Demanding Democracy In Nepali Congress

By Dinesh Wagle on December 19th, 2005 in Wagle’s WebLog

Nepali Congress, Nepal’s largest party, yesterday announced a 41-member ad hoc committee with Mahendra Sharma as the chair of Nepal Student Union (NSU) and today dozens of NSU, a Congress organization, gheraod the Maharajgunj residence of NC president Girija Prasad Koirala protesting the formation of the committee. That was indeed a moment of shame for the country’s largest democratic party that is fighting against the autocracy of king Gyanendra.

Dissatisfied with the new committee, student activists staged a 3-hour long sit in protest waving black flags to Koirala. Former General Secretary Gagan Thapa, immediate past President Keshav Singh and GS Basu Koirala led the protest in which some 3 hundred front line workers of the Union participated. New committee is overwhelmed by supporters of Sushil Koirala, GS of Congress. Sushil Koirala was considered the backbencher in the parliamentary days and he is best known for kothe sadyantra (conspiracy hatched in the dark rooms). Students sloganeered against Sushil and NC’s Party Coordination Department chief Dilendra Badu. Both Sushil and Badu were in Girija Koirala residence at the time of sloganeering.

The Pokhara General Convention of NSU was disrupted and NC commissioned an investigation team led by Treasurer Mahantha Thakur. Party announced the new committee without first publicizing the report of Thakur probe team. Girija Prasad Koirala recent sought resignation of Keshav Singh and Basu Koirala so as to announce new and credible committee.

Let’s look at the slogaans that thundered the Girija Prasad Koirala residence this morning: “Exercise Internal Democracy in the Party”, “Revoke the newly formulated committee”, “Publicize the Thakur Report”. The first slogan is very much important for at least two reasons. 1) Congress badly needs to exercise democracy within its organization; 2) It will be against any ethics to demand democracy in country when the party itself is very much anti-democratic internally.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Girija Prasad Koirala is another version of king Gyanendra in Nepali Congress. Kangressies are struggling against his autocratic leadership just like majority of Nepalis are protesting the autocratic monarchy. Late Ganesh Man Singh struggled with Koirala. He couldn’t and we saw the first sign of dark says for democracy in Nepal when Koirala dissolved the parliament and went for unwanted mid-term poll. No one has forgotten the epic saga of Chhattise and Chauhattere which ultimately helped defame democracy in Nepal.

So, my point is though “Nepali Congress is Democracy and Democracy is Nepali Congress” might not be true but what happens in Nepali Congress will have major impact in Nepali democracy and democratic movement. Girijababu should understand this and act as per that understanding. NC should allow fair election within NSU and accept the leadership elected by the General Convention. Otherwise lecturing about democracy in New Baneshwor and forgetting the same in Maharajung will be a farce. History will never forgive Nepali Congress for doing such mistakes.

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28 Responses to “Demanding Democracy In Nepali Congress”

Rishiramt Says:

December 19th, 2005 at 11:56 pm
It is very much true that without first exercising democracy within the party itself, Nepali Congress has no right whatsoever to demand democracy in Nepal. It is immoral and unethical too. The best way out for this problem is Nepali Congress should get rid of Girija Koirala. By the way, I was thrilled to read the comparison between G Koirala and G Shah. It is true that both G are autocrats and they are against the principle of democracy. We have seen time and again that Koirala has ignored the opposition voice within the party just like Shah has ignored the same in the country.

Koirala wants family rule in NC just like Shah wants his family’s stronghold in the affairs of Nepal. I join with you to say that we should get rid of both Gs.

Shree Shrestha Says:

December 19th, 2005 at 11:59 pm
Congress Party does not believe in election. These leaders run the party by nomination process rather than by elections. They want to run the country in the same manner. They want democracy but not by the election process. They will be happy if King nominates them in the parliament without election.

Sharmaji Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 12:00 am
Dear Blogger,

While commenting on Girija Prasad Koirala, we should never forget the historical contribution of Koirala family in the democratic movement of Nepal. Its easier said than done. Koirala has the responsibility to lead democratic movement. This is not the time to criticize Koirala. We should be united under him or at least we should support him. Thank you.

another smart Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 12:43 am
GP Koirala is the problem, not a solution. Don’t expect any positive contribution from GP Koirala. He expelled Ganesh Man, Krishna Prasad…aborted parliament (although he had absolute majority in the parliament). I don’t thik he is a right person to lead pthe present movement. I acknowledge that BP has lots of contributions….but never expect any contrinution from GPK. It is better for him to go Banaras and spend his rest of life to clean all his “wrong doing”.

pawan Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 1:02 am
Sharmaji “While commenting on Girija Prasad Koirala…”
a chamche lobbying for girija, trying to sale a name “Koirala”.

