Rs. 220 000 000 For King’s Autocratic Democracy

First episode of King Gyanendra’s mission to establish autocratic democracy in Nepal costs Rs. 220 million to Nepali people

The official data disclosed by the Election Commission state that the Feb 1 Municipal Election, rejected by the world as well as majority of Nepali people, cost the state Rs. 220 Million. The details of expenditure are yet to come. Chief Election Commissioner Keshav Raj Rajbhandari informed journalists yesterday that his office had sanctioned that much of money for the Municipal election purpose. That much of money, hard earned by poor Nepali people, was spent to fulfill unjustified autocratic ambition of a person living inside the Narayan Hitti Palace. The money was grossly misused to strengthen autocracy in the name of restoring democracy.

Rs. 220 million is the official figure which certainly doesn’t include other expenditure in the election process. What about security arrangement? What about government’s publicity and manpower used in the election? The figure would be much higher if we count all the expenses. When you compare that monstrous figure with the situation in Nepal after the election, you become terribly disappointed. Its King’s autocratic democracy and the only person in the country enjoying democracy in no other than King Gyanendra himself.

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20 thoughts on “Rs. 220 000 000 For King’s Autocratic Democracy

  1. If you have compared the figure with the cost of holding past elections then you would have provided some meaning to the figure. Simply having 22 crore or 23 crore has no meaning.

  2. This is just a tip of the iceberg. We’ve been robbed of our fortune for the last 237 years.

  3. XYZ,

    Why no meaning? Past elections were held for a purpose. The purpose of continuing democratic institutions and peoples’ representation in the governance.

    But this time around the money has been wasted completely for strengthening autocracy and pushing the country into further mess. We risk of being isloated from the world community just because of the Chairman’s whim.

  4. why does it have meaning??????????????
    werent the parties allowed to take part in the elecltions….. or were they banned to do so……..
    its the parties who didnt take part and it was thier choice………. or is that you too want to go back to the day when SHer bdr deuba was the PM of a democratic nation and didnt have a mother party…NC had kicked him out….. and on top of that wasnt he spposed to hold election in 6 mnths or so…..

    to reinstate the parliament will be unconstintuional…..the only way out to return to the democratic days is to take part in the elcetion….striaght up

  5. I agree with XYZ, you should have shown the previous municipal poll’s total expenditure, so that citizen’s would know how far their blood and sweat has been misused.

    In the recent days, I’ve noted many nepalese’s attention focused in National Sentiments. I, request UWB to post brief information so that Nepalese all over the world can tally and in result, put their opionion right here in United We Blog.

    Do it this way, Brothers!

  6. My saying above, doesn’t necessarily mean that the expenditures they’ve done previously is justified.

  7. Hey Replytoall,

    Which elections you are talking about? The one that was hled in Feb 8? Do you know what election means? Boy, its about choosing the best, freely, by people who are not intimidated by forces of any kind. You Chairman held the SELECTION not the election under the shadow of violence and terror by blatantly ignoring the ceasefire and openy chosing the path of confrontation.

    If it would be unconstitutional to reinstate the parliament than do you sanely think that what your chairman is doing is all constitutional? Sending pro-democratic activists to jail, ordering crackdown on rallies and orchestrating the drama of ‘election’? Is that constitutional? Forcing civil servants to go to polling stations with their family to cast vote….is that as per the spirit of the constitution? Detaining candidates inside the barracks….is that as per the spirit of the constitution? the way, which constitution you are talking about? The one that we got in 2047 BS? Okay, the old questing again, where is the provision of Charimanship and Vice-chairmanship in that book?

    Please, stop talking nonsense to support unjustified deeds of the Chairman. Come to the street and chant the slogans of freedom. Your children will thank you…for that.

  8. Hello replytoall and xyx hell is waiting for you, You people are useless weight in nepal mata (Dharati ko lagi boj)

    Here the important thing is nither party took part in elction or not, nor comparison to past is needed. The thing is what would be role of that 220 million in nepaliese peoples lives in the time of crisis. Just be honest to your self and think that had this election any value?

  9. Trying to justify the expenditure of the sham municipal poll held recently with such bulls*** reasons as expressed by XYZ and Kishore Ji are not worthy of serious comment.

    Why are these guys ignorant or trying to be one, on the sole purpose of election? Does the outcome of the election serve its very purpose for which it was held? Will these “nationalists” who have been given the winner certificates be able to deliver anything? More over it is yet to see if they would ever dare to spend a couple of hours doing people’s job at their respective office premises!!

    It is just a matter of time these “reprentatives”, at one threat by the maoists, would start announcing their resignation through media citing health and unfavourable conditions.

    What a farce!!

  10. Massive Protest in India against bid to stifle democracy

    The Hindu, Monday, Feb 13, 2006

    Staff Reporter

    “Nepal’s monarchy an obstacle to peace”

    PEOPLE’S RIGHTS: Members of the Nepali Janadhikar Samiti Bharat protest against King Gyanendra’s dictatorship at Ramlila Grounds in New Delhi on Sunday. Balladeer Gaddhar and some Indian political leaders were there to express their solidarity.

