Dr. Tulsi Giri Explains The Royal Message

[UWB Note: Thank you Nepalnews.com for translating this news from Kantipur daily (original article) and removing my byline attached to the item. Thanks for showing the path of professionalism! And in the Internet journalism, Nepalnews, there is something called linking articles to the original source! I didn’t see you linking your translation to the original article but I am sure you are aware of that! -Dinesh Wagle]


Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers Dr Tulsi Giri has said that the message of the King on the occasion of the National Democracy Day on Sunday has left the responsibility on the political parties to make conducive environment for reconciliation.

Kantipur daily quoted second man in the royal cabinet Dr Giri as saying, “The ball now is in the party’s court and naturally further political development will go ahead as per the reaction of the political parties to the message.” [He diddn’t utter the words “further political development”, Nepalnews, see my original article, that’s mentioned in the parenthesis.]

He further said that the message is one step ahead than the royal address of the February 1.

Stating that the language of the message is very good, Dr Giri said the King had clearly appealed for the reconciliation and talks. [“Nice words he has used,” Dr Giri said about the royal message. “Sundar” in Nepali is not always “Good” in English, Nepalnews!]

Dr Giri said that the King is interested for reconciliation so the political parties should understand the King’s intention and be ready for it.

Stating that there is no need to mention agendas for talks in the message, Dr Giri urged to see the meaning of the message rather than content. [No, bad and wrong translation, Nepalnews. Giri has categorically stated to see the “substance of the message rather than conent”. And the word substance has been used in the Kantipur news.]

Giri said that the problems dogging the country could not be resolved by organizing rallies in the streets and added that there should be dialogue and consensus among the King and political parties to give an outlet to the present political crisis.

He further said that all should be flexible to resolve the present crisis, adding, that does not mean all should agree in the King’s roadmap, but the thing is to find consensus through dialogue.

Dr Giri urged the political parties to think about what shape they want to give to the politics of the country and called for dialogue to find consensus.

Dr Giri was of the view that though Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala had said talks and consensus were possible only if the municipal polls was postponed, talks were still possible at present as “demands like talks are not possible without restoration of parliament have not been put forth.”

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46 thoughts on “Dr. Tulsi Giri Explains The Royal Message

  1. This is not the time for reconcilation, as we have seen so many betrayls of so called reconcilations in the past. It is time to put monarchy system in “Shahi Chidiyakhana”. If parties shake hand with KG, lets see how Maobadi will react to it.

  2. Heard that a Canadian media report says that KG is planning a fast break with his close pals. (i.e. leaving the country). Anyone heard anything on this?

  3. Now we must have total revolution through the election of constituent assembly which is the bottom line. Nepal has been ruined by copromises. We compromised with Rana In 2007 and we compromised with the King in 2046. The policy compromise does not give concrete political results. I ask each and every party not to compromise with the King this time. Lets see how long can the king go being already isolated internally and internationally. EU is going to decide about sanctions, and our FM is talking about the successes of his chakari foreign policy. Long live Ramesh nath and his sons in Shital Niwas.

  4. gT

    It is a dutch guy who is well known in this Blog had made the report in Asian Tribune. Please find the content:

    Date : 2006-02-17
    Nepal King plans exile: US Embassy expected to evacuate
    By D. Michael Vandeveer – Reporting from Nepal

    Kathmandu, 17 February, (Asiantribunbe.com): Nepal remains tense as the 7-Party agitation against the Monarchy gains strength and the Maoist continue to have success on the battle-field. Sources within the Palace report the King and his family are preparing for exile.

    The recent municipal elections proved to be a rebuff to the Nepalese King Gyanendra and have been denounced by the 7-Party Alliance, the Maoist, the UN and the international community as un-democratic.

    US Ambassador James Moriarty in a “Town Hall Meeting” for the American community stressed, “the need for maps to everyone’s homes”, and promised GPS readings for all homes of US citizens by February 20th.

    “Things are going to get worse in the coming months so please have your ‘go-bag’ ready so that you can evacuate in a minutes notice”, the Ambassador warned and described the situation in Nepal as , “a mess and getting worse”.

