Images of Ilam Attack

Maoists attacked police and army in Ilam of East Nepal Sunday night. Here are images from the spot.

By Benup Raj Bhattarai

Ilam Attack...March 5

She is Manaratna Rai, 80, the wife of Harka Bahadur Rai who was killed by the bullet fired by the security force in the fight with Maoists. In this photo, she is seen heading for her husband’s funeral. He husband was sleeping in his house in Red Cross Marga in the district headquarter when the fight erupted.

Ilam Attack...March 5

Maoists destroyed houses like one seen in the photo (which belongs to Dhan Bahadur Thapa, the newly elected Mayor of Ilam) by blasting bombs and setting fire.

Ilam Attack...March 5

People trying to fix drinking water supply pipe that were damaged by bullets and bombs. The drinking water supply has been interrupted in many places.

Ilam Attack...March 5

Door of a house damaged in the attack. The house belonged to a civilian.

Ilam Attack...March 5

It’s probably better to stay in the government’s jail than in the rebel’s captivity. At least these five women must be thinking like that. They were taken away by the Maoists after the Ilam clash from the district jail. In this photo, they are seen returning to the jail after Maoists left them at Shanti Dada, a hill west of Ilam’s headquarter. Maoists had freed 103 inmates and according to the administration “40 have come to the contact.”


27 responses to “Images of Ilam Attack”

  1. sdsdsdsd Avatar

    Well, we all are responsible for this civil war. And now its not a war, its a new holocaust. May be feast for people like Kamal Thapa and Tulsi Giri, but now its getting terribly messy. But we can’t blame just two of them. Both of them are puppets though. May god bless them.
    Oh god, this war has made me poet too


    War Child

    i’m a war child,
    revolution floating in my sight,
    so close but yet in flight,
    into the dark but yet so bright,
    patheticly begging to save its might,
    so i’m here – behind the enemy line,
    in an act of war, in an act of fight,
    yes i’m a war child.

    look into my swollen eyes,
    gospel deep but shining bright.
    red terror climbing new height,
    suicide bombing my mortal sin, immortal right.
    dont touch me, i’m a spark in the night,
    hot as an ember, glowing like a light,
    yes my foes, i’m your end and it ain’t true lie,
    cuz i’m a war child.

  2. Avatar

    I thought there were atleast 14 – 15 casualities (acc. to news) apart from these damages shown on these pcitures, where are other pictures. Benupji…?

    Still baised towards maoist?
    Showing gory pcitures of RAN ariel attack and minimal damage pictures of Illam attack?
    UWB … – > UNITED WE BLOCK !!!

  3. blogwatch Avatar

    This BLOG is scared of MBs. The Wagleys know Mr. Ganesh Chiluwal was killed when he organized a rally and burn the effigies of some MBs Head. For this BLOG it is safer to critisze RNA and KG.

    However in this BLOG at least we can post comments against MBs. If you do in some other BLOGS then you will be showered with dirty languages.

  4. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    Humm… people have started to see the true colors of UWB!

    We always knew that the Emperor was naked..

  5. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !


    Where did you have this shower?

    At united we blog, we kill the MB rats. who’s afraid of MBs?

    we also kill the king every day, do you have problem with dat?

  6. blogwatch Avatar

    Indian Coke,

    I have no problem with your language and your jobs. I am happy to know that you are not scared of MBs. You can have shower of filthy language in some other BLOGs. I think they are banned. Still you can access them. Do not ask me how to do that.

  7. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    nepal…perfect place to find Bheja terrorists
    this place…perfect for a meeting with [icd] dimag… thousands of [icd] dimagz

  8. concern Avatar

    The blog should more focus toward democracy and be unbais to anyone. Also should more focus toward peace and prosperity of the people and Nepal that is what we expect.

    This blog should criticise the every weapons coming to both side not only one, and every killings of the both sides and mistakes of the parties and definately king as well. Then only this blog is considered as neutral blog and for the people and country. But, we are quite surprised to note reason behind the UWB’s silent toward big issue of the truck that came with ready-made weapons from India to kill Nepali and caught by Nepali police, and another similar kind of seven trucks disapper in India maybe because that could also be caught and which exposing the double standard role of India. But why????????

  9. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    make me king and boss president of all the parties: i gurantee no Illam attacks and no maoists. why not?
    why bias against me, concern?

  10. ram Avatar

    This blogsite was always biased- always anti army. If it wer’nt for the brave armymen risking their lives for ungrateful suckers like Mr. Wagle and gang, they would have been murdered long ago. Their houses would have been burnt and their children slaughtered in front of them. Still they find fault with the army. Just remember, it’s always the Maoists who ATTACK first and the army just DEFENDS. With your attitiude, Mr. Wagle, just remember that if a day comes when the army has to ATTACK like the Maoists, be sure that you will be the first to be shot.

    Ready for that bullet ???

