His Maj Talks About Democracy, Yet Again

And cites nationally and internationally discarded Municipal Election as an example of his democracy.

In his yearly message to Nepali people on the occasion of Democracy Day, king Gyanendra repeats his rhetoric of reviving democratic process while still ignoring or underestimating the strength of political parties and magnitude of violence in the country. The biggest example of this is that the monarch still thinks Feb 8 municipal elections were a democratic exercise. Lets look at this sentence pulled out from the royal message. “The Nepalese people have demonstrated their faith in the power of the ballot during the recently held municipal elections.” Below posted are his other sentences:

Beloved Countrymen,

As we celebrate the 56th National Democracy Day today, we pay homage to our august grandfather His late Majesty King Tribhuvan and all the brave souls who laid down their lives for the cause of democracy.

To ensure that an exercise in democracy is meaningful and sustainable, the people’s right to elect representatives of their choice must be recognized as sacrosanct. The Nepalese people have demonstrated their faith in the power of the ballot during the recently held municipal elections. In spite of the apparently adverse environment, the courage shown by them is indeed commendable. The commitment of the people has led to the victory of democracy. The Nepalese people have been encouraged by this success to install all representative bodies through election and sustainable peace.

Peace and democracy are the aspirations of all. The nation, therefore, seeks solidarity amongst all who have faith in multiparty democracy. This solidarity must be achieved at the earliest so as to formulate a mechanism which ensures that peace and democracy are never again jeopardized. In the coming days as well, democracy can be reenergised with the activation of all representative bodies through the electoral process. Our continued interaction with the people has led us to believe that the time has come for all those who believe in these ideals to chart a course ahead, with the welfare of the nation uppermost. We, therefore, call on all willing political parties to come forth to fully activate, at the earliest, the stalled democratic process in the greater interest of the nation. Let us listen to others, put across our views, do away with discord and enhance mutual understanding; let us consolidate peace and democracy.
Inspired by our glorious tradition of patriotism, those who have been misguided should, without further delay, enter the mainstream of peace and multiparty democracy, eschewing the path of violence and destruction.

We are committed to upholding and safeguarding the Constitution in the greater interest and progress of the Nepalese people. It will do well to remember that democracy will be secure only when the rule of law is upheld and the Constitution alone forms the basis of rule of law.
May this day inspire us to activate a democratic process dedicated to sustainable peace and welfare of the country as well as initiate a new chapter of understanding amongst us all. May those who sacrificed their lives to usher in democracy and all those who place the dignity and glory of the nation above all else inspire us in achieving these noble objectives.

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19 thoughts on “His Maj Talks About Democracy, Yet Again

  1. And according to this Kathmandu Post report, “Leaders vow to continue fight for democracy”

    KATHMANDU, Feb 18 – On the eve of Democracy Day, top leaders of the mainstream political parties have vowed to continue the struggle for people’s sovereignty and “complete democracy”.

    Former prime minister and the Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala vowed to ensure that the sovereign rights of the people are not taken away by anyone in future on any grounds. “History has once again vested the Nepalese people with the responsibility of taking the ongoing movement to the destined height,” Koirala said, issuing a statement here today.

    Paying tribute to the martyrs and others sacrificing for the cause of democracy, Koirala said that the countrywide agitation would not end just like that without attaining a definite goal.

    In a statement issued here, Nepali Congress(Democratic) chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba, who walked free from jail just this week, said, “The road to democracy has always been a tumultuous one in the last 55 years as the king frequently hijacked the achievement of the 1950 people’s struggle.” He blamed the king’s growing ambition as the destabilizing factor in the functioning of democracy and in escalation of violence.

    He also reminded the people of the historic struggle undertaken by the people under the leadership of Ganesh Man Singh, Subarna Shamsher, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, and many more, who have sacrificed for the sake of democracy.

    Meanwhile, the CPN-UML said history has taught the bitter lesson that so long as monarchy prevails in the country, complete democracy cannot be sustained. In a statement the party said that the movements for democracy had repeatedly ended in compromise and the people have often been betrayed by the monarchy.

    “We have fully realized our past mistakes and are waging a peaceful movement for the establishment of a democratic republic,” the UML said, ruling out dialogue with the palace in future.

    Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Pashupati Shumsher JBR has urged King Gyanendra to immediately begin a dialogue with all the political parties to resolve the problems of the country.

    “We want to reiterate here that HM King should immediately begin a dialogue with the parties,” Rana said, adding, “The panacea for all the ills bedeviling the country lies in the restoration of democracy.”

    In his message on the occasion of Democracy Day, chairman of the Rastriya Janashakti Party (RJP) Surya Bahadur Thapa has urged the king and the parties to reconcile their differences on the basis of the 1950 and 1990 understanding.

    He said that the widening rift between the palace and the parliamentary parties would only aggravate the conflict situation in the country, which has “paralysed” the 1990 constitution achieved through an understanding reached between the people and the palace.

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  2. Your Majesty…you statement proves that you are more lier than the parties were…do u think we are illiterate and dumb who do what u say (better word is dictate)?

  3. GIFT OF MBs OF INDEFINITE STRIKE: The general strike would entail nationwide closure of educational institutions, markets, manufacturing units and factories and disruption of transport services, the statement said. The period from March 14 to 20 will also see a general strike and blockade in areas surrounding the capital.

    Who is going to protect us from atrocities of MBs?

    The King’s speech does not address the issue related to it. He is happy to enjoy the life & making DAs in Pokhara with tax payer’s money.

    RNA: We see you are not going after who have guns. History tells us KB & his family did not get any help from you when it was needed. We are never sure we will be protected by you.

    MBs: One day general people will understand your secret alliance with N-Dham. Proof? Attack on Thankot and your Gifts of Strikes and your violations of our Basic Human Rights.

    SEVEN PARTIES: If you have any thought for us then why you do not ask your so called ally not to give us any more STRIKE GIFTS? Or you do not have any guts to do that? We are now forced to think that you are also a part of GRAND GAME DESIGN to ruin our Nation?

    HUMAN RIGHT ORGANIZATIONS IN NEPAL: Why you do not ask MBs about our BASIC RIGHT TO MAKE OUR LIVING AND OUR RIGHT TO LIVE? Or you do not have any guts to do that either?

  4. The widening gap between Palace and the parties measures the duration of uncertainity within the coutry. Mopre the misconfrontation, more will be the poblem within the country for his countrymen.

  5. Too much Brahmin type talk. Time to pick up weapons and clear the table of all talkers and let the doers reign.

  6. The King has to give back power to the people if not now then when his three years are up. There is no way out for him.
    But I for one don’t blame him for kicking these party asses for doing such a horrible job over the past 15 years. Please raise your hands everyone who would’nt want to kick the shit out of these corrupt losers and liars.

    I say let them get a thrashing and dont support them, let them wake up and maybe when the time is up for the King they would have learnt a lesson. Let the King take the blame for teaching them a lesson, but why is anyone even supporting these buggers in the process?

  7. “Time to pick up weapons and clear the table of all talkers and let the doers reign.”

    Sadly, I agree with you and I don’t even know which side you are on.

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