    “The Maoist may take advantage of there being no government, and come in and take it over”, cautioned the US Ambassador.

    The Ambassador said the Maoist are threatening Nepalese employees of the US Government, as well as Nepalese in US funded projects.

    On February-1, 2005, King Gyanendra suspended all civil and democratic rights in Nepal and has ruled with an iron-fist from the throne.

    Journalist, peace and trade union activist, representatives of civil-society, and members and supporters of the 7-Party Alliance have been beaten, arrested, brutalized on a daily basis.

    Human-Rights Organizations and the UN have condemned the Nepalese King and the RNA (Royal Nepalese Army) for crimes against humanity and demanded a return to ‘Constitutional Democracy.’

    The US, a major arms supplier, and trainer of the RNA have steadfastly condemned any peace-talks between the Maoist insurgents and the 7-Party Alliance, while paying lip-service to peace.

    A Senior US military advisor, retired Army Lieutenant General Edwin P. Smith, President of the Honolulu-based Asian Pacific Center for Security Studies was rushed to Kathmandu last month to assess the deteriorating situation. Without US arms and aid the Kingdom would be bankrupt by now. Economist estimated that after June 2006, there will be no possibility of paying monthly salaries to civil-servants and to the 150,000 strong RNA and police.

    The Maoist has threatened the King with execution for, “crimes against the Nepali people”.

    It is not if, but when King Bir Bikhram Shah will leave the Himalayan Kingdom for exile, the major question is, will the Rana controlled RNA support the New Republic and allow the Maoist to lay down their arms and join the 7-Party Alliance in democratic elections, or will the RNA continue to suppress the democratic aspirations of the Napali people ?

    Post your comments

    – Asian Tribune –

  5. Is there a shortage of news? Why is Nepalnews stealing without crediting Dinesh Wagle’s write up after translating (incorrectly we gather from Dinesh’s corrections in brackets)? Aren’t there reporters filing reports from other areas? And why just focus on ‘high politics’? What about economy, health, budget, other issues?

  6. ke ho nepalnews–iidhar ka mal oodhar without quoting the source??

    Michael is not dutch guy, but an americana.

  7. Dear Dineshjee,

    Thx a lot for your comments and also for teaching professionalism to us. I gather that you must have torn more ‘bhotos’ in journalism than we guys at Nepalnews.

    For your kind information, while reproducing news for the wider audience, we give credit to the newspaper/media concerned only (not the reporter), unless it is an opinion piece. We chose to carry your news report based on its news value and we have duly given credit to Kantipur daily. We normally provide links to related news from our archive only. We don’t provide links to original Nepali articles for obvious reasons.

    Pls feel free to write directly to us (editors@mos.com.np) if you have further queries.

    Wishing you all the best!

    Bhagirath Yogi

  8. I think its fine to take ference from someone else article while mentioning the source. So Yogi jee.. its fine.
    But better try to write something your own than just parroting …

  9. Micheal I had a feeling you’d been busy (writing). But we’ve missed your revolutionary posts. Come on, we armchair stategists want to hear from you.

    Blogwatch, I went to The Asian Tribune, but where is the article? Can you post the URL please. The 17th’s stories aren’t there.

    It is quite possibly a Dutch name, and Micheal’s Radio Station ‘handle’ suggests America… Kaha bosnahunchha Micheaji?

  10. While I agree that one must quote sources, I do not think bickering over that thing is a good way for professionals. Moreover, they have not credited themselves for the news. They did not say that the news was their original. They have credited Kantipur.
    Nepalnews has been a pioneer source of information for most people in Nepal and abroad equally. I credit them for their effort. Until recently, I thought Nepalnews was the only site for latest information.

    UWB team!
    You have done a great job bringing the news from remote parts of the country. Thanks a lot for that. But, please do not drag yourself over such issues with low remarks. There are ways to convey your message and you don’t have to make fun of others. This seems more like ego problem rather than professionalism. You just wanted your name, don’t you? Well we recognize you by now Wagle ji! You don’t have to show your true inner color! We would better appreciate you without that.

