Talk of a Unified Nepali Congress

Koirala and Deuba have started talking about the unification but are they ready to hand over the leadership of the unified Nepali Congress to a new generation?

By D Wagle
Finally, after four long years, Girija Prasad Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deuba have come together to discuss the prospects of unification of their political organizations- Nepali Congress and Nepali Congress Democratic. That partition was not based on principle but mere personal ego between Koirala and Deuba and was fueled by long standing internal feud between Chhattise and Chauhattere.

It was widely believed at that time that Deuba was successfully used by the Palace to split the largest democratic party, to dissolve the parliament and to extend the state of emergency. Intoxication of state power propelled Deuba to go against his party’s will and decision. He was too arrogant to play by the rules of the organization that gave him the post of Prime Minister and all that arrogance he was backed up and exploited by the Palace against the Nepali democracy. Just like Home Minister Kamal Thapa held the general convention of Rastriya Prajantra Party (RPP) misusing the government post and power, Deuba had organized the special general convention of Nepali Congress to declare himself the leader of the faction.

The history of Nepali Congress shows that they have never worked in a cordial manner while in power and they tend to be unified when they are on the street. Now that they are on the streets, defensive and they are starting to talk about unification. Even if that is the case, the latest initiation of unification is a welcome move. Yes, some people including Shushil Koirala and his coterie will do everything to prevent the parties being united. They do not want many people of Nepali Congress Democratic to come in to the mother party fearing possible competition in future for the leadership. Anyone against the unification should be defeated.

The unification of Nepal’s largest democratic party will definitely help the cause of democracy in the country. Both leaders talked about the relation of unification and the ongoing democratic movement. The ongoing movement will be strengthen, Koirala said, if both parties unite. Deuba also echoed the same sentiment. He also added that the unification is a very difficult task since it involve the central level organizations to the district and village level committees. It is indeed a difficult task but when you have will and aspiration for unification, half of the word is done.

It might be a harsh observation but the unification of Nepali Congress would definitely be considered one of the best things that Girija Prasad Koirala could possibly do in his life time. But the most important point, even after unification, would be the democratization of the Party itself. Will the possible unification be able to bring democracy within Nepali Congress? Will the party be practicing democracy while taking decision? Will the old guard let the new generation takeover? These things need to be sorted out while discussing about the unification. Nepali Congress can learn even from the Maoists. Prachanda and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai have said in their Kantipur and Kathmandu Post interview with Narayan Wagle and Prateek Pradhan that the revolutionary duo would be playing the role of statesmen after their party reaches to power. Girija Prasad Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deuba should do the same. They have played the game of politics enough. They need to rest. And immediately after the unification.

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50 thoughts on “Talk of a Unified Nepali Congress

  1. Unity for what? To fight against each other again? Both Koirala and Deuba are equally guilty. You hit the nail when you write: “…the unification of Nepali Congress would definitely be considered one of the best things that Girija Prasad Koirala could possibly do in his life time.” Same thing applies with Deuba. They should go, new leadership should come. And then people will come to the street and King Gyanendra will go away from Nepal. That’s how it all works.

  2. This is one of the most positive developments that has taken place in the political circle in a long time. As rightly observed by Wagle, fundamental issues like more democracy within the party and leadership role for younger leaders must be addressed and institutionalized in order to sustain the unity. Koirala and Deuba must now stop playing power games and do something more statesmanlike. And of course, those who try to oppose the unification must be defeated.

  3. The unification is good for the movement against democracy and also to all the supporters of NC. However, the biggest hurdle would be to overcome the personal ego of both the leading leaders. Both are very moody , esp Deuba.

  4. Deuba has no future without unification. He has to decide on which side: people or king. he can be prime minister by playing king’s balls, but won’t make any difference.

    Deuba has noted a very black spot in the history of Nepal, and nepali congress. Let’s see how it will be washed away.

  5. Although I am not against the unification of bifurcated Congress, but an obvious question is unification for what? In my view, Nepali Congress is an undemocratic party. If they really want to fight against democracy in Nepal, they have to start by democratizing their own party. I know that it is not possible until Girija is there. Girija is the main problem in Nepal…more than KG.