Sharmaji “We should be united under him… ”
clearly this person wants to make girija another saddam.

Sharmaji “Koirala has the responsibility…”
but he has already given this responsibility to Makune and Prachanda.

Sharmaji “Its easier said than done”
to make politics a family business?

Sharmaji “This is not the time to criticize…”
for chamche like this there were never a time to criticize him.

DA Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 1:45 am
Giraja has never been held accountable for the mistakes he made. He is not even aware that he has made mistakes during the 1990 era. He has NC in his back pocket. To become PM all he has to do is “own” NC and win election from Morang…. NC needs to become democratic by kicking the likes of GPK out of the party. He had his chance, he screwed up really badly. Its time for someone to step up to the plate. Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 2:10 am
It should be clear from what happened in Pokahara a few months ago, for all those who care, that GK and his clan do not want to pass the reigns-of-power to younger Cadre.

If the NC does not allow the Youth their rightful place in leadership positions there will be a split in the party, and the once powerful party will never regain its strength.

Diwakar K Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 5:52 am
GPK has never been held accountable for the mess he created in the 1990 democracy era. He does not even realise it, he is just to stubborn. NC is his private party, just like Nepal is Gyane’s private property. GPK has been Gyane’s most “loyal” ally in depriving Nepali people of their well deserved democractic rights. Gyane is an autocract, GPK claims to be a democract, but unfortunately for us, they share the same undemocratic tendencies.

There are so many capable people in ranks and file of NC, why does it have stick with GPK. He had his chance to deliver, he did not. Let someone else take over the helms of NC. Let NC evelove into a truly democratic party. We should not have to keep on paying the price for our leader’s incompetence. With due respect to GPK we gave him a chance to serve us in the 1990s, he did not. Its time for him to bow out of politics, move to Kashi and wait to die naturally.

I think its about time the civil society in nepal ask GPK to step aside instead of being in an eternal “chakdibaaz” mode. We deserve better, we can do better.


December 20th, 2005 at 9:05 am
Nepali congress is in the verge of complete wipe-out. Trapped between the two extremes in the Nepali politics-the extreme left and the extreme right, it has not been able to find a mid-democratic way.

For political survival it might have sided with the communists but in the future, cunning communist leaders would be too heavy on corrupt and brainless congress leaders.

This is a fact and i think no one can deny this.

For people in Nepal who beleive in Freedom and Democracy survival of Nepali Congress is very important.

Ideologically NC is the only democratic party in Nepal.

Deeds like the one we are talking at the moment is going to deride the remaining of the prestige that NC posses.

Looking at the present day leaders in the NC and the brain they posses it is better for Nepal that NC extincts. This would be very sad but all those who write blogs and comments, we love democracy and freedom and we want to live with it. we can only suggest, we cannot change anything.

Rest Kantipur and UWB are flaring the current crisis in Nepal, which is not also very good. Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 10:08 am
Dear Sharmaji,

You are just a “mandale” in congress inasmuch as your voice for girija echos voice of a mandale for king.


December 20th, 2005 at 11:43 am

Final Solution Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 12:17 pm
like Gyanendra, Girija is also a [icd]/Mandale.

Remember once he hijacked plane? Together with Gyanendra netas like Girija and many others should be from now on made history.

We have to make them realize that Democratic Party is no bodies Koseli. [icd]




Bhandari Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 12:40 pm
I think it is worthless to put any kind of charge in the old leader like girija. He fought all his life for democracy. He is respected and what ever he did is for the sake of country.

I respect girija koirala. As far as the matter is concerned with sushil he is also good man. A man who always want balance politics.

Finally, sujata is such a kind woman that last time when my uncle were there in kathmandu for NC convention she paid all his going and returning ticket to home. My uncle also share a chance to visit pashupati.

So, I think Koirlas are great people. They contributes a lot to the development of the country.

Congress n Democracy Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 12:48 pm
Democracy is Nepali Congress. Nepali Congress is Koirala Family. Koirala Family is Girija and Sushil. Girija and Sushil is Sujata Jost. Sujata Jost is German.

