Where is the Buddha Boy?

Sudden disappearance of Nepal’s ‘Little Buddha’ triggers wild speculations.

So, the Buddha Boy has left the meditation venue. Was that a voluntary decision or the 16-year-old ‘Little Buddha’ was forced to end his meditation? Just like the contradictory views about Ram Bahadur Bomjam’s ‘eating habit’, conflicting guesses about his ‘sudden’ departure from the jungle of Ratanpur Village of Bara District are emerging. Why he left? Everyone in the streets of Kathmandu who was aware of the news and whom I met today was asking this question. Over the months, Ram Bahadur has become the constant source of news and topic for tea-talks in Nepali society. So the latest development has become one of the most sensational news of the recent years in Nepal (and the development has already made headlines around the world). Posters of Ram Bahadur have been widely distributed in Nepal depicting him as a larger than life figure as if he was a REAL Buddha. In a society where there are hundreds of thousands of people firmly believe in the “divine power” of Sai Baba, an Indian personality, it is no surprise that Ram Bahadur Bomjam found a warm and convincing place in peoples’ heart.

Ram Bahadur was caught in between the ‘cold war’ of administration and the Maoist rebels. The administration was alleging that the Maoists were levying ‘tax’ on the money that visiting pilgrims donated to the committee that looked after the ‘Little Buddha’. Conspiracy theorists have already started throwing out wild speculations about the sudden disappearance. Some are saying he might return back and resume the meditation process while others conclude that the meditation phase has been finished and the ‘enlightened’ boy will start preaching. Some shy we should not care about where Ram goes or what he does. Yet some believe that he was not abducted by the Maoists or forced to leave by the police.

Guesses and speculations rule until truth comes out. And people are eagerly waiting for that.



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  1. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    guest 001:
    no one is denies that hinduism today needs alot of critical analysis. especially now since hindusim is facing competition from missionary religions.
    i am not quiet sure what excatly you mean by christianity has changed with time. would you be more specific? catholics have institutionaled religion too much and most of the protestant sects are so stringent in following scripture that the Taliban look like a bunch of kids. What I appreciate about christinaity and islam is the social work they do in uplifting the poor.
    but the argument made by this prakash character was totally out of line. read above and you’ll see for yourself.

  2. guest_001 Avatar

    yes, definitely criticism will help us understand ourselves better.

    about changes in christianity what i meant was: for example the whole protestant reformation. doesn’t that tell enough of how a bunch of christians thought they’d rather divert them in a little different direction rooting from the same fundamental beliefs of christainity.. and then that’s how they decided how and where to live and how to build their society. And after a series of reforms, they had a clear distinction between religious life and social life.* But, im sure roman catholics have been hard on this and they have always tried to keep the status quo. But, again any christain has the right to choose between different sects of christianity (eg. protestant or catholic). For the western culture- religion doesn’t affect the social structure any more, does it? But for us, religion has defined the social structure and it means more than just connection to god, so if we can make a clear distinction between these, theoretically we could be changing lives. of course, there is no way in hell this is easy. but just my view u know..

    I am not saying that hinduism nees to be divided, but changes should keep coming at least in understanding.

    *One of the issues worth debating could be that while christianity allows switching religion completely (which shows some form of flexibility), but while doing so ppl have also found an excuse to forget their own values, own traditions and turned a western culture into a totally commerical world that can only be measured and seen. Now, here is where we ask, if you could only have one, would you have a strong ingrained culture,traditions with ppl living happily or a strong market economy with luxuries and lust?
    Im sure nepal has neither but if given a choice like this, the answer could vary.

    let me just stop here..sorry 4 making this long….keep yr comments coming..

  3. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    Again I am not entirely sure I understand what you are getting at.
    I suppose there is a distincting between religious and social life in Christinaity. Much so then in Islam or Judaism. In fact many Islamic polemics against Christainity have made this argument. Islamic writers have never bought the logic that religious and social life should be two distinct elements in a society. Because wouldn’t God care about how we conduct our economic affairs, how we structure our legal system etc. Why would God give us carte blanch in these important areas of our lives? Hence the argument for Sharia law. But even in Christianity religion seems to shape social policies. Take the example of abortion, gay marriage or stem cell research.

