He Acts. And Then We React

In Nepal, king is in charge of everything and pro-democracy leadership is limited to reacting to the royal actions.

Dr Shashank Koirala of Nepali Congress

He is happy today but doesn’t know when he will be arrested again: Dr Shashank Koirala of Nepali Congress takes curd after he was released on Monday along with four other leaders including NP Saud, Baldev Majgaiya, Mina Pandey and Bhim Chand. Pic by Bikas Rauniar via Kantipur

By Dinesh Wagle

In a recent interview with me for Kantipur, celebrated writer and pro-democracy activist Manju Shree Thapa made an interesting point. Manjushree was talking in the context of why she stopped writing political commentary in foreign press after July 2005. We are confining ourselves only at reacting to the royal actions, the writer of famous books including Forget Kathmandu observed, and king is still in charge of the operation. “He does something and we react,” Manju Shree said. “We are going nowhere and king is doing exactly what is wants to do.” What a realistic observation! That is exactly what is happening these days in Nepal.

Take this photo as an example. Shasank Koirala, a Nepali Congress activist, is seen enjoying curd after he was released by the government today. Nothing wrong with this as everyone celebrates after getting out from the jail. Over the months, many leaders have been arrested at crucial times and after that ‘crucial’ period is over, they have been released. We make a hue and cry over the arrests and be happy and celebrate when the same person is released. We have not been able to move forward from that point. We have not been moving further than just reacting the royal actions.

Pro-democracy leadership is busy responding to the king’s actions and king is busy doing a new thing after another that are far from bringing the environment of reconciliation in the country. King throws a bait and we start analyzing that. The same is happening with the latest royal message delivered on the Democracy Day. Now the political leadership is busy condemning the message. If we closely analyze the major developments, we find Manju Shree Thapa very right that we have not taken initiation but limited ourselves reacting over royal actions.

Mentioning of Sahanak Koirala in this blog should not be considered a personal matter. He is just an example. There were many other leaders who were arrested before the municipal and were released today. All of them did what Shasank is doing in this photo. But they will be arrested again.

When the Supreme Court declared the notorious Royal Commission for Corruption Control null and void, not just Sher Bahadur Deuba but the whole of pro-democracy side of Nepali society celebrated in the decision thinking that the court really issued the verdict independently. I heard Shambhu Thapa, president of Nepal Bar Association saying that the decision demonstrates the there is still something called independent judiciary. But there are some people, and I fall in this category, who firmly believe that the court did not issue such a dramatic order without the prior knowledge of the Narayanhitti Royal Palace.

I was having a political discussion with youngsters of Kathmandu’s +2 colleges for Kantipur’s Anniversary and Democracy Day special supplement and a student to 11th grade in Noble Academy interestingly analyze the effects of the Supreme Court verdict. “The same court that refrained from issuing a stay order in a writ filed against the media ordinance declared the RCCC unconstitutional and dissolved the organization,” he said. “The king has successfully diverted the attention from the election criticism to this and we are now starting to think that the court is independent. With this decision, the king has not only diverted the attention of the country from the disputed election but also helped remove the previous impression of the court not being independent.”

Tanneri ra Prajantra: Kathmandu’s young folks are not naïve about political matter. They understand it. More on this discussion will be posted tomorrow.






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  1. Nepalisongs.info Avatar

    “The king has successfully diverted the attention from the election criticism to this and we are now starting to think that the court is independent. With this decision, the king has not only diverted the attention of the country from the disputed election but also helped remove the previous impression of the court not being independent.”

    well said..

  2. Jakob Avatar


    this comment is not concerning the above article. I am simply interested in if there is any way on contacting you. I have som questions about your opinions about westerners traveling to Nepal during this period of unrest. Is it safe for westerners to travel in Nepal now? What is you opinion on the subject.

    Thank you.

