Nepalis Protest Election Killing

Thousands of people gathered in Kathmandu’s New Baneshwor to protest the killing of a pro-democracy protestor (Umesh Chandra Thapa, a CPN UML supporter) in Dang by security forece yesterday. All pics by Bikash Karki

nepalis protest election killing
Leaders of seven agitating pro-democracy political parties participate n the protest program in New Baneshwor.

nepalis protest election killing
A protestor holds a placard with photo of Umesh Chandra Thapa

nepalis protest election killing

nepalis protest election killing

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19 thoughts on “Nepalis Protest Election Killing

  1. Nepal needed a spark and probably Dang incident is that spark. I guess Dang must be more tensed than Kathmandu. One more killing in Ktm, then I think we will see burning Kathmandu. The government has lost its credibility and at one point army might just stay away from following orders.

  2. The notorious Dang incident should get in a confortable space in the public fray…the personnel involvecd and the commander too should be brought to justice…it should be a stimulant to pressure the autocrat…

  3. Jya Nepal

    Aaja desh maa yesto awasta aaunu maa sabai jimewar chaa. Solution sabai milera khojnu parchaa. Raja maatra doshi chainan. Sabai doshi chaan.

    Mailey photo maa Grand Ma lai dekh da derai khushi lagney garchaa. 7 dal ko Neta haaru bhanda dherai jagar bhayeko yo budhi aama jasta Karyakarta ko abhawama maa haamro andolan safal huna saki rakhey ko chaina.

    Gagan thapa jaasta jagaruk young leader haaru lai pakha lagayera Aandolan ko swarup maa kunai pariwartan aaudaina.

    Aaaja Janandolan garchu bhaney ko 2 barsa bhai skayoo. Nita haaru party bhitrai undemocratic dictership garey paachi kasari aandolan hunchaa.

    Party bhitra melmilap china. Sabai party breakdown chaa. Aapas maa kalahaa chaa. Mileney kura taa parai jaawas aapas maa aagyan manchey jastai ek naramro gaali garchaan.

    Kasari huncha aandolan safal.

    Pahila yehi problem lai sambadhan garaou. aani aandolan tira laagu hai.

    Jya Nepal

  4. I wish UML/NC had protested with the same vigour, when their partymen were brutally butchered by the Moists during last few years.

  5. gardai janus yestai unnati ani bholi parshi timilai haina timra chora nati bhabi shantati haru le pani kehi chakna payous

  6. The major problem in Nepal is the class structure. That is to say: king must rule the country. Bahun’s must be priest and chhetri must be the nobles and so forth and so on. the other structure were challenged by the 2047 consitution and were challenged earlier as well. Nepalease were so afraid that they could not challenge the “MONARCHY” standing there. The leaders were lured or blackmailed or killed by the palace for years.

    Gangalal and Shukraraj Shastri would be the leaders of Nepal if they were not killed. They didn’t allow the birth of a leader who is strong and clear. Even BP was mentally tortored (check spelling?) to give up his strength. This is the prime reason that we are lacking good leadership.

    Prachand and Baburam Bhattarai who are the new leaders stron in their stand and for their cause heading Nepal into throwing this class which thinks that they have the right to rule the country just because they were born the rule the country. Recently, Prachand challenged Gyanendra to go to people if he really thinks that his power is justified. The simple truth is that Gyanendra is powerless without his automatic weapon. He cannot do anything beside distribute money from the national treasury for nothing. He is simply mad at his success of “Palace Massacre”.

    We need more leaders like Gagan Thapa, Baburam Bhattarai, Pushpakamal Dahal. I would support the Maoist if they were to punish their cadres who have violated the human rights in the past. The other thing Maoist need to do is purge its cadres with bad records. This will make the Maoist movement in Nepal much stronger.

    Most of the major political parties needs big reform within themselves to make the Party itself democratic. The things would not be different even if the parties are like today for short run. So, there is no point arguing that they should be democratic so that minority opinion within the party would also be heard. But the current issue is to throw this old oligarchy in Nepal.


  7. The real leader Nepal have ever seen then it is Krishna Prasad Sitaula (father of girija) in the entire histroy. I respect him for his determination. We need more people like him to throw this autocratic rule of Mr. Gyanendra Shah.
    (I wish nobody calls him King and Shree 5 anymore)

  8. The Nepali People used this Election to reject the False-King.

    They turned their backs on the James Moriarity, Ambassador of the US, who has lectured the
    7-Parties not to come-to-the-Peace-Table.

    The Nepali People will not be denied a Republic.


  9. All should come to the table and settle the things. People have suffered lots more in the name of politics.

  10. LONG LIVE KINGDOM under the mighty leadership of KING GYANENDRA!!!

    Those who dream about republic are just terrified creatures who think that giving in to Maoist will solve problem. Coz if you remove the king then who will come to power? Hey you brainless guys, you don’t know even this simple equation? You guys think that, let’s fulfill maoist demand of “sabidhan sabha”. But next step of maoist is to win sambidhan sabha by kiiling all those who go against them. And next they will bring their puppets.
    Haven’t you seen what kind of freedom maoist allow? taxidriver was killed just recently. And so many innocent poor nepali. They don’t touch rich ones until now coz they are giving money. And you stupid guys think that they will give you big freedom. You are all pathetic guys.
    Comne under the mighty leadership of the king. Look, he has done successful election. Whatever these leaders and international thieves say – King has thing in his grip. He will wipe out the terrorist soon.