    But of course I agree with you that in our religion the distinction is hazy. But again I don’t think that this is a true reflction of Hindu teaching. I suppose the caste system is an example that structures society. But the whole caste system concept has been severly misinterpreted. In reality hindu scripture is very clear in that it says that actions rather then birth determines someone’s caste.

    So in conclusion I would say that religion defining social stucture isn’t bad – is it?

  4. jon K Avatar

    hi guys!

    just wanted to ask. when did Ram Bahadur Bomjam stop meditating and was it reported in the news? i searched and couldnt find anything about it… also, is there a website that gives regularly updated info about what’s happening to him?


  5. Below Zero Avatar

    Ram banjan predicted the danger that’s going to happen to him and his followers thats why he depart and move from another jungle to meditate, Tigers and other wild animals unite and was tamed by his power of unconditional love to pursue his meditation guarded by the wild animals. He stay away from the people who has disturbed by his silenced.

    That’s only my theory the Myth that hope to be true.
    Theres no ending for religiuous battle Im sick tired to read the comments and all that crapped.

  6. orzabal Avatar

    bhudai pundit,

    the problem is not everyone may follow the same religion in that social structure. And to allow one religion to dictate to all is facism.

    it is true christianity has drifted more and more into the political arena, to the destruction of both politics and their religion. but any reasonable theologian cannot support that God/Jesus advocated any political agenda. the whole point of christianity, as I understand it, and most religions, as I understand it, is “personal” salvation/redemption, truth.

    Once you take any teaching that was meant for one man to apply to himself, and have other men trying to apply it to everyone, it is no longer about truth, but vanity and control. All religion has its place in mens’ hearts, not their governments.

  7. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    More than one religion and coexist in a social structure. In fact you look to the history of the Middle East, the Indian Sub Continant it is evidently clear and more than one religion can exist in a society.
    If you really think about it I don’t think religion at the end of the day can exist completly apart from social/economic/judicial spheres of our lives. And if it does then we have a problem in fact I think that is the problem in today’s world. If countires formulated their economic/social/foregin etc. policies on the backdrop of their repective religious beliefs there would be little room from conflict. Many problems today arise out of greed, exploitation and the lust for power.

  8. orzabal Avatar

    bhudai pundit:

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. we were not speaking of religionS coexisting, but in your words “religion defining social stucture.” Religion, not religionS.

    I agree than many conflicts currently and in the past that have been blamed on religion should actually be attributed to selfishness, greed, prejudice, etc…

    However, religion has often been the vehicle, the validation. As I stated, most, if not all, religions are focused on individual redemption, and when the religion enters politics or any larger social landscape, it is usually by fanatics, who are only using religion to validate their slanted agenda.

    I can essentially agree that countires could formulate their “policies on the backdrop of their repective religious beliefs there would be little room from conflict.” I would be very careful to clarify that all religions of that country must be consulted, that the goal would to include all, not exclude anyone,and that the policies were based on the simple value systems of all religions: fair justice, charity, caring for your neighbor, and peace.

    I’d like to think that could be done, but I do not see why any government needs religion to do it.

  9. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    let’s believe that Ram stands for Buddha
    say yes to hinduism
    say yes to buddhism
    let’s resist other religions
    say no to christianity
    say no to islam
    say no to coke’s PITA, baa G

  10. guest_001 Avatar

    orzabal and bhudai pundit:

    I feel that religion and the social structure although are inter-related, now tend to head in two different directions. or at least the monarchs have tried to do so (except in Nepal b/c they’d have advantage by clinging on to it such is hinduism as of billions of yrs ago, like the kings did back in the days in the west, i belive). Now i still don’t think the hinduism itself is to blame.

    As for the west, they had the monarch and the church as two different institutions until the church itself was almost defined and closely looked by the monarch with power. In a way, this looks harsh on the church but again, while the monarchs could define the social structure on various theories ,and science! , the ppl. also have the church to find their faith. I like to think this is what accelerated the west into an industrialised place.

    But in Nepal, the religion is so closely connected with the society( and of course, monarchs get the advantage of this) that it’s nice to keep our culture and tradition while it could be a big barrier when a change is needed.