  3. Patriot Avatar

    The above observation could be correct. If indeed true then KG has won this round. Again, taking a leaf from Manjushree’s observation, it is true we are confined to reactionary politics. This is reinforced by the fact that apart from crying foul on last elections, there has been no innovative and focussed strategy from political parties on counteracting the move and taking advantage of such an unpopular act taken by KG.

  4. bcreative Avatar

    You guys are bunch of cynical, unconstructive, disagrace good for nothing..

    with attitude like: king did that.. it has to be wrong.. it will never get you anywhere…

  5. proud2bnepali Avatar

    Just a short reaction to the celebration of ledears “freed”

    This is the most patehtic sceen of this nation today. Look how they are celebrating when they are being so damn illusioned. The way they celebrate when they get out of the prison seems as though they have been victorious from a great war while they haven’t won a mere small battle. Those foools think it was a nearly a resotration of democracy when the Royal Cat was killed by the “people’s lion?”…

    Those leaders are really being nostalgic after being so far from power for so long..When they need to give a final push for the power of people to be returned they are again talking nonsense like restoration of parliament…well the king might again use “people’s lion..” to restore it as we all know a case is pending for that..so i think those “self made hero of democracy” should wait and celebrate when the house will also be restored….and everything will again be fine cause we nepalese forget things of past very very soon when it comes to be seem as something good is cooking out there in the closed doors.


  6. apildev neupane Avatar
    apildev neupane

    hello jacob!
    you are welcome to the himalayas…
    i assure you that it is always safe here in nepal and of course you can get the best place no the planet!

    you can mail me at apildev@gmail.com and i hope that you’d give me an opportunity to help you.

    thank you.
    apildev neupane

  7. yuddhabiram Avatar

    Date : 2006-02-17
    Nepal King plans exile: US Embassy expected to evacuate
    By D. Michael Vandeveer – Reporting from Nepal

    Kathmandu, 17 February, (Asiantribunbe.com): Nepal remains tense as the 7-Party agitation against the Monarchy gains strength and the Maoist continue to have success on the battle-field. Sources within the Palace report the King and his family are preparing for exile.

    The recent municipal elections proved to be a rebuff to the Nepalese King Gyanendra and have been denounced by the 7-Party Alliance, the Maoist, the UN and the international community as un-democratic.

    US Ambassador James Moriarty in a “Town Hall Meeting” for the American community stressed, “the need for maps to everyone’s homes”, and promised GPS readings for all homes of US citizens by February 20th.

    “Things are going to get worse in the coming months so please have your ‘go-bag’ ready so that you can evacuate in a minutes notice”, the Ambassador warned and described the situation in Nepal as , “a mess and getting worse”.

    “The Maoist may take advantage of there being no government, and come in and take it over”, cautioned the US Ambassador.

    The Ambassador said the Maoist are threatening Nepalese employees of the US Government, as well as Nepalese in US funded projects.

    On February-1, 2005, King Gyanendra suspended all civil and democratic rights in Nepal and has ruled with an iron-fist from the throne.

    Journalist, peace and trade union activist, representatives of civil-society, and members and supporters of the 7-Party Alliance have been beaten, arrested, brutalized on a daily basis.

    Human-Rights Organizations and the UN have condemned the Nepalese King and the RNA (Royal Nepalese Army) for crimes against humanity and demanded a return to ‘Constitutional Democracy.’

    The US, a major arms supplier, and trainer of the RNA have steadfastly condemned any peace-talks between the Maoist insurgents and the 7-Party Alliance, while paying lip-service to peace.

    A Senior US military advisor, retired Army Lieutenant General Edwin P. Smith, President of the Honolulu-based Asian Pacific Center for Security Studies was rushed to Kathmandu last month to assess the deteriorating situation. Without US arms and aid the Kingdom would be bankrupt by now. Economist estimated that after June 2006, there will be no possibility of paying monthly salaries to civil-servants and to the 150,000 strong RNA and police.

    The Maoist has threatened the King with execution for, “crimes against the Nepali people”.