    NEW DELHI: The Nepali Janadhikar Suraksha Samiti Bharat on Sunday took out a rally here in protest against King Gyanendra’s attempts to turn the Himalayan Kingdom into a war field by throttling democracy.

    The rallyists accused the monarchy of being the biggest obstacle to peace, progress and democracy in Nepal. They called upon the people to work actively to end the “America-sponsored imperialism.”

    Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau memberSitaram Yechury said his party was with the people of Nepal in their struggle to restore democracy. Revolutionary leader of Andhra Pradesh Gadar and his cultural team presented a programme.

    The rally started at Rajghat and culminated in a meeting at the Ramlila Grounds. The processionists raised slogans against the monarchy.

    Turbulent phase

    Speakers at the meeting said Nepal was passing through a turbulent phase for the last 10 years. The monarchy, which was getting full support from India and the United States, was on the brink of collapse.

    The people’s war launched by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) a decade ago had played a significant role in demolishing the last fort of feudalism.

    The monarchy today was confined to the royal palace and military barracks in Kathmandu, they said. The role of the Indian Government also came under criticism. Central committee president Laxman Pant, who chaired the proceedings, said the rally was organised to garner international support and solidarity for the cause of Nepal’s people, who were facing an undemocratic regime.

    CPI central committee member Atul Anjan, Nationalist Congress Party spokesman D.P. Tripathi, CPI (ML) Polit Bureau member Swapna Mukerjee, Vijay Pratap of Socialist Front, Gautam Navlakha Prakash Rao of Hindustan Communist Gadar Party and G.N. Saibaba of RDF participated in the rally and the meeting.

    The Nepali leaders included president of ANWA revolutionary Jaipuri Gharti, Ishwar Chandra Gyawali of Jansanskritik Sangh, Shivraj Gautam of Anan (Revolutionary) and Leftist leader Hari Roka.

  11. I know if anyone raise this question with Mr. Rajbhandari, his reply will be…

    Jamma 22 crore ! yo ta kehi pani hoina.
    Iraq ra Afganisthan ma bhanda ta kamai hola !!


  12. The parties are opposing the election from the begining was just because they knew that they couldnot show their face infront of the people because of their misdeeds in their rule and for the democracy so that they were gving pressure to the king to reinstate the parliament. That is all….people are educated now they know each and every steps…not like 2007….people will also not allow to give chance to rule the king…at the same time king will also not surrender his chair so easily and maoist want to drag it by any means…to end the chapter it takes long time people will suffer more by the tussle of the three….the end game should be all three should sit together and settle the problem immediately so that exisence of all should be there with strong people power and changes….one thing should be clear that majority of the people are neutral and not supporting to single one among the three…if they are for the people….people want to see no blood anymore…parteis should play the wise role in this incident after all they are the ruler of this country…..

  13. Well the election was not a success but parties should not be making a huge outcry about the election expenditures. They have ruined the future of millions of Nepalese just as Gyanendra did. None of them are among the right options for us.
    Where were our eyes when the political leaders amassed billions? We knew and yet, we had to stay numb for we were helpless. So is true for now. We know there is corruption and yet we cannot do anything. Good luck to those parasites…and as for Nepalese…sorry honey..the garden of Eden is gone.

  14. Only 15% voting in Mahila Sahu’s hometown. He must take moral responsibility and abdicate.

  15. how did the past elections hold any purpose .. n if they did.. how did they fulfill it?? and what is this post trying to say?

    What we have today started when parties were in power and the armies were in barracks. When did the so called ppl’s war start? who were ruling the country?

  16. Misinterpreted
    When I say why not compare the figure with past elections or something like cost per voter – you can have some meaning. I do not mean to jutify Gyane’s local election – it was a total sham. Remember that 22 crore is only an allocated budget to Election Commission, not an actual figure. There is no point arguing over an allocated figure. Remember too the money spent by Gyane during his Africa visit. Cout also the opportunity cost lost by RNAC. 22 crore is still a pea nut.

  17. This forum has been converted into Mr. KG Bashing forum.

    Whatever things King does people starting flooding their opinions from thier arm chairs.

    Election needed full security, mocuh more than normal elections which occurred before, which cost more.
    If there hadn’t been security, and some people had dies(like one incident in jhapa).. then whole chaos would have took palce. At least there was minimal mishaps than expected.

    If ***ing Nepali ppl dont want to take part in election and again come there and shout.. it cost so much. Wasn’t it our money, when former elections were conducted with parties?

    So why now this question?

    dont want to work hard, being used to make corruptions.
    Good for nothing rascals !!!

  18. The surprsing point is king is requesting for the election and parties are going toward negative? Its like autocracy heading toward democracy and democratic force heading toward autocracy. What a shame to the thinking of the parties.

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