United We Blog Request

United We Blog! is going through pretty rough time. After more than a year of running blogs, we are blaming ourselves for not being computer geeks and able to quash repeated hacking of the site. We hope to be back on our own server as soon as we setup a secure website.

We were downed again, barely 19 hours after resuming blogging on Feb 8. The mad person also wiped out contents of DW’s personal web site Wagle’s Web World. UWB has moved to WordPress’s server for now. We hope to continue blogging here until we set up a secure web site on our own.





11 responses to “United We Blog Request”

  1. Jeena Avatar

    Ok, Mr. Hacker,

    If you dub urself as talented hacker and if you have guts, hack this one…

  2. krma Avatar

    hey, don’t give the nerds anymore incentive! thanks so much for UWB’s vigilance, in all senses of the word!

  3. PeaceNepal Avatar

    Once again the quit anti democratic hacker’s felt the need to do their thing. In about one month at least five websites focused on the situation in Nepal have been hacked. Some people seem to be very busy lately in an effort to curtail the freedom of expression even outside Nepal’s borders. You start to wonder who’s behind this and if they really think there is nothing better to do at a time like this…

    Conclusion? Last month we learned how to make backup’s from the site and the database it’s running on. If this happens again we’ll be up in minutes in stead of day’s. So, be prepared, those guy’s seems to be very stubborn.

    PeaceNepal agrees with Webchautari (first in this sequel of hack’s) and likes to quote their earlier statement: “These persons should know that the movement in Nepal is not dependent on one (or two…?) website. It will not stop till it reaches its goal. And what the goal is, all the Nepalese know well”.

    And we would like to add that you can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you. With that thought in mind we would like to invite everyone to visit our website and sign the PeaceNepal RECONCILIATION Petition as a way of protest against this kind of undemocratic activity and demand a change of mind from all who are responsible.

    Hacking our sites wastes our time and energy but we come back each and every time even more convinced of the fact that dialogue is the only way of helping solving the challenges Nepal is looking at, so…

    Keep it up UWB, doing GREAT! Nice slick ‘n’ tasty new look btw!
    Hope you will be able to fully concentrate on the job itself soon again.

    Om shanti!

  4. lovely Avatar

    this is UWB itself? There was no hacking whatsoever. this is UWB itself

  5. sirensongs Avatar

    After I gave your URL to a major south Asian website (INDIAMIKE.COM), folks reported it had been hacked. Keep doing what you’re doing, it is an invaluable service. You had the best coverage of the Buddha Boy I’ve seen anywhere.

  6. Rino_Lac Avatar

    Deep within my heart I really missed you

  7. King Kong Avatar
    King Kong

    Thanx for keeping it on and up, you are really great, congrats…..

    King Kong knows: Kings are history!

  8. D.MICHAEL_VANDEVEER_mike4radio@yahoo.com Avatar

    Danish bhai,
    You are doing a great service to Nepal and the world !
    Democracy depends on the fair and free exchange of opinions and ideas.

    I am proud of what you are doing and as a Journalist proud that you are my friend and one of us !
    Journalist usually don’t make much money but we do sleep well.

  9. pawan Avatar

    hey wagle what happend to old posts, are they gone? if so then its shame that maoist,raw,king,army,parties and so on will be happy.

  10. Wagle Avatar

    Hi Pawan,

    We will soon upload all data (well almost all) within next few days. We are now trying to fix some technical problems that UWB faced in the last couple of weeks. We will then transfer all contents (including comments) of this site to our own place.

  11. pawan Avatar

    thats great.

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