    It is not if, but when King Bir Bikhram Shah will leave the Himalayan Kingdom for exile, the major question is, will the Rana controlled RNA support the New Republic and allow the Maoist to lay down their arms and join the 7-Party Alliance in democratic elections, or will the RNA continue to suppress the democratic aspirations of the Napali people ?

  8. sl Avatar

    The above says “Himalayan Kingdom for exile, the major question is, will the Rana controlled RNA support the New Republic and allow the Maoist to lay down their arms and join the 7-Party Alliance in democratic elections, or will the RNA continue to suppress the democratic aspirations of the Napali people ? ”
    What sort of crap is this. First of all the RNA is headed by a Thapa, just like the home Ministry.

  9. Manan Avatar

    Time is not on Mr. Shah’s side. He knows that. Look, a blunder like the so-called municipal elections can’t simply be washed away. Everybody is now aware that Mr. Shah’s hold on Nepalis is weak.

    I mentioned this before, and I’ll say this again. The political parties simply have to watch and wait. Mr. Shah and his dubious coterie will go down of their own accord. The only thing the parties need to display is patience.

    (Remember Mr. Shah’s three year timeline? One year is well up. Nothing much will change in two more years. Then the game will truly be up for him.)

    So lets just be patient. Two years is not a long time. Infact, if he keeps making too many blunders like ‘the municipal elections’ he may well crumble faster.

    Ultimately, it all depends on what Nepali people think. But I think in two more years, they will truly have had it with this man.

  10. Noname Avatar

    “Mentioning of Sahanak Koirala in this blog should not be considered a personal matter. He is just an example.”


    Anyway, great Shashank! Keep up the good work. We are all proud of u. U deserved that dahi :-))

  11. ameet Avatar

    no i don’t think that king is diverting the mass away from the unsuccessful election towards the dismissal of RCCC, because:
    1. people can be fooled 1 time 2 time not 1000 times (but nepali can be fooled for atleast 100 times. Just count it from the reign of king Trivuban, People say he is father of Democracy but very few knew the reality.
    2. There is no need of diverting, now people r so used to with the deeds of king that they can engage themselves without being surprised.
    3. king is like a bull sitting in the center of the new road ignoring all the traffic obstructions caused by it. He is just chewing, his regurgetates, i think u understood.
    4. one should not forgot huge voice of public against RCCC and even international donor communities and the brave voice of advocate santosh k. mahato.
    5. very less nepalis knew about the formation, functions and dismissal of RCCC so how can they be diverted.
    6. I can give more points….. if any body want to read

  12. ameet Avatar

    Dear JACOB
    i request u to not believe people out there who say ” it’s safe in Nepal”. it’s just way to attract tourist. If u go to villages, u will have to pay huge amount of money to the maoist, in the name of donation, if u don’t give u will be looted.
    Projects and missionaries are constantly fleeing to their country due to unsafe environments, Government is unable to mercy it’s own citizen, and how it could mercy on u foreigners.
    Now u see that our leaders r constantly threatning international communities on interferring on internal matters, so one day ,the so called obedient-royalist youths(vandalizers) may attack u foreigners to cool there anger.
    truely ,everything i am speaking is true. We Nepali are in so much sorrows and tears that it’s hard to keep our face smiling for u tourists.
    sorry Jacob

  13. gp Avatar

    Dear Jacob,

    Let me reply to Ameet’s comments discouraging you from coming to this beautiful land. Yes there are Maoist bandhs and the party bandhs and security check posts for the purpose of security in places. However, foreigners have not been harmed due to the political unrest by the government or the Maoists. Kathmandu and the hills around Kathmandu are perfect to travel to. Even tourist destinations like Pokhara and Chitwan are good to visit. You will be wisely advised by your embassy I’m sure not to stray off the beaten path and stick to tourist areas. For instance if you would like to see the mountains up close you should go to Namche and the Everest region. I assure you there are no Maoists there.
    I have lived through all of the political unrest in this country and have travelled to the Annapurna area and the Sagarmatha area, Pokhara and Chitwan during these times. I have not encountered any problems even though I am Nepali so I doubt you will. You probably have a much higher chance of getting into an ugly situation crossing the roads in New York city, or driving around in the fast highways of the west or even eating chicken these days.
    As for Ameet, you must be Indian trying to woo our tourists across the border.

