Election Day: Kathmandu Silent

By Dinesh Wagle

On the day of municipal election, uneasy ‘peace’ covers Nepal’s capital city

It’s like a double Nepal Banda in Kathmandu today. Today is the fourth day of a week-long Nepal Banda (general strike) called by the Maoists. So there were very few vehicles running in Kathmandu roads in the last few days. Today there are hardly any and those that are running have to show their “This Permit Is Issued To This Vehicle For The Local Election Purpose” card to soldiers and policemen on the roads. So for vehicles its just anther curfew after the government issued a notice restricting driving in the city without permit-cards like that. You can move here and there but can’t drive. You have double orders (from the Maoists and the government) not to do so.

Election process has started but I can hardly see anyone moving around a nearby polling booth. People are afraid of going out. It’s like a dead silent in the city. No sound is coming in from anywhere. Definitely no sign that the city is holding municipal elections.


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