    Now, the monarch enjoys it and the government by its side is definitely to blame as it only conerns itself and doesn’t care for the rest of the country. The reason why, we get problems in various social classes (as it’s various elements are still supressed as the religion defined 20 billion years ago!). The kings did make some moves while it wasn’t effective enough. Isn’t that what’s happening in Nepal?

    In conclusion, the close connection we’ve had with religion has had major advatage while the ppl. at power abused this into a society that never got to reach out for new things! That’s why i say a system completely defined by religion is full of * u know what i mean.

    i guess we are all off the topic here but ram bomjan->buddhism–>hinduism–>hinduism&buddhism–>
    nepal–>.connected, ain’t it?

  11. Heya Avatar

    First of all…and this is what smells the most..

    at night he is kept from public view…


    I bet his glowing third eye would be more

    noticeable. He got bitten by a

    snake and a curtain went up around him…


    , if your in a dusty area like that

    for months you will looked as caked and ragged

    as hell…believe me some bums I see that come

    on the bus where I live looked F@$# up.



    ate like any other person when he realized

    that starving his body was useless and proceed

    to drink the rice milk a local girl offered

    him. In conclusion…this fish stinks.

  12. Binesh Avatar

    Hey guys hold on!

    You people are diveriting the main topic about where is buddha??
    please do stick to this topic.

    If you really want to talk about REligions and all the stuff that these
    bhudai pundit
    coke etc
    beeing talking about
    please use other blog topic
    It will be kind enough for other reader

  13. rolpa Avatar

    dont make a hue and cry about this simple issue.
    if he is buddha our politics will be corrected by his teachings.

  14. guest_001 Avatar

    hahah…good point. yea, seriously we were a little out of the way. btw, does UWB have any sort of forums based on smaller topics (like religion, monarchy, etc…u know)?

    as for ram bomjam, i think barely anyone knows him truly enough to talk about him. peace out ram bomjam!

  15. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    Relax this blog is days old and several other recent postings about the Bhudda Boy has emerged on this website. No one has posted anything about the Buddha so what’s the harm? Besides I am sure the Bhuddha Boy would appreciate our discussions.

    Orzabal and guest_001:
    “I’d like to think that could be done, but I do not see why any government needs religion to do it.”

    No government doesn’t need religion per se but but governments could act with religious values and morals as a basis for formulating policies. And like you mentioned I am not speaking of stringent religious law but simple religious values. Perhaps you are right we don’t need religion. But no government so far seems to do it on their own so maybe introducing religion might help.
    I obviously need to think about what excatly I am trying to say. I don’t know how this discussion landed here. Maybe Binesh is right.

  16. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    coke will “create space for” his Pita Baa G
    read his comment
    this is what he said
    that’s why he blogs here
    he said he will not quit his DHOKE post
    even after all of you try to convince him
    how many of you want to be a DHOKE’s DHOKE?
    his new slogan, be G’s DHOKE and save the religion and nepal

  17. Below Zero Avatar

    There wasn’t no such RELIGION Higher than TRUTH

  18. orzabal Avatar

    blog is conversation and the wonderful part about conversation is it goes off the path.

    bhudai, i believe we are basically in agreement.

    Let me add: one of the most horrible things in the world is something pure being corrupted. Religion is pure but too often corrupted.

    I supposed that’s the connection with Ram Bahadur and the concern so many have.

    to me, attaching the name buddha does nothing for me except sound like a good hollywood story. He is a young man trying to be/remain pure and my hope is that he is safe and still on his path.

  19. The binayak Avatar
    The binayak


    What [icd] are you talking???

    Don’t you guys have other things to talk and think about? Is this only way you kill your FURSAD ko time???

    Where does RELIGION come in between RAM BOMJAN misterious dissaperance??

    Hope he is fine by the grace of ALMIGHTY!!

    Now shut up your [icd] mouth and concentrate in your work.

    Think whatever is happening is happining for good, at least we can expect to know truth someway, sometime in Future…

  20. Manan Avatar

    I agree with those who say that Nepali society is bad, really stinking bad. We have one of the world’s worst cultures, and the worst aspect of it is that we try to hide everything.

    As a Brahmin, I can safely say that some of my fellows have over the ages been some of the country’s worst bloodsuckers. Hinduism might once have been a great religion, but these people perverted it so much that today its nothing more than a carnival or circus, without the fun. We Brahmins have to take responsibility for being among the dullest, most reactionary, status-oriented people in the world. The Shahs have been able to hold on to power only because the Brahmins blessed them.

