Rallying for the Release of Madhav Nepal

Leaders including UML General Secretary Nepal are inside jail or under house arrest

Rallying for the release of Madhav Kumar Nepal

It is very much surprising that the government still continues keeping CPN UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal under house arrest. At a time when almost all political leaders are freely walking outside, Nepal is inside his home (and occasionally like today waiving hands from over the top of the building to his supporters) in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. Today the sister organization of UML, Democratic National Youth Federation (DNYF) organized a ‘ghar gherao’ rally and a protest program (pic, above) in front of the Nepal residence to force the government to order for the release of their leader. Nepal appeared on the top of the building with a smiley face (pic, below) and waived his right hand to supporters. He hasn’t been out of the house for the last 45 days. Pics by Prakash Mathema via Kantipur

At least two top leaders of UML are in New Delhi allegedly hobnobbing with the Maoists along with other leaders of the Nepali Congress, Jana Morcha and Sadbhavana Party. Government knows this and has already condemned the parties for cajoling with the ‘terrorists’. Parties are not really caring what ministers like Kamal Thapa are saying against the second round of the Delhi Talks.

A few pro-democracy and human rights activists including Narahari Acharya, Ram Chandra Poudel and Krishna Pahadi are also in jail. The reason behind this is also unknown but these very personalities were in jail for the longest period after the Feb 1 2005 takeover. It is assumed that the government is afraid of these personalities as they are known for republicanism agenda and are quite popular among young generation. Parties are planning to organize “decisive” protest programs in a few days and that might have something to do with the prolonged detention.

Madhav Kumar Nepal on the top of his house

Madhav Nepal waves hands to his supporters from the top of the building where he is under arrest for the last 45 days.


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  1. coke Avatar

    The guy waving his hand up in the picture is the same person who once upon a time was accused of corruption in Rastriya Banijya Bank, Rautahat branch.
    He is now the chief of the largest communist party in Nepal. He was put in house arrest by the autocratic regime. Reaons are still unknown.
    Men and Women waving red falgs are obviously protesting for his release.

  2. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    SINDHI MUNI says, reasons are unknown for Nepal’s house arrest?
    G will mistress another baby under the staircase from nepal aama

  3. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    Normally I would have no problem seeing Madab Nepal under house arrest. In fact house arrest is too good for our politians since they should be langushing in jails. However, King G is becoming for repressive and his chumpas are becoming more cocky by the day. In this context people like Madab Nepal are our only hope for the restoration of democracy and leasing the ambitions of the Monarchy.

  4. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    coke, you really know reality of him, yes i agreed of your commets up there. The picture shown up man was accused of corruption but enjoying his life in Ktm instead him to head back to his poorest rural village.

  5. hmsbeagle Avatar

    Some small dramas of KG. No wonder he wants to hear from supreme court. He is exhibiting his own surrealistic democracy, where he likes to be obeying the people’s opinion, court decision.

    I love this.

  6. sulav Avatar

    oh Please someone just push him and put him out of that misery!!!!

  7. Nepalisongs.info Avatar

    what did u say pundit jeee..

    “In this context people like Madab Nepal are our only hope for the restoration of democracy and leasing the ambitions of the Monarchy.”


  8. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    Madhab Nepal is looking pretty good. Looks like he is well fed and well dressed. Except that his house is not finished yet. May be he is waiting for the right opportunity to be in the government to complete the building. But Girija is breathing in his neck. As long as Girija is alive Madhab will not have any prominent position in the future government. Only way out of this for Madhab is to bring Prachanda, Babu Ram and others back to Communist Party. Congressis are divided and Communist Party has golden opportunity to be the major party.

  9. coke Avatar

    dear prachanda comrade,
    why don’t you come to power soon? you can have more beaytiful house than this. and your son and daughter may enjoy indain govt scholarship. Deciade fast comrade!

  10. Patriot Avatar

    Hey Madhav,

    Why don’t you jump off the roof !! Be careful, you might land on one of our soldiers and take him down with you (poor guys .. they already face life and death situation everyday for no fault of theirs). Ya you certainly look well fed and well dressed .. I am sure you have a corpus in some offshore account somewhere that keeps you happy in these turbulent times. And its ok to go ahead and complete your house, theres too many things going on in Nepal that nobodys going to point a finger at another Nepal for misappropriate funds .. its a great opportunity you see. Let me suggest – I think you should go for a Swiss chalet type penthouse at the top .. it looks good. And if I were you I would also make an underground tunnel from where I can escape in case theres any such arrests in future.