  14. gp Avatar


    Let me recount a story of Nepali people, so you can distinguish political struggle with senseless attacking of tourists:

    A couple of tourists had gone off the beaten track in the Sagarmatha area. After wandering aimlessly around for hours they ended up near a hut. There a Sherpa man asked them if he could help with directions. When the couple explained where they were headed he requested that they stay with him the night and head off the next morning as it was getting dark.
    The couple entered the poor Sherpas very modest hut, where his four sons had just come in from their daily toil. The Sherpa man asked the couple if they had anything to eat and they replied no (they had’nt eaten for the past 18 hours!). At this reply, the man took out two plates of boiled potatoe with skin and all and offered it to the tourists. The four boys were staring wide eyed at the two, so both of them almost simultaneously said they were not really that hungry. Were they sure the man asked and when they said Yes, with a light sigh he handed the potatoes to his sons, who had earlier stared in sheer hunger at the only food being offered to their guests. However, they had not uttered a word.
    This my dear Jacob is Nepalese hospitality.

  15. ameet Avatar

    Hey gp i hope it is girija prasad ,i am from Pokhara and currently studying in Kathmandu, i know how is situation in pokhara more than you, one thing that u have to understand gp is ,Nepal is not only manang and mustang, there are many other places.
    man, have u been to beni, or the nearest duakot, nwakot, have u met tourists who r suffered by maoists. Have u looked it kantipur poster that tourist being stuck on the roads by checking and jams. Though checking is not for them but they are suffering, though landmines are not for them ,but they can be amputed, though i don’t want to discourage tourist from coming Nepal I respect there life and freedom rather than there tour craze.

  16. ameet Avatar

    One more think gp, Being a Nepali i knew all about nepalese hospitality, but those on the powers don’t know, they only know money and war. If you r nepali why r u just giving other examples, why can’t u tell what have u done? how many tourist have u welcomed and how many nights have u slept hungry to fulfill other’s hunger.
    It’s easy to give examples but it’s bitter to accept the truth.
    Jacob if u love boiled potatoes than ur body then u r welcome to Nepal

  17. ameet Avatar

    hey girija prasad (gp), i think ur the same leader of nepali congress who says”we need democracy” but has no democracy inside his party, which he don’t sees. u too invite others but don’t realize there trouble after they come here. Do u know, 1crore nepalis are directly affected by the maoist insurgency, can u believe this number?
    It’s easy to live in city and suggest people, go to villages to see bunkers, roaming moaists gurriellas, if there is sudden clash between guirellas and the Armys who care about the poor residents, who care about the tourists and who the hell care about the HOSPITALITY? u damn understand gp……………………………….

  18. gp Avatar

    Hey ameet (shit head),

    You sound like a tour guide whose given the wrong advice and gone off the beaten track. Now you probably get paid to hurl bricks at the police.
    Let’s not assume and presume as you say – checking is not for them but blah blah, landmines are not for them but blah blah blah. Too many assumptions and presumptions. Has there been one tourist in the past decade that has been blown up by a landmine or been shot at or killed? Don’t be fatalistic and reactionary, history and reality has shown that tourists are safe here in spite of the insurgency.
    You talk of Beni and Nuwakot, who the hell is telling anyone to visit there, as I have said stay off the hot beds but the other places I have mentioned are safe. I have visited them on numerous occasions and have plenty of friends who live and work there.
    I have welcomed many a tourist and some, and have eaten anything given to me or not. The example of my hospitality is a true happening and there are many like that which is pointless to account to you and your fatalistic point of view.
    Actually more than 1 crore Nepalis are effected by the Maoists. Although I dont know which side of your ass you pulled out such a arbitary figure.
    Let me finally say, that my reply and attack on you comes as a result of a direct understanding of the sort of shit you are. Normally I reserve my tone in writing like this to a select few. It’s not ” u damn understand gp…… “, it is – well I dont even know how to correct such semi literate language.