    Its because of us Brahmins that Nepal is such a puritan society. We can’t even talk of girls being sold to brothels because of our attitudes to sex. Since the Brahmins forbid us to talk about sex, we cannot discuss anything related to it; not rapes, not child-prostitution, not incest, nothing.

    Buddha challenged the Brahmins 2500 years ago but could not eradicate thier influence. What we do need is another Buddha to completely rid us of our impaired mentality which is a Brahmin legacy.

  21. guest_001 Avatar

    To those ppl. who think we are off the topic:
    may be..but,we have passed 70! comments already, and every other comment seems to trigger another great spill of thoughts. aint that good enough for blog?

    that is some good points worth manan-ing!

    In Nepal, there is some sort of corruption built in the society itself by now and it’s lingering. sometimes i think, if only a king in nepal had married a non-chhetry girl(like Akbar did with a muslim), things could have been different (i’d like to think, a positive one).

    Gandhi said: If you want to see changes, you have to be a change. The kings never wanted it, they were never a change themselves. But, the question and therefore the answer solely lives around us. for eg. Can you truly accept inter-cast marriage within the frame of your society, family and friends?

    Can we be the change?

    long live this blog and the internet!

  22. Below Zero Avatar

    The colourful life of Ram Bomjon as a Great Bodhisatva of present age who knows the mystery of the mysterious will reveal the truth, Someone BIG was threatened.

    Watch out People of Nepal, This is only the Begining,

  23. God!! Avatar

    God! why u ppl are mankin so fuss?Ok everyone who comments here r so mauterd,educated,”sabai thaha bayeko”..if so then y u ppl r arguing like 5 yrs old kid?and y u guys running out of the main topic? Everyone who comments here has there own view and sayings ..So let ppl put there opinion…Don’t insult anyone with harsh words…If u think watever u r saying is good then they think so too…Just pray for a safe return of Ram bomjam.if not as a buddha but as a human..atleast have some respect to others …All these war and unrest took away our humainity from us..And Religion is a respected thing,whichever its is ..so put it up there and respect it..don’t bring down on ur dirty discussion…ITs n’t religion which is wrong it is people who make it wrong..just like politics..ok i better not go there now..Ok u all matured and intellecutal ppl..hope u guys r not freaked out by this comment..lolllllll

  24. doc_matrix Avatar

    What if he’s still there but vibrating at a frequency we cannot see?

  25. Maharlikha Avatar

    I dont think so cos he left his belonging 40 meters away from his meditation site, he can’t walked naked,dough,I think he worn new dhoti not to be recognized by someone, or if he doesnt eat or drink for 10 months literally he doesnt have energy to walk far from the place he will colllapse or something bad happen, spiritually beyond literal mind, the effects of meditation was incredible the feeling was very ligth and undiscribable it is only him who can defined the feeling of full fasting,for 299 days’Amazing it is beyond intellect,skeptic,rational doubts the morals mackers who insulted him, the ingnorants, the syphatizers the dreamer the false claiming attacked,the bulshiter,etc. the evidenced was there right at the root of the tree embraced him to meditate, in front of the eyes of a thousands, Now we dont have the evidenced he disapeared. it is very Mysterious to every one who follow this amazing story,of Ram Bamjan, is there any body out there who knows the Mysterious??????? Pls. reveal.

  26. Onircal 99 Avatar

    I had a simple theory about why he took off from meditation site., just a short story,im just gonna use the simple words of Below Zero instead of predicted i will use senses. sorry about my English but i have to express my point of view in these matter,

    R.B.Bamjam intuitively sences the danger that coming soon as he was departed from meditation site. If he got forcefully abducted at meditation site, violent will occured instantly by his followers it is a natural instinct.either the maoist or the government people, R.B.Bamjan doesnt want that to happen. one of the practiced of bodhisatva he better leaved for the sake of peace, He took Off. the questioned is Why?

