Where is the Buddha Boy?

Sudden disappearance of Nepal’s ‘Little Buddha’ triggers wild speculations.

So, the Buddha Boy has left the meditation venue. Was that a voluntary decision or the 16-year-old ‘Little Buddha’ was forced to end his meditation? Just like the contradictory views about Ram Bahadur Bomjam’s ‘eating habit’, conflicting guesses about his ‘sudden’ departure from the jungle of Ratanpur Village of Bara District are emerging. Why he left? Everyone in the streets of Kathmandu who was aware of the news and whom I met today was asking this question. Over the months, Ram Bahadur has become the constant source of news and topic for tea-talks in Nepali society. So the latest development has become one of the most sensational news of the recent years in Nepal (and the development has already made headlines around the world). Posters of Ram Bahadur have been widely distributed in Nepal depicting him as a larger than life figure as if he was a REAL Buddha. In a society where there are hundreds of thousands of people firmly believe in the “divine power” of Sai Baba, an Indian personality, it is no surprise that Ram Bahadur Bomjam found a warm and convincing place in peoples’ heart.

Ram Bahadur was caught in between the ‘cold war’ of administration and the Maoist rebels. The administration was alleging that the Maoists were levying ‘tax’ on the money that visiting pilgrims donated to the committee that looked after the ‘Little Buddha’. Conspiracy theorists have already started throwing out wild speculations about the sudden disappearance. Some are saying he might return back and resume the meditation process while others conclude that the meditation phase has been finished and the ‘enlightened’ boy will start preaching. Some shy we should not care about where Ram goes or what he does. Yet some believe that he was not abducted by the Maoists or forced to leave by the police.

Guesses and speculations rule until truth comes out. And people are eagerly waiting for that.

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100 thoughts on “Where is the Buddha Boy?

  1. It can be taken anyway/and will be:
    — Generally our notion of meditation is that the person tries to be away from the masses,crowds , family and contemplate in solitude to gain the knowledge/enlightment. Doing this is a place thronged by “devotees” is explicably incompatible. So his going to a separate secret place is justifiable.

    — He may just be a troll. Started with some fantasies, couldn’t bear the hardship, fled.

    — Only time will tell what he really was/is.

  2. ya, it should be happen and it happens finally. he was there for meditation as he says . but the superstitious and curious nepalese dont allow him to meditate. they called him self buddha, bounded him in fences and started offerring him garlands and make irritete.businessman make him object of business in name of providing servics to devotees. can u stay in a pace in a crowd for 2 or 3 hours , i dont think u can not but so called little budda faced it for 10 months . so he left the place . why to search him now . lets him be free to do his meditation . why to search him as world number 1 criminal. i dont know why u all dont allowed one who wish for peace to do his work according to his will? LEAVE HIM IN HIS WAY. I DONT THINK HE SHOULD BE SEARCHED , LET HIM BE MYSTERY.

  3. Probably, the medicament has gone for the meditation.
    I believe he got disturbed by the crowd and the money-making business around him there in Ratanpuri.

  4. maybe he discovered enlightenment. if he did, it’s a sure bet he left this planet.

    with hope, he doesn’t have enemies that have kidnapped him or worse.

  5. May be he had enough of people killing each other.
    May be he had enough of tears of mourning mothers.
    May be he had enough of smell of burning human flesh.
    may be maoist had set ambushes in his path to nirvana
    May be he had enough of autocratic king
    May be he had enough of democratic leaders.
    May be he had enough of media
    May be Nepal doesen’t deserve another Buddha.

  6. Lies don’t last.Had he been a real buddha he should have continued to meditate sor years as he said.I dont believe him al all.He is just like the Ganesh drinking milk few years ago.
    Why dont buddha reincarnate in US, somewhere in NewYork(best place would be central park)or in London or Tokyo?Why in the world’s poorest country?I guess its our ignorance and poverty that creared him.