  11. Go Yudhisthir go… I liked it…go deeper into the analysis and u wil find that there are ample of dormant leaders who can steer Nepal in the path we imagine…
    and for those who still believe that the autocrat will rescue Nepal and make it a better place to live: Pity on you guys…despot’s action’s negative spillover effects will overwhelm u later at a time when u will find ure self in a point of no return…research the power dynamics in Nepalese politics…u will find that it has been constantly deliberately dragged by the palace to its advantage, often corrupting the leaders, whom for their myopic vision should be discarded when we restore democratic practic in Nepal…


  12. Hey u guys and so called 7 part leaders!
    Why don’t you make placard of those killed by Maoist and rally? Have you guts? You don’t do that coz maoist WILL KILL you. But you cry against government because the king is kind and he won’t kill. Thapa incident is one of those unfortunate events – they didn’t do it deliberately. But look at maoists – how they cut throat of innocent Nepalis, and you are going to trust them more than the greatest KING GYANENDRA!!!!!

  13. I wish UML and NC had protested with same vigour when their partymen were murdered by the Maoists during last few years. Even the journalists did not protest when journalists Dokendra and Khadaka were brutally butchered by the Moists.

    Alas! so such fury against Maoists murderer —

    At least, UML/NC are not so afraid of protesting against the government as they are against the Maoists…

    Does not this tell a thousand words .. ?

  14. Saathi haaru yesari bichar aadan pradaan garnu derai ramro hoo. Tara haamiley yoo kura birsana hunna ki yoo desh sabai ko hoo. Sabiley raja, democractic party ra Maowadi lai panchauna mildaina. Sajilo sambadhan ko laagi 3 jana ko sahamati baata maatra huna sakcha. Yoo kura sabai lai thaa cha!

    Euta kura…Samadhan jatil hunu hudaina. Yoo sabai ko maag ho. Tara history sabai kura ko judge ho. Yesley sabai kura batayeko chaa. Tysta kura haaru baata haami lesson lina saknu parcha..

    Raja maatra ley yoo solution lai samadhan garna sakdaina. Party haaru raja sanga mulbhoot kura haaru maa milna saknu parchaa. Raja sanga sincerely kura garera aafno spasta dharana rakhaney watrawaran banauna sakincha.

    Maoist haaru ley 7 daal lai Sambidhaan sambha ko laagi likhit sahamati gareko chaina. Sambidhaan Sambha bhaney ko derai complext solution hoo. Yesma derai thulo risk involve hunchaa. Yoo ramro kadam paani huna sakchaa tara yedi sahamati maa pheri aauna sakiyena bhaney desma derai thulo sankat aauna sakcha.

    Party haaru aahiley ko laagi sajilo way out baata janu saknu nai buddhimani katam huna sakcha.

    Mero bichar maa Raja ley party sanga kura garera differces haaru haataunu parchaa. Raja sambidhaan bhitra basera Dal lai puna saata dinu parchaa. Yesma sabai dal ko pratinidhi rakhi Maoist problem lai tackle garney watrawaran bananu parchaa.

    Party ra Raja ko relation raamro bhayoo bhaney Maoist sanga warta garna sajilo huna sakchaa.

    Raja ra Party ley aafno aadan kaayam rakhi rakhyo bhaney. Shakti parichayan baato baata haami sabai hinnu parcha. Yoo derai daarlago kura hoo. Dukhadai samaya ko suruwat hoo.

  15. response1,
    i dont understand why king should be given oppertunity(that too without any resposibility and liability) and not to people?
    You have right to believe Gyanendra can salvage the country and other has equal right to demand they should be given to decide for their destiny.
    Your assertion that opposing ganendra is equivalent to supporting maoist is very disgusting. Dont try to justify your king’s ill intention with maoist killing. you should have argued with evidence of any good deeds and action of king, if you want to justify ganendra’s action.

  16. Look at what that PRAMOD ARYAL says: “Nepal needed a spark and probably Dang incident is that spark. I guess Dang must be more tensed than Kathmandu. One more killing in Ktm, then I think we will see burning Kathmandu”

    How can you say that? Why don’t you burn yourself and UWB will write that the police burnt you then KTM will start burning. you will see Ktm burning from the HELL.

    You absurd crack! Your copy paste article comparing French Revolution to that of nepal doesnot make you an intellignet guy.

    Now you must accept that you copied that article from somewhere and put some absurd arguments. If you hava a little bit of prestiger left you must accept it.

  17. Neta haru lai Auta Naya Bato milya form dang ko kesh le…….go ahead Neta Ji haru ………….and MUJI haru Rastra Ghati haru…

  18. No that’s not the point here.

    The Point is DIAMOND cuts DIAMOND. This is the theory of reality.
    Ganndi Badi not the way to win …DIAMOND..(ARMS).
    COME ON…TAKE ARMS FIGHT .. this is the reality..

    Don’t wate time..let’s take arm and fight for PRAJANTANTRA..


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