. “They wanted to invite Giraja babu,” he said. “But Girija Babu couldn’t go because of his health condition. Then they invited an idiot like me. May be they thought that I was the most genuine follower of BP Koirala.”

After that note from Deuba, journalists were told to leave the hall. They wanted to talk something serious. Half an hour later, the meeting was finished without any conclusion. The meeting was called to discuss the prospects of 12-point agreement with Maoists and review the ongoing talks with the rebels in New Delhi, India. In today’s meeting, journalists later assumed based on hints they get from sources, leaders couldn’t exactly agree upon the technicalities of the Delhi Talks.

But Arjun Narsingh KC of Nepali Congress denied that and added “We adjourned the meeting because of Koirala’s ailing health.” He also argued that serious talks were always short in nature. “We discussed on the possibilities of peaceful solution of current impasse and the Chinese views on the present political situation of Nepal.” The Chinese view, as stated above, was that all forces should be united. “It’s positive,” KC said. “China has become serious on the internal issue of Nepal and we have taken this very positively.”

The tone of Lilamani was a bit different. “Discussions with Maoists are going ahead,” he said. “There is nothing like we have disagreed. But [in Kathmandu] we are looking for the systematic review of the understanding” But he shied away from disclosing the more about today’s meeting.

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23 thoughts on “Political Meeting and Deuba Jokes

  1. Deuba himself agreed he is an idiot. So he is.I do not know why Americans admire him.
    About the Chinese State councillor, he has asked dialogues among the “Constitutional” forces only.Not the Maoists. Other thing, Senior Koirala should not have brought his notorious daughter to talk with the Chinese guest.

  2. The nature of leader in nepal is always pass with jock and corruption;it is obvious that how much sincer our leader (deuba), to put forward the current problem in nepal.These people are there not to resolve but increase problem for the nation so we need fuck up them (all the leaders of nepal) together….

  3. This is the really depressing part of our country’s situation. The hopeless troika. The King ain’t no good, the Maoist are equally bad and the seven parties are just a bunch of idiots! Man it’s depressing!

  4. The political parties are like wh0res! They got scr5wed by the king now they are getting it from the Maoists!

  5. There political leaders really remind of monkeys in Pashupathinath. That is excatly what they are. The US doesn’t like Deuba he is going there because he was invited by Columbia University. Once he is there, I am sure everyone will realize what an Idiot he is sicne he can’t even speak properly.
    What a depressing situation.

  6. Political parties are the most hopeless of the lot. Incompetent and opportunistic, they sure are like a bunch of monkeys in Pashupatinath. Well .. atleast the monkeys there fit into their roles as gods’ animals, besides providing some entertainment to passer-bys. But political parties stage most shameful acts and degrade Nepal’s sovereignty in pursuit of power. It is shameful while both King and Maoists have gained a lot for themselves in this struggle, the parties have gained nothing. Zilch, Zero !!

  7. This is already known by general people that they are clinging for the “Chair” to have power to grasp more money. This is their competition who is the (best)most money grasper in the governmental!!

    This is normal and WELLKNOWN that Both Girija and Syal Bahadur are IDIOT. Syal Bahadur is going to speak word like “yaar” because he was Indian infuence and born in Dhoti-Land(world’s worst uncivilize country.

    Syal Bahadur is going to US trip instead of Girija, that is because Girija is an uneducated man and he is a fake (degree)certificate holder so that he can’t speak english except Nepali and Dhoti-Language.

  8. Dear Nepali Politicians,
    Let good ones come if you people don’t have the capacity of doing good.

  9. It seems that the Chinese, Americans, Indians and the rest of the world wnat Nepalis to talk with each other and solve their problems before it gets to be ugly. Why are Nepali leaders who claim to have the interest of the Nepali people at heart refusing to listen to the world. Sure we ara a Hilalayan nation but does that mean that we should commit Himalayan blunder and ignore the interest of our nation!

  10. Actually,
    things look complicated. The king should soften his stance and try to get the parties to his fold and get an interim all party government which will sit out with the maobaadis and chalk out a strategy that suits all. evryone will have to take a step backward. Constituent assembly looks like a Hell’s paradise coz it will bring more problems than solutions. A medium/big change in the constitution that makes a win-win situation for all will be the best way out.





  12. Whatever he does, i am a fan of sher bahadur deauba, of his unique sense of humour, there was a time when he was shot by maoists and he nearly escaped death, I think he is a coolest politician, if he gets full support from all parties and people ,i think he can change the country. But first he should be taught that ,monarchy is no more useful in our country,
    and one think that OH NO have mentioned, that he can’t speak properly so he is this and that….
    i want to ask, if u will be able to speak like him if u get electric current in ur tongue
    like deauba given by panchayat

  13. ameet,

    I didn’t say that Syal Bahadur can’t speak well. I said Girija, who can’t speak english because he had got a Fake Bachelor degree certificate from Indian(he had bought).(according to Nepalese constitution, to become a Prim mister must have Bacher Degree) When he goes abroad except Indian, he needs interpreters to let him understand but the both interpreter and Girija are stupid because an interpreter translates an another way (difference) him to lead corruption. As you know the way to corruption is Girija’s favorate administration.And a worst leader of Nepal. So i’m sure if Girija was invited by India, he won’t need interpreter because he himself an indian descendant.

  14. Palace must have hired Tilak Pathak to write against elected Prime Minister. Suddenly some writers like Abhi Subedi etc have been directed by either PALACE OR GIRJA-CONGRESIS to write against elected PRIME MINISTER…..and United We blog should not publish these sort of articles targetted against an individual.

    Isnt that the reason that democracy suffered in Nepal. Let us not use freedom as anarchy.

  15. Oh NO,

    Going through the message that you have posted here, it does not take a phD to understand who got his/her degrees from Bihar.

  16. What I gather from the above remarks is that downplaying political parties and their leaders has become a fashion among the so called modern youths of the valley. It must be understood by all ‘youths’ that criticizing political parties and their leaders serves the purpose of the criminal king and his autocratic regime. It has become pretty clear that Gyanendra’s infamous regime outruns all political parties and leaders in corruption, crime and stupidity. Therefore, all of us must accept political parties and their efforts to establish democracy in the country. Leaders like Deuba can be thrown into the dustbin of history, but only democratic system can make it possible.

  17. I dont agree to this “either me or him” attitude. Why should down playing the parties mean support for the King and, why should down playing the King mean support for the parties. I think most of the population of Nepal support neither.

  18. However people have to tolerate until those old parties leaders death after that Youth of Nepal will be coming up for sure…but don’t know till then wether still so-called Nepal or not !!! I’m confused.

  19. je man lagyo tehi bolney nepal ko constituition ko kun chai article, kun chai page ma nepal ko prime minister banna Bachelors degree chahincha bhanera.
    And one thing Angreji bolera matra koi thulo hudaina . chinese , japanese , and even european leaders except british never speak english.

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