  19. Laxman Avatar

    Hibernation of the media and of the people is not surprising while they write and observe Black Day. Both try to establish bias opinion with the help of hypothetical and debatable “hearsay” rather than reality on the ground. Every country goes through political upheaval before it finds common ground for a political system that may fit to run her civic polite. If we engage giving foolish example of comparative governance of Panchayat system and with 12 years of corrupt political rule of those political thugs, we probably keep arguing on our EGOISTIC BIAS rather than finding any real solution or ideas to address Nepal’s woo. No matter how bad or worse the Panchyat system was, a 12 years span of democratic governance should transform any country to a functioning developing nation, rather than a failing state as Nepal is turning to become one very soon.

    King is symbolic constitutional head. When media as well as this so called “pro-democracy” protesters and the politicians are pointing finger at His majesty the King, we must not forget that the present political turmoil was created single handedly by those corrupt political parties hungry for power and by the Maoist terrorists who took the full advantage of the time to cast the veil of terror by killing innocent civilians, security personnel, blowing up schools, hospitals, government establishment etc. They have definitely succeeded to bring the whole country under their knees. These mayhem have been going on unabated in an unprecedented level while whole world became the silent spectator of such butchery with an occasional BBC’s trashy reporting of the despotic Hindu King rather than any credible condemnation. (The BBC was more interested in maligning the Nepalese Hindu customs by printing the story of 8 year old Girl’s trauma during Kumari Pooja rather than killings of the innocent by the Maoist).

    The outcome was horrible as we see now. The poorest of the poor people of Nepal left with no earnings, no livelihood or any shelter. The children were forced to join the Maoist or the family faces the dire consequences. The struggling economy further faltered. All residential and non residential businesses started either shutting down or left the country for good. When this horrible crisis was continuing for a while, what happened then to our concerned pro- democratic citizens and politicians? Why no body thought of declaring Black Day for the killings of thousands of innocent Nepali citizen by the Maoist thug? Where those political whores who are now shedding crocodiles tears and shouting”Prajatantra ko Mirtyu” death of Democracy now? Even secretly meeting in India for Madame Sonia’s blessings rather than to find any credible political solution working with the King.

    When His majesty the King stepped in to stop further spiral of innocent civilian deaths, destruction of public properties, these greedy political leaders did not hesitate even to join hands with those Maoist whose hands have been drenched with civilians innocent blood. What can a king do in such situation than not making any move? It should also be seen from a King’s perspective that he did not have any other choice but to put his own life in the line of fire to put a stop to this politically explosive situation. And this he did under extreme difficult political situation when most of the powerful Western countries and our neighbor India ridiculed his action as undemocratic and autocratic arrogance even though, India needed to play more constructive role helping His Majesty to bring normalcy in the region rather than to invite the Maoist terrorist leader for an audience and keep issuing threat to stop supplying arms to RNA when the arm supply was very necessary in combating Maoist terrorism. In order to save the dignity of our Nation, His Majesty has no other alternative but to seek arms to China or even from Pakistan.

    It is a pity that we always see things through the western eyes rather than to have our own way of looking things. Even the media those who sale their editorials for few hundred bucks, act as if their only interest is to protect the Western values and interest rather than our’s (Nepal). When the Maoist insurgency started, our corrupt political leaders never paid any attention even though many of our treasure were destroyed one by one. So did the media. Just one of the major incident that happened few years back, the Maoist blew one of Asia’s biggest Rice factory in Rajapur, Bardia when many poor people lost their livelihoods in that locality and Nepal lost huge foreign exchange earnings through exporting quality rice. This type of terrorist act against our Nation is still continuing.Few recent carnage by the Maoist as evident from various media is no doubt a crime against humanity. What is Maoist trying to achieve? Are these their political motto in destroying everything until Nepal reaches the Stone Age?