    We have to go down to the level of these reality here. I’m not sure how much money involved in peoples donations i read in some claim that donation cost a million bucks, these are pretty interesting topic here,

    The Government has the power to manipulate the country either good or bad,you know dirtiest games of Politics it’s very easy to them to plant some evidence to someone, like the case of R.B.Bamjon for example a simple tricks of set ups like food or a bottle of water or some drugs claiming that Ram Bamjan eat and drink water at nigth time, and it was proven.Most of People of the world will believed that Idea even me, because there was a proof of evidenced even though it was a set up. The news will spread all over the world that
    R.B.Bamjan was a great hoaxed and Cheater he will be convicted and go to jail, thats what they want. So the Donation Money will be confiscated, and goes to the Government pocket. But the planned was BUSTED by the ituitived mind of Great Bodhisatva.he senses it.
    R.B.Bamjan took off, peacefully with no one else knows,He left mysteriously and peoples are puzzeled? The desired donation money was been Frozen instantly No one else has the right& Authority to used or keep that money only the banks has the right, even the government,has no right to keep. that was the peoples Money. in the picture the police comes later carried gunsa at the meditation site lookin for R.R.Bamjan and it seems like ready to assault someone.

    That was a BRILLIANT Moved in the mind of Bhodisatva. Where ever you are Ram Bahadur Bomjon I wish from all the stars of the universe to complete your meditation for six years.

    Onircal 99

  27. guest_001 Avatar

    bomjan is here and gone…and here again


    interesting article.

    (i tried to post this before, it didn’t work..dunno what’s going on)

  28. democrat Avatar

    well the disappearance is only the play of the so called buddha he is very clever and the mens following him are too well he said him to make a temple at the place of the meditation the making of temple is all the game of money and the so called buddha is playing game with all the nepalese so just leave all the things as it is and just ignore him and treat him as others nepalese then automatically the truth will come

  29. Karan Avatar

    Why is he being compared with Buddha anyways, who decides that?

    I don’t see it as hoax. Pardon me, but even if it is then, that boy has taken tremendous effort for that age, appreciate it. The kid simply is great. He wants to live in peace with isolation but all suckers wants some piece of it.

    All the guys who have negative opinion about Ram forget all miracle he has done, just think, sitting in same position for many months, isn’t it something extraordinary..? How many on this earth can do this?
    Can you not respect something which is almost impossible to do? Forget about religion, god thing.
    Everybody should think atleast once before saying anything against him “What the kid has done wrong”.

  30. oh NO Avatar
    oh NO

    Someone said “Buddha challenged the Brahmins 2500 years ago but could not eradicate thier influence”.

    If the one profound teaches among the dumbs and deef there is nothing will be changed.Only sillies exist….

    Buddhism teach to be a monogamy

    I saw sex wooden artoons depicted on the walls of Gorkha Palace and uncountable around Kathmandu Hindu temples as well. Hindu once said “don’t talk about sex but can do that even with animals”.

    As I found in Hindu Bible said that “women who were not satisfied with her husband and unable to have any children,just go to let ‘HORSE’s effort” -Manusmriti Text in Sanskrit Language.

    This kind of Hindu belief was not surprised for them (maybe cuz of some Hindu people are prohibited to read Hindu bibles) but of course it was kind of fanatic colorful Hindu religion.

    I was prohibited to enter Pashupati Temple of Hindu in Kathmandu. There was one of the holiest shrine of Hindu where the only Hindu women were allowed to go inside. I was so keen to know about that place then. ahh , that was my fate that i met one guy who had ever gone inside;told me that “the only place for women who come for worship to meet god in”. Ohh, I was astonished. Later on I knew that the place was for those women who has no children come to pray with naked masterbation (wid wooden god’s co^k) inside the room. They believe that the god will aoth to provide her whatever she needs.

    So that Only sex can exist forever.

  31. orzabal Avatar

    I’m thinking that it isn’t him at all. how did they know he would be there and to have a camera to shoot the meeting at “two miles away.” too many conincidenses. I think the “committee” is after the money. at two miles away, how can you say it is really Ram Bamjan? i’m surprised he didn’t show up with a typed request to unfreeze the money in that bank account. more than before i fear the worse for Ram Bamjan.

  32. Sharlene Avatar

    For all the people who are dissing the nepali culture, screw you. Hasent anyone taught you to a) have an open mind, b)not to offend other people’s cultures c) to accept people for who they are and d)to at least try and understand the cultural differences between yourself and others? Well if not, you have a heap to learn.