  7. prakash what a thoughtless shallow comment. why should bhudda incarnate in the US or Tokyo? just because a country may appear successful doesn’t mean that God will incarnate there – you think God will incarnate somewhere because it “rich”. you are a fool and it is your ignornane and intellectual poverty that thinks this way.

  8. Prakesh, I think you are too young to attempt on this blog. Go to back to school and learn more and come back when you are done with school..

  9. In view of his ten month of meditation, it is clear that Ram was an extraordinary human being and it is obviously difficult for ordinary mortals for us to understand him.

  10. hmmmmm…… its ok for you guys to not to agree with me.Its just my opinion.I would rather not believe in something that is not proven than to blindly workship it.
    bhudai pundit, you didnt understand what i was i trying to say.I didnt refer those places for their wealth.I was just wondering why such miracles dont happen in Advanced societies? Why does so called “little buddha” reincarnat in a society where innocient people are killed daily and parents sell their daughter to indian brothels?Why does buddha reincarnat in a country that discriminates people by cast and gender?Why does buddha reincarnat in a country where there is no respect for women,where barbarians from jungle rape and kill women? Why does buddha reincarnat in a country that has no place for peace lovers?
    Shouldn’t he (if possible)reincarnat in a country that has honest and moral people, a place where men respect women,where people are not discriminated by the cast?Shouldnt the peace loving people from other countries get chance a to have buddha reincarnat in ther soil?
    I am telling you ,if buddha could reincarnat, he would never reincarnat in a country like this which is full of barbarians and betrayers.

    waiba, by the way, my name is Prakash not Prakesh.

  11. Hey guys!

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  12. well, prakash you are off the topic here.

    as for the miracles in society: first, your so called ‘little budda’s are either born by god’s will or they are created by circustance. circumstance could be the case in nepal or otherwise but yr comment doesn’t fit anywhere.

    his effort to do what he has been apparently doing so far should be respected but not disturbed. that’s what probably happened in his case or otherwise (which is usual in Nepal).

    But if he is abducted!…what’s the incetive behind this? If not, well then he is on his own in the middle of nowhere. let’s wait until he comes out..

  13. Well Prakash; the only I can say about the fact is the change. i.e. We need change our country is in deep trouble. so like this recarnation would led to peace in some extent. It does not mean the place specific. I guess there are also such people in other part of the world but they don’t flash to media. They considered the power in other way. It their different style.

    So, the way you think that Only poor country like nepal have such cases is totally wrong.

    So, chnage the way you think

  14. not wise
    not wise thing to take Buddha literally
    not wise thing to meditate in the dark forest
    not wise thing to lose life (eaten by tigers)
    not wise thing to attach importance to the act
    not wise thing to waste time in useless talk
    not wise thing to feel sad about the end of foolishness

  15. You should watch out for the difference between “reincarnate” and “incarnate”. Buddha can’t reincarnate because he reached nirvana and stepped out from the reincarnation cycle, in the first place. Though this mistake is made even in worldwide news to mislead the mass, who is to talk about Buddhism without knowing the most basic information about it?

  16. The fact so far done by Ram Bahadur Bomjam is really respectable.
    With full respect, I wish him very best of luck on his way to life.

  17. lets not be concentrated on all these myths.might the boy had gone somewhere else for peace ( meditation) because of the distrbances caused by public , mediapersons and other factors .so lets not focus on it and lets do our works properly

  18. prakash,

    I think u are very immature.With age,experience and education i hope you will cultivate the habbit of seeing things from different angles and analyse them well before opening ur mouth or running ur fingers over ur keyboard. Unless of course you are a narcissist, i guess u will improve. U got to have a much better attitude, before u think people want to read what u write boy!!

    Dunno if he is the incarnation or not but i can say this much,I being an adult cannot stay a day without eating and cannot dare to stay under a tree infront of my house for one single night.This kid did it for 10 months in the middle of the forest and that too for no apparent financial/geopolitical gain.This is no mean feat,if this was a small thing i dont think the whole world would have gone gaga about it.