    How about this mayhem never even qualified for our learned member’s condemnation or a BLACK DAY? Unfortunately, we only learned to bark when our Western masters told us that “Democracy is in danger”, the little King is the root of all evils, even though he is entitled to govern the country under exceptional condition as permitted by the Nepal’s constitution (Clause 117).

    It is time to refresh our memory of Nepal’s history of establishment of democracy. When the Rana regime gained power acting as the puppet of the British East India Company and in those primitive days with a weak governing system, the Rana’s put iron clad governance on King’s power and kept His Majesty almost under house arrest blocking all outside connection. Finally, the present King Gyanendra’s grandfather, His majesty King Tribhuvan, revolted openly against the Rana regime.

    The despotic Rana then tried to kill King Tribhuban, who ultimately took shelter to the Indian embassy in Kathmandu to save his life, and later fled to India. Later on, with the help of the Indian government, his majesty King Tribhuvan returned back to Nepal overthrowing the Rana regime, hence helping to sow the seeds of PRAJATANTRA, the beginning of present democratic norms. In BS 2007 Falgun 7, Tanka Prasad Acharaya, an ordinary citizen, became the Prime Minister of Nepal with the help of His Majesty King Tribhuban. History tells us the Nepal’s Royal had always given importance to the National interest and the people’s welfare of Nepal above their own self interest unlike the corrupt political parties.

    While saying this, what I am trying to understand from many like minded people and various interactions that whether it is of any use to protest against the King’s action now, when no body will argue for him and his all actions are not completely out of controversy. But what possible solutions we have right now to save our country. Protesting and observing BLACK DAY probably will not fetch any viable solution for such a huge political and economic mess that has been piled up because of decade old corrupt political miss- governance. I think we should give His Majesty King the benefit of doubt and to give HIM a fair chance to govern and to see whether he can reverse at least the culture of killings and destruction that has been mimed our tiny Nation as implemented by the Maoist terrorists in the name of Political change.

    If the KING fails, history will not forgive him. But at least we know if he can reverse this present political crisis, even partially, to start some sort of conciliatory democratic process as we see in the step in up- coming municipal election that may be a huge benefit for the welfare of our people and our country. The present scenario of Nepal demands immediate political intervention to stop and reverse the present act of crime against humanity and downgrade economic spiral. Is there any alternative solution which may stop and revitalize the democratic system that will accommodate only the interest of the people of Nepal rather than the SELF political interest of the corrupt politicians?

  20. blogwatch Avatar

    Mr. D. Wagley:
    “He does something and we react, We are going nowhere and king is doing exactly what is wants to do.”

    The point is very agreeable. He knows what he is doing. Cling to the Power and make more Money as much possible.

    Nepalis are fighting to get rid of Clans of Shahs and Ranas. Now you are encouraging Koirala Clan. I do not know about the contribution from Dr. Koirala to Nepal yet. In the picture he looks happy to return from a Ganga Snan (in jail). I guess we do not need any candle to find the Sun.

    Jakob: I guess you are now confused in this Blog. You better ask a registerd Tour Operator regarding Nepal Tours. The Tour operator is responsible for your safe being in Nepal. There are a few places in Nepal, which is free from Maoists atrocities. I see why you can not enjoy a good holidays in Nepal.