    I am a buddhist and personally i dont think that ram bamjan is a reincarnated version of buddha because buddha made an end to all his suffering when he died. End of story!!!(sorry dont mean to sound fully into it or whatever lolz)

  33. rectifier Avatar

    stop analysis and do what you do the best. He did what he does the best at least for 10 months. Controversy is to be there for obvious causes of our social, cultural and religious structure and of course because of economic gain few made here and there. Applause him for his dedication he has shown at least for those months if you beleived he has fled. i am far more materialistic yet i do respect someone doing something for entirely diferent cause. A path to enlightment, let it be of spiritual or of material is too hard, handful of passion or patience and even extreme pain of few hours or even few days ain’t sufficient. For part of me beleiving, i would like to beleive he is there somewhere doing his job (meditation or whatever he thought could yield best for him). For other part, he is uneducated fool wasting time yet i applause him for doing what he beleive in(Indeed, a quality what my non beleiveing part lacks). For the doubting part of me there is no explanation and obviously no use of explaining coz both beleiving and non beleiving part beleive doubting part is the pathetic stinky side of my personality i wish i never had.

  34. Henley Grews Avatar

    Hi everyone,

    I recently registered a website that I’d like to personally devote to his believers a forum where his spirit can grow towards a global enlightenment. We have six years to go and I want http://www.paldendorje.com to trump ‘myspace’ even and I want all this to be non-profit!

    Problem is, I don’t have any money so without wasting any more of your time, if someone out there has as friend or may know a “talented” that can design web pages, please email me:

    Please feel free to send along any ideas or suggestions you think may help spread the word about Palden.

    Thanks all,

    Henley Grews

  35. satya Avatar


    seems you are those group of people who like to think u are different. portray yourself as an iconoclast, but deep down inside u are just one of those ignorant neplease, like me, about who you are so exuberant in critisizing. call us barbarians and scavengers but you are no different. and why so much praise for the western culture. may be ask an iraqi how your so called civilized coutries have made a living hell to their country.

    actually i have come across a lot in my life with hypocrites like u. talk about girls beign sold to india, i doubt u were one of those.

    with heavy heart i have to say. i wish i never had to write any comment to a fellow nepali on public domain but i had to.

    fcuking looser try meditating for an hour and comment. dont comment on something that you even dont care about.

    may hindu god always help you.

  36. Nepal King's Order Avatar
    Nepal King’s Order

    yes, Hindu god King Gyanendra will help you to send heaven soon.

    I know you are stup!d Hindu belief without reason.

  37. Nepal King's Order Avatar
    Nepal King’s Order

    yes, Hindu god Kin9 Gyandra will help you to send heaven soon.

    I know you are stup1d Hindu belief without reason

  38. Leon Avatar

    Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

  39. Norbu Tenzin Avatar

    Many people talks/says manythings about the Ram Bhadur Momjan, it is not necessary for every one of us to get heart pain, the boy who seeks for right path, every one us must be proud to have such a peron in the world. So lets wait till 2012 six years.

  40. Tu-nahi Samja Avatar
    Tu-nahi Samja

    Did anyone ever consider that the boy may have died. He died and they buried him or burnt him and said he walked off heading south. He had looked in very bad health towards the end and maybe the fasting got to him. They buried him to keep the mystery going and to keep the scientists from saying ‘I told you so’.

  41. shane mcmurray Avatar
    shane mcmurray

    mayans predict great change in world 2012 some say end of world. Ram show us they way.

    Om vishnaya namoh namah

  42. M from new york Avatar
    M from new york

    Putting your beliefs aside. First I would like to THANK YOU for trying to make this world a better and safer place for females who do not have the ability to protect themselve and are being shipped around the world like a piece of meat.

    Second, for most people, instead of focusing all your energy on finding “Buddha Boy” because he might have just walked away…. because… “he wanted to be left alone” and focus your energy on some BIG problem that society is facing. Human (especially female) trafficking is one of them. Many of us go through our daily lives without a lick of care because we its not our sister, daughter, mother. but can you imagine the pain if it was?
    This is not to say that “buddha boy” is not important because any enlighten being is of GREAT importance to the world at large. Think about it, if the boy was bitten by snakes, burns off his own clothes, did not eat or drink for 10months, and not to mention no tiolet, do you think he needs anyone helps. If he was adducted thats a different story but someone with all those ability would have sense the moment and stood up and “walk away” before the situation happened.