    The simple answer to why buddha is born in our land is because ours is a pious land.Ours is a great land,the birthplace of the BUDDHA and above all we need him the most.

    He has done more to dessipate the name of our country than anyone of us here. If there had been no safety concern in our country there would have been flocks of tourists visiting him (still many have visited) specially from the buddhist nations and the westeners who follow buddhism.I was shocked when an american lady asked about his health with me when i was waiting for my flight in an airport in New York after i told her i was from Nepal,and astonishingly she knew more about him than I did and when i came back home and searched in google by putting his name,i found out there were many foreigners who have visited his meditation site and wrote about it in their own blog sites.

    We can only hope and pray,may this precious son of our motherland be safe.


    I also live in the moral and bla bla…society that u are talking about.Let me tell you one thing,People here as hysterical about tears coming out of a statue,when magicians can do that.If they had anything like our little buddha they would have made a big hue and cry about it.

    And by the way after living for years over here one thing i have realised is,Ours is a great religion which has taught me to respect others religion too.Unlike ur civilized society which says only our god is a god.Only our religion is a religion and only we are civilized people of the world.I think u have got a wind of that philosophy,brother drop it before it gets wind out of you.

  19. Prakash, if you want to make people understand your point of views, you have to understand yourself first. You can not convience other people when you yourself is not convienced. Miracle happens all over the world everyday. You can see miracle everyday when you know what is miracle.

    Indian Coke, you are such a pacifist. Who are you say what is wise and what is not wise?

  20. Why does everyone presume anything? Has anyone asked the boy who he is? Why do we presume he is a reincarnation of Buddha or not. Maybe he is simply Ram Bahadur Bomjam, and he wants to meditate. Media over does everything. If in Nepal he is a Buddha, in Jerusalam he may be a Jesus, in Saudi Arabia he is Muhammed, in India he is Ram, well… he is Ram in Nepal too, but Ram Bahadur.

  21. i wish i were never a medical student!!!!

    how can a human being remain alive even after fasting for 10 months!!!!!! or is the science of nutrition WRONG?

    poor country nepal!! so no investigations yet???

    few months back our teachers had been there and when they returned, they had written in kantipur challenging the government about the case.. but look…look to the government……. what is happening here???

    i am hopeless commenting all these many months in UWB.. what use when there is no progress in work???

  22. Who knows whether maoists abducted him too!

    They think they are a king of wisdom but we can say it’s not the work of present king because his wisdom is just disregarded by countrymen.

  23. I saw you all guys are talking about your faith on some unfounded materials which was essentially inherited from our long run generation. Most of the things are running in our society without proper analysis but purely on several myths as it tells kaliyug came after passing of long time gap. Buddha boy, I say a little boy who beleives on some sort of fantasy and I guess he never called him as buddha, but it might be posted name by other so that some bussinessmen can run behind him pursuing their own bussiness.

    Lets talk to the point what things appeared superficially:

    No one are allowed to investigate or watched him whether he is taking something or not, as the fact is no one survive for quite long time dehydrating for 10 month.

    He might have been dissappeared on his will will emerge somewhere soon to take the media flash once again.So we dont need to worry. He has own privacy to maintain to acheive his goal, so why need to run behind? let him do in his own.
    We guys are killing our creative time focussing someone to gain nothing. For sure it will be revealed some day sooner or later as some bussiness partner will evolve out to reveal so.

    Is not sure that some people are hiding back to him to provoke him doing so to make their bussiness run, or to catch some eyes for its territorial management.

    well, if he follow the same to Buddha, then why we need to exaggerate him as it is already evolved and existed for long. He might have been repeated the case and will get nothing new. Where is little Einstein or Newton knowing the same fact.
    That is what I have seen the prosperous of this media flash.