  21. ameet Avatar

    finally mr.gp u showed who u are, such a pathetic person. I hope u internally realized what i said is true, but not trying to show out because of ur so called knowledge and ego. Now after u were unable to relate with the topic u started looking at my spellings, literature, grammers. Respected gp i am not here to learn or teach english, and u say me as a guide ,yeah u are right , i can guide u to many parts of country and i have encountered many foreigners forced to pay money to maoists, just look the old editions of kantipur magazine mr. highly litterate gp. If i had to reply i can use 30 thousands insulting words against u but, i feel mercy about you.
    1 crore is not a mere data ,they are directly affected ones. Others more or less fall on indirectly affected.
    I recommend u to visit central beureau of statistis(CBS) and many other NGO and INGOS and govt. sectors if u want to see datas.
    i recommend you to visit or meet tourist who are compelling their country government to ban their citizens from coming to nepal.
    People like u are trap for them, just like maoists and KG government who always sees peace.
    Surely i am shit head ,not only me but all crores of nepali being unable to stop our dear motherland from detoriating. thanks
    I am local of pokhara, i have already told u ,how many times do it take to enter in ur brain? stick to reality man

  22. ameet Avatar

    And one more thing gp what do u mean by, “Now you probably get paid to hurl bricks at the police.” ?
    POLICE are the care givers for the Nations, i can feel free to live without worry ,it’s all due to Police .If there were no police, there will be such a chaos , such a riot in country, kidnapping ,rape all of these. I give my salute to this brave people of nation.
    I only hurl bricks towards the idiots like u dear respected highly literrate grammatically expert gp (gu prasad).

  23. gp Avatar

    Local of Pokhara. It seems that it’s been a while since you have been delocalised to Kathmandu.

  24. ameet Avatar

    dear gp
    who will be delocalised it will be clear if u wish to meet me personally.
    If u want to meet me then mail me at ameetdgl@yahoo.co.in
    I really need a tough fight, if u dare

  25. gp Avatar


    I have no interest in meeting you. But you have a strange habit of underestimating your opponents. When you think of gp you probably get a picture of GP Koirala in your mind.

    I dont dare because it would be ugly, very ugly for you.

  26. gp Avatar


    Actually I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to you for being a little rude. However, let us agree to disagree. I think there is enough Nepalis fighting Nepalis right now, so I think we should not join that group as well.

    Jai Nepal!

  27. charles Avatar

    I think it is right that pro-democracy groups react to the king, this stain on Nepal, is the brutal dictator of the country. Nepal has never been closer to ousting the horrible arrogant pathetic royalists who flail bullets, and hatred at human rights activists, anti-child labour campaigners, charities, and all those who want a better Nepal. When I read their spittle, I just think we need to oust these people, I have never read such horrible views.

    The anti-democracy people, just routinly slap, out bile, at innocent people, they are just HATe, They support a bullying king, who jails decent peoplee at will, and tries to ally with any thug regime in the world purely for his sake. I say well done democarcy activists, the fight is getting closer to victory, and these awful horrible people, will be evicted from Nepal, and life will become tremendous.

    I have never read anything so horrible and derogatory in all the world’s internet sites, as the attitudes, the horrible attitudes, of these slug faced royalists.

  28. hawkeye Avatar

    When the meaning is learnt, then only will you be able to understand it. otherwise its no more than assumptions left to be interpretted to your likings inclined to your interests.

  29. camilla Avatar

    Oh! Shut up charles. Dont pretend to know anything about this country. All the parties involved, the King, the crooked leaders in the democratic parties and the Maoists are responsible for the current mess and the mess of the past 15 years. Victory is only possible when all three parties lock their selfish heads together. But dont try and blame one and not the other. All of them are at fault equally and unequivocally.

  30. camilla Avatar

    And oh charles, if you have’nt read anything more horrible and derogatory it can be said “Tu se” on the other sides behalf as well.

  31. hari Avatar

    “He Acts. And Then We React”

    so u want us to seal our lips? Ok we are ready to do so as it’s none other than our respectable ms. manju, our ‘tutor of democracy’, who has uttered these golden words.

  32. ameet Avatar

    anyway the last message u write was a little bit good part of urs.
    Agreeing and disagreeing is not the matter, matter is how much u listen to others. Everybody can listen and response but very few can both listen and response positively.

  33. jm Avatar

    Manju, where are you? … we need you!


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