    Third, Prakash, if there was a buddha, he would not choose New York, etc. because the people here are sooo materialistic that buddha nature would be meaningless to them. That was a joke people, do not attack me like you attacked Prakash. But seriously the rich countries, Prakash, are the one involve in all the worlds problem. Pollution, war, and what your fighting to prevent.

    Four, Prakash, the best way to prevent women or young boys from being abuse is to cut off all the penis of the men who pays for those services. Because if there is no money to be made, business close.

    Thank You Prakash, if you are honestly doing what you say you are. And I think some of you should thank him as well.

    Be safe and buddha bless everyone

  43. hannah Avatar

    i cant beleave what i herd last night i watched the discovery channel lkast night on this amazing budha boy i think this is great im only 16 an in the past had nothing to beleave in but now after watchin the budha boy i have something to beleave in i would love to visit an whitness this amazing budha boy its just unbeleavable !!!!!

  44. hannah Avatar

    i cant beleave what i herd last night i watched the discovery channel lkast night on this amazing budha boy i think this is great im only 16 an in the past had nothing to beleave in but now after watchin the budha boy i have something to beleave in i would love to visit an whitness this amazing budha boy its just unbeleavable !!!!! !!!

  45. hannah Avatar

    ow i recon he is prettty georgeous though maybe in six years time he can come vistit australia and show people here that he is not a fake and he is the real thing i beleave this budha boy can changed the way people think about the after life and give people like me something to beleave in if anyone has more infor about this amazing boy please email me them on miss1990@hotmail.com it would be a real help thanks

  46. Bobi Avatar

    Hello we can find many other similarity like us in your blog.

  47. God Says Avatar
    God Says

    I see it a great story…. That BB must be rich celebrity one day once back from mediatation…

    For all known believer of BB here is my opinion…
    1) BB is a true believer of Buddha teaching. No one will tell the greatness of Lord Buddha other than a publicity to make some Money.. like discovery..
    2) Buddha himself never say he is god but the believer in his teaching is…
    3) All the matter in the world of badness and violence is created by evils who is don’y know what is the religion is all about..
    4) All religion is good but no one knows exactly what is in the teaching except the people call gods… other than that is human creation…
    5) Human is only looking for richness and money$$$… No matter what the cause…

    Lastly… Education is more important than anything else… without it nobody knows what u are thinking…. We must believe in Gods and Science together…. because no one on earth can explain everything… Ask anybody around u… Do u believe in UFO or Ghost…

    The truth is out there…..

  48. God Says Avatar
    God Says

    I see it a great story…. That BB must be rich celebrity one day once back from mediatation…

    For all known believer of BB here is my opinion…
    1) BB is a true believer of Buddha teaching. No one will tell the greatness of Lord Buddha other than a publicity to make some Money.. like discovery..
    2) Buddha himself never say he is god but the believer in his teaching is…
    3) All the matter in the world of badness and violence is created by evils who is don’y know what is the religion is all about..
    4) All religion is good but no one knows exactly what is in the teaching except the people call gods… other than that is human creation…
    5) Human is only looking for richness and money$$$… No matter what the cause…

    Lastly… Education is more important than anything else… without it nobody knows what u are thinking…. We must believe in Gods and Science together…. because no one on earth can explain everything… Ask anybody around u… Do u believe in UFO or Ghost…

    The truth is out there…..

  49. James Avatar

    I wish Bonjom well. He is only traveling his path to heaven.
    I takes much concentration. He has seen the worlds on the other side and now this world pales in comparison to the sights he has seen. It is so beautiful!
    Why should he not want to spend all his time visiting the worlds and great beings?
    Wish him well.

  50. Emily Muir Avatar
    Emily Muir

    Ram was an amazing being to be able to meditate and survive as he did in that same spot for such a long time.

    However, I think its very likely that the poor guy may have died. He was eating very little food or water (or none at all, if the claims are true) and it was amazing that he lasted for such a long time that he did. I wonder if a tiger got him or if he simply collapsed from exhaustion and his body was destroyed to hide the evidence.

    Many people were profiting from the alms given for his devotion, and whether it was a scam or not, it is a tragic story.

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