So, according to this equation, Nepali democracy is German problem.

duke Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 12:57 pm
How we will trust Nepali congress will bring democracy in Nepal? Nepali congress is going down compare to its competitive party.

guy Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 1:30 pm

Its the same .nothing is going to change.Last time when i critisized there leaders and these parties some body told me that i am a royalist….But i promise if these parties get to power it will be the same .no change at all.After all they are the same indian dogs.If some one thinks every thing will change once that murder turned dictator KG is removed, its just a foolish dream.

realTouch Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 2:54 pm
Girija Koirala acts undemocratically does not mean that Nepali Congrss has no right to struggle for democracy, nor it negates the sacrifice of Koirala family, nor that of Girija Koirala himself. Most of you who are falling upong Gk were no friend of Nepali Congress in this very blogsite. GK’s some actions are, surely, liable to criticism and should be critisized but parallel between a feudal king and a people’s leader is just a anarchist idea. Every Mandale thought Congress wiped out in their Panchayati Raj but Nepali Congrss was there among people and she is still now there. The biggest hurdle to royalist and mandale was Nepali Congrss and it is so now. Other parties are either new converties or as undemocratic as royalist and mandales. If you are a real democrat, Nepali Congress is the only your hope till now.

duke Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 3:02 pm

why dont you people remove Girija, sujata and dirty gang from the Nepali congress. All of them are barking for powers only not for real people and democracy.

yodam Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 7:48 pm
Talking about Girija: if anyone in Nepal poses a threat to the king and his regime, then its Girija. if Girija wouldnt have been there, gyanendra would have won the battle long ago. the rest like Madhav Nepal, Sher Bahadur etc are nothing to the king. he can lock them up anytime he wants. the only person that scares the king is Girija and king knows it very well.

appreciative Says:

December 20th, 2005 at 10:30 pm
Yodam, that is what Girija babu would like us to believe with his tall talk of “grand design”. If he had to do something, he would have challenged the monarch long ago, soon after the June massacre. He stayed quiet. Now when the students are raising valid points on the NSU, he tells them that it is the time to stay united against the monarchy. But what about the monarchy he has instituted and institutionalised within the NC? Why will students keep quiet about that? First clean your own house and then deal with the problems of the nation they will say, and rightly so.

The point is not whether Girija will deliver Nepal. The fight for democracy has to be done through a democratic organisation of forces. Or else we get the same farce of 1990.

twaaks Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 7:46 am
Well maybe Koirala clan does have a lot of contribution towards the intitutionalizement of democracy in Nepal. In the same vein maybe Shah klan a lot of contribution in building of Nepal as a nation. So does it mean that Nepal is Shah and Koirala clan’s pewa? What about the rest of us who do not belog to either of these clans? Do we get a say? If we want an ideal democracy, I say we should have a voice, and if I read the voice of so called “silent majority”, the “silent majority” wan’t both gone. Lest what Mr. Sharmaji says, I’m not gonna follow anyone because they come from a good family or are khandani or their bau baje did something a long time ago. I ask what did they do and have done and what are they saing that they will do for our country in future? That is more important criteria to take anyone as a leader.

Chandan Says:

December 21st, 2005 at 8:14 am
Regarding the NSU case here, it is more of a drama staged by Mr. Sushil Koirala and the other conservative Koirala khandan…Mr. Girija is just an spectator in front of Mr. Sushil…Its the same case with Mr. Bush being a yes-men of Mr. Cheyney in the US…
But, however corrupt and opportunist and hypocrite (which is condemnable) they are, they spearheaded the revolution for democracy in the past…but now their stake seems to be over…the older they get the regressive they seem inside their own party…what a hell! Another hypocritic move…Shameful!

Jai Hosh Says:

December 22nd, 2005 at 1:52 am
Chandan.. thats no excuse. This has put a BIG question mark on his leadership, his ability to free the NC from Koiralrisation ?? Its not Nepal Bidyarthi Sangh (Ne.Bi. Sangh)…why don’t he name it as ” Koirala Bidyarthi Sangh(Ko. Bi. Sangh)” Being a president of a party like NC and hez simply a spectator???Gone are the days to survive on the “interest’ of the panchayat eras only. What about the post democracy after 2046BS ?? If his contribution to the democracy in panchyat days has to be recognized he should also be ready to take the blames for ditching the people’s aspiraion? Serving as the PM for longest duration after democracy and leading nepali congress for so long he doesnot have any moral ground, so as MakuNe ..who also ditched the people on the street fighting for democracy and joined the Deuba Govt. KG should immediately backout if he wants to stay in this country for a lil. longer though we already know the ultimate result otherwise “Pashpatinath le pani rakshhya garna garho chha. Maoist should also be crushed at the same time otherwise true Democracy is nowhere in the near future.

deepak Says:

December 23rd, 2005 at 11:29 am
After looking all these happpenings i came to analyze

why did BP koirala feel to establish a student wing in NC?
Is that only to go to government?Is that only for forcing student to protest to full fill their cunning desires?