  11. I read the nepalnews article on this one and it clearly credits kanitpur. and as Mr. Yogi said, this was a news piece not an opinion piece. so, I don’t any reason for mr. wagle to get pissed.

  12. I totally agree to Bhagirath Y. Well said!!! As per professionalism is concerned, I think, Mr Wagle need not teach about it to the pioneer news portal on current affairs in Nepal..

    Wagle jee was too early to post the comment about the article in Nepalnews. Perhaps, he didnt notice credits given to kanitpur. For your information, Even BBC and CNN websites DO NOT always give credits to reporters while reproducing news for the wider audience. I think credit to the media house was just enough.

    So, wagle jee..calm down man!!! Theres no reasons why you should get pissed off. On the contrary, you should be grateful and thank nepalnews for carrying the piece evaluating the weight of it for greater audience.

    Thankyou wagle jee for the piece and thankyou nepalnews for reproducing it. Keep up your good job!! People like me who go through nepalnews manytimes a day might not at all have read it if it was not reproduced there.

  13. If bibas aka T…..says yes…then it is yes…comon guys….listen to this man!!!he is the best interpreter we ever had….

  14. Dr. Tulsi Giri, what can be said of him – well just as I had said Kantipur was a good laugh and a comic book, they can and do make Giri the central comic character. You donot even require cartoon drawings, you just need to take photographs of him, and you dont need to think of anything to make up a story, because you just have to print what he says word for word. I think Kantipur and Giri are sould mates, both heights of comedy and farce. Maybe Giri should think of running the Kantipur after he is oput of the VC post.

  15. Dear Bhagirath Yogi ji,

    Thank you very much for your views.

    I am genuinly shocked to see that you brought up the issue of ‘bhoto’. I believe that a man do not have to “torn more bhotos” to learn new things and to tell what is right or what is wrong. And it is definitely not necessary that those who have “torn more bhotos” know better than those who haven’t. In today’s journalism, we have seen young folks sidelining or replacing the old guards (with some exceptions).

    I firmly believe that what Nepalnews did with my article was not professionally right. On the one hand, you mention that you selected and translated the article “based on its news value” and on the other hand, you have chosen to selectively delete the name of the reporter who wrote that article. There is no law or rule that bars you from deleting my name and you did what you deemed correct. But as a career journalist, I expect a prestigious organization like Nepalnews to understand the importance of reporters in journalism.

    Newspaper as such do not go and ask people for their comments. Reporters do. People working for papers do. You might conclude that I am hungry for byline as one commentator has already stated above. Yes, that would not be completely wrong because it is reporters’ right to have byline on stories that they and their editors deem exclusive. If editors think a reporter has done more than just usual reporting and worked hard on a story, they give bylines to the stories. Byline is one major way reporters get exposure to the society.

    There is a tendency especially among Kathmandu-based journalists working for foreign media that they sit in their Kathmandu desks and translate or pull out the news published in Nepali media without properly crediting the source and earn their living. That is a kind of intellectual exploitation going on for quite some time. I am not against quoting publications but the question is how much? Can you pull out the whole of an article, translate that into any language that you wish to and give credit to the source deep inside the article? Is that a good thing to do? Is that professional?

    Quoting a source, if I am not mistaken, means when you are writing something and on the context, you quote the related parts from other article or write-up. Yes, you have reproduced “news for the wider audience.” Okay, talking about reproduction of the news I am not entirely sure if you can pull out the text published in a separate publications and their official web site without written permission to do so. It would be great to know if Nepalnews had taken prior permission of Kantipur Publications for reproducing that particular news. My idea is that if you had really wanted your readers to read that news, you could have directed them to the related link.

    Instead of doing that Nepalnews tried to translate the whole of the article without changing the lines or theme or the tone. You have not quoted Kantipur but pulled out the whole article and cleverly removed the byline mentioning Kantipur somewhere inside the article. It is no different than translating the full text of Muna Mandan into English, publishing that in Nepalnews and saying somewhere in the middle of the verse that a poet has written this poem. And claiming that you have given due credit to the poet!

