In The Name of Revolution

General people in Nepal are paying the price of the bloody war

Rolpali woman displaced by the Maoists

Many Internally Displaced People in Nepal are going through difficult situation like this woman in the photo. Nimakala Pun, 58, has been performing the same daily routine lively hood for the last eight years in Liwang, the headquarters of Rolpa districts. She is one of the many women and children displaced by the Maoists from villages of Rolpa. Nimkala’s house is in Mijhing village. Many Rolpali women are doing difficult jobs like carrying bricks in several brick factories in Kathmandu valley. Pic by J Pandey

Wife and mother of Shankar Mallah who was killed by the Maoists

But those IDP are fortunate if you compare theirs’ fate with that of Shankar Mallah and his family. In the photo above, Wife, right, and mother of Shankar Mallah are seen in sad mood because Maoists rebels killed Shankar Thursday. Last rites were performed on Sunday (Mar 12). Pic by Chetan Adhikari

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22 thoughts on “In The Name of Revolution

  1. Difficult lives of Nepal.
    The black cloud is still in the sky, the proverty, abductions and butchering human beings.

    Empty villages stranded with old people who have to earn their living with petty and HARD jobs.

    Cities, even it doesn’t picture different color, cabin resturants full of flesh traders.
    Colleges deeped completely into politics. I sometimes wonder are colleges meant for studies or to serve as politics paltform.

    It’s pityful.., but still we say we are living in 21st century.

  2. If we had n’t had Maoist problem for last 10 years – the lives of these would at least have a little better. The country could have followed the growth patterns of China and India and there would have some hope ..

    Now that they are hell bend on destroying the country – we can expect to see these scenes for quite a few years to come.

  3. It is unfair to blame the Revolution alone for the plight of Nepali women. Their suffering has a deep historical, political, social, cultural and economical roots. The current political system in the country does not provide them with a space to lead their lives in dignity.

    Nepali mahilako yo ‘niyati’ lai rajnaitik paribartan dwara matra purnabiram lagauna sambhab chha!!

  4. It is not the revolution they are perpetrating, it is the destruction … they have carried out
    in the last 11 years. They are hoolgans who can destroy but are incapable of creation.

    They are in it because there is a lot of quick and easy looted money in it. In essence, they are like criminal gang, .. nothing more.

  5. Sarki ko chhoro,

    You are here writing blogs with Bahun-Ko-Chhoro. That is in itself an achievement man. However, the way you write/express yourself, it doesn’t take a PhD to understand your level of thinking. I do not blame you, it is the feudal caste-system that has your brian controlled by some one else over generations.

  6. To: Sarki ko Choro:

    If we didn’t have Maoist’s Armed Revolt, then perhaps we wouldn’t possibly have known about the hellish life the people in Rolpa, Rukum or Kalikot were living for centuries.

    Yes, without their revolt your life would have been “a little better” but NOT theirs!

  7. Hello ganatantranepal

    We welcome gantantantra but not with the present cost of 15000 lives and destruction of infrastructures. If not stopped many more are going to die. Perhaps you are right in your own logic because some body else is dying for your cause. Oh I nearly forget to mention that some head less South Indians are included among 15000.

  8. The MB’s losers.i have to accept that you have quite cleverly cashed stupid Gyanendra’s mistakes. Blaming him for everyting. Otherwise you donot have anyting to convnce the mass.

  9. let us vote here
    7 candidates:
    (1) Only G (no people, no parties, only his DHOKEz and CHAMCHEz)
    (2) Partial Republic (people and the present parties only. no G and no MBs unless MBs abandon weapons)
    (3) Democracy with G (G paid millions for free but no power like 1990-2004)
    (4) Maoism (no G, no parties, people, only workers and army)
    (5) G with all power above fake Democracy, without Maoists (similar to candidate no. 1)
    (6) Nepal under Man Mohan Singh and Bush (such as now: a mess until total takeover)
    (7) Total Republic (only people and only their new parties, no old parties and no old leaders)

  10. the last point
    ……..and Chyahatare(76 re) spying and ultimately sikkimize Nepal.

  11. After inflicting incalculable misery to people in Rolpa, Rukum or Kalikot and other western districts, it is height of arrogance for Maoists to think that they are the saviour of people. If they were then people wouldn not have left their villages and crossed to India.

    Statement that without their revolt city people’s life would have been a little better but not people from villages shows how out of touch Moists are with the reality! No wonder their movements are not going anywhere.

  12. This is one of the most sad pictures I have seen of my country in recent times. My heart bleeds even just looking at it. It is symbolic of the civil war that has brought our nation on her knees.

  13. These sad pictures have always been there in majority of rural Nepal. Yes, the revolution has brought the cause to the frontline. Just give it a thought; how much oppression and injustice does it take for someone to lay their life on the line and take up arms againtst the system?? Yes, there is a cause and it is rooted deep.

    Let us all help shift focus and resources of our nation from the hands of the feudalistic system being led by the king to us the people.

  14. These pictures (or similar) were true for many countries in Asia (e.g. Thailand, Malaysia) and they did not need any murderous “revolution” to lift their game.

    Anybody who thinks that only the Killing of Innocents empowers the weak in the society is just a murderous lunatic.

  15. Nepali (08:42:50),

    LoL. Nepali or terrorist? Whatever you are? Grow up brains and stop eating grass because brains doesn’t grow like what you eat. Your cooked up statements ain’t gonna cook up stories. I’ll tell you, free yourself from the clutches of life. I can feel for downright dirty environment you have been brought up in.

  16. Poor people? Yes!

    SPAM responsible? Yes!

    But there’s life behind the 4 sides of a picture. A picture tells a few words, it creates more confusion.

  17. Sarki ko charo there has actually been far MORE violence in those countries you mentioned than there has been in Nepal. Tonnes more in the Asian countries you did not mention.

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