  11. Ananta Bhadra Lamichhane Avatar
    Ananta Bhadra Lamichhane

    I am glad that UWB covered social topic (partially)…..

    I am sure… this lane will lead them to the heart of the civil….

    I am noticing from few more days that some people are messing up UWB…. I do not know the actual face of them… but I am sure…. its clear that they do not have right intension of doing that….

  12. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    I condemn the language “ram” has used. It is not necessary to use this kind of rhetoric – so sorry to see that.

  13. manan Avatar


    You are naive. I know people who live in villages around Pokhara and elsewhere who tell me they fear the army more than the Maoists.

    Occassionally, the army does good work; like when it helped those villagers get past the snow some months ago; but then, sometimes, the Maoists also do good work.

    Frankly, the Royal Nepal Army is a relic of a bygone age. Nepal never really needed an “Army”; the RNA was always more of a ceremonial thing. It wasn’t meant to be a fighting force; just a showpiece.

    For the most part, the RNA has been a wastage of public resources. All that money spent on a useless vestige of the Rana-Shah age while so much of the country is hungry; that’s why there is Maoism in the country.

    When this thing is finally settled, both the Maoists and the RNA will have to be defanged. Frankly I’m in favor of scrapping the RNA and having a Swiss/ Israeli style mandatory service for everybody pver 18. That includes politicians’ sons.

    Everybody should be asked to start from the basics; and promotion should be strictly based on merit, not your last name.
    Then only, can we call the Nepali Army a ‘fighting force’ and not a ‘bootlicking organization’.

  14. coke Avatar


  15. Manan Avatar

    I wouldn’t feel good about being drafted either, but if you want to bring some nationalism into the country, its a good place to start.

    Let the politician’s son be drafted as well as the janitor’s; then we can talk of equality. Right here in the States, due to the Iraq war and the fact that lots of poor people are getting killed, there’s some talk of re-introducing the draft. It won’t happen, but it’ll scare politicians not to just keep getting into wars.

    By the way, France has gone the other way. Conscription ended in 2001, I think

  16. coke Avatar

    yes u are right. french people were against it.
    people were asking for excuses citing peoblem with eye-sight or health disorder. it was just an excuse becoz they din like it.

  17. Maoist For People Avatar
    Maoist For People

    Yo tikha bhaya na tapai haruko chala. Galat kura faila une.
    CPN (M) le kahile pani kidnap gareko chaina janata lai.

    The women in photo are returning on their own. Take their interview. We asked them. They said not interested in jungle. We said you can back.

    some people liked us. they came with us.

    Tar nachahido kuro failaunu bhayane, janata thagne kuro garnu bhane,
    no lies, Dinesh ji, from now on

    Lal Salam
    Comrade Cyber Sainik 2

  18. say Avatar


    Please do not put the army in the same category as the Maoists. The army has to brush up their act, and they are working on it everyday. But to say that the army will shoot Wagle is doing disrespect to the institution itself. You can finally see posts coming out reporting on the Maoist ways. This is good progress.

    I dont completely blame the likes of Wagle for reporting negative just on the RNA only, atleast he can be safe doing so. Reporting these atrocities of the Maoists is another picture, which requires brave people to do it. With the sort of people who post their comments here, it is clear that there are many Maoists and their sympathisers waching this blog – I wonder how many posts on the MBs by Wagle and team have not been posted due to their imminent threat. What can they do when the MBs choice of weapon is guns, bombs, death and destruction and not wisdom and brain power.

  19. sleek Avatar

    RNA, the council of ministers, HGM staffs, all are salaried wo/man. We have hired them to work for us. We pay them monthly salary. Since we are the ones who hired them and who pay them salary, we have every rights to fire them. It is clear that they are not doing their job. Threrefore, it is time we fired all of them and hire new bloods to fill the vacant positions.

  20. manan Avatar

    How can the Royal Nepal Army, which just a few years ago had absolutely nothing to do suddenly become a great professional organization?

    The U.S, Chinese, Indian, French or Turkish militaries have a long history of fighting, of modernization. The Royal Nepal Army is simply not a fighting force in any similar way.

  21. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    RNA is G’s good cooks, laundry men, dancers, and gardeners, makes gates for G when he visits villages
    they are not army…many canot shoot at all
    want to see idiots in nepal, look at RNA
    they are stll G’s toilet sweepers

  22. bikash Avatar

    the situation in ilam has been degradin time will come when we ll need to take permission from these handful of maoist to breathe. well we should change it if maoist can turn anti peace and take weapons then we nepalis should also take weapon against them for the purpose of peace which is our birhtright

  23. Mystery guy Avatar
    Mystery guy

    Living abroad, I am so confused with this socio-political situation in Nepal? Anti King slogans have been changing for long. Maoist fighting for communist republic but why can’t even show any protest and effect while King visits many places with no fear? Any mystery behind?

    Can maoists clearify this issue?

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