    And in Internet media, links play important role. Nepalnews is an Internet media, it’s not a print outlet. You say that Nepalnews “normally provide links to related news from our archive only. We don’t provide links to original Nepali articles for obvious reasons.” Why? Why not provide link on the main section? Is there any change in the content of the article after that is transferred from main section to the archive section?

    And what is that “obvious reason” that bars you from linking translations to the original articles? Could you please explain? I feel your audiences deserve to know the answer of this question.

    I am asking this question because I also fall in that category of people who expect fair play from esteemed and pioneering people and organizations in the society. Nepalnews has set an illustrious example in Nepali Internet journalism through its pioneering initiations. And such things should not stop when it comes to crediting Nepali reporters and linking to their original articles.

    If one “obvious reason” for not linking the article is the fear of loosing audience to the competing websites, then let me tell you that Nepalnews will not loose a single audience by doing that. That will only help you become more professional. Even New York Times links to the web site of the Washington Post and vice versa when they quote from each other. If you feel that linking to original article will direct traffic to competitors, then let that be. There is no meaning of behaving like “Mohi Magne, Dhungro Lukaune”!

    As you have suggested I have also emailed this comment to you at editors@mos.com.np

    Dinesh Wagle

  16. Hello Bhagirath Yogi ji,

    I had no idea that you can also resort to such a cheap and fallacious reply to chide a journalist. It is an open secret to all how Nepalnews plagiarizes news stories from other papers without giving due credit.

    You say, “We give credit”??? No, you don’t. You have reproduced my news stories published in a daily scores of times without giving any credit.

    If you just quote some parts of a news story, you don’t need to give credit to the individual story (I think you know, I am just reminding you of your textbooks on journalism which, you seem, to have forgotten). But remember the byline when you reproduce the whole text. I don’t mean that you should not reproduce, but I suggest that you give credit to an individual reporter whenever you reproduce the whole text.

    And, please refrain from plagiarizing.

  17. I fully support Dinesh Wagle. It would be better if Mr. Bhagirath Yogi repond here in the blog itself. Ya, I also find Mr. Yogi’s “obvious reasons” the most vague in the whole text… and I turly say that this is not the first time that nepalnews has done that… I have read the exact pieces of news (better say copy and paste news) in nepalnews that were earlier published on THT or TKP. Is not that true Mr. Yogi?

  18. Oh my god! How old are you dinsh jee?
    You haved sttarted talking professionalism. what a joke.
    Copying artiles from kantipur without letting us know the relation between this propaganda bolg site and Kp. Is there a professionalism in this?
    Singing Bhajans of Narayan Wagle, Indian Embassy and others.
    First tell us your relation with Naryan Wagle. May be you can write an article on that. how you were born and how you met Naryan so on…

    And also tell us your link in the Indian Embassy, i heard there is another Wagley from Uttar Pradesh in the Press Section. he may be your brother lost in the Mela of Kumbha!

  19. ………now so-called professionals are fighting in this absurd blog site. shame on you both. this is nepali journalism. dear readers this is what goes inside. don’t beleive anyone all r corrupt.
    And i see no difference between Dhamala and Wagley. Don’t worry Bhagirath.

  20. While I agree with Wagle that one must cite sources, I do not understand why he is so pissed off for the failure to mention his name. Is it not that you are way too popular to fight over such things? He mentions Kantipur anyway. It is not claiming that the article is its own.I agree, reporters have spent a lot of time and effort to get the news but you should not just be looking for ways to promote yourself. You can be popular even though you are modest.

    Sorry for not going comparing the news before. Yea, Nepalnews has to either paraphrase completely or copy the whole article and cite sources. Had Nepalnews tried to translate in such a lame way, it would have drawn sharp public criticisms out here in USA.(may be legal battle too !!) I don’t know how far we have gone in terms of copyright issue in Nepal. But Wagle ji, we know you are a great journalist. Please do keep yourself at that high status.

  21. Plagiarism in Nepal: is it a matter of discussion.

    Nepali journalism itself is a big joke, which has contributed a lot in flaring the crisis.