    Just my thought!

  6. If the YOUTH are not pushed aside Unity will help the NC lead the struggle for A Democratic Republic.

    Without fresh leadership Koirala and his clan will continue to
    mis-lead the NC and they will break into 3 or 4 parties without much infulence….. One can only hope that there will be UNITY !

  7. This unification might be gr8 for political parties and their long seperated politicians within respective parties, but the question still remains what will normal nepali get from this unification?

    Unless, new and fresh leaders are’nt put forward into leadership (not only for STREET DEMONSTRATION), there inst any hope of reconciliation with Mr. KG or Maoist any time soon. Some leaders have misinterpreted the notion of young leadership by sending college leaders and their political allies students on the streets to create unwanted havoc.

    Its now time for leaders like GP & Deuba to take back seat, and put forth the young idols like Gangan Thapa for further action against regression.

    I wonder, even that would not be suffice to even distract Mr. KG from his holy rituals…

  8. Dear Wagleji,
    Let us focus on the future as well !!

    United we blog is an excellent development in the world of blogging and freedom of speech.

    I am however very surprised that you baselessly compare Sher Bahadur Deuba, who was elected by the majority of Nepali Congress Party and who just suffered for many months in Prison with some stupid minister from the current cabinet.

    I challenge you to write on issues that will pave a better future for Nepal in an unbiased way. This website is getting popular day by day and you need to use your “Kalam” for a better Nepal.


    Write about fighters for democracy who sacrificed their life for Nepali Congress. Write about Alok Nath Yadav, Durgananda Jha and Saroj Koirala. Their sacrifice is very relevant in current day when a handful of leaders have controlled Nepali Congress (Democratic) and Nepali Congress (Koirala Congress or Undemocratic) due to which the country is currently suffering.

    Let us read about Krishna Prasad Bhattarai’s vision for NC’s Unification.
    Let us hear about leaders like NC Democratic’s Vice Chairperson Gopal Man Shrestha, who has been denied Medical Treatment while in PRISON. Let us promote better journalism.

  9. Definitely synergy is very impressive symptom for the nation. But I still doubt they might reveal their colors like kamal Thapa if they are offered PM by KG.

  10. Good luck for unification, but..

    both SBD and GPK are greedy politicians, I don’t think they are ready to give up their privileges yet. Besides, in 2-3 years GPK will die off and party leadership will go to people like Sujata, which is pity in two respects. (1) Despite his inability to discharge his duties as PM GPK must be saluted for devoting his time in Nepali politics, we will miss him for his idiosyncrasies (2) Corrupt Sujata will come to power.

    Deuba is incompetent, which has been proven time and again. At times it is hard to understand what he is talking about. He does not even know how to speak properly. I am sorry I am not making personal attack on him but that’s what it is.

    Now, unification will be good, it they could unify and fight against Maoist murderers, who murder civilians in any pretext. Bomb ambulances, cutoff water supplies to people. Biggest problem in Nepal – recent poll by NTimes revealed most people think that their muederous mayhem devastated the country – so much for their “behind time” revolution. They talk in chiches like labour pain, taking head out of abyss etc. Their wisdom is limited to these worn out cliches.

    Most leaders are ahead of their times – a visionary. But the Maoist are behind thier time, trying to apply old ideas in Nepal. No wonder they have failed – they have only succeded in murdering civilians, militarize the country and strengthening the King, may god bless him. He is a genuine patriot of our beloved country.

  11. Unity! stupid girija and deuba! whatever united or seprated congres party Meaning less..because of deuba and girija “no democracy” in our country..because of congress..because of deuba and giring we lost our democracy…..

  12. Hi MiChael, Wagle etc…..

    Your Maoist friends are now cutting water pipe in order to kill Nepali of thirst as they couldn’t kill all of us with bullets. You are all supporting 7 party + maoist and cursing the king isn’t it? Now it’s not far from the point Maoist comrade will start killing you all sytematically. But if you go to the Greatest King and ask for protection, he is the only one to save you from Maoist atrocities. How about that?