  24. is he follower of buddha or being buddha?There are many follower in the world. Just the difference is that no other are residing under the Peppal tree for long as he is doing. If it is the case he might be popular just for being fasting for long.So, he deserves to see from such angel rather than Krishna or Buddha reincarnation. Now question arises, is he focussing himself on for not eating or being enlightning? if he is really extracting some abstract from vagues why he need to go for such long fasting that can make him depriving the energy and just his mind goes for hungry not for the objective, provided he doesnt get anything for 10 months. It seems his desire is genius but shold based on some real ground that other can accept. I wish he acheive his goal based on reality.

  25. Hi , every body Namste. Iam 6 years old , now i am in Japan, i see news everyday but am very surprise , how is the possible people survibe wothout eat and drink?? one day i told my teacher and show his photo, then i know nobody can survibe without eat and drink . i never do that because it is hamful for me.

  26. Prakash:

    I think you answered your own question. Maybe the Bhuddha reincarnates in our country because we have these problems. What would be the point of incarnating in a place where everything is perfect. But Prakash it seems you have either grown up in a cave or you have complete disregard for what goes on in the rest of the world. Don’t be too sure that these cities and places you speak so highly of are so perfect. Parents might not sell their children to brothels but do you know how many childen are victims of pedophils? Do you know how many women sell themslves to the porn industry, strip clubs or escort agencies and millions of businesses and businessman live off these industries?

    What is this advance socities you speak of? Be more specific. You are obviously not familiar with European or Japanese History otherwise you wouldn’t label them “advanced” on the basis of seeing skyscrapers and big highways.

    Maybe you can argue that these places have been fairly peaceful for the last 20 years but they are still responsible for prepatuating most of the conflicts around the around.

    You need to rethink your beliefs my friend.

  27. Hi every body,
    Seems some of the readers in this blog have some issues about my comments on the so called “little Buddha”. Some of them also have suggested me to “grow up”, “get matured”. Some of them have characterized as some kind of weirdo.

    Ok here is the thing, I am 37 and I have been working for the last 13 years to rescue and supporter the girls that have been trafficked to Indian brothels. May be most of you think that my criticism of the so called “little Buddha” is some kind of immature crappy thing. So Why don’t you try to convince those innocent girls living in rehabs that Buddha reincarnated in Nepal and try to get their reaction? Once we rescued a girl who was sold to a trafficker by his own father, after rescuing her we took her back home after few months in rehab, you know what happened? The so called father sold her again and she was abducted from her home by some pimps. Her whereabouts is unknown till this day. We guess this time she may have been trafficked to some gulf countries.

    You know what happens to these girls once trafficked? Once a girl told me she had been gang raped by for 3 days by more than 30 Indians in a brothel. (We found her in one of the hospital in the Kamathipura, she was bleeding to death, and no one wanted to give her blood, even the police forced us to discharge her from the hospital ) So don’t tell me how some foreigner in NY reacted to the “little Buddha” story. Also, don’t tell me about how great our religion is. I know it all.

    I think our religion is more oppressive than any other religion, even more oppressive than Islam. Last year we had one case; one woman was raped and killed when she was sleeping outside her house. Why she was sleeping outside her house? She couldn’t go in because she was having her period. (In some parts in Nepal women are not allowed in the house during the menstruation period.) See!!!! This is our “Great Religion”.

  28. waiba,
    i am someone who knows what wisdom is
    but who are you to tell me what i can say and what i cannot? what’s wrong with you, retard?

  29. where is Buddha more insulted than in Nepal?
    both G and MBs insult Buddha everyday
    Ram Bahadur a symbol for peace.
    G likes guns, he does not like Ram, buddha, peace
    Prachanda likes guns, does not like Ram, buddha, peace
    someone calls me pacifist, lover of peace
    and hates me
    he is also with the guns
    yes, Ram could have been abducted by MBs
    yes, Ram could have been abducted by G’s people
    don’t you see the cops above

  30. prakash,

    First of all let me tell you u dont become mature just by age or else T.giri and G.P.koirala should be the most mature persons of this country.About ur work,its a novel work if u are telling the truth,and by the way dont think that u are doing some social work means u can say anything,u can hold anyone responsible for any problem.

