Sunaul Clash: Aftermath

Images from the site where security personnel and the Maoist guerillas fought (Feb 10) killing 17 securitymen and 4 Maoists. Pics by Dipendra Baduwal

Sunaul army maoist clash aftermath
Locals look for the corpses of soldiers in the field on Friday morning. This is where the fighting took place.

Sunaul army maoist clash aftermath
Youths of Red Cross take part in relief operation after security personnel failed to reach the venue till late afternoon.

Sunaul army maoist clash aftermath
Scattered belongings and the corpse of Ashmita Chapagain who was killed after a vehicle that belonged to Kantipur Publication was ambushed by the rebels.

Sunaul army maoist clash aftermath
Bicycles used by Chapagain and her friends.

Sunaul army maoist clash aftermath
Army vehicles destroyed and burnt by the Maoists.

Sunaul army maoist clash aftermath
Army vehicles destroyed and burnt by the Maoists.

Sunaul army maoist clash aftermath
Back up force: After the firing with the Maoists started in Sunwal, Butwal and sorrounding areas, places, army bourght up back up forces and helicopters. Pic by Madhav Dhungana

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10 thoughts on “Sunaul Clash: Aftermath

  1. Sad to hear these violent news in my home town, but why are these autocratic elements not dettered yet. How much do they want to suck the Nation. Down with The Gya-Giri-Thapa alliance.These are the people who has to be hung up in Tundikhel.

  2. GyGiTaP–seems to be most abnominal form of acronym (gyane-giri-thapa-Pandey — the master minds of neo-gag theory of farcical democracy in the Himalayan Kingdom)

  3. Well interestingly the comments made by most of the readers seems to be towards democracy or lets put it more like for a republic state. Even a denomination seems to have been discovered (Neo Gag). Even if the royal government were to fall down as the leaders seem to be suggesting alongst with a few bourgeoisie. The majoirty of these bourgeoisie arent really paying so much attention i seem to believe.

    Well what could be the reason for them being silent? Or have they understood the fancy American term of a “failed state” already. Lets look at the issue in a wider prespective. Will Nepal be able to stand up after this situation of anarchy? As an agricultural country will it be able to compete with the economical pressure from India with its subsidies and ever so increasing budget in agriculture. As the Indian envoy said “Hydroelectricity is the future for Nepal”. What is he trying to get at? And lets not forget the size and the population of the country! Is a mere 27 million people be able to stand up with more than a billion people on the North and the South.

    What is the key here? Anarchy,Stability, Monarchy, Democracy, or even a Republic State. The regular bandhas and the ever so decreasing economies have some co relation dont they? The ever striking and rallying students and the unskilled labour also do have a co relation, dont they? Not forgetting the soaring unemployment rate. In a Globalised world the fear of relaxing the industries to private firms and foreign companies would make the country more richer, Will it? Lets look at India (1991) and the liberalisation of the industry, trade and businesses. They are now even poor and weaker as a country, Arent they?

    Well Patriotism isnt a bad thing but nationalism probably makes it lethal.

    So would Nepal be better off with the king, the political parties, the maoists, the indians, the chinese, the Americans or even lets say feudals.

    I am just confused on what the Nepali public want and the relation between what they will have. So please enlighten us with good ideas.

    I am sorry as I didnt mean to offend anyone.

  4. Sunaul incident clearly shows that PLA can fight Royal Army (Nepal?). Inflicting damage to security forces in this manner may not be enough to establish the Republic in Nepal but will surely put pressure on the Khandani Jarshahebs in Kathmandu to rethink of their strategy in dealing with the armed revolt.

  5. Probably the RNA soldiers and the Maoists in the warzone have no clue what their leaders are asking them to risk and sacrifice their lives for. Probably they’ll never know. The architechts of the war, on the other hand, are not planning on solving the game. They seem to be busy making moves, not to lengthen the status-quo but for an end when no end is possible – when nothing but the opposite kings are left on the board, when there isn’t anything to lose and most unfortunately, nothing can be regained.

  6. Why 7 alliances are happy about the killings whoever it maybe that is what we are not understanding to them? Are they for the people or just within themselves and their only true supporters. They should come out with broad vision to clear the misunderstanding with the general people.Whoever maybe killed we are defeating ourselves. Ok king and maoist are autocrat and not listening to the people but why these 7 alliance are taking one side? They should initiate the steps to give pressure both of them to come to the table. Clapping hands do not solve the problems.

  7. Ashmita Chapagain :

    for Maoists she was only consequence of severe “labour pain”, or a broken stick to kill the snake or a broken egg for making ommlette.

    Hypocrate and Murderer Maoists – you murdered another innocent soul!

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