    Have anyone who vist this site often felt any article or comments made by anyone from UWB is towards minimizign the conflict. never

    go to hell you journalists in Nepal who always have hidden links and your articles always try to support a group rather than the nation.

    I admit visiting this site just to check how much hatred this site is propogating and dividing us all.

  22. What is this cock fight?? Is this another Sajha.com?? I think coke’s remark is offensive. Hope he is not the agent for nepalnews!!! When patrakars fight, that will be real nasty. Lets refrain that.

    Plagarism is not acceptable even in Somalia or Sudan. In the first place this thing should have settled over the phone. Now it is in public discussion forum. Only place where plagarism is common is in another website called Sajha where people just copy and paste bunch of news pieces.

  23. they are talking about plagaurism, when these medias publish news based on speculations and assumptions… baaah!!

  24. Bibas,

    Are you of the opinion that Rolling Stones shouldn’t fight against piracy just because they are too popular and talking about anti-piracy would degrade them? Please explain this to me. Do you want a reporter to be victim of plagiarism and copyright infringement of Nepalnews just because he is “popular”?

    How can you conclude that they haven’t claimed that the story is their original? Look at their intention. See the word “Nepalnews something” pasted at the end of the story. That’s their credit line which gives the impression that the story was prepared by them, not by Kantipur, and they have quoted Kantipur daily only once and that too somewhere in between. But the reality is they don’t have a single word added in the story. That’s how they credit themselves for their original stories too. Even when paper like International Herald Tribune reproduces the articles from their publisher New York Times, IHT gives reporter’s byline in the beginning and mentions New York Times at the end of the story.

    I am eagerly waiting for people from Nepalnews to respond the issues I have raised in my previous comment. (A Nepalnews official has confirmed that my comment has reached their inbox and they have gone through the content. My professional ethic bars me from publishing that “off the record” email conversation here.)

  25. I have noticed several times, Wagley’s english language ability goes up and down like a sinusoidal wave.

  26. Wagle ji!
    I did not mean that you stop against plagiarism. But, don’t you think you are going too far in this issue? Well, you could have settled the dispute among yourselves. Now, you people are showing how deep inter-personal clashes are in Nepalese journalism. You should have been united rather than divided over the issue of plagiarism.
    As I mentioned in my previous post, plagiarism is a big issue in most countries but I don’t know our law. But I still assume the way Nepalnews copied the article demeans professionalism. However, the way you tried to deal with the issue is childish. This is your cheap propoganda to increase your customer base. However, readers won’t be deterred from going to Nepalnews instead of coming to your blog site because of this. Nepalnews carries a vast array of news and it is by far the most accessible source of information to most people unless we want to have some intellectual debate.
    You did mean to gain popularity by raising this issue. Otherwise, why would you put it in a public forum? You could have emailed Yogi and settled the issue yourselves. So, don’t talk about professionalism in such a cheap sense. Tell them about their failure to cite properly but don’t cry out to your invaluable customers. You could have brought the discussion only after talking to them. If they refused to accept your request against plagiarism, you could have come to us. After all, its the customer base that you all rely on.
    Moreover, why don’t you MAKE US INFORMED about every emails that you people have exchanged since the beginning of the row? Now you talk about professionalism. Previously when you brought up the topic to us, it was ok! And now, that we all know about it, you want to keep it within you guys? What professional ethic are you talking about? Is it not something that signifies a “hypocrite”?You brought up the right topic but with a selfish intention. EXPRESS YOUR INTENTIONS properly to your readers. Don’t talk about plagiarism when your main intention was to grab the attention of customers.

    Your site is a great source for original information from all over Nepal. Though we get less varied information, we get something from the field itself. I am taking advantage of the free-ride you are giving.Thanks boss!!!!

  27. Dear Coke,

    I believe DWagle is grown up in ordinary Nepali family (like me!!). You can not expect very British ascent on his English (oral or written). You may be from very elite “barga” with an access to Eaton College or Oxford, Cambridge, or Harvard. So what? May be Wagle was not so lucky to get Mama-Papa’s scholarships like you do. Only way I can compare you with Wagle ji if you post your CV in this website. You are trying to belittle Wagle with something that is irrelevant to mention here.