  13. Koirala and Deuba need to bring democratic system in the Congress Party. Let the party members choose the president and committee members. In this age no body should have the power to nominate anybody. If these two groups come together as one democratic force in name and deed they really earn the right to demand true democracy in Nepal. Right now these people are clueless. If the King hands over the power to Girija tomorrow, he will declare the end of all the Narabaji in the streets. Girija is fighting for the power to be vested to his daughter and other family members.

  14. ATTEN TO: *response1* and all the ppl like *response1*

    You guys do afraid of 7 Parties plus Maoist or say you guys are afraid of Republic democracy because you are badly suppressed by Autocratic idiology. That is why you are blindly supporting so called [icd] KG.
    Definitely doing so you may get good house/food/cloth or may get taktak as well but be aware! think of your next generation !
    Do you really want your next generation to immitate you and be a bootlicker like you !!

  15. To assume that the unification of Nepali Congress and NC(d) would bring a significant change in the course of nepali politics is a mere illusion. It is also nothing but a wishful thinking that their unification would bring a drastic change in the the momentum and the dimension of the present movement. Having been in power for the longest period of time after the restoration of democracy, NC is equally burdened with responsibility for the deterioration of the country.

    The reason why the movement could not garner momentum as expected against the enforced tyranny of KG was primarily the lack of faith on Nepali Congress. Both congress parties have lost their ideological base and have nothing solid to persuade the common people to their side. Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bdr., Bal Bdr., Bijaya Gachhedar, Taranath Bhat, Susma are a few leaders that people loathe to even hear the name. In simple terms Congress has become synonymus to corruption and conspiracy.

  16. response 1,
    what ever u said about the maoist and the parties is exactly true. Nepalese are suffering because of them. I too support king but not so blindly, i just support the name “KING” but his activities are not what his name suggests. SilentListener u are saying “response 1 ” bootlicker of king but u are ownself licking the sole of maoists and licking the balls of politicians.
    LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY…………………NO AUTOCRACY……………NO GUNCRACY………………… Silent Listner u better be silent and listen.

  17. ruling mustnt be always from same ranch. old sheep, less wool. lets hope they transfer their aotuorities. they must now. coz we have seen their attitude(S) manier times. what have they give us in yesteryears none other than the shame? unification is always good and nice. I am not denying that. but again they will practice the same dirt. has girija babu left nomineing for presidency? has “sojho kirati” seen his counterpart?

    we youths fight for them in street… a sense when they say we shd fight. but let me say we…… shd fight for the people. lets leave the veterans stranded.

    jaya hosh
    neil rajan

  18. I think it is hgh time the two put their egos aside. But more important is they should step aside and let a new generation of leaders take over (and no this does not mean Prakash Man Singh or Sujata Koirala). However, I think the most important point is CIAA should go ahead and thouroughly investigate the two of them and other party leaders, without opposition from the party cadres. If they are clean let them prove it, if not, then it is bloody well time to swipe the Congress slate clean of corruption!

  19. Our sort of politics will get us nowhere. Everyone is in pursuit of selfish objectives. We have to strive for progress that is not individualistic but progress with a purpose. Long term thinking and long term sacrifices are required from this generation so the future is safe. This means working but working not for selfish intentions but for the progress of the self, the community and the nation. It is time we looked out for each other and not look away. It is time we lock our heads together and compete with the rest of the world not each other. There are plenty of opportunities here but we have to work at it. It is time the politicians and the government start to listen to the people and not the other way around, and it is definitely time that more and more people be included in the national decision making process. Look at the National Planning Commisssion, do they even bother to ask for surveys, input from local level governments, social organisations and nationals before coming up with their five and ten year plans. The first plan is to make a plan to include more people in the decision making, and not to make a plan for 27 million people through the means of a handful of bean counters, accountants and clueless beaureucrats.

  20. Unification? OK & welcome.
    Making of Koirala Clan? No
    Making of puppet of KG? No
    More democracy within party if unified.

