Election Victory For Royal Nepal Govt.

Nepal's municipal election achievement for the royal Nepal autocratic government. A cartoon by Batshyaan

Their Achievement: Kamal Thapa, the Home Minister of the royal Nepal Cabinet and Chairman of the “victorious” pro-government faction of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) in the municipal election lifts the Award (that reads “20%”). He asks: “Is this small?” And the cameraman tries to console him by saying, “Small? No. It’s the achievement of our irregularities, ah…sorry… sincere efforts.” They are talking about the Feb 8. Municipal Election in which 20 percent voters participated. Cartoon by Batshyaan via Kantipur

2 thoughts on “Election Victory For Royal Nepal Govt.

  1. The overall election is useless without major democratic forces. But democratic forces should not undermine the result of 21% in the case of full threats of even killings.


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