The Meeting & Talking

The Seven Party Allinace Meeting

Nepal’s pro-democracy alliance of seven political parties meets and decides new programs of agitation against autocracy of king Gyanendra. But the question is, Will the Alliance be successful to bring democracy back this time?

It has been almost proved that King Gyanendra is not giving any attention whatsoever to them. Instead he keeps them blasting off in occasional messages that he gives out to the nation. The movement against autocracy, the fight for democracy, it seems, hasn’t gained any momentum. People are about to forget the fact that parties are launching a mass movement against King Gyanendra’s autocracy. After recent comments from the American Ambassador about parties’ 12-point-agreement with the Maoists, the alliance of seven political parties is now in defensive mood. Possible ‘traitors’ like Sher Bahadur Deuba are also raising their voices against the agreement in one excuse or the other.

The Seven Party Allinace Meeting

In this context, leaders of the alliance met today in the residence of Girija Prasad Koirala, senior most leader and president of Nepali Congress. (Yes, Deuba was there representing his breakaway faction-the Nepali Congress Democratic.) What did they talk? Well of course about the need to intensify the movement for democracy. That is why they decided to launch, yet again, protests programs around the country targeting the royal autocratic government from April 8 (Chaitra 26 or the Janaandolan Day). They also requested the Maoists to withdraw the rebel’s indefinite blockade that is scheduled to begin from March 14. Rebels are also calling for general strike (Nepal Bandh) from April 3.

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  2. Nice picture.
    The caption should read “The untouchables – legal criminals”.

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