    I like UWB. But I like to mention:
    I hate Shah & Rana clans but I do not want to hear Koirala Clan either or Glorification of MBs. You must have guts to report atrocities of MBs. I guess there are people like me.

    I find quite informative. For those who want to access please type

  21. No Girija: No NC

    I don’t like him but this is the fact.
    It is only girija who is capable of running a party of Thugs , traitors and corrupts simply without opposition.

    But the news has come at the right time:NC unification

    Finally the American Ambassador’s call for “unification of liberal forces” is heard. Hope that the process continues until complete wipe-out of radicals like the Royalists and the Communists. We simply don’t have future supporting the communists.

    Now the Indians are supporting the Communists to break the country apart so Nepal surrenders and asks for “RAHAM”.
    But in the future if the communists become powerful and come to the power India will again be the first country to talk of Sanctions and international pressure on Nepal.

  22. Hey Michael
    shut your big mouth. homosexuals and pedofils from europe and america are teaching us how we should run our politics. go and wash your face.
    Fiangi ko bagaoo.

  23. coke,
    I don’t know much about “pedofils” except I see some creeping around in S.Asia & I don’t think they are much interested in “politics”.

    Homosexuals, just as in Nepal, are treated badly most places I have been in the world, one need look at Blue Diamond to see repression.
    Maybe if you are a homosexual, you understand that there are stright people like myself who will stand with you when you are abused by the police..

    I was responding to a post directed to me, so I have not as much interest as you in pedofiles & homesexuals, I will change the subject.

    You seem angry and not able to put it into words.
    Please my Brother, or Sister, or He/She
    What are you saying about Nepal ?

  24. Coke,

    U R so disgusting. Let michael speak the truth. You pervert, do not look every white/balck/asian/african from your perverted view point. Miachael is a friend of Nepal we should be pround of. I have followed his posting since 1997, from socio-culture nepal to wagle’s blog. I remember once he used to campaign (?) for winter olympic in Nepal, at least it was cyber campaign with good intention. He is a optimistic man.

  25. A White Man’s Burden

    why should i be proud of all the firangees. you proved that we are really slaves. And you go save the Blue Diamond society and the Christian missionaries in Nepal who want Nepal to be a republic and easily convert all the hindus within 10 years of time.
    Drug addicts, drug trraffikers, pedofils, homosexuals from west have become our gods. Sheet! we are slaves.
    anyone can write and report on Nepal like this guy is doing.
    i have many friends from west, really educated but they never talk like this guy, propagating hatread. And eveybody thinks that he/she is speakign a truth.
    perfect example of a white man’s burden.

  26. Coke,
    it is easy to see you are not Nepali. Too much coke ?

    As to a “burden”, what about you and I go jump in to the Bagmati, and then all will be OK in Nepal ?

    Only where there is such poverty, is there sellers & buyers for the list you have provided & many of those who have to live in one room with 4 other guys in Kathmandu, for little more than rice, provide some of what is on that list. L00k to the Palace/Mafia if your problems is making money from drugs, may I suggest.

  27. I am drinking coke and so fat that i look like american imperialist and a heart disease. because you made me addicted to this imperial drink. now i have to drink it everyday.

    So your objective is to make them fell that they don’t have enough food to eat and are living in a room with 4 other guys, what a poor country is Nepal.
    you have a good picture of Nepal. Take more pictures there and a photo exhibition in europe can make you popular? Show the picuters that contains nepalese walking bare footed sleepiing in the trash and dirty hindu temples.

    This is your real face. getting exposed my fellow white man.

  28. To Coke and his lover: Go to hell, you racist SOB. Your personal attack on Vadeveer makes me puke. You wannab graduate but illiterate, where do you get the opinion that all whites are homos. I believe you are working in US and licking Gerge Bush’s arse. I am not sure how you could groom so much hatre towards europeans and foreigners? You sound like real KG agent. This pseudo nationalism /chauvinism is all for KG who wants to keep his kingdom for his son

    To D. MICHAEL:Welcome to the reality show man.