    Well .. now that you are locked up in your own house, I can well understand how bored you might be. I dont know if electricity shortages affect your house too (that’d mean no TV or radio right?) and I know you’d rather be out there on the field or on a field trip to New Delhi .. some of your guys are here I hear (I’m in Delhi too). Hmmm… the weather’s really kool here now .. its raining and breezy … perfect time of the year to sit with a bottle of vodka and discuss politics in Nepal .. am sure your guys are discussing you over a bottle of Smirnoff. They better bring back good news right ? Well .. I dont believe I can do much but let me know if I can help .. I can take your guys around the town and show them some nice bars .. dont worry the tabs on me. But I’ll call you if I ever need help .. hmm .. by the way wantd to talk to you abt a fren of mine whos been trying to clear his civil service exam .. you think you can help ?

    Nepal – Nepal is in worst condition than it has ever been in its history. And obviously you know how disappointing your party and other parties have been being unable to do anything about it. Why do you guys keep fighting anyway ? Isnt there anything that can be done ? Remember, trying is ok but its just not enough .. well I’m sure you’re tired of hearing that – you have to deal with all the shit I know. Lets not talk about it .. wish you a Happy Holi by the way !! I know with you locked up in your own house, you can’t go around playing with colors with your party members .. maybe you can pour color water on top of those poor gun toting soldiers, they sure dont make your life easy, do they ?

    And yes .. if not colors, surely eat a lot of bhang, even smoke up some .. it can be a wonderful stress buster. But hey, dont get hooked .. you got the whole nation to worry about .. and be careful, KG might just plant some stuff in your closet and have you arrested. Happy Holi !! he he

  11. sleek Avatar

    oh No,

    Kathamndu is not your property. It is the capital of Nepal. You shut your mounth and talk about the issues. I am tired of peolple claiming kathmandu their home and all others are foreigners. What about KG? You need to grow up from Red-Indian mentality dude!

  12. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    dude, do you know why that cunning man came to KTM?? And do you know how buid up his family property within a few months after being a member of government ??? Do you know how severe land was he from and how severe life he had before coming to corrupt our people’s taxes and became the most richest man of Nepal?? Thus,He is not suitable for the holding of nepalese citizen he must put into ditch. So that you think he is hope for the nation.silly

  13. cartoon Avatar

    Hibernation of the media and of the people is not surprising while they write and observe Black Day. Both try to establish bias opinion with the help of hypothetical and debatable “hearsay” rather than reality on the ground. Every country goes through political upheaval before it finds common ground for a political system that may fit to run her civic polite. If we engage giving foolish example of comparative governance of Panchayat system and with 12 years of corrupt political rule of those political thugs, we probably keep arguing on our EGOISTIC BIAS rather than finding any real solution or ideas to address Nepal’s woo. No matter how bad or worse the Panchyat system was, a 12 years span of democratic governance should transform any country to a functioning developing nation, rather than a failing state as Nepal is turning to become one very soon.

    King is symbolic constitutional head. When media as well as this so called “pro-democracy” protesters and the politicians are pointing finger at His majesty the King, we must not forget that the present political turmoil was created single handedly by those corrupt political parties hungry for power and by the Maoist terrorists who took the full advantage of the time to cast the veil of terror by killing innocent civilians, security personnel, blowing up schools, hospitals, government establishment etc. They have definitely succeeded to bring the whole country under their knees. These mayhem have been going on unabated in an unprecedented level while whole world became the silent spectator of such butchery with an occasional BBC’s trashy reporting of the despotic Hindu King rather than any credible condemnation. (The BBC was more interested in maligning the Nepalese Hindu customs by printing the story of 8 year old Girl’s trauma during Kumari Pooja rather than killings of the innocent by the Maoist).

    The outcome was horrible as we see now. The poorest of the poor people of Nepal left with no earnings, no livelihood or any shelter. The children were forced to join the Maoist or the family faces the dire consequences. The struggling economy further faltered. All residential and non residential businesses started either shutting down or left the country for good. When this horrible crisis was continuing for a while, what happened then to our concerned pro- democratic citizens and politicians? Why no body thought of declaring Black Day for the killings of thousands of innocent Nepali citizen by the Maoist thug? Where those political whores who are now shedding crocodiles tears and shouting”Prajatantra ko Mirtyu” death of Democracy now? Even secretly meeting in India for Madame Sonia’s blessings rather than to find any credible political solution working with the King.