    HOW STUPID A PERSON HAS TO BE TO BLAME OUR RELIGION FOR THE GIRLS TO BE SOLD!!Where in our great religious books have u found one should sell ur daughters,Is it written in Gita that one should keep ur wife out when she is menstruating? It depeneds on the person and his level of education and not his religion when he commits a crime or becomes cruel.

    Its a pity that at this age of modernisation girls are still trafficked and by the way its not just our problem,its the problem of the third world as a whole.Its a rampant problem in combodia,eastern europe,russia and a big big problem for mexico and other south american countries.The pimps know no race,no religion they just know money and thats what they are after.” YOU MUST BE REALLY REALLY RETARDED TO BLAME OUR RELIGION FOR IT”.And you must be out of minds to even compare our religion with Islam which thinks women as a commodity and not as humans.

  31. firstly human I have to disagree with you. before you make such a comment I hope you know what you are talking about. Islam like any other religion never says that women are like commodity. Religion is never the problem! it is also the people. Prakash is right to some extent that there are many opressive elements in Hinduism – like the caste system and the treatment of the dalits. But again this religions fault but rather a group of brahimins who manipulated scripture for their selfish ends.

    prakash like human mentioned how does that women who got raped have anything to do with hinduism? I see no connection.

  32. Hmmmm…..seems that I am only the one who hates the so called religion that we practice in Nepal. OK here is what I think; I think the Hindu religion doesn’t exist any more; it only exists in the books. It died long ago when those Brahmins and pundits started to suck the blood out of other people in the name of religion. It died when those dalits and janajatis were stripped off their rights. It died when those pundits started teaching women that their husbands were gods.
    Hye human,
    By the way I really don’t want to involve in a discussion with someone like you who has lived in some other country for years. It is use less talking to you.

  33. Hye human,
    By the way read these statements of yours
    “Ours is a great religion which has taught me to respect others religion too”
    “And you must be out of minds to even compare our religion with Islam which thinks women as a commodity and not as humans.”

    Do you really respect other religions?

  34. prakash:
    yes I agree that those pundits made many mistakes. Nonetheless the teachings of Hindusim are still alive and millions of people today continue to practice it. I realize that in the work you do (for which I really commend you) it must be very saddening and dishartening to see so much suffering. However, like human mentioned in his comments these pimps have no religion except money.

    But Prakash I really urge you to rethink your views about Hinduism. If you say that Hindusim has died then people like you who are doing great service to humanity are bringing it back to life. After all what is Hindusim really? It is a way of life that involves non injury to others, helping the less fortunate and doing good deeds without expecting rewards. Yes there has been abuse of the scriptures by a few but please don’t disregard Hindusim altogeather.
    Last post you mentioned the women sleeping outside because she had her period. Prakash many Hindu pratices and beliefs have a deeper meaning with a pratical purpose. Unfortunetly today people blindly and mechanically follow rituals. You will be suprised but even the Jews and the Muslims have this pratice of keeping the mesurating women seperately. The reason is that in all these religions the belief is that mensurating women are not pure during the time. Plus I am not sure if you know that during the mesutating time women are very moody and agitated. So maybe this had something to do with the fact that they were kept seperately to make life easier for them and people of the house. I am just giving you my opinion but I am sure the reason is far deeper. My only point is that manay Hindu beliefs have great meaning and so I just don’t think you should dismiss them without much thought.

  35. I think it is use less to talk here,when some people here still think that women should be kicked out of their houses for the shake of others .Ok do as you wish…
    Ijust read one response that says:
    ” during the mesutating time women are very moody and agitated. So maybe this had something to do with the fact that they were kept seperately to make life easier for them and people of the house.”

  36. prakash,
    u are talking to people not seasoned enough to get your high level thinking
    sad, isn’t it?

  37. Prakash
    I think it is useless to talk to you. You can think whatever you think. I am sorry you have had to see so much misery but my last words to you is to not blame the religion for the actions of a few individuals.
    I am not going to go beyond that because I can see I am better off talking to a wall.