Yes, in nepali politics , the so called mother party has been using the student wing for all time protests. But the situation is different now. Student leaders of today’s nepal are all grown up during democratic period. They want democracy in all phases of their life. So i think whatever girija did is just for few times. Ultimately, he need to think abt his actions seriously.

This behave of GPK has proven that he consider his devoteed cadres as his salary man. It reminds me of some companies during 17th century who used to recruit slaves.
Those slaves were supposed to act in all possible way to make their master happy.
I don’t know Why girija is tempting to do such unpopular works? Every body knows that girija might die today or tomorrow. This is time for him to take rest and let others work .

Once it is used to be a time when peoples used to see A BIG CROWD OF NC but nowadays i don’t know why i feel that going to NC’s mass rally is giving support to corruption and doing useless and non productive works.

NC should be proud of its young leaders who are well known abroad for their capablity. Even at a time when NC is missing to lead the present moment, the YOUth of NC esp. NSU has been in the front line of democratic movement. People in Nepal are hoping that luckily if these young leaders might got chance than they will work for the betterment of country.
To Young leaders of NSU ‘There are millions of nepalese with u. So please work to change feudal sketch of ur party . Unless and until u do that there is no sign of hope. Democracy with girija attitude is a big joke ’

So if you have a chance to listen the speech of girija , be sure if he talks abt democracy than its a big big………………………………………….g joke………….

Dont be slave, wake up get up ,stand up for ur rights …………….

duke Says:

December 23rd, 2005 at 5:56 pm
Pani marua haru……leave girija and sujata and his dirty gang….bring new leaders….why you are being slave of him….all reddism is started…now people are hardly seeing the 4 star flags….girija is heading congress toward downfall….one can judge the numbers of people in UML and numbers of people in congress mass meetings….UML is totally supported by maoist and girija is clapping the hands…but for what…is that for democracy or to regain the power….Girija forget that dream now…

HariFalling down of Democratic party in nepal Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 11:38 am
I feel pity at falling down of one of the oldest democratic party of nepal. Since congress has been missing to represent all group of people in its CWC, it ultimately leads to the fall down.

Most of the people in Nepal thinks that congress contains all type of man. Mostly those includes corrupted. Peoples have been hardly tolerating such an event . Just a couple month ago senior and veteren leader girija prasad koirala appointed corrupted leader like govinda raj joshi in his CWC. Govinda raj joshi has served a jail sentence for his corruption cases.

Why is congress missing to represent peoples view?

The sole credit of the fall down of the biggest democratic party is attributed to GIrija prasad koirala. Nepal is now turning into communism state. It is because congress doesnot need to think abt people’s view.

Such a fall down of congress can not be saved. ……………all the democratic forces are worried abt this.

deepak Says:

December 24th, 2005 at 9:37 pm
Bp pani selfish thiyo. Afno family ko bare ma lekheko jhuto atma katha pade hunchha….
Girija lai pahila hawaldar bhanera pachhi leadership dine pani uhi ho..
Ramesh nath pandey lai chinna na saknu usko thulo bhul thiyo.

Tara pani manabiya gun ra usle gareka aaru thuprai ramra ramra kura harulai samjhera bp lai ramro manna sakinchha tara annalitically.

1990 ko jana aandolan safal hundaina raja sanga samjhuta garnu parchha bhanne girija lai ajhai pani nc ka netaheru le leader maneko dekhda k bhanne.. Aaba palo aayoo susil ko.. [icd] Lai pani neta manne sabai nc ka heru pani mu. Ma mandale hoina. A-male pani hoina.

Philly Says:

December 25th, 2005 at 9:31 am
We need to fight for our own rights, to make Nepal a Republican State surpassing all leaders of 20th century. Either they leave the country or get killed. New generation leaders’ with high hopes and vision will make a New Nepal possible.

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