    When His majesty the King stepped in to stop further spiral of innocent civilian deaths, destruction of public properties, these greedy political leaders did not hesitate even to join hands with those Maoist whose hands have been drenched with civilians innocent blood. What can a king do in such situation than not making any move? It should also be seen from a King’s perspective that he did not have any other choice but to put his own life in the line of fire to put a stop to this politically explosive situation. And this he did under extreme difficult political situation when most of the powerful Western countries and our neighbor India ridiculed his action as undemocratic and autocratic arrogance even though, India needed to play more constructive role helping His Majesty to bring normalcy in the region rather than to invite the Maoist terrorist leader for an audience and keep issuing threat to stop supplying arms to RNA when the arm supply was very necessary in combating Maoist terrorism. In order to save the dignity of our Nation, His Majesty has no other alternative but to seek arms to China or even from Pakistan.

    It is a pity that we always see things through the western eyes rather than to have our own way of looking things. Even the media those who sale their editorials for few hundred bucks, act as if their only interest is to protect the Western values and interest rather than our’s (Nepal). When the Maoist insurgency started, our corrupt political leaders never paid any attention even though many of our treasure were destroyed one by one. So did the media. Just one of the major incident that happened few years back, the Maoist blew one of Asia’s biggest Rice factory in Rajapur, Bardia when many poor people lost their livelihoods in that locality and Nepal lost huge foreign exchange earnings through exporting quality rice. This type of terrorist act against our Nation is still continuing.Few recent carnage by the Maoist as evident from various media is no doubt a crime against humanity. What is Maoist trying to achieve? Are these their political motto in destroying everything until Nepal reaches the Stone Age? How about this mayhem never even qualified for our learned member’s condemnation or a BLACK DAY? Unfortunately, we only learned to bark when our Western masters told us that “Democracy is in danger”, the little King is the root of all evils, even though he is entitled to govern the country under exceptional condition as permitted by the Nepal’s constitution (Clause 117).

    It is time to refresh our memory of Nepal’s history of establishment of democracy. When the Rana regime gained power acting as the puppet of the British East India Company and in those primitive days with a weak governing system, the Rana’s put iron clad governance on King’s power and kept His Majesty almost under house arrest blocking all outside connection. Finally, the present King Gyanendra’s grandfather, His majesty King Tribhuvan, revolted openly against the Rana regime. The despotic Rana then tried to kill King Tribhuban, who ultimately took shelter to the Indian embassy in Kathmandu to save his life, and later fled to India. Later on, with the help of the Indian government, his majesty King Tribhuvan returned back to Nepal overthrowing the Rana regime, hence helping to sow the seeds of PRAJATANTRA, the beginning of present democratic norms. In BS 2007 Falgun 7, Tanka Prasad Acharaya, an ordinary citizen, became the Prime Minister of Nepal with the help of His Majesty King Tribhuban. History tells us the Nepal’s Royal had always given importance to the National interest and the people’s welfare of Nepal above their own self interest unlike the corrupt political parties.

    While saying this, what I am trying to understand from many like minded people and various interactions that whether it is of any use to protest against the King’s action now, when no body will argue for him and his all actions are not completely out of controversy. But what possible solutions we have right now to save our country. Protesting and observing BLACK DAY probably will not fetch any viable solution for such a huge political and economic mess that has been piled up because of decade old corrupt political miss- governance. I think we should give His Majesty King the benefit of doubt and to give HIM a fair chance to govern and to see whether he can reverse at least the culture of killings and destruction that has been mimed our tiny Nation as implemented by the Maoist terrorists in the name of Political change. If the KING fails, history will not forgive him. But at least we know if he can reverse this present political crisis, even partially, to start some sort of conciliatory democratic process as we see in the step in up- coming municipal election that may be a huge benefit for the welfare of our people and our country. The present scenario of Nepal demands immediate political intervention to stop and reverse the present act of crime against humanity and downgrade economic spiral. Is there any alternative solution which may stop and revitalize the democratic system that will accommodate only the interest of the people of Nepal rather than the SELF political interest of the corrupt politicians?

  14. arjun Avatar

    i want to nepal ilove to nepali

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