  38. Why are you making so much fuss about him?

    First of all, I would like to say that it hardly makes any difference to a real buddha whether you believe him/her to be a buddha or not. If one is a real buddha and you don’t believe him, it will not affect his buddhahood, and your believing a person who is not a buddha is not going to make that person a buddha.

    Anybody can be a buddha. It means enlightenment. The one who sees the truth ‘as it is”, not ‘as you like it to be’, or ‘as it seems to be’. To see the truth as it is, one does need to meditate seriously, but when one’s meditation is made, by ignorant people, a site of business, that is not going to serve the purpose of meditation.

  39. I’d go further in the jungle too with such prattle swimming around my ears. the commen denominator in misery is man and all religions tell us suffering is not only avoidable, but necessary. I often think I haven’t suffered enough when i hear the kind of stories Prakash has witnessed. So much suffering is unfair and all religion hopes for truth, there is no reconsiliation for man. this is why existinialism and relativism is so prevalent.
    What I hope is that boy who was trying to find his truth is safe, because it doesn’t matter whether he is the the buddha, thinks he’s the buddha, or others do, one boy searching for his truth makes the world a bit better. Most of the 15 year old boys have no spirituality.

  40. Dear Prakash jee
    You must be somewhere outside Nepal and as you arrived to your destination some economical benefit lured you to convert into christianity. I have quite a few experience of talking to people like u. they speak exactly in the same manner.
    But you should understand that rather than criticizing it you be a part of the system and correct it. But jesus loves you.

  41. Hinduism will never die. yes every religion has inherent flaws, hindism too has loose points- in hinduism you can discuss and correct- this liberty you have. no other religion in the world authorises this liberty.

    Hindusim never says that this is the best religion whereas other religions always advocate thier supremacy.

    Hindusim doesnot beleive in conversion as it regards people with other beleifs should equally treated.

    Islam and Christiantiy both beleive that they are superior, they think every people in the world should be converted. they do not recognize that it is possible to live with differences.

    Hinduism is multidimensional, you have the liberty to choose your god, contact him directly no one you need in between, like son of god or a saint.

    We have flaws in our religion because we are illetrate but we have the power to correct it from inside the system.

  42. interesting conversation here…

    hinduism is multidimensional, yes it is old (and wisdom is infinite) but don’t u guys think we(hindus in nepal) always see religion but don’t study it really or do critical analysis? Isn’t that why we ask questions as we see other religions…at least, christianity has changed with time as ppl question their faith granted they did commercialise their religion.

    of course religion and race go together, so you can’t convert your religion, your race!

    But, of course it needs change as we all know, religion has had major connections in society, culture and even politics.

    If religion is a picture who we are today and if today has changed from yesterday why shouldn’t our values mold with time? why shouldn’t we sit down and think about our faith? but i don’t agree that any religion is superior, religion is a system. from political to windows OS, any system has flaws. so does hinduism and the rest…

  43. first time, Durbar buddhi is talking buddhi ko kura
    that is just for one second
    his buddhi will eat goo soon

  44. Ok Mr. India let’s compromise here. i do not want to argue with you anymore over the issues that i will not move and you too will stay being more indian than a nepali. So there can be no comprimise but in the name of great hindu philosophy let’s stop bullshitting.
    For me nationalilsm is also multidimensional pls do not confine it in being a mandale or anti-indian.
    But i want to clarify here that neither i am a radical hindu nor do i hate other religions i’ve always beleived in peaceful coexistance.
    In the same vein i still beleive that we can create space for all including the monarchy in Nepal.
    I beleive that the only hindu kingdom must be preserved. if we fail to do so, there is a danger that the 90% plus hindus will be converted within 20 years of the so-called republic.Let us remain different this is our identity.
    An example to support my argument:
    In korea before the war majority of the population either beleived in buddhism or Shamanism but after 50 years(now) more than 65% are christians.
    Hindus and Bhuddhists must unite for the christain invasion in nepal by correctiing our flaws. The flaws that is in the society not in the religion.

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