  28. While it is important that you write in a clear and effective way, I do not think we have a problem of english out here.
    Please, keep your hi-fi attitude with yourself. We care more about the content than the presentation. Linguistic skills are more for your literature review rather than information dissemination. Here, we would be better off if the english is plain and simple so that one and all can understand.

    I commend Wagle for his effective communication skills.

  29. coke doesn’t talk about wagle’s limitations nor his ability to commute his opinions to others in english, but more on the fluctuation in his level of english ( which I do not see, or maybe he is pointing something else which I cannot link to either) wrig. I maybe wrong, or you guys might have read him wrong. I don’t know.. I usually don’t read the articles here, as most to me ( my personal opinion) seems biased. I am here to read the opinions of the frequenters than anything….

    god bless

  30. and about the row between wagleji and nepalnews, I think it would have been better taken care of through emails or face to face talk rather than having had brought the issue here in the forum, bit childish. But I guess sometimes we all are.

  31. hawkeye is quite right guessin me.
    Prefect english is not important as long as you are conveying authentic, credible, unbiased information. this is my POV.
    Sorry to say that such a popular forum like this should not have propagated news in destroying the nation state as a whole challenging the nepali nationalism.
    I was astonished once, a nationalist like wagley, some of his positing were really hurting. When he was covering news on RNA, it seemed he was too harsh on them. One should not forget that the army will remain evenif we don’t have the King or the maoists or even the poliotical parties. they are the symbol of the nepali nationalism. they are ignorant bunch of people like us, who are never taught the basics of human rights and democracy. They actually reflect the society that we have made for them. And in a war like situation people do not talk of democracy and human rights.
    Plus i suggest wagle jee while writng on national issues he should be careful sometime as the issues he covers might benefit the foreigners who really want the country divided. the death of RNA means death of the coutry as a whole.
    I still salute youngsters like Wagley and i beleive that they are the future of the country. i want them to have thier own prespective on issues concerning country as a whole.
    he has indeed done a good job by choosing this noble profession of but i suggest him modestly not to flare the crisis.
    i want an independent journalism. and pls stop singing Bhajans.

  32. tulisi giri is a ‘shahi cartoon’ and is entertaining us .thanks to our entertaining goverment clapping the filthy cover.

  33. Wagle ji!
    I was expecting a response to my posts from you. What happened? I know you are busy but I think you can manage to respond to the issues I have raised in my post dated 21st of February, 2006( 10:15 pm). Do go over each and every issues I have raised and respond if you may.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your response!

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  35. it is sad that such a big news site like nepalnews.com has a few resource like its own journalists… look at their page about us, they are showing ceo at the top of the page, ok, that’s great CEO does a lot of things including writing news for nepalnews.com. i see photos of the nepal news team, where is Bhagirath Yogi ? i can’t seem to find a single photo of him on the internet.

    I agree with dinesh on this: Lots of nepali online news sites are born these days with no reporters, no photographers, and some of them don’t even have a goal! Lets be honest, how many of the reporters of nepalnews.com are on the ground and how many of them are behind the free fancy high speed internet that it’s own company provides!! I think nepalnews.com is losing visitors.

    Perhaps a cool domain name is good but it can’t gurantee repeated visitors!

    Good luck to you all. A visitors from the United States.

  36. “Michael is not dutch guy, but an americana”

    His blogs sure read like a European.

  37. South Asian Citizen Reporters Network. A mission to make the South Asian Community closer and stronger. A common platfrom where the South Asians can express their feelings, opinions, views, culture , politics and more on. A road to friendship. http://sacrn.com/

  38. Hey Wagle & Bhagi:

    Take a chill pill. Go to a bhatti & have some choyala & aila. Two freaking pots calling the kettle black! Who the f*** cares about plagiarism, journalistic standards & professional ethic in Nepal? You two are living in a cocoon man. Lay off it.

    We have much more important issues to discuss like the Madhes in Burning, CA elections & YCL acitivites.

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