  29. What my comments awaiting moderation? Wagle the great, you are proponent of freedom of expression. Or else, you are not ifferent from Peter Giri who according to Prof. Surya Prasad (Leeds Univ) is not even suitable for keeping in zoo as “Homo Sapiens”

    UWB: This web site is not your graffiti board.

  30. Guys i do not hate europeans: i lived 5 years, and americans and also not licking Bush’s arse.
    I was just irritatating him, to bring his real views on Nepal.
    For me he is exposed and said what i wanted him to say.
    Read his replies clearly and see what picture he has from Nepal.
    and he thinks that i am not a Nepali. He is stupid.
    He thinks that Nepalese do not talk of religion, if we talk we become indian: hindu fundamentalist. we are so ignorant.

    Go into the facts: and see the western double standard
    In the 1947 when india was liberated, by then England had almost 200 years of history of democracy. They were still killing indians, who were fighting agasinst independence.
    France was the first country to formally bring out the Human rights declaration in 1789, but until the end of the 19th century the french government was invlolved in repression, human rights violation and etc.
    These are the facts. how much we analyse and undersand it depends on how much gobar we have in our brain.
    Another thing important for us now is to :

    And we should Develop our own ideas on everything that conerns our life not just follow someone coming from outside who teaches us what should we do and what not.
    We followed a lot those coming from across the border that gave us misery in the name of Bhutanese Refugee Crisis and the Maoists insurgency. and now we have to listen to those coming from air. results are obviously showing off in this fourm. no more to say… sad…very sad

  31. coke,
    When you say “he” I assume you mean me.
    To think you are not Nepali does not mean I am “stupid” or smart, it means your postings are not up to the understanding, sensitivity, intelligence of most Nepalis who post on UWB.

    Your ramblings re: “western double standards” or “killing-indians” has little to nothing to do with me.
    My family has always fought for Justice! i
    In S.Africa we fought against Apartheid and I worked for the ANC when it was outlawed.
    In Holland many of us were lost in the Dutch Underground fighting against the Nazis in W11.
    I have seen my father, the only white man in a line of about 100 men, stand in the streets of Birminghan, Alabama and have people spit in his face because he believed in Social Justice and Civil Rights for all human beings !

    I will fight injustice where I find it and you are welcome to join the Struggle, if you can be wise & brave enough to put your body, not your mouth, on the line.
    Nepal’s misery did not start in 1996 with the People’s War. It started 100’s of years ago and is the result of many outside and inside forces.
    Long live the New Democratic Republic of Nepal !

    I suggest you if you really love nepal go and protest for the bhutanese refugees in Delhi. there is where the problem lies. So you can meet your ideologues and plese convince them to come home.
    By then we would have decided what to do with the king and find a solution to the preent crisis.
    I have my classes from march 1 so i resign. if i have time i’ll talk to you. but i still have reservations on many issues.
    i’ll always remain a coke. thanks for your replies.

  33. I have been to Assam, Dehli, & Kakarbitta and reported on the Ethnic Nepalis who are displaced, never did I protest, and I reported as well to Darjelling on the GLF..

    May you be successful in your school & have a good Shiva Rati


    but your article on asiantribune was helluva crack (joke). I have nothing to say on your posts over here. But then the negetive impact given about our country by that report is injustice to nepalese. so you need not talk about justice

  35. stupid reporters like micheal_vandeveer should be banned from this site. shame on u i hope ur family is really disapponted if they really are what u say they are.

  36. UWB wrote> This web site is not your graffiti board.

    Why do not you keep this graffiti for your self? Why are you making it public? IS that your true color Wagle? Wagle ki Duniya???? This is disgusting comment coming out from a journalist.

  37. hey
    what do u mean by graffiti board,
    who is wagle?
    is this wagle’s personal site? if this is wagle’s personal site than it think i must stop blogging because my words may hurt wagle.

  38. talking about unification of the congress
    i would like to give some examples:
    shit+ shit = big bulk of shit
    ass + ass = big dirty smelling